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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Retirement Travels Ch. 05

group Creekman 2018-08-20

While in Bozeman, we spent time with Em. Molly and Em had a special relationship and spent hours eating each others pussy, sucking on nipples, fingering each other. Molly was concerned that it was a real sleaze bag type of place, but I said, "Let's call them and see." Turns out they were a nudist camp ground, but they were having a unique weekend when we were planning to be there. Returning to our room on the 18th floor of our hotel Thursday night we got off our elevator when a young blond rushed over and started admiring Molly's hair color, wondering if it was natural, where did she get it cut, etc.


Sheila's Adventures in Adult Videos Ch. 05

group SteveWallace 2018-08-20

Wes immediately launched into action, talking to various members of the crew as he always did about layout, scene filming, sound, lighting, shooting angles, prop placement, and the like. We like places with high morale and places that are fun, especially if they have a lot of good-looking men around, if you know what I mean." I took a step closer to the sergeant, right inside his personal space. After making out in a loving way with one handsome soldier named Kurt, my fuck buddy from other films, I leaned down and started to blow him. After getting shots of the three of us laying next to each other and awash in cum, Kurt picked me up as two other men picked up Brite and Em. We were carried to the showers.


Just like the Old Days

group Sven the Elder 2018-08-20

Steffi had said during the meal that she wasn't going to be dancing a lot so Mike could keep Jan happy if I didn't want to dance. "Steffi, when I danced with Jan a moment or two ago she told me that mine was the second hard cock pushing against her this evening. Mike gave a slightly embarrassed grin and said, "That's great, I'd love to spend the night with Jan and I'm happy with the thought of you spending the night with Steffi, I'm just not sure about whether she's 100% with the idea yet." I didn't look at Mike and Jan on the way home but we did chat a little as I held Steffi's hand.


Why I Liked School Ch. 1

group freedom666 2018-08-20

Standing there watching me and Anna were Helen, Debbie and Alison. The sight of the 69 kept my rod stiff, so I left Alison and went to Helens face, which was buried in Debbie’s muff. Then I came inside Debbie, but pulled out with just enough time to cover Helen’s face with my seed. My dick began to go limp, but as I turned around, there was Alison, standing in front of me, naked with beautiful legs and the pair of largest tits I had seen on a teenager. Helen, Debbie, Alison and Anna were the 4 most beautiful 18-year-old girls in the school. Debbie took some Vaseline and lubed up Helen as well, who could no longer object as she was sucking Alison's huge tits.

A Homeless Man

group Beejayne 2018-08-20

They smiled at each other, and she thought he gave her a long look for a queer, but slipped her nightgown on, turned out the light and got in bed beside David. Diana was lying across the bed with her legs open, and after fumbling around for a minute the man found the spot with his fingers. He realized that he couldn't stop them, and anyway he rather enjoyed it, so he lay down on the small space on the bed that was left and turned his back on the fucking couple. Luckily after less than five minutes the man gave a couple of hard thrusts and then was quiet, lying between Diana's legs, still.

Vice Versa Ch. 05

group Abelard7 2018-08-20

Caitlin gave the two of us a questioning look, Jenny explained that it was part of our sex-play. Jenny put the thing on, with Caitlin's help, then took it in her hand and pretended to wank it. "Be a good boy and take it like a woman," quipped Caitlin, "think of it as practice for increasing you income. Jenny lay almost under me to watch the real cock thrash about to Caitlin's thrusts. Jenny decided to call time and dispatched a rather bemused Caitlin, clutching her £300. Jenny picked me up at home after an anxious wait all Monday morning, my heart thumping like a teenager anticipating his first date.

Dark House

group AmysOwner 2018-08-20

One, a good looking blonde woman in her thirties, was doing her best to inhale the thick cock of the young white man kneeling over her face, while between her legs a heavyset black man snaked his tongue deep into her shaven cunt. Amy started on mine first, sliding my cock into her mouth and down into her throat in a single thrust, tilting her head back so she could stare into my eyes as she did so. So with the background images burning themselves into my eyes and the sight of her bobbing between my cock's and Frederick's like a ravenous slut, I found the cum boiling in my balls in no time. She loved the attention, eyes half-closed and glazed, pursing her lips and dripping more heavy beads of saliva on his dick any time it was in reach.


Weird Wally Wilson

group bigcarl796 2018-08-20

For some reason or other Rosemarie thinks you're cute and sexy." Then Janie gave Wally another dirty look as she said," And this fat little prick, says you're a good guy too." Wally looked over at his cousin and grinned as he said boisterously, "Rosemarie did you know that Meat got the biggest cock in town?" Then she looked at Wally raised her eye brows and gave him a devilish knowing grin as she said to me, "Meat come on over and hang out with us, maybe we can have some adult fun tonight!" Then Wally pulled his enormous hand out of Janie's panties and stuck his huge wet middle finger in my face as he asked, "Meat you wanna smell her cunt?


