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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Subway Car - An Adult Story

group thebigboobbbwlover 2018-08-21

I swiped my Metro card as I carried my delivery bike over the metal barrier. I had been making deliveries all day. I was wearing just my tight bike messenger’s uniform. A pair of black lyrica biker shorts. It had been over a hundred degrees most of the day. She had a blind date. But her date never showed. I was about ready to explode in my bike messenger uniform. A second later a swarm of business men enter the train. Excuse me!! “Excuse me young man. “Ahhhh!!!!!” she screamed. “Excuse me… Excuse me… Please move. I need to get off…” she said. A minute later I tossed her huge black half bra onto my bike seat.

Early Retirement Ch. 09

group Frankly Speaking 2018-08-21

Pushing my cock into her ass, I said, "I'm going to pop that sphincter and then pump you full of cum." When George pulled out, Jill turned around and licked him clean. As she bent forward, Mike pulled off his pants and put his cock in her pussy. After Mike unloaded in her pussy, she turned to lick the juices off his cock. Then she went over to George and, when he finished in Jill and pulled out, she licked him clean and then placed her lips at Jill's asshole and sucked the cum from it. Amy lay on the couch and Jill's active tongue went to work on her licking all the juices including those her additional orgasms pushed out.

Inner freak's new gloryhole...

group 2018-08-21

I could tell she was excited 'cuz she kept asking about how big were the holes gonna be, how much wood did we need to was it going to be put together...I said don't worry, I have my tools and "the Plan"..."But, I just want to..." I grabbed her by the back of the neck, pulled her mouth to mine and kissed her hard. Loaded up we headed back to the house...I stopped by the marina an got one of those small pedestal seats that bass boats have in the front to mount to the floor for more stop for surgical grade neoprene and we were set. I walked around to the inside of the garage and saw Kels just sitting there...cum on her tits, lips and dripping from her nose.

After Dark ...A Bizaar 3some

group bluebull03 2018-08-21

By the time we left the club he was all worked up and driving back he told me that currently he is having a sexual relationship with colleagues wife, who is nuts about sex and went on describing her. By this time she was real hot and murmured to my friend" Chodo na daksaab(Fuck me now Doctor)." He then motioned me to come his side and he moved up and murmured in her ear'Mere dost kaa Lund pehle apni Chut me leloe baad mei mere laund se chudna(First take my friends Cock in yours Cunt and then get Fucked by my Cock.)". Once I left her wet dripping cunt, my friend fucked her while I sucked her boobs and she clutched on to my limping Cock, who was anxious to come alive again.

Kiki Brings Edith Home Ch. 02

group gamma33 2018-08-21

We both watched as Edy began thrusting her hips, a look of grim determination on her face. Fuck me good and hard." I crawled up to between her parted legs, positioning her legs high over my shoulders, while she guided my cock into her hot, wet cunt. I pulled my still hard cock out of her soaked cunt and looked over to Kiki. "Fuck me nice and slow, Jon. Make it last a long time." I was no where near cumming myself so it was easy to perform as Kiki wanted. I could feel your hot cum everytime it spurted." I was beginning to think that Kiki had been right when she said I wouldn't last a week with Edy.


A Law Firm with Very Special Rules Ch. 04

group walterio 2018-08-20

The blonde's husband had moved between the black woman's legs and he was now fucking her as she ate his wife's pussy. Tom continued to feed his cock to the blonde until he was balls deep in her ass and then he began to fuck her slowly and steadily. The blonde was overcome with desire and she juiced the black woman's face several times before Tom filled her ass with cum and the black guy splattered her face with his spunk. Tom watched as the black woman sat on the mat in front of Lori's face and the husband lifted Lori's seemingly lifeless body by her hips. Tom had continued to watch his wife with the black couple as he fucked the shapely redhead in the ass.


Attack of the Yellow Convertible

group 4glory6 2018-08-20

Sissy was a sweet girl and, if she should become pregnant, that too wasn't something that Gail and Sam hadn't faced. Julio's been diddling me all the way from Baltimore and I'm going to explode if I don't get him inside me fast." Faye had been babbling all the way from the car, but Gail's attention had been dedicated to the man with her, who most certainly wasn't Harry. "Whew, I needed that," she said, finding Gail, having perked a fresh pot of coffee, sitting at the kitchen table and ruminating over the fact that she hadn't told Sam yet that Faye was dropping in for a visit.


The Idea Ch. 05

group niteowl2003 2018-08-20

Laughing they placed a chair under the shower unit, as Francis knelt between her legs and he in turn drew an arrow head pointing to her slit and wrote 'Cocks here' Then all three produced digital camera's and took several shots of Mandy's decorated body. When both Francis and Ted had shot their deposits deep with in Mandy, Roger again sluiced out her cunt before easing the shower hose up her anal ring. Francis stepped forward and said "Ok, we will let you go, but first you must take this pill, so we can get you away from this house with out you being able to track us back to here!" Mandy thought this sounded reasonable so she opened her mouth and swallowed the little white tablet offered her.


