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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

O is for Orgy

group Many Feathers 2018-08-19

Sitting at the breakfast table with Denise, the two women had been laughing hysterically over something when Jason came down stairs to grab a cup of coffee before heading out to play around of golf with Brian. "Oh yeah right, I could just see Carol and Bob doing something like that." "Well you never know honey," Jason turned grabbing one of the fresh pastries off the plate sitting between them. Jason had to admit, Denise did seem to be less nervous than she'd appeared on the walk over, even laughing as the girls took a quick peek at one of the party games Jackie had picked up at the last moment.


Mica, Misty, Max & Mona Ch. 03

group rmlooker 2018-08-19

Misty suggested since it was Mora's birthday let her decide who she wanted to be with first, her or Max. They all thought that was a good idea and would all be stimulating her some way while whomever she chose was doing her. Mora thought for a minute then said she wanted Misty first so she could build her up good, get her going and then Max could be the climax. Misty pulled herself aside and Max quickly got in her place and slid his hard cock all the way into Mora's tight cunt. Max reached under Mica and filled his hands with her big breasts and as she finished eating Mora she reached between her legs and found his balls swaying around and cupped and pulled them.


Erika's Exhibition

group SplendidSpunk 2018-08-19

I stayed at the bar with Jim and Mike flashing my pussy and ass until it was time to go. I would have loved to have just enjoyed my orgasm but Mike then appeared on the bed next to Jim with his hard cock out. I was beginning to enjoy Mike's cock when I felt a fairly large object entering my pussy, Jim and Mike were on the bed so who the hell and what the hell was that. "Fuck Mike get down there and finish me with that tongue of yours and while you are there put that nice black cock of yours up here for Erika to enjoy."


Miss Linda Ch. 03

group Bluepen451 2018-08-19

Now you probably have already read the first two chapters of my story about how I got to know Lynn Basconi, the superintendent of our school district, who turned out to be almost as much of a horny slut as me, and her very sexy husband, Richard, and how after we all watched each other masturbate and then Lynn and I had some really hot phone sex, they invited me to a party that I was pretty sure (well, at least really hoped) was going to be an orgy. After a minute or two, I pulled Indira's head up and said, "This is incredible, but it would be so much better if you were licking my clit while Lawrence's cock was filling my pussy.


Her First Threesome

group mikec1010 2018-08-19

She let out a sigh and then Chris tentatively reached over and took Rose's left breast in her hand. As we kissed Chris began to unbutton Rose's blouse. Chris got down on her knees, lifted her skirt, and placed her lips on Rose's hairy pussy. I began to kiss Rose's neck, throat, and ears as Chris licked the delicate folds and the swollen clit. Chris placed one more kiss on Rose's wet lips and then sat up. As Rose's breathing returned to normal, she got down on her knees, and slid Chris's panties down her legs and off her feet. The sight of Rose's head buried between Chris's legs was too much and in a few moments I began to cum.


Great Neighbors Ch. 01

group TankBear 2018-08-19

While I am making krissy squirm, Carl gets behind me and starts licking my ass hole, and stroking my cock. I am laying there tied to the bed, and krissy slides a cock ring onto my cock, and tells me that she wants to make sure her pussy isn't too much for my cock, and I can cum when I am ready. Carl walks down to my cock, and licks it clean of krissy juices, and sucks on my balls, and makes his way to my asshole. Krissy asks Carl if I am ready, and he takes my cock out of his mouth, and tells her that I am getting there, and she needs to get ready.

CvsN 22: A New Housemate

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-08-19

Amie begged off after dinner, and after some quick hugs and kisses, I walked her back to her car since it was so dark out, and gave her a little extra friendly goodbye, with some serious fondling and making out before I let her escape. Beth was overjoyed and gave Debbie a big hug and kiss, thanking her. While she was in the tub, she told me the latest plan was for Beth and Amie to give their two weeks notice, and they'd open up for business as soon as I got back from Spain. She doesn't want to be a pain in the ass." Beth told Debbie, reaching out and caressing her. While Beth and I had our fun that evening, Debbie watched us, a little enigmatic smile appearing on her face every so often.