Three Days in Arcadia Ch. 01

group becky23kiss 2018-08-20

Not looking over his shoulder, he missed it when Eve confidently pulled Rebecca in for an open-mouthed kiss, tonguing her softly and at the same time running a hand down to pull up one shapely leg onto her hip. At Sheena's beckoning, he came forward and pressed himself hard in against Callie, his cock sliding up between her ash cheeks once against as he put his hands to her hips and ground himself hard against her taut form. Sheena moaned delightedly, pinching and pulling at her tits as Hal grabbed a fistful of Callie's hair, wedging her legs apart with his feet and lining up his cock to enter her.


Merc's Movie

group HrnyCoCoCpl 2018-08-20

He signaled for her to “get things back on track” Kiki looked at Beth and Ty. Betty was working him slowly in a way she knew Ty would like, and she thought to herself, “This white bitch is good.” “Is the White bitch suckin you goo Ty?” He managed a long soft “Yessssssssss.” Her moment of admiration had passed, and she yanked Betty off Ty’s cock by the hair and said, “What you think you could take over this show just cause you white?” “It don’t work like that up in bitch, you in the hood, and we in charge up in this motherfucker, now Suck this Nigga cock the a White Bitch should.” She f***ed Betty so far down onto Ty’s black cock, that she gagged, causing a glob of spit to run down Ty’s cock.

Nate and Syrina Visit the Spa

group nateandsyrina 2018-08-20

As Ryan moved up her legs and Johnny moved down her back, Syrina began to softly moan, which she usually did when she was really enjoying a massage. All the way down to his balls." Syrina did as Nate instructed and swallowed Johnny's entire length, taking him deep into her throat as her tongue continued to work his cock. You know you want all your holes filled." Nate says as the head of his cock slides into Syrina's tight ass. Soon all three men are fucking her hard, Ryan sliding deep down her throat with every thrust, Johnny thrusting up from under her to pound into her sopping wet pussy and Nate hammering away at her virgin ass.


Mrs. Claus Cums Once a Year Ch. 01

group Boxlicker101 2018-08-20

The fourth elf, a very young female this time, wrapped her lips around the other luscious mound and sucked, with her tongue skillfully licking the equally hard nipple and areola of that breast. Mrs. Claus had quickly become so aroused that her pussy was fucking up into his face but, instead of bringing her to a quick climax, the elf started licking the other inner lip. The cock being stroked between Mrs. Claus's lips was throbbing inside her mouth and the elf was sighing and moaning from the intense pleasure she was giving him. In order to enjoy the taste and texture of his semen to the maximum, Mrs. Claus continued sucking his cock but stopped licking it, and positioned her tongue so she could catch and savor the cum before swallowing.


Getting straightened out Part 2

group 2018-08-20

Joseph asked me if it was true and I thought I might as well have a really good night and told him that I love sucking cock and that the only way to prove it was to show it. They laid me on the sofa and Bob started kissing me and playing with my nipples as Joseph went straight for my pussy. I told Bob to give me his cock so I could suck it and I went to work on him while Joseph kept eating me out. I sucked and fucked each of them that night but after my orgasm with my Uncle I went on to have one with Bob and two with Joseph before I finally collapsed.

Happy Birthday

group kara24 2018-08-20

As Daniel went to open the door, he turned round to look at me, and I saw his eyes move appreciatively over my new underwear. ‘God, you are loving this aren’t you, you horny little slut.’ No dignity left now, I could only nod my head, and arch my pussy into his hand, hoping to graze my clit on his fingers. The party can really get started.’ ‘I’ve bought you a pressie Kara,’ Sam said, ‘Sorry, but it looks like Daniel will have to open it for you!’ Daniel took the little pink package, and tore off the paper. ‘OH’ I gasped, ‘Oh yessss!’ This was what I needed, it felt so good, my ass and my pussy so full up, I only wished that like Sam, I could rub my clit.


The Pact: Wild Office Antics

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-08-20

That way, we can fuck Nina as well when we get the chance," Felix grinned while Bacchus knelt and Tammy joined him in sucking her husband's cock back to full hardness. Blanca and Tina soon honed in on my tush, lapping up all of the cum oozing from my asshole, while Kerry shared cock-sucking duty with Des, and Becky began sucking my balls. Maybe you can suck my tits while he fucks your pussy or ass," Des suggested, as she swapped with Nina, now planting her cunt on my face. That is what occurred, of course, with Tammy planting her sweet cunt on my dick, while Nina let Bacchus fuck her pussy and Felix take her ass.


An Out of Body Experience Ch. 1

group Kepic 2018-08-20

"Like what?" said the blond - Jenny - after a long pause, as she stared down at her fellow nurses hand, and my now rigid cock. "You've got a dirty mind" Jenny said, adding after another long pause, her eyes fixed on my groin, "it must be catching." She sat down on the other side, wrapping the fingers of one of her hands about me, below Cathy's. "You pussy looks so good on that hunk of meat" Cathy moaned, "Fuck him, ride it hard." Jenny began to do as suggested, bouncing up and down on top of my body with growing abandon.