Wish Come True

group curiousfrank 2018-08-20

Leslie started lower, nearly penetrating Jessica with her tongue and slowly licked up and around Jessica's clit, teasing the poor woman into a higher state of arousal. Leslie began to reach a very fast pace and Jessica could no longer keep time so she simply tried to ram her pussy farther and farther forward into Leslie's face, still holding Leslie's hair with one hand and frantically squeezing a nipple with her free hand. From my vantage point, I could see my own cock disappearing into my wife's cunt and I could also see Jessica's tongue darting in and out of Leslie's pussy. Both women began to rock their hips, Jessica grinding her cunt into my tongue while Leslie was trying to bury my cock ever deeper into her cunt.

The Lonely Wife 16 The Final Chapter

group mooremike 2018-08-20

I’m Kesha and while I like all cocks I really like getting fucked by white guys!” As we walked around the wall all of the guys were stroking there hard cocks and it was clear that we were going to busy fucking soon. Fuck my hot pussy!” Jenny moaned as Jeff started slamming into her as he watched Beth getting fucked. Another black guy got behind Jessica and slid his cock into her pussy. Shawn was groaning and pumping little Beth full of sperm as he pulled out Jessica dove into the pussy and started licking the cum out. Jenny and Beth were walking around the room as it became a pit of people fucking and sucking.

The Perfect Gift Chosen

group brokensoundboard 2018-08-20

I instantly get a huge boner as I watch this sight from God. Never had I seen Stephanie look so good with her small bikini bottoms and no top to cover her high and perky B cup breasts. But as Stephanie comes back down the stairs she says, "You better hold off we have a long day" Taken by surprise I head back to the kitchen and put the beer back in the fridge. Then Stephanie said, "Well I guess this one time I will be your fluffer." My mind was went crazy, as I felt her wrap her lips around my soft cock and began sucking and swirling her tongue in amazing ways of which I had never experienced.


Friends and Neighbours

group battleship 2018-08-20

Izzy dreams about the two lads, her pussy mushy and on fire as she imagines their hot mouths licking her and their hard cocks plunging in and out of her cunt. The lads agree and Izzy tells David to use the bathroom and Les will use the en-suite in her bedroom. Neither of the b*****rs has come this time and with Les still hard and buried deep in her pussy David helps Izzy turn round until she is ‘reverse cowgirl’ on Les. David kneeling in front of Izzy now rubs his stiff penis over her clitoris and pushes his helmet down to where his b*****r’s cock is snugly held between Izzy’s red pussy lips.

cheatingslutwife gets blackmailed! As told by her

group cheatingslutwife 2018-08-20

The stars and moon aligned again a few days later and we got to chat again.I knew she was special by the second time and put forth the effort to insure we spoke again. Two days later: Her principal walks into her classroom after school and turns and locks her door. The very next day she had another after school meeting, this time bent over a desk getting royally fucked by his very large black cock. Again, he assured her that there would be future meetings of a similiar nature and left. This continued a few days and then during a session he mentioned that he had some friends that wanted to "meet" her.

Bisexual Camping Adventures Ch. 05

group christian_hm 2018-08-20

Penny made some loud gagging noises and tried to pull away from Zach's cock but he just grabbed her hair with his other hand as well and proceeded to fuck her throat. "You think I should plunge my cock into a hole filled with your cum and use it as lube?" Zach asked in return, knowing that describing it that way would drive Penny nuts. When Zach let her go Penny tried to get up to run away, but Christian grabbed her and effectively put her in a headlock, squeezing her neck fairly gently but deliberately. After basking for a few moments after his orgasm, Zach removed his half-deflated cock from Penny's anus, gave her tight ass cheeks a halfhearted slap and leaned back on his elbows on the shower floor.

Schoolgirl Gets Gangbanged

group mooremike 2018-08-20

He could see Melissa on her knees sucking the coach’s large cock and then seeing the coach pumping that monster in and out of Melissa’s tight pussy. What he had said was close enough but the part he left out was tonight was going to be a gangbang party for Melissa where the whole team would fuck her as much as they wanted. Rob smiled as he realized that Melissa was going to be fuck by ten black cocks. Melissa felt the large black cock pumping deep in and out of her pussy and another orgasm hit her. Damon used some of the seamen from the freshly fucked pussy as lube and began to push the black cock up the teen girl’s ass.

