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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Nude Beach Adventure

group kap007 2018-08-21

Liz didn't miss the innuendo in Kitty's comments, or the subtle brush of Kitty's hand against Gene's, now slightly thicker, cock; or the fact that Kitty was now sitting cross-legged to show off her moist, hairy cunt with its big clit poking out from her long, curly pubic hair. As she watched Gene work his magic tongue over Liz's stiff nipples she cupped a breast and tweaked her own nipple with one hand while her other hand found its way between her legs and began to slowly massage her clit, sticking out from her copious pubic hair like a little cock. Kitty moaned, "Oh God that feels good, keep fucking my clit with that juicy cock until I cum." Liz continued the slow sliding and applied a little more pressure.

8 Knock Knock

group Cactus34 2018-08-21

"Fargin' icehole damnit." I clambered like a crippled crab on my butt, heels and hands from between Linda and Val. I reached the end of the bed and my feet hit the floor, sending a sharp bounce in my cock. I looked down the hall at the undulating curves of Val as she gained the upper hand and bent over Linda's slinky body like a cat. Val pulled her mouth back, still gripping Kelvin's head like a melon. Val nodded, which Kelvin couldn't see because she pulled his shirt up over his head at the same time. The three stampeded away in a shimmering flurry of flesh, Val and Linda pulling a confused, but eager, Kelvin.


A Hard Voyage

group cumslutt 2018-08-21

She was so horny it drove her crazy; seeing the fabric stretched over hard asses made her cunt tingle in lust and longing. John stopped to imagine how they would look around his dick and felt a drop of pre cum leak out of his rock hard cock. She pumped their hard cocks fast with her hands, jacking them off onto her gorgeous round breasts. She filled her hands with their cocks, jacking them off fast and hard, in tempo with her pace on John. Orgasms racked both their bodies, and her juices poured out of her hot cunt and rolled down onto his hard, fat cock. Eva jerked the other men faster, feeling their cocks spasm in her hands.

gave girlsfriends pussy to 2 strangers

group pete1233333 2018-08-21

He lifted her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and fingered her pussy. One or two men took advantage of the couples preoccupation and put their hands up the girls skirt and felt her arse and fingered her from behind. The second guy had got his cock out and was wanking as he watched the scene. As the boyfriend was pumping into his girl he reached into his pocket and got out 2 condoms. The one nearest the girls arse put on a condom and the boyfriend pulled away to allow the guy to enter the girls pussy. The man put his cock away, wiped the cum quickly off his girls back with her panties and they went off in the direction of their hotel.

A Mile High And Beyond

group JessieV 2018-08-21

Now it came flooding back to me, Liam had been a boyfriend when I was in college in Dublin we had gone out together for about six months but it had ended amicably enough when my career in modelling started to take off and seeing each other just wasn't working out, I remembered now the gawky awkward glasses and brace wearing sister who used to hang on my every word on my frequent visits to their house, "Sally Anne" I replied, " wow look at you you've grown up so much you look fantastic, what on earth has you working in a lingerie shop in San Diego"?


Sharing Katie

group MagnanimousNight 2018-08-21

Don't I get hard at the idea of you sucking some other guy's cock?" Ron said and rubbed Hillary's pussy through her jeans. She was wearing a skirt and kept pushing my hand away every time I tried to lift it up and show off her little panties to Hillary and Ron. "My baby appreciates a tight little pussy," Katie said, finally getting into things. She had a look I had never seen on a woman's face before or since, like she wanted to let the whole world fuck her; hard. Hillary pulled down Ron's jeans and took his cock out and started sucking it. I came pretty fast too, and I licked Hillary to orgasm and we stopped to watch Katie and Ron.