I Really Need That Review

group MrAdrock1 2018-08-20

Anna, on the other hand, was beyond caring and started wave after wave of orgasms, moaning just over a whisper, "oh yeah baby, you're the boss, fuck me, fuck me harder, yeah, fucking fuck this sweet pussy so hard Jim. God yes, my boyfriend can't fill me up like you do, you go so deep inside of me baby..." I grabbed Anna's hips and began long, slow motions in and out of her; she sighed each time I pulled out completely, only to have me once again thrust into her waiting pussy, entering her anew and driving the head of my cock deep into her.


Having Your Baby

group No Panty Girl 2018-08-20

I guess I was only unconscious a few seconds and when I opened my eyes Larry was grinning and my pussy was flooded with his hot sticky cum. Larry fucked me to climax again, and again, I had three orgasms before he took his cock out of my drenched pussy. When the porter knocked on the door with our food Larry was on top of me ramming his cock deep into my sloppy pussy. Larry went to answer it and to my surprise he let in one of our room service porters. He slid into me like a hot knife into butter, his cock filling the void left by my husband. We begin to fuck as Larry watched stroking his cock.


Honeymoon Hotel Ch. 02

group sex4u4647 2018-08-20

Changing places with Sandy, Sue placed the head of Frank's cock to the edge of her pussy and sat down, the first three inches went in easy, thanks to the juicy lubricate left by Sandy's cunt, but that was just the head. Sue was sucking Rob, Sandy sitting on Ralph's prick, getting fucked. As each woman felt her strange, new ly bare cunt, they began to play with themselves, hands rub- bed over the shaved areas , and down to explore bare cunt lips Soon three hot women were masturbating bald pussies. "What a night!" Sandy said, "I had so many different pricks in me last night I lost count." Dora and Sue agreed, Jane just asked, "When's the next dance?" They all laughed.


Entrapping the Babysitter

group nancyallen 2018-08-20

I caressed his cock as we watched our babysitter undress then lay back on the bed, resting her head on Bob's pillow as she read the stories and leisurely rubbed her clit. Bob slid his cock into my pussy and fucked me hard and fast as we watched Amy do her thing again. At some point Bob undressed and stood behind Amy. He kissed her neck as he played with her breasts, his hard cock pressed against her ass crack. I licked my fingers clean then moved on the bed behind her as she started bobbing her head on his cock again.

Redhead Cum Slut MILF

group mooremike 2018-08-20

Megan opened and felt the hard cock begin to fuck her mouth. When the guy moaned she let his cock fall as she took the next dick in her mouth and pumped like she was possessed. She let go of Berry's cock and looked at the man needing to cum. Megan moved over and licked his cock as he jerked but then he started to cum and she felt another load of sperm land on her face and in her hair. Just think he will be fucking my pussy full of your spunk and kissing my mouth that will taste like sperm!" Megan said as she stood up and pulled her pants down Megan started to cum right away as she thought about him fucking her cum filled pussy.

New Horizons Ch. 3

group Bob Peale 2018-08-20

He got back on the bed next to her and pulled her toward him, maneuvering so her pussy and ass were pointed at Paul as she gobbled Ken's cock, making sucking and slurping noises as she coated it with her saliva. Sandy shivered again as Paul's hot tongue danced over the Ken's cock as well as her swollen lips, attacking them both with determination. Sandy complied willingly, reaching down and fingering her nub, sliding Ken's cock along her labia, and reveling in the feel of Paul's tongue. The poor guy was trapped between Sandy humping furiously and Ken, who was actually strong enough to keep lifting and dropping their combined weight on his cock, driving it into Paul's ass.

A Night on theTtown

group BiCurSubCplinFL 2018-08-20

We all smiled, and Pamela asked without hesitation if Mike and John would like to fuck her. Pamela turned to her, smiled and said that she had invited Mike and John to come give her a good fucking. It seemed like a long time, but was probably only thirty minutes that Mike and John fucked Pamela in just about every conceivable position. After several moments of manipulating her clit, Pamela said she really enjoyed the feeling, but wanted to remind me that if I did not clean her pussy, she was not going to suck my cock. A moment later, Pamela raised her head and smiled to both Mike and John, asking them both if the enjoyed their time with us.

Threesome and a Watcher

group paladinefizban 2018-08-20

His body trembled and his face twisted into one of revelation as Kristen teasingly plucked the pants from her fat ass and wide hips, pulling them downward --- slowly and even a slight bit clumsily as she fell onto the bed, which she rested on elbow on to support her as she continued to reveal her pale behind. Monica gasped because of Tim's journeying hands which had made a flight path teasingly along her body, just not where she exactly wanted but his touch was electrifying and the loud sound was ever so startling, knocking the haughty straight haired female from her cloud of blissful pleasure.