The Triad

group Don 2018-08-19

Kabbie replied that she had not, but with a kind of long thoughtful exhale, "But you know, that's a wonderful idea." Rene added that she had seen many of the Goddess or Madonna and Child sculptures but nothing really modern, such as a child suckling to celebrate breast feeding. It will take however long it takes." We shook our heads in unison as we listened to Kabbie explain how she liked to work and assured Rene and I that we needed to be as comfortable as possible because posing for long periods would be tiring. After maybe half a dozen shots in that pose, Kabbie suggested I sit up near the middle of Renes back and place my left hand on her hip.


Clover's Threesome with Batman

group clovermoffatt 2018-08-19

And so she watched wide eyed as her boyfriend's erect cock slipped deliciously into my pussy, and he started to fuck me from behind, gripping my tits and moaning as he did. She's blonde, looks innocent enough but..." a hand felt down the neck of my costume, grasped my right nipple-end and tweaked it, and I moaned, I couldn't help it, "Holy Ball licking, this one has beautiful hard tits Robin...This is no ordinary woman...." "Oh you'll take it, Catwoman,' says Batman, "You'll take it till you beg for relief, and you'll show us you love it..." And he thrusts his huge hungry cock towards me.

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 07

group mountaincat4 2018-08-19

Mitra looked at me and said, "Prem she has two of these you know, would you like to join me?" I lay down next to Suvarna on her other side and began to tenderly nurse her. Then I remembered Mitra saying that massaging someone could be a good meditation so I closed my eyes, rubbed my hands together and placed them on her upper back near her shoulders. I began to feel the way I had felt when Mitra and I were making love. By now Julia and Anne had progressed up her legs in the same way they had done earlier by sliding their oiled pussies along her calves while massaging her thighs with their hands.


The Motor Home Trip Ch. 05

group Liquor69 2018-08-19

The band broke into a ballad and Connie grabbed Mike and I started dancing with Tracy. Connie whispered that she had told Tracy and it looked like we were going to party with them later. Tracy turned her head to Connie and their lips met with total passion as Mike and I pulled up to enter these wild carnivores. It drives them wild." The guys started touching Connie and Tracy and their moans relayed their total pleasure. Mike and I took the girls out to the front of the coach while Connie and Tracy stayed in the bedroom with all the guys. "Do us just like you did to Tracy and Connie when we came in there please." I grabbed some lube and gave some to Mike too.


A Fantasy of Mine

group watchnplay81 2018-08-19

With my cock instantly hard, Izzy started sucking and licking my cock then taking it all the way, my balls against her chin, all the time she never broke eye contact. A couple of hours later sat watching TV; suddenly Izzy looks at Laura and says Sliding into her, Izzy cums almost instantly as I slide my hard cock deep into her dripping wet pussy resting my balls against her clit. Long slow deep thrusts soon get Izzy grunting as she rubs her clit as my cock slides in and out of her. Still fucking Laura hard and deep, Izzy passed me the tube of KY and told me to fuck Laura’s tight ass as she wanted to hear her squeal.

Phoenix Ch. 02

group dragonwriter 2018-08-19

We could hear the loud slurping as Lisa sucked and swallowed as much of Bob's cock as she could, in the other bed Mary Ellen had thrown her legs wide apart and was holding Connie's head in her hands as Connie lustily licked and sucked her pussy. Bob guided a glassy eyed Lisa to the bed and said, "Tim, get on your back and shove your cock up Lisa's asshole, then I'll take her pussy and Jack can face fuck her; sound good?" "Come on Jack honey, wake up, come on baby." Mary Ellen shook me awake as she spoke into my ear, I struggled to the surface and looked around, Bob and Connie were snuggled together as were Tim and Lisa - we'd been sleeping like puppies.

Vicars and Tarts

group nightvoice2 2018-08-19

Marnie had insisted that it just wouldn't look right without some kind of heel, and it had taken several more charity shops before we came across a matching pair of red patent-leather court shoes with a low heel, which weren't too uncomfortable. "Yeah, but there's a big difference between a bit of harmless flirting and sexual harassment, don't you agree?" Marnie said, glancing at me. "Yeah, you know girls who dress provocatively have to expect this kind of attention," Marnie chuckled as she drunkenly groped me. I guess they were still