Big Game

group jixerguy 2018-08-21

We would love to have you in there with us.’ His fingers lightly touch your lips and as they stroke you, getting all wet, you pull his hand away. I slip my head between your lips as you suck the last bits of cum from my cock. Walking up to Derek I whisper, ‘She likes it rough.’ And with a smile he grabs your hair tightly and begins ramming his cock into your mouth. His cock expands and it feels like he’s ripping you in two, but the cum in both ends causes your body to quiver and another orgasm starts. ‘Pull out, we don’t want her pussy too wet.’ Grinning Andy pumps you a bit more then pulls out.

He Screwed Up

group troi69 2018-08-21

The first night of their honeymoon, Brad got Troi hooked on sex in every way she could think of. Troi looked at the bulge in my pants and said dryly "Well, looks like you got the hard on right." As Troi cleared the table, she made a point of touching each of the guys, and I thought I saw a hand slip up her leg to feel her snatch. Just as John and Jake started spewing cum all over Troi, I felt my own hot juices come pouring out all over her back, this surprised me, until I looked down and saw Jeremy's fingers wrapped around my shaft and stroking me in time with the tongue fucking he was giving Troi.


Summer Skin Ch. 03

group riverboy 2018-08-21

"Are you fucking my daughter?" Summer's father Jim said through my screen door. "Call me and let me know what's happening, all right?" I said as Summer walked away. On a day when I was doing house maintenance, trying to keep things normal, Summer's mother Barb walked over, and we found ourselves sitting at my picnic table in the backyard. There's a lot I don't like about what's happening, but it's a relief to see she has good taste in men," Barb said, with a little smirk just like Summer's. "Alan, what the fuck!" Summer said as I walked by completely naked. "Alan, what the fuck!" she said when she noticed my erection, and she laughed so hard she had to stop dancing.


At the Villa Ch. 20

group uvlas45 2018-08-21

He continued to fuck her until her body started to shake; then he pushed his ass upwards, untying himself from her legs and moved over to Olympia. Sure it was making Diana hotter and hotter, not only from watching Sam's big prick moving between her friends pouty lips, but also as she continued to use her fingers to play with her clitories not to forget, that more than one finger had even crawled within the walls of her hot leaking pussy. The best was when he fucked Diana while she was being eaten by Olympia and she was reciprocating by eating Olympia's pussy with Sam's hard cock pistoning either of the ladies vaginas, as they tested different positions.


An Early Present

group OhFloridaManNo 2018-08-21

"Mmm, Mistress, Jimmy," Grace said as she sat down on the bed, with her legs spread wide open and her back resting on my reading pillow. Between the two of us, we made Grace writhe and moan in pleasure in no-time flat, and soon enough I felt her hands on my back and head, holding me tight to her breast. "Jesus Grace," Jimmy said, as he sat up, holding a hand over one eye. I returned to find my sister moaning in pleasure as she was pushed down against the bed, and my favorite reading pillow, by her lover, with her legs wrapped around his chest. "Would you really deny your sister over a single picture?" Jimmy said, as he crawled into bed with the two of us, placing his phone on the nightstand.


group eypzgr 2018-08-21

But wile watching she was playing herself and seeing her sexy beautiful tigth pussy made me more crazy and i was fucking my wife deeper and as if my 7" cock became wife noticed that and she became more crazy too.her s****r came closer and was was touching my cock and guiding her s****rs pussy.and sometimes she take it off out her pussy and suck it.i didnt mind and her s****r didnt mind too.we never did something like that before but everybody was cool with it.then she said s****r i am horny too and his cock looks so nic ecan i fuck him?she said why not go for it.and i was surprised with that and i was fucking her s****r soon without condom.her pussy wa awesome so tigth and that long libs was so sexy like my wife but hers was a bit longer i think.after fucking her about 10 minutes i said my wife i cant hold it anymore and s****r in love said the come.i siad my wife come and suck me to come in her mouth then s****r said no hell you are fucking me so come in me.ohh with that i couldnt hold anymore and i squirt my hot sperms in her tigth beautiful pussy and with me she was coming too.

