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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Halloween Party Gone Wrong

group Straightnomore 2018-08-21

Joe and I stood there with tents in our pants and watched Vicky play with lisa's clit. Joe just stood there and let me play with his cock not saying a word, so I started to jack him off. While I was jacking him off, Vicky reached out with her tongue and licked Joe's cock. Joe got as hard as a rock and she took his cock into her mouth and started to bob up and down. Vicky pulled her mouth off of Joe's cock and smiled at me saying, oh that was so good. Vicky looked at me and said, Are you telling me that all the times you got a blowjob you never wondered what it would be like to do that.

Carole's New Friends Ch. 04

group norfolklad 2018-08-21

'I've known Anthony for more years than I care to remember', Peter said, a smile spreading over his face. You told Peter how you'd been taken aback by Marianne's words 'whatever cock is inside you' but how you found the idea highly erotic. However, by the time you emerged from the shower and had dried and readied yourself, Peter had dressed but the flap of his trousers was open, revealing his cock. 'I may be biased', she said, looking at you, 'but I do think Michael's cock is the most beautiful one I've seen here. It crossed your mind that it Peter thought he was going to arrange your activities at the Manor then he ought to think again.


Every Man's Dream

group bagDaddy 2018-08-21

"Goddamn right I do," I said, pushing her willing mouth back down on my cock, "I'm going to cum in your mouth, on your face, your tits, your pussy, maybe even your ass." My cock swelled to new lengths as I watched Nancy suck my wife's pussy lips into her mouth and torture her clit with her tongue. I'm going to wrap my lips around your huge fucking cock and suck every drop of cum into my mouth," my wife screamed as Nancy's tongue found a new gear and pulverized her clit, "Jesus, I'll even let you fuck me in the ass."

Sex With The Neighbors

group BilyumQ 2018-08-21

She was playfully smirking at me as she placed her hands on my knees and pushed my legs wide apart and satisfied I was now in the position she wanted Charlie rested her forearms on my thighs as she played with my hard cock, squeezing and caressing it. As Charlie held my head pressed to her pussy Vern got over me and laid atop my prone form and I could feel his breath at my ear as his hard cock slid between my cheeks trying to get its head into my hole.


Super Bowl Party Gangbang

group Brittni4u 2018-08-21

As we continue to watch the video, on it, Paul stands still for a moment with his large cock lodged inside my pussy, allowing me to get used to his size before taking hold of my hips. Paul was pounding me with these long, hard thrusts while in real life, Michael and I continued to sit on the bed and watch. We continued to watch and in the video Paul never stopped pounding my hole while I orgasmed and because of that, I was just about to have a multiples when I ordered Steve, 'Come over here and put your dick in my mouth.' In the video, Paul's was getting that look on his face like he was ready to cum and it was confirmed when he started growling, 'Aw fuck...just about there.


The Birthday Present

group 2018-08-21

I certainly know - well, suspect - that Dawn has fucked all the guys at one time or another and I suspect she knows that I’ve had the girls. Chris and Keith were sucking on her tits and had her nipples out like organ stops while Ken was trying to kiss her while Tom was still mouth-fucking her. They grabbed her and carried her over him holding her legs wide and, while Keith held the massive prick, she was lowered onto it and boy did she let it be known she wanted it. Dawn’s mouth was wide as she began to ride the massive prick and Dave wasted no time.


group VoluptuousCara 2018-08-21

I got back to my room just in time to hear Jon announce, "I can't drink this," as he waved the nearly empty bottle of Limoncello, "anymore. "You old lush," he said, handing me the bottle with a laugh, "this stuff is strong, though." I paid him no mind, probably because I didn't have any mind by that point, and chugged Grappa like it was water. "Bottle went flying across the room," Enrique said, "right after you hit Jon-O, you threw the bottle, was half the bottle left too. "Oh, this was not a blackout," Jon said, "this was...a good fucking reason to perform an exorcism," Enrique nodded in agreement, "seriously, girl, if this is what you call a blackout, you need to quit drinking before you kill yourself and take a few people with you."

Dirty Names

group Waynegod69 2018-08-21

She was standing in the middle of a room full of horny men, watching all of them as she swayed her hips to some slow and sexy song. Her hands roamed every inch of her tanned body, inviting anyone who might like a feel. The men around her were braying with delight and lust, not knowing just how far this slut would go. She stood, now, and walked, slowly, toward a couch where two men sat, their hands filled with what she wanted to be filled with. In moments her effort was rewarded as the first of her three lovers clenched his teeth and let loose a torrent of curse words, as a long rope of cum covered the hand she’d been stroking him with.


