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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Julie's Story Ch. 01

group latesummernight 2018-08-20

"Well he also says that he thinks he can make you cum more times that just about any other guy you've ever been with." You look at me and I smile and shrug my shoulders. Joe smiles, "Well, the winner gets to have you make them cum in anyway that you'd like." As he says this his cock grinds up against you from behind. You stand shakily and turn to me and I begin kissing you as you feel Joe's hands begin to unbutton your skirt. He smiles and leans forward to kiss you with his tongue at the same moment his hand slides down into your thong and immediately finds your clit.

Grim Fairy Tales Ch. 02

group DocCIS 2018-08-20

While cleaning out our junk in the garage I discovered a DVD containing a video of my beautiful wife having sex with all seven Junior Partners of my law firm around the time I had gotten a promotion about fifteen years ago! I did not know how to handle being around some of the men I had thought for years as being my friends, only to have found out they had all gangbanged Jess, treating her like nothing more than a whore at a bachelor party. I shook my head, again trying to push out the thought that this man, who I had called best friend, had also been 'in the sack' with my beautiful wife as I answered, "Actually, Jess went out of town to visit some girlfriends," I told them, "so I stayed home and fixed up the house."


A Memorable Reunion

group ellacas 2018-08-20

Before I could gather my thoughts, he had lifted me onto all fours and was expertly working his fingers into my pussy; a few slow thrusts deep into my cunt, followed by a gentle stroking of my clit. He started to fuck me slowly: long, slow, deep thrusts, his balls banging against my legs. I reached between my legs and fingered myself, feeling his wet cum in my pussy. His hand reached down and pulled up her skirt and stroked her pussy through her pink panties, while his other hand slipped inside her shirt and cupped her breast. My hands moved to my clit and I started to play; long slow strokes along my pussy lips.


Temporary Summer Roommate

group sihaya 2018-08-20

I smile and flick my tongue at Jenna's swollen clit and hear her moan around Jamie's cock, so I pull her clit into my mouth and play with it with my tongue and lips. Jamie groans and pulls out of Jenna again, and I moan in protest - I love watching my best friend get fucked, if you couldn't tell. Jenna looks back at Jamie and I hear her say, "When you're ready, I want you to come in my mouth," and he groans and pulls out of me immediately, clearly pushed to the edge by her dirty words. Spent, Jamie collapses to the bed with a grin, and Jenna swallows and gives me a mischievous, satisfied smile before she lowers her mouth to my swollen pussy and runs her tongue over my clit.

Sarah's Night Out

group njdom 2018-08-20

"I'm cumming already, fuck me harder." Apparently the excitement of sucking my cock and me teasing your cunt has put you right on the edge and when my shaft is all the way in, your orgasm starts and your whole body begins to quiver as you urge me to fuck you harder. I'm cumming oh fuck." Her date starts to moan and says, "Take my black cock, you white slut, take me cum in your cunt!" He yelps and unloads what must be a huge load inside her, since it comes pouring out of her pussy as he continues to thrust into her.


The Second Honeymoon Day 02

group tinman0041 2018-08-20

And they finished the night of lovemaking with her on top of him...guiding his gorgeous huge cock into her lovely tight ass, she rode him for so long while sucking his fingers, looking deep in each others eyes, till they both came and she collapsed on him. By the time Peter finished his drink she had dropped to her knees and the guys dropped there shorts and Sandra dropped to her hands and knees and looked at Peter as she took turns slowly sucking the heads of their throbbing black cocks. He stepped on the bed and gently grabbed the hair on the back of her head and guided her mouth to his throbbing cock...she reached up and placed her hands on his hips and while Larry and James where fucking her madly she looked up at him "fuck my slutty mouth baby"


Dawn and Marie Ch. 02

group BogartsBoss 2018-08-19

Seeing the consternation on everyone's faces Agnes said; "I know this is a shock, but when you two came, I realized now was the best time to do this. Agnes looked over at Dawn and I; "Will you fill Marie in on what I told you last night? Dawn spoke first; "Last night your mother, um, Agnes, told us how she and Jonathan loved a woman named Marie, but because of pressure from the community, they broke up. Agnes began to speak, but Marie held up her good arm, palm out; "No. Since Dad seems to be at the heart of this, I want him telling me exactly what happened. Before I concern myself with you I want to know my daughter, and I need to spend time with Agnes.


Encouraged Ch. 01

group Warren...Explo 2018-08-19

She was rubbing what looked like oil over the blindfolded woman's chest, her full breasts and small dark red nipples gleaming in the dim light of the room. Beth lightly pulled Kari's hand along as she slowly walked to a couch that sat just beyond where Val's head lay on the mattress. The woman reached her oily hands down to the sides of Val's silky red thong and slowly eased it down her legs. A gasp escaped Kari's lips as Val convulsed in pleasure, three fingers of the woman's hand now firmly in place inside her as she held her softly. Val bent her head and kissed him on his lips, running her hand through his hair, as Beth reached down to undo the belt on the robe.

