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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 15

group Liquor69 2018-08-21

One day she heard from him and within three days, she was propelled from a mundane life to flying all over the world on executive jets, having non-stop orgies and getting to fuck the one man she loved more than life itself. Mark, Cherry, Michelle, Gary, Debbie, Rose, Wendy, Holly, Jill, Red, and Nancy were flying on Gary's G650. "Mark, you know we love you, but you think Gary is crazy every day." "I know I am worth a pretty penny, which I never touch, but I'm no Mark Banner, Jeremy Carter, or Gary Edwards. You know that Mark has invested your profits very well and although, you aren't going to be a billionaire this year, by this time next year, you should be."


Me, my wife and a friend

group 2018-08-21

My wife then walked through the living room trying not to give us a look as she said she was going to go put something more comfortable on since we were staying in for the night now. Then as I was looking back to see if my wife was coming I felt my friend's soft lips swallow the tip of m dick and I moaned with pleasure and excitement. As my friend slobbered all over my cock I lost track of what was going on and then realized my wife had come out and was standing next to the couch watching.

She Loves Sucking Cock

group HeyAll 2018-08-21

Of course, Tiffany was referring to an annual, year-end gift exchange a small group of friends held together. "Bringing me back to life by sucking cock?" Erin asked mockingly. All things considered, Erin had been a very busy woman with no time for fun in her life. Erin learned this the hard way her first time sucking cock. While on her knees sucking his cock at his home, Erin randomly began to hum while the cock was near her throat, sending vibrational waves to the most sensitive spot of his penis. And if her jaw or arms ever got tired from sucking and stroking, she would use dirty talk as a way to help the guy cum faster, telling him exactly what he needed to hear.


Taster's Choice Awards-2006 Ch. 02

group claretwine 2018-08-21

When Julie finally sounded the five minute buzzer, the Pussy Pleasers had the Leading Ladies built to an all time high. When Angela's licker finally slid his right-hand between her parted legs and rested it firmly on the roundness of her ass, she let out a deep moan that quickly fanned into high pitch squeals of pleasure. Mary Lou had to be pulled off her pumping tongue by an assistant when Julie sounded the buzzer to end the Muncher's session. Reaching the last fifteen seconds, the audience sat on the edge of their chairs, all wondering if they could pull off one more thrill before Julie would sound the buzzer for the last time.

The Office Meeting

group yourslavegirl 2018-08-21

However, there was a meeting with the investors going on, and if a cigarette break was called while they were in there, any number of men could come through the door. She was about to tell him how much she enjoyed his cock when the door banged open and two men came in arguing loudly about how the company was spending their money. She was on the brink of ecstasy when the door opened again and five men entered the bathroom. Her orgasm couldn't be held off any longer, and despite of herself, she began to moan as her muscles clenched tightly around the cock inside her. She felt each mans cock soften inside her and then slip from her ass and pussy.


The Nutcracker Blizzard

group greathands660 2018-08-21

"We did, but it is so cold outside, the cab wasn't warm at all, then he got stuck in the snow and couldn't get away from the curb, so we decided to make a run for it," Cheryl said. Cheryl sat up on her knees and used both hands to hold Maggie's head and kissed her deeply as they reached across my body. Cheryl took one hand away from Maggie's face and pushed the covers back and stroked my hard cock that was sticking through the fly of my boxers. Cheryl then pulled her own over her head as Maggie's hands lowered to my body with one resting on my cock. Maggie sat back up and kissed Cheryl again as her other hand reached for her breasts lifting and feeling them.


Bad Girl Carly

group cumcrazedCarly 2018-08-21

Hank didn't like this grabbed my hair and pull my head up saying if I misbehave again I won't get to have his cock in my cunt. Hank stood there naked along with Mark, Derek and Liam big hard cocks standing tall. Hank then pulled the gag out of my mouth and told me to get ready to suck 4 cocks. With every thrust of Liam's dick into me Mark would pump his cock in my mouth. Knowing I had Hank and Derek watching and waiting to fuck me too was an awesome feeling. Liam was the first to cum and stood back and enjoyed the show of my husband fucking me in the ass.

Everybody Comes to Hollywood Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2018-08-21

As an eighteen year-old boy I knew enough to recognize an opportunity when I saw one, and seizing the initiative I picked her up and planted her on my bed, attacking her lips frantically. But once the head nudged its way in I lost all semblance of control and started to pound away at her, Andrea's sweet lips at my neck whispering dirty thoughts in my ear, my hips ramming into hers already at breakneck speed. It turns out she was broadcasting a message to all of her High School friends, happily announcing that she'd been cast in a major Hollywood movie. That night, Bethany decided to do a little reenactment of the movie's love scene, where Andrea's character had done a slinky strip-tease before attacking the male hero.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 68

group SteveWallace 2018-08-21

You'll feel like you're actually at your club if you sit right in front of the screen." He turned to Elsa, "Roll it, babe." He flipped off the overhead lights. We offered a free lunch at the pizza place down the street to the person that came up with the best name for the club that the three of us liked. As Mark, Greg, Sean, Stacy and I walked in, several of the security types were around and nodded at us; they'd already cleared the area and the restaurant so we knew it was generally safe to enter and dine. I know some good looking friends, but I don't know how well they can dance or work a crowd like I think they'd need to do."