Facial Party

group Caitlain 2018-08-21

The girls are going to blow or fuck the guys until they're ready to cum and they'll move over to you and finish themselves off on your face. I happened to catch a glance of a woman going down on a guy sitting on one of the large couches in the rear of the room, and almost as if that were a signal people started shedding clothing and cocks sprang to life. I could still feel the impact of every guy's blasts, though, as more and more cum was deposited on my face and head, the warm liquid draining down my cheeks or worse yet my nose. When the last guy had blown his load on me, a couple of people came up to me and starting scooping cum off my face.


Tammi and the Park

group stewman121056 2018-08-21

That night when she went home, Michele told Rich that she was going out after work with Tammi for a picnic at the park. When she opened the bathroom door, she looked into the bedroom and saw Tammi lying on her bed still wrapped up in her towel, watching television. When they got to the first stop light, Michele glanced down and saw that the way Tammi's skirt was snapped it was showing all of her legs. She watched Tammi lie back on the blanket, reach down with her other hand, unsnap the rest of the snaps on her skirt and pull it off. As Bill was finishing saying that, Michele felt the head of Nick's cock at the opening of her wet pussy.


The Taco Shop

group Erica_Gasca 2018-08-21

Every summer since I got into high school, I would work at his tiny little taco shop around the corner from our house. Tio Miguel stood behind me and I felt his hands grabbing my ass. His smile told me he loved having his huge old cock in my tiny little young pussy. I felt Tio Miguel's cock rubbing up and down the crack of my ass. Tio Enrique placed his hands on my head and slowly started to fuck my mouth. That's it you little slut stroke my cock." Tio Alberto and Enrique began to take turns making me gag with their big cocks. Tio Tavo kept fucking my tight little pussy; it was being stretch good by his fat cock.


Katie Gets A Pussy Full

group chocoate_ice 2018-08-21

Katie was stupefied as she watched her boyfriend stumble off the bed in shock and the model, the blonde bitch who he had been fucking, cooed "Hello darling, you must be Katie, hope you don't mind me borrowing your baby's cock, It's just that I was so hot and bothered from a tiring day's work that I wanted so badly to be fucked, so Ethan offered to help my poor pussy out. "Come on Katie, think of Ethan your precious love screwing that bitch, his cock pumping pleasure into that tight little cunt sending it into wave after wave of orgasms? "Look at you lovely tits Kate" he said turning her around to face the full-length mirror she kept in her office.

Our Little Secret Ch. 03

group Midfielder86 2018-08-21

I asked the men for their papers, feeling like some kind of odd pervert, and David fished them out of his jacket as Nick began to rummage through the bag. She looked sexy as hell, my beer-fueled horniness increasing as she got closer to me, Nick following her as she walked, camera fixated on her body. Nick had moved the camera to beside their bodies for a profile shot, and I eyed her as she made eye contact with David. Off-camera, Evan began to assemble the lubricant as Nick asked David to pull out and asked me to get into the bed. Evan and David had begun to stroke themselves off to the side as they watched her kneel, and Nick positioned the camera to look down at her.


The Circle Ch. 37

group SteveWallace 2018-08-21

After dinner, the cameras followed Renee and Ellen as they went over Renee's schedule for the rest of the week, and then shifted to Bill, Steve, Kurt, and Mike as they went over house plans for a home they'd just started to frame. The next couple of evenings and over the weekend, Matt carefully edited through the hundreds of photos he'd taken of Renee and Ellen, ending with six erotic photographs that included some of each, and then the two women together. Tammy stood looking at a shot of a beautifully pregnant and nude woman, her body glistening with oil as her hands tastefully and lovingly surrounded the baby bulge.


All The Lust I Can Get Ch. 02

group Friskee_cpl 2018-08-21

I was lying on the bed with this great cock in my mouth, my legs wide open, cunt was wet with saliva and juice, my tits were being squeezed by Paul and as soon as I rubbed my pussy in front of Paul he lost it. “Oh that pussy is just fine.” Bob said as he rubbed his cock over my cunt lips. “Ahh you slut.” He said as he shot a load over my face before moving down to Gina who lifted her face from my cunt and copped a face full of thin cum from Jeff’s rapidly deflating cock.

The beginning of life

group 2018-08-21

With my trousers back on, I made my way up the steep stairs, and there they were, Jeff was naked with Sarah wearing only her red bra and panties, Jeff was huge, and I mean huge, his dick was not only long but as thick as a coke can. Sarah left the room to clean up, Jeff peered over my shoulder and whispered "Enjoy that" I nodded, still fumbling around trying to get my pants on. Jeff called a taxi for me and gave me £20 to pay for it, "we're off to bed" he said walking up the stairs, still naked, He stopped, turned his head and said "See you monday"

Sexual Sensations - Screwed by imps

group goopy120 2018-08-21

The demon grabbed my hair and wrapped it around his little fingers, then started ramming his cock harder down my throat. I tried not to enjoy it, but as one imp was face fucking me, the other started fingering my tight pussy as well as licking it. The imps holding me down suddenly let go of me, and the one fucking my face got his cock out my throat and I coughed for air. I didn't want to start liking it, but their warm hard cocks started to pleasure me, and soon I was tossing two of those imps off without them even gesturing me to do it. The two cocks in my mouth started to ram me like a good whore, and then they filled my throat.

