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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

To Bask in Breastford Ch. 15

group bustyalix 2018-08-20

They stood in their gray practice shirts and short blue practice shorts, as they often did in his office: Brooke on the right with her arms crossed over her impossibly massive chest, and Brittany on the left right next to her with one hand on her hip, accentuating her curvy figure. Coach Blue's cock jumped from within his shorts, and the two busty beauties finally pulled their bras away from their heaving chests. Brittany and Brooke took note of that and held their boobs in their hands, bouncing them around and trying to coax their coach into unleashing his load in his shorts.


The Traffic Stop

group Moxon4 2018-08-20

"Great, he's not only a young guy, but he's cute, this will be easy" she thought to herself "Sorry officer, I know I was going a little too fast, but there is no one else on the road and I am just trying to make it back to Courdry to meet up with some friends before classes start," she said, pushing her chest out some and trying to pout her lips. "Make me cum slut, make me cum all over your face," Mary screamed as she was approaching orgasm before throwing her head back on the hood of the car, spreading her legs out completely and loudly orgasming, her juices overflowing her cunt and ending up on Kate's lips and tongue.

The Party

group storytellerlady 2018-08-20

Ellen let him suck each tit as she played with his nipples and watched his cock get hard. She kept sucking on the cock till she got him rock hard again and then she got down and gave his face and chest a rub down with her big tits. She fucked him a long time letting her big tits bounce and the men were all so turned on and getting hard just watching. She had a cock in her cunt and in her mouth as the guys took turns fucking her and watching her swallow cum. Then a guy grabbed the lipstick and covered Tom's mouth and shoved her ass in his face and he kissed her ass cheeks and left lip prints on it.

Me, My Boss, and His Wife

group SpiderG13 2018-08-20

Eddie looks in the mirror at me, and says, “We thought you might like to stop here for awhile before you go home.” Lynn smiles and hands my panties to Eddie over the seat. My body bucks, and Lynn’s mouth turns more gentle, licking softly at my clit as I come down from what is surely the best orgasm I’ve ever had. While I fuck her with my tongue, plunging in and out, I start flicking my finger rapidly over her clit, ready to feel her come against my mouth. When the waves of pleasure start to subside, I feel Eddie pull out of me and take my place between Lynn’s legs. I move and place myself next to Lynn, caressing her breasts with my mouth and hands, while I watch Eddie fuck her.

Unexpected Participant

group scarlethunny 2018-08-20

I took a quick glance and was pleased to see his hands holding on to the chair's arms with his head laid back, eyes closed, enjoying his little cum slut giving him a blowjob. His cock started to rub along my ass crack teasing me because he knew where I wanted it, buried nice and deep in my pussy. I could vaguely hear my boyfriend chuckling again about his little blowjob loving slut before suddenly having his cock thrust deep into my tight, wet pussy. This was too much for his roommate as well, as he pulled his cock out fast, grabbed my hair and tilted my head back with his left hand, as he jerked off using my saliva and his pre-cum as lube.

The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 08

group KrisCherita 2018-08-20

She rubbed one towel over the goth's beautiful big boobs and butt, but Andrea simply threw her towel onto the bed and gently pushed Tammi onto it, then climbed onto her, her cunt above Tammi's face, her pierced tongue teasing her golden labia apart and teasingly circling her clit. Tammi knelt behind her and continued tongue-fucking her contracting asshole, and a minute later, Dan returned from the shower, damp and with his erection already at half mast, and slid his face under Tammi's crotch so he could lick her clit. Andrea watched as Dan reached for the lube and inserted one, then another, slippery finger into Tammi's asshole, then withdrew them and carefully slid his cock as far as it could go into that hot tight opening.


Moira Ch. 2

group MoroMoy 2018-08-20

Moira knew that Lloyd was married and said, "Thats perfectly ok Lloyd, just enjoy the scenery!" and turning she looked at Toivo's cock, twitching and red, she stuck out her tongue playfully and flicked it over the tip, enticing him to come closer as she felt Martin's hands slide up her legs, his lips warm and soft as he kissed his way up, grabbing the top of her bikini bottoms and pulling them off, tossing them to the side, where unbeknownst to any of them, they soaked up the water and after a few moment..sank.

Three The Hard Way

group MissPrettyThang 2018-08-20

She is moaning in the back of her throat, feels the stranger's cock stiffen in her mouth, tastes the salty pre-cum that is dripping from the head of his fat cock. A finger slides easily into her asshole, the tongue at her pussy is lapping up her juices and she feels the spray of cum hit the back of her throat. The cock slides out of her mouth and is replaced with fingers, soft and pungent...she can taste her own juices on the fingers and knows these are the fingers that were playing with her pussy. She cums again, soaking Him, His fingers move to rub her clit while her pussy and ass are clenching cocks like a vice grip.