Paradiso Ch. 07

group SlyKink 2018-08-20

Then suddenly the music stopped and I saw three women coming straight for me; a curvy redhead, an athletic brunette and a petite Latina. I looked over my shoulder to see a skinny blonde guy walking away from the circle hand in hand with a light skinned black girl with cum leaking out of her pussy and I also saw Sara getting up from off of her knees between another man's legs. The winning couple was taking their bow when I felt a pair of tits pressing into my back as one hand circled around my hips to stroke my well pleasured cock and another came up under my arm and began playfully pinching my nipple.

Birthday Trio

group libidinal 2018-08-20

And Dell, too, sensed the state of her arousal, pulling his hands away from her cheeks, cheeks he had been holding wide open for Hector, wrapping his arms around her, pressing her close to him, as he arched upward, fucking her hard and deep and sweetly. Her ass still stung pleasantly from the awesome fucking she had endured courtesy of Hector's huge cock, and she could feel her pussy getting wet all over again as she gazed at Dell and Hector’s two cocks, not fully erect yet, but thick and meaty and well on their way to their desired state.


Haunted House Ch. 02

group LeNana 2018-08-20

"Kasey told me how much of a slut you are, and she filmed it for us to watch back at the frat house," the velvet voice continued, "She recommended that I bring some of the other guys with me. "Aww, does the slut want more cock?" he asked, "We can all jerk off on her." He waited for velvet voice's approval, and they started to stand around me ritualistically, filling the room with grunts. "Oh yeah, slut," a voice exclaimed, "Squirt for us," I felt his hands pressing hard against my clit. My mouth was stretched; my pussy and ass were burning, as I felt the dirty reminders of the orgy slither inside me.

Helping Amy Out

group WestTexas34 2018-08-20

I started off giving her a body massage, and since I wanted to be very thorough as to relieve all her tension my finger caressed her clit as my tongue explored deep in her wet pussy until her body quivered with her orgasm.. Diane went to ask her if she needed anything, Amy never opened the door she just said she would be all right and was going to bed. I continued to kiss and suck Amy's nipple, but Diane wasn't as patient she moved downward and started licking Amy's clit. I looked down to see my gorgeous wife on her knees with her ass in the air parting Amy's pussy lips with her fingers and lapping her up with her tongue. My hands caressed Diane's breast as I intensely watched Amy lick her pussy.

Women I've Known Ch. 01

group Darkforeboding 2018-08-20

The girl went to the other guy and got on her knees in front of him and started giving him head. I could fuck her hard and fast and she would moan and close her eyes, but then I would pull my cock out of her all the way until only the head was inside, and stroke her opening just slightly until she began begging me to give it back to her. After having fifteen or twenty minutes of great sex I was ready to come, so I started fucking her deep and hard, which she loved and began responding with deep moans.

A Weekend in Vegas

group Luvv2look 2018-08-20

He said, "That felt pretty good, when you were licking my cock, while I fucked Leslie," then he said, "you seemed to like it too and I keep catching you looking over at my dick." And here I was, in Vegas, naked, laying in a bed, with John's dick in my hand, sliding my hand up and down his hard shaft, while he slowly stroked my ever hardening cock! I couldn't take it any more, I told him I was about to blow and he took my cock from his mouth and jacked me off, as he licked the underside of the head, sending the biggest load I have ever shot, spraying up my belly, hitting me in the face.

The Further Adventures of Cat Ch. 01

group Cat_photobuff 2018-08-20

Shaving my pussy bare turned me on a little bit, so I decide its time to start teasing the boys. The boys wanted me to join them and 5 other computer geek guys for golf on Saturday morning. Plus I had an 8AM tee off time with the geeks, so a few of the boys, and one girl, took me back to the hotel and said goodnight. The guys, whose names are Joe and Steve, look at each other guiltily, then Steve says, "Well, between your story about last night, waking you up and seeing you naked, and watching you shower and get dressed, I guess we're a little turned on."

Fantasy Land

group dyklykr 2018-08-20

When I did, I felt a hand on my leg, and looked over to see my man looking right in my eyes, and then he kissed me. I could not see what was going on, as Fred had straddled my chest and I was sucking his cock, but I could tell Tom had started fucking her when she suddenly inhaled. By the time Donnie and Amber go there, the rest of us were naked, I was sixty-nining with Fred, and Sandy was going down on Tom. So Amber started eating Sandy while she sucked Tom off, and Donnie decided to stick it up my ass, while Fred fingered me and ate my pussy.


Biker Bitch 2

group albertaman24 2018-08-20

They had different size cocks 6, 8 and about 10 they were were very much rock hard and I could tell these guys really wanted to fuck my wife. She took the big cock that as shoved in her mouth and started to suck the head and lick up and down the shaft. Rick got up off his chair and moved over close to the bed only a few feet away from where my wife was suck these three cocks. The guy got on the bed and kept playing with his cock s my wife serviced his two buddies. As he entered her she started to scream Rick told the third guy to get his cock in her mouth and shut the bitch up.