Pam's Lessons in Camping Survival

group kcamal 2018-08-21

I began to notice my cock was rock hard and starting to ache and I also noticed all the young men seemed to have a tent in their bathing suits with several young mans' hands again working on their excitement. With her legs wrapped around his small body my wife positioned his cock between her pussy lips and the head against her clitoris and slowly started to undulate her pelvis. My wife looked at the line funny because as Billy stepped forward, Carter was behind him and Ryan was stepping to the back of the line with his cock fully engorged again. Pam wet her middle finger with some of the cum on her leg as she took Billy's entire cock and his balls in her mouth.


Wedding Day Confessions

group Realslutwife 2018-08-21

My father in law and Jason kneeled in front of me slapping their now rejuvenated throbbing cocks against my face as they wanked of franticly tears streamed down my face as the pain from every angle swept through me smearing my make the ecstasy out combined with the pain drove me to an earth shattering orgasm as the cocks at my face spewed there thick load over it closely followed by my mother screaming to heaven as she filmed and her hand that was once busy with her perfectly ageged slit now tugged brutally on my left breast I felt Paul tense up and spurt what felt like a bucket load of cum into my unprotected twat closely followed by my true love Ben spearing me deeply as he emptied his balls into me they pulled out and I collapsed to the floor dripping in cum my face red from being slapped and smeared in make up and spunk my breast bruised from my mother and my pussy gapping like a woman who'd given birth to 6 kids oozed salty fluid.

Walk in the Woods with Ann Ch. 02

group stimac 2018-08-21

When we got in the car, David asked me what happened, I pulled my skirt up revealing my thighs with Jim's spunk on them, you dirty fucker he said, you're going to get a right good fucking when I find somewhere to stop, now let me taste your cunt, I shoved two fingers up my hole and then put them in front of David's mouth as he drove. As we entered the clearing David walked up close and kissed me, I grabbed his trousers and got his prick out, I dropped to my knees and started to suck on his 8inch dick, I looked up at him as he took pictures of me swallowing his thick knob, I pulled it out of my mouth and rubbed it on my face, I did this slowly so he could take lots of pics of me licking his bell end and balls.

Kay's Night Out With The Postman

group Boxerpete 2018-08-21

It all went quiet for a few hours from Kay, I had got home ok and I was in the middle of getting my cock sucked by the nanny when my phone went off again, this time Kay was really going for it, it was taken above her, she had a white cock in her mouth and a black one was resting on her cheek. I spent the next couple of hours taking it out on Kim, I got my cock up her arse for the first time was she very tight as she had only had my finger in there before, I got her on her hands and knees and i fucked her mouth while I used a dildo and a vide on her pussy and arse until I came down her throat.

Mandy Loves to Fuck Ch. 03

group philipmitchellstein 2018-08-21

As soon as my Bacardi and coke was in my hand, Hayley was telling me all about how she'd been chatted up at the bar—when I looked over, a tall girl in a tight dress turned around and smiled at Hayley. Hayley sagged back into the couch and let out a deep sign, which turned into a low growl of pleasure when Tess took Hayley's middle finger, and placed it between her lips to suck on it. The rate she was going, she'd end up in big trouble, both with Tess, when she found out Hayley had a boyfriend, and with Simon, when he discovered Hayley was into girls in a big way, such a big way she didn't want him around when she went hunting for a girlfriend.


Thank Goodness For Friends

group Denny 2018-08-21

It was getting late and Mia was getting ready to go and Lee told me that we might as well head home too. Five minutes later Mia was bucking and tossing around on the bed, with my wife's fingers inside her, having the most intense orgasm I had ever seen. Lee must have still been worked up from bringing Mia to her orgasm that it didn't take long for her to fill my mouth with her juices after masturbating her clit. It felt so good when Mia starting moving herself up and down my penis I stuck my tongue on Lee's butthole. "I told her about the tights you wore to bed that night and now she wants to see you in the tights and the matching leotard," Lee said.

New Bride fucks two strangers at the wedding recep

group phil4fuck 2018-08-21

Tom watched the bride sucking his cock, pulling him towards her and started thrusting in time with her. Barely able to control herself, the way her tits were being licked, and the tongue exploring her mouth, made her feel like she needed to cum, and she started to thrust her hips forward reflexively, looking for satisfaction. Tom continued pounding his cock into the bride, feeling her juices run down his balls everytime he brought her to orgasm, hs friends fucking her mouth equally relentlessly. Without hesitation Jesse rammed his cock fully into her ass, driving the bride forward toward Tom, who timed his forward thrust perfectly as Kate’s mouth slid down the length of his shaft and down the newlywed bride’s throat.