A Quiet Evening Alone

group Crimson Knight 2018-08-20

Adam felt the finger trace along the crevice between his thigh and his balls as her tongue flitted out, grazing the head of his cock. As Adam watched, she crawled across and put her head on Krista's chest, gently nibbling on her nipples and rubbing her clit. Sandra kissed up and down his shaft as Krista removed the cock ring and began to lick his balls. His wife took his cock and sucked it into her mouth as Krista kissed her way slowly towards the top of his ass. Adam looked down to see Krista move his wife's head away and begin sucking on his cock. Adam watched as Krista licked and kissed the cum off of his wife's face and then Sandra returned the favor.

No Drama Ch. 01

group alupine 2018-08-20

"Go ahead and sit on my bed if you want," Marlon said after noticing Brooke look around the room. Brooke coughed and handed it past Madison to Marlon with a devilish grin. "Let's go back inside, I bet your getting cold," Madison said to Marlon as they walked to the door. "Brooke, you're beautiful and Madison, you know you are too," he said putting his hand on her bare thigh. "I see what this is," he said as Brooke handed the cup to Marlon and got up on the bed, kneeling next to him. "Woah that's good," Marlon said as Brooke took the cup away and set it on the ground. "Look who's talking," Marlon said, grabbing Madison's breast.


A Lake to Ourselves

group glory_first 2018-08-20

The now naked older woman spread out her towel in a standard spot, much like we had, then added a bit more pressure to her raft before heading out onto the glittering water, giving me an excuse to look out at the lake as Kathy and Diane began to turn each other on. That remained clear enough to see through, their motions more sinuous than active, growing increasingly intense, especially when they began to rub chest to chest, Kathy's hand holding and spreading Diane's ass. As she stepped on the shore, her raft next to theirs, Kathy and Diane slowly grew apart, and I sat up, getting ready to make our second round of gin and tonics in the rising heat of the day, the sun higher in the sky.


On The Edge Ch. 01

group Jonny_Blueline 2018-08-20

Janice had to decide – bring Davie to a resounding orgasm in her hungry mouth and have him eat her to climax, or let him cool down slightly now and flood her pussy with jism after pounding his way to heaven between her supple legs. Davie munched her butt with unabashed enthusiasm, eagerly pumping his hand into her pussy and rubbing his hard cock against Janice's spine. The video began with a statuesque woman rubbing a hairy man's penis in similar manner to Ann's brother's self pleasuring activity Janice, Ann and two of the other girls had observed the week before. Ann froze in shock at her girlfriend's bold question for a second, then hunched closer until her pussy touched Janice's ass cheek and rocked her pelvis to grind her throbbing clit against warm flesh.


The Ad, The Interview, The Threeway

group TheEroticPencil 2018-08-20

She moved her head over his cock and, as she continued to pump him with her hand, she began sucking on his tip, her tongue hot and hard, offering John a brief glimpse of her bright red lips closing themselves over his cock before her gorgeous, silky hair fell over his legs, hiding what she was doing. "So, look at the screen baby," John said, as Sarah continued to grind her pussy into his leg. "You're right there, riding me like this, and there's a gorgeous, sexy, hot girl rubbing you, licking you, kissing you...hard, wet kisses on your mouth, on your tits...running her hands across your ass while you fuck me."


Fantasy Come True

group jnny 2018-08-20

He lays back and closes his eyes as Brooke straddles his waist grabbing and sliding his cock into her dripping tight little cunt. Christian starts slamming his tongue into Jen's wet tight little pussy sensing her orgasm is near. So Jen slides between Brooke's legs and starts licking at Brooke's and Christian's cum moaning as she feels Brooke's body begin to shake. Jen shoves her face into Brooke's cunt sticking her ass high in the air for Christian. Christian climbs behind Jen ramming his hard cock deep in her tight cunt from behind. Jen starts screaming as Christian rams into her ass feeling yet another orgasm build. Jen Climbing into Christian's lap and holding him tight blows her friend a final kiss and giggles until next time.

Eric Loves Linda

group Beejayne 2018-08-20

He and Martin were going to meet at a bar in San Francisco, then go to a restaurant with the girls, so he went to pick Linda up at her flat pretty early because he was unsure of the time it would take. They drove back to Martin's apartment and as they went in Linda pulled Eric aside, kissed him on the cheek, and whispered: Then Martin's fingers started to penetrate her, spreading her pink labia, disappearing inside her, but this didn't last long, he was soon kneeling between her legs, and again Eric heard her gasp as his penis must have slid into her:

Unexpected Delivery

group dirtyfuckingwhitewhore 2018-08-20

Behind me, I could feel Billy pushing his big black cock up against my ass. As John lowered my mouth over his black cock, Billy rammed his dick up into my ass. "You only happy when you got a big black cock stuffed up your white ass and another plugging your mouth. Billy laughed as he grabbed my big tits and pulled on them, slamming his cock harder and deeper up my white ass. Holding my legs, John started fucking my pussy hard and driving his black meat deep inside me. As I tasted the black cock in my mouth and felt my tits being pulled and twisted, I knew I was going to love every minute of it.


group seethroughlover 2018-08-20

They came back about 3 hours later without a skirt or her shoes……….She demanded that I eat her cunt………as I was eating her extremely wet and soaking gaping cunt……massive white cum was continuously leaking…as she told me that David took her to the infamous motel in town and met his 5 friends at the room…They seemed very nice and friendly, and one of them named Richard from Canada teased Trixie that he would pay her 500.00 if she would pose naked for a picture so that he could show off to his friends back home…She said for 700 dollars he could take 5 pictures…Trixie was shocked that he just plowed down the money so fast and… she started to undress…and he was naked on the bed…..and he said he wanted one of the poses to be with her few inches above his cock….So she climbed on top of him and straddled and hovering over his cock while David took the picture in her compromising position…Next thing he grabbed her hips and pulled her down unto his cock real deep into her cunt in one stroke.