Spring Fling

group dkalish 2018-08-21

Still standing in the entryway, I soon felt at least one and possibly two hands start to play with my snatch, fingers probing my opening, finding my clit, sliding inside me. I decided to play a little game, "guess the prick." After slobbering all over their mighty erections, I got on all fours in the middle of their living room and told the guys to line up behind me in any order they chose. Scooping up the juices that were flowing from my cunt, he held his lubricated hand against my hole while kissing and fondling my ass as it moved up-and-down Roland's prick. Once he was well lubricated by my overflowing cunt, I pulled away, impaled myself on Kevin, who's thick prick slipped right in, and asked Robert take me in the ass.

Hotel Adventure

group Hosieryboy 2018-08-21

Karen placed a white garter belt on Donna and then proceeded to slip on a pair of taupe reinforced heel and toe nylons on her legs. Both of us wanted to cum in the worst way but we also wanted to get whose first splashes on video, so as I went to the camera, Joe sat on the sofa as both of the girls started to suck him. Joe and I were still pretty hot to go again and we decided to get our cocks hard again by rubbing them all over Donna's silky nylon covered legs. Joe wanted to cum in Karen's black stocking while it was wrapped around his cock and Donna sucking him.

Our Holiday

group Hotrod2461 2018-08-21

Just before i was going i told Amy to have fun she asked how much i said upto you she smiled at I then asked about her night she said they went out to dinner while there got talking to a waiter Hannah at the pub come disco then showed me a video she took of the place it looked ok there were photos as the night went on then another video of Amy dancing with the waiter and his friend her bum she looked so hot i got hard watching it Amy saw this and with a smile said he was big The next photo showed Amy between the waiter and friend but this time there hands were up her skirt

Warm Air

group wonderful 2018-08-21

"You looked like you had a good time," Jennifer said as I wandered back to our sun chairs. "Why don't you come over to our joint for a barbie," said the young bloke who had originally asked me to play footy whom I now knew as Jordan. As I stripped off for the shower, Jennifer said strangely: "Was that young bloke Jordan really having a look at my boobs?" Jen and I said no, as did Jordan, Andrew and a third bloke call Scott. But instead of putting it on, she walked past the chair and to the cabana fridge, took out a bottle of wine, grabbed a glass and said: "Let's go watch a video."


2 Guys Are...

group C Love 2018-08-21

Finally, I asked Darcy if she'd ever slept with a guy she'd just met. We walked outside, and I got into the cab first, followed by Darcy, and last was Jake. Darcy was playing with Jake's balls and kissing his chest and neck when I climbed into bed. Darcy slid so that she was kneeling at the side of the bed, and went to work sucking Jake's manhood. I heard Jake grunt as he came, after which Darcy leaned back and put her full weight on my face. As they began to fuck, I pushed Darcy's upperbody down to meet Jake's and lubed her backdoor with my still lathered up fingers.

Old Hunger Sated 3 Ch. 01

group StJamesThe Larger 2018-08-21

In my last story (in the Group Sex category) I went over to Robert's house to fuck him, as I had each week-day the last few months---damn, I just couldn't stay away from him and that sweet cock that he gives me so freely. I whank away for a hour at a time until I get raw and bruised, until there's no more cum within my balls, but I still need Robert's cock to hold, and to suck dry after he has fucked my ass until we both cum. My beautiful man with the big hard cock." Still whimpering she lay back and closed her eyes, relaxing as Robert pulled out, backed off and put her legs down, spread out across the bed.

What Jenny Did!!

group CaitlinTheCutey 2018-08-21

The next day I brought it up with my Ed who didn't sound too impressed but to humour me he gave me the green light to investigate.I wasn't too sure where to start, I mean, did I wander the streets of k**erton looking for pampas grass then knock on the door saying "Hi my name is Jenny, do you want to swing?" At least they were quite attractive and not that old - late twenties I'd say and probably had quite professional jobs, not that I'm a snob or anything but at least we could probably hold a conversation.Mary was tall and slim but had huge breasts, I thought they must have received a bit of surgical enhancement, while Jeff was good looking in 'The Gap' kind of way.

Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 12

group wiley4377 2018-08-21

Bobbie stripped Susie's blouse and skirt off and was French kissing her mouth while fingering her pussy inside her panties. The girl moaned yes and then Bobbie pulled her face hard between her legs. I could see her face and jaw working knowing that her tongue was licking Bobbie's pungent pussy and sucking sounds as juice flowed into her mouth. Bobbie looked at Harold gulping down my fat cock and her eyes rolled back and her body began contorting as she held Susie's hair. Meanwhile, Bobbie sucked Harold's cock hard and turned her plump white bottom to him. I took advantage of her liquid lubricant and fucked in and out harder pounding my cock inside her tight red pussy.

Meeting Cassandra

group Patience_Bryce 2018-08-21

Cassie lowered her hands, letting them brush slightly over Patti's breasts. "Come on, we don't want Rick to think we abandoned him." Taking her hand, Cassie led the blushing Patti back to the table. She said as much to me." Rick put his hand on Patti's leg, rubbing it tenderly; "I think we are all going to have a wonderful time this evening." Turning back to Cassie Patti tentatively placed her mouth against the lips of her pussy, kissing it. Soon Patti felt Cassie put a hand on her head, pushing her face into her as she began thrusting her hips. Moving back, Daddy directed Patti to straddle the woman's face, "Time for my girl to get her pleasure as well."


More Than Just a Threesome Ch. 2

group ksfunguy 2018-08-21

Meanwhile, Denise had worked her hand between my asscheeks and was playing with my asshole while she looked around my side and watched Stan cleaning my cock. Stan must have really liked what he was doing because he worked his face in under Denise's and started to lick my cock and even my balls once in awhile. Stan continued sucking my cock and Denise started to finger my ass with two fingers. She grabbed Stan and pulled him on top of her and at the same time slid her body under his until he was straddling her chest with his cock in her face. When I saw his nuts tightening up I moved my face to them and started licking from Stan's cock up to Denise's clit.


Relief is Just a Phone Call Away Ch. 02

group kandie 2018-08-21

One night as I lay in bed snuggling in John's arms, I look up into his brown eyes and whisper, "I love you darling." "Well, let's see you already know I love having two men drive me crazy with their mouths, tongues, fingers, and cocks. In his mind's eye he can see Dwayne eating her cunt, suckling her hard pink nipples, and driving his cock deep inside her wanting pussy. He might suggest Dwayne eat her pussy, as she sucks John's cock, or visa versa, as he knows that action makes me cum in buckets. John, I would love you to fuck my mouth as Dwayne does my cunt!"

Cluster Breeding background and setup - Nikki Cuck

group PussyInjector 2018-08-21

For the common women their husband would bring her to Pompeii and pay for a room, although the room was wide open to main street with just a breeding bench and a bathtub for bathing before sex. Sometimes this would result in many men paying for sex with the wife and sometimes even the husband so the husband could get enough money to employ a highly desirable male to fuck his wife as well with the intent that this man’s sperm would either impregnate the wife or influence the pregnancy. A fact that has been lost in the years is that sex with other men after a women is already pregnant can improve the pregnancy when the fetus absorbs key elements (like immune antibodies) from the other men’s sperm.

The Bigger They Come!

group MR. Gibson 2018-08-21

Howie's monster, come-cannon was so enormous, and throbbing, with huge veins popping out everywhere, that it looked like he was going to explode mightily at any second, but he somehow held off till we all got to the bedroom. When the small group got upstairs to the bedroom I got doggy style on the bed as I started to suck Howie's come-cannon, as my husband banged me from behind. We did not rest long though, because me lying naked with two, very, sexy, naked, men got me all hot and heavy again as I quickly got doggy style and my husband banged my pussy and Howie banged my ass.

Old Flame, New Game Ch. 03

group soflabbwlvr 2018-08-21

Upon reaching the restaurant, I stopped in front of the valet who first opened the passenger's door and helped Sharon out of the car, and then took my keys, handed me a ticket, and drove off. After we were seated I quickly glanced at the menu and then the wine list, and then asked Sharon what she would like to drink. We continued talking and holding hands, while exchanging long loving looks in between sips of our drinks. For the next half hour or so I stayed by Sharon, holding her hands and talking to her as she endured the pain of the needle going back and forth over the skin of her lower back.


Twice Burned

group playful Kitten26 2018-08-21

I opened my eyes and looked up at my apartment and started to laugh as I remembered my best friend's words when I called to tell her about my day. "Oh yeah right, I can see it now… you spending your money to come watch me take my clothes off and show everybody my tits." I shook my head and put my hands on his chest. I glanced over my shoulder and watched Misty and Matt laughing, with their heads close together. "Since I've always wanted the both of you, here is my chance to get you in my pants and undies." I couldn't help but laugh at the look of shock that crossed both of their faces as I moved back to my spot.