Hotel Threesome

group BCRoadRunner 2018-08-21

I'm sitting in the hot tub, warm bubbles rolling up past me, my cock is thickening up and swelling as I watch Janice and Ben, her head bobs up and down on his cock. She repeats this motion for a couple minutes before Ben asks, "Before I, ugh, fuck her, can I, ugh, lick her pussy?", trying to get the question out without moaning too much as Janice drops down again to fully envelope his dick. "I guess you won't be needing that condom now, will ya?" I ask Ben as I come up to the edge of the bed, Janice is already lying on her back, legs in the air, exposing her soppy wet pussy.


The Restaurant Ch. 02

group Jarhead14 2018-08-21

Deb slid to her knees then reached for the waistband of Bobbi's shorts, pulling the shorts, pantyhose and panties down all at once. Stopped, licked her lips, kissed Deb again, turned her head to look at me. Cheryl turned back to Deb to give her a deep open mouth kiss. Bobbi stood up and moved up to Cheryl, who took her in her arms, pulling Bobbi tightly against her, rubbing Bobbi's crotch against hers as they kissed deeply. After a few moments of that, Deb pulled her mouth away and used her finger to rub the lube into Bobbi. I matched her slow rhythm, moving one hand from her waist and reached between her body and Cheryl's to fondle a breast and lightly pinch her nipple.

Bachelor Party Surprise

group Atlantiz5 2018-08-21

The guys in the room were mixed on where to look as their buddy sucked her tit or at her thong covered ass and pussy visible to them. My cock was hard watching Kristy's beautiful body bent over and being fucked by these guys. He pulled out of her pussy and laid his thick meat on her ass and shot his load onto her back and ass.She started sucking my cock again this time she was stroking it as well. The one guy who had not cum yet stood next to her waiting his turn so she took her hand and started stroking his cock. The guy she was sucking also started to cum and as he did he withdrew and shot his load onto her hair, face and tits.

Wife Gets A Job

group Linda Jean 2018-08-21

My ears picked up on the sounds of hot sex; my nose could smell the aroma of sex, with the screen lit up and seeing the man screwing the woman, (I should say girl, because she looked so young.) Funny how I thought of that, because I knew it would be very quickly that my sense of touch would soon be in play. Looking down I saw from the reflection of the light coming from the TV screen in the booth in front of me the door open and the man walk out. I saw two cocks sticking through both holes in the walls to my right and left as I grabbed my bag, opened the door and stepped out.


Roleplay that was risky

group bobbyblue53 2018-08-21

As I watched her she was really enjoying herself then she stood up and walked over to the young man that had come over to our table they kissed and she grabbed his hard cock and started to suck him off it wasn’t long before he had her on all four’s and putting his cock into her pussy she was begging him to fuck her harder I was totally amazed the way she screamed while he fucked her all you could here was Oh my god Oh fuck Oh fuck don’t stop Oh fuck Oh my god I’m Cumming she shouted he was certainly a stud as he pounded her pussy she couldn’t get enough of him and begged for more as he pulled out another guy took over the scene was totally amazing the way she was being fucked by anyone a husbands dream come true,

Intense Affair Ch. 03

group bgdddy_2000 2018-08-21

As I looked at her face for a second, she said "I was sucking Fred's cock as he held the cell phone so I could talk to you. I looked at the cum on Lynn's face, stared for a minute and then started licking it up. After about the forth time, I had clean most of the cum from Lynn's face, though there still was some in her hair. Not that I didn't want to cum in her mouth, I thought that if this was my only chance to be with Lynn, I wanted to fuck her pussy. I slide my cock up and down her already well fucked pussy lips and got ready to push deep into her hot body.


Sarah's Story Ch. 01: First Gangbang

group SarahsHooters 2018-08-21

"My friend wants to fuck you," Kat said, taking Sarah's phone and entering Dave's number into her contacts list. He lay back on the mattress and Dave moved Sarah's body until she was standing astride the blond, then pushed gently on her shoulders so she dropped to her knees. Melissa clenched her inner muscles and a glob of Dave's semen dripped from her into Sarah's mouth. Eventually, he reached his peak, withdrew from Melissa, pushing her roughly off the mattress and, holding his cock like a fire hose, sprayed creamy spunk over Sarah's face, belly and tits. Melissa returned with two more syringes which she squirted into Sarah's cunt and arsehole, as Daniel and Dave lifted her hips.