The Convention Slut Ch. 02

group NiteWriter 2018-08-20

"So you like getting your face washed in piss, huh?" "C'mon you bitch, suck my balls too you nasty whore." "Lick up that piss and taste it." "Show me how much you love being a fuckin' dirty pisswhore." "Mmmmmm,..." "fuck that's so good." "I love the taste of cum and piss." Then Nicolle licked his cock clean. "So you like piss, huh?" His urine began flowing from his cock instantly and right into Nicolle's face. Nicolle shook her head saying, "No I'm not." Then while looking directly at him saying in a very direct demanding voice, "I WANT YOUR PISS." "I'm going to drink all of it." "Because I'm a slut." "I'm a filthy pisswhore." "Give it to me please!!" She gave his balls a little playful squeeze.

More Than I Bargained For

group Starlight 2018-08-20

It was about a ten-minute walk to the guy's house, and when I got there the place looked like there was no one at home. One of the guys stood there, and he said, "Come in." I walked in, and then got my first disappointment. There were no signs of food or drink, but I thought that maybe we'd have a bit of kissing and loving before we got down to fucking. I don't know how many guys came into me, but very quickly, the bed under me was getting soaked with their sperm, which kept rolling out of me. I had fucked with plenty of guys before, but I had never seen anything like Arthur's sexual organ.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 05

group SteveWallace 2018-08-20

Elsa made sure that I got her message: she and her sister had a sapphic relationship that she planned to maintain; they both liked me – maybe even loved me; and that if I wanted to proceed with the relationship it would involve the two of them and not just her. Monday morning on the back page of Section A of the city newspaper there was a large photograph taken at the gala of Mark smiling with Cindy and me on each arm. The captions all read something like, 'Mark Worthington, billionaire playboy, squired sister girlfriends Elsa and Cindy Conners to the City Hospital Ball on Saturday evening. So far as we could tell, only one person at Cindy's work thought that Mark dating two sisters was really 'kinky' – and they obviously meant in a highly sexual way.


group dreampilot79 2018-08-20

The sudden appearance of an enraged husband had caused his rigid member to soften in Susan's willing pussy and ended his enjoyment of her soft, compliant, and curvy body a touch early. Susan had been invited over this morning and Megan had let her watch as the final gasp of life had left her ex husband's body. Susan was rocking her naked body on top of Mel, this time into the experience as she felt his cock sliding in and out of her. Megan sat Charley on one end of the couch that faced the wall Susan was chained to. I need to clean that up." Megan crawled off the couch and sucked her husband's hard dick into her mouth as one hand continued to stroke Charley.

My First Threesome

group BratTonia 2018-08-20

We went to Applebee's and after ordering our food, Teresa said, "Now, I don't want you answer this right away." She continued, "When we meet up with Jeff, we could rock his world!" Teresa grabbed Jeff as soon as we got in the bedroom and they kissed passionately. Jeff guided me to lie next to Teresa and said something like; "I'm going to love this!" Teresa seemed to enjoy us licking and sucking Jeff's cock together, but stopped touching me quickly. Teresa was getting off the bed as I came down, "I've got to pee," she slipped away. With that, I felt his grip loosen and I slipped away from him, "You're turn, Teresa," and I got out from under him.

New Responsibilities

group Lady_Noir 2018-08-20

If you want your job, you will give up your mouth and pussy as I see fit." I stare at you, unbelieving, "I've read your emails to your "friend" and know what a secretive little slut you are....but from what I read..." you pause to snicker at the thought, "...he can't meet your needs. My legs wrap around your ass as you grab the back of my head with one hand, and forcefeed the panties into my mouth deeper, while you violently ravage my fuckhole. Then, I feel hands lock on my hips and the deep, full penetration of the janitor's hard cock. "Feel good, baby?" you sneer, "You look so fucking good fucking these two cocks." I gasp and moan behind your hand, breathing hard, my heart racing, and nod emphatically.

Bait Girl

group nicoloco 2018-08-20

Amy explored inside Judy's top with a flat-handed rub and a tweak of the nipples, which made them stand. Amy pressed a tentative finger into Judy, then another, starting a gentle rhythmic stroke. Amy's hand strayed back between Judy's thighs and mine soon joined. Judy leaned in and started to lick at Amy's pussy, sometimes catching my cock as well. I pulled out just as my orgasm hit, spraying Amy's pussy and Judy's face with a load I'd saved up all week. Older brother Bill and the younger but no less hunky Ron were a bit taken aback, and more than a little wary, when I offered my hand and said I was Amy's good friend Jake and glad to meet them.