My wife, her lover, and my limited role

group evergreenstatewife 2018-08-19

“I think I want you involved today with us,” My wife said as I was finishing my second coat of nail polish to her toes. Her last encounter with Mark, which was two weeks ago, he satisfied her with both his mouth and big cock. “Your wife is tight,” Mark concluded, as he pushed forward, his cock completely inside her; his balls against her shared hole. The further in his cock went into my mouth the more I could taste my wife. My wife changed positions, kneeing on the couch and placing her used breasts over my cock that soon unloaded. Afterwards, Mark got dressed, kissed my wife, and made another date for next week.

A Real Card Game

group Dave Evans 2018-08-19

I have to tell you about the time, Elaine invited me to play a game of cards one night, it was a warm summer night, so I went over in my Bermuda shorts and a T-shirt socks and tennis shoes, pulling into her driveway. Sitting at a small table looking over the nicest looking breasts, I had a great view from where I was sitting and smiling big, I dealt another hand and I was without a shirt that time, and Nancy lost her shoes. Elaine dealt another hand and I was naked and Nancy was ordered to suck on me for thirty seconds, while Elaine watched to make sure she did a good job!

Our Second Time At The Glory Holes

group william1956 2018-08-19

I kept stroking my pussy as Bill shuffled forward and presented his cock to the sucker but he didn't move instead he increased his sucking of the second man as we all heard his rising urgency.He kept whispering suck it suck ya cunt, then suddenly it was fuck fuck I'm coming I'm fucking coming, he pulled his cock out of the suckers mouth and spunked all over his face. If you can remember back to the first time I peeked along the line of seven cocks and said that the guy at the end's cock looked huge, it was and I know now that he was called Big Robert he was pushed in front of me.


Bait and Switch Ch. 5

group Dark_Brother 2018-08-19

“I—You probably hate me, I know, but… I… What I mean to say is… I wanted to… I don’t feel right about what happened, and I…” Her inability to come right out and say it was starting to drive me up the wall. “Then he can watch like he did the other night,” she said, as I felt her lips press against my chest, while her hands dug into my boxers. "Dennis poked his head in awhile ago, and asked if you were still going to the party tonight." Her face had gone solemn, and I felt a sinking sensation in my gut. I felt a hand grip my cock through my pants, and then Shanna asked, "You like watching this, don't you?" I tore my eyes away from the scene before me, to look down into her blue eyes.

Final viva

group 2018-08-19

My professor asked me to sit down on the table, and he sat on the chair, took my fully exposed breasts in his hands and started to squeeze and suck them with his mouth. It was hard to focus on my teacher professor with the other professor’s cock pushing inside my mouth. My teacher professors cock felt smaller than the other cock in my mouth, and didn’t push so hard into my throat, so I could start to get a better control of the situation. My teacher professor put his cock back inside my pussy and thrusted hard, but pulled out after a little while, and ejaculated his warm sperm out over my stomach and crotch.

Night of the Limousine

group My Erotic Tail 2018-08-19

Violet leaned in and kissed me as passionate as a pedal falling from a rose and her tongue slid over my lips and down my chin and to my neck and the roll was stopped only for a moment. She kissed me hard and long, deep and wet when I felt her hands wrap around my dick and pull lightly as it regained form and she sat upon me with the ease of a feather to the ground. Violets pussy was wet and easy to locate with no panties and Destiny's legs were still closed tight so I rubbed her bush on the outside of her panties. Destiny did a nosedive to Tom's side of the table while Violet took a napkin and started cleaning me as I poured the glasses.


The Office Boy Ch. 08

group Zorro69 2018-08-19

I arrived at Ruth's house, walking up the drive I noted her husband Alan packing his fishing equipment into the boot of his car, unlike before there were no fears of him seeing me. Craning her neck down Hannah clamped her lips over Ruth's left breast and suckled on her nipple. Ruth returned the compliment of kissing and licking Hannah's boobs. "This is the real benefit of having two women at the same time Glenn." With that she cupped my face in her soft hands before kissing me passionately. Gazing up I saw that Ruth, while sat beside us, had leant over and began to kiss Hannah. Ruth turned to face me and asked, "Are you hard again?" I nodded, as my cock was stiff and jutting out in the warm water.


Wife has Fun

group two2havefun2 2018-08-19

My wife butted in and said she was ready to go home and asked Dave if he was coming over for a night cap, this was very strange for her to do this, but I went along. I got into a good rhythm and he started to rock back and forth, while my wife stroked my cock and started to finger fuck my ass, which she has done a few times before. He was able to get his whole cock in and started to pump my ass and get into a rhythm and my wife encouraged him to fuck me harder and fill my ass with cum, Dave fucked faster and harder, felt so good and I can tell he liked as he filled me with cum and kept pumping until he fell out.

A Walk In The Park

group oneiria 2018-08-19

Danny came over to help Darryl stretch the rope across the tree as Sandra's arms were tied behind her. She heard Darryl reaching into the backpack again and then she suddenly felt his tongue on her ass, working its way deeply into her anus as she sucked the giant's pulsing prick. Jake felt his balls contract as they brushed against the ivory of the dog's fangs and he exploded inside his hostess at the same time that Darryl filled the other end of her alimentary canal with a second massive wad of come, all three of participants in this particular piece of Bacchanalia arching their backs and collapsing on the mossy carpet of the forest.

My Trailer Park Mistress Ch. 10

group nighttimestories 2018-08-19

Linda, Amy, and Maggie were all in the kitchen drinking coffee and having a great time. Linda then nearly made me spray my coffee all over the kitchen with her next comment, "I told Amy and Maggie they should come live with us." I had to stand in the garage for a bit to let my cock relax and get my mind off what was going on in the backyard or the neighbors would think I was a pervert getting a hard on while mowing. Maggie said looking at my cock, which was now semi hard, "Apparently you like what you see." Linda said, "Girls we must have a voyeur on our hands because his cock is hard again."


'Hump a Tree', A Girls Diary Memories

group 2018-08-19

It was almost perfect and it stuck up, like an erection, I laugh thinking back, as one of the group said, 'The tree has a 'Hard-on, for us to play with'. No-one laughed, we were all lost in our own thoughts, running our hands all over this wooden icon to men, 'It would not cum, you did not carve a set of balls', and we all laughed again, then someone said the thing I think had crossed our minds, 'Lets try it out'. Today, it's cool to 'Hug a Tree', back then a group of 12 year olds were 'Fucking a Tree', and as an added incentive, to complete the bonding process, we orgasmed, no faking it, thank you Kimberly, for your wonderful life-like carving.

Ben & Gabrielle Ch. 10

group TheMadSonneteer 2018-08-19

As Ben let the oil warm in his hand, Mona and Gloria said goodbye to Mimi, and expressed their wishes for a quick recovery. Ben straightened his body, removing his fingers from Mimi's clit as he turned his head to face his fiancé. As Ben tore open the condom, Gaby lifted her left leg and cautiously straddled the table, right over Mimi's face. He reached up, placing the fingers of his right hand - which had so recently been inside Mimi - against Gaby's lips. Pulling back slightly, Ben put his hands on Mimi's hips, his fingers squeezing her warm flesh. As the twin orgasms slowly faded, Ben pulled his cock out of Mimi, gingerly guiding her legs downward until her feet once more rested on the floor.


The Freezing Point of Pain

group Demonstrative 2018-08-19

He squeezed until his spasms stopped then sat up and stared at the TV, cock in hand. George pulled his hand away as if he were touching fire. "Leaving already, George?" Ella didn't look up from her book but George knew she had been watching like everyone else. "Come here, sweetie." Ella took Dana's arm and helped her up. "Wait a minute." George took out his cock and stroked himself until he was hard. "What the fuck do you want him to say?" The woman mumbled, his cock in her mouth. The woman lowered her head back down and took the man's dick and rubbed it across her face. "That's more like it." George returned to his cock.



group MikeAndJan 2018-08-19

Greg focused on Jan's large tits as he moved forward, opening the front of his towel but leaving it on, and easily slipped his long slender cock into Susan's wet pussy. He wanted to last..., just last long enough to let Susan cum with him..., it was so sexy..., beyond belief..., he was watching his wife make love to this beautiful woman while he felt his cock in her wet, tight, hot, pussy..., it felt sooo good..., it looks soooo sexy...... Mike wanted to really explore this woman, but knowing the immediate needs of all involved, simply got down in the same position that Greg had been in and inserted his slightly thicker cock into the extremely wet pussy.


Sara's Addiction Ch. 1

group Tom Donner 2018-08-19

He was very muscular and she saw the look in his eyes that told her that John had already filled him in on what he could expect from this meeting, Sara thought about what his arms would feel like wrapped around her waist. Greg just pulled down on his pants and exposed his hard cock without waiting for Sara to do it for him, and, with his right hand, pointed his pulsing prick at Sara's lips. "John says you're the best cocksucker in town and I can't wait to find out.: said Greg as he slid the head of his cock against her cheek. "Come in her mouth Greg!" John exclaimed as he massaged his own cock and balls.

With Wendy's Consent

group sexorbit69 2018-08-19

The final's half my grade." She turned and leaned over to kiss me, opening her mouth too briefly, even as she patted my cock with her free hand, letting her tongue pass between my lips with a quick promise of more later. We came at the same moment, a trick we'd managed only once before with me inside her, and Wendy had immediately bent down to take my still spurting cock into her mouth, sucking the cum out of it, nearly making me shoot again seconds later. Willingness gave way to desperation, and I started bobbing my head, willing James to let the warm sticky fluid flood my mouth and tongue and throat, wanting the explosion to take place.