Janie and Helene

group divergirlxoxo 2018-08-21

I closed my eyes as I felt Helene's smooth, delicate fingers roam across my chest, into the valley of my cleavage, pull the front of my corset down, and tweak my dusky pink buds. I continued giving Eddie head, but watched Josh and Helene out of the corner of my eye. I stroked Eddie's cock with nimble fingers, but I couldn't pull my gaze from Helene's gorgeous pussy. Josh and Eddie switched positions, but it seemed hard for Josh to pull his dick away from Helene's mouth (pun intended). As he spread my legs he said, "I guess Helene told you I love to eat pussy." Josh moved his fat tongue over my clit, poking and prodding at it gently. Eddie watched me thrash around, eyes half-closed, as Helene slobbered on his lovely curved dick.


Katie the schoolgirl slut -3

group ianman30 2018-08-21

Suddenly the room filled with light as the door opened, I froze in a panic but Mr Parker looked at the door and said “ahh glad you could join us” I could make out the shapes of Mr Jacobs and Amy coming through the door, “what took you so long?” he continued Jacobs just laughed and said, “we have been warming up before we joined you” and gave Amy a slap on the ass “show them Amy!!” Amy lifted her dress, her thong was gone, “I have a souvenir!!” Jacobs said as he pulled the thong from his pocket, “and Amy took these off in the party hall !!” without another word Jacobs grabbed Amy’s dress and lifted it off over her head, standing there in just her bra, her nipples clearly visible through the sheer lace Amy walked over and laid on her back on the bench beside me, bending her knees up and opening her pussy wide so Jacobs could get his thick cock inside her, Jacobs dropped his trousers and guided the head towards her then after rubbing it along her wet pussy he pushed inside, Amy clung onto the edge of the bench as the monster stretched her wide, soon Jacobs was picking up the pace and matching Parker, both pussies slurping and squelching as the cocks slid in and out.

In Step Ch. 10

group RonCabo 2018-08-21

If Kendall had to guess, the expression on George's face said that he was envisioning her and her mother having sex. "And Mark willingly went along with this?" George wanted to know. "As I said, I felt I was at fault for the evolution of this situation, and these things can escalate out of control if something isn't done right away, so this morning, while my mom and Mark were still sleeping, I awoke, snuck Mark's keys and drove his car over here, hoping this is where you were. Nodding pensively, George asked, "So, what will happen one night when I'm away on business, and you and Mark are up at college, and your mom is so horny she can't stand it?"


An Academy Award Performance

group Softly 2018-08-21

"My oh my, is this going to be fun," Billy said, when he heard of Todd's success in getting the girls to agree. The first two girls to be with Billy in the bed room were Sharon Tudhope, and Jane Ward, both tall, well built, young women. If a girl was in her room laying on her bed studying, he would come in and finger her, eat her, or whatever he wanted to do. Billy would be with whoever was on the day bed, laying sidesaddle or in the spoon position with his cock in her as they both watched the program. Billy and the girl that he happened to be fucking, at the moment, would just stop moving until the guy left.

Come On Me

group drscar 2018-08-21

She says she can come just from sucking some strange guy off in the bathroom of a party, by feeling him pulse in her mouth. I mean, I love the feeling of a guy's throbbing cock in my hands. My mind started filling up with the mental image of her grabbing the hand of the blonde boy and pulling the surprised guy off into the bathroom. My mind placed me in Jesse's story, grabbing the blonde guy by the hand and pulling him into the bathroom. My mind goes completely nonlinear until I'm sucking him, stroking him, fucking him, grabbing his hand for the first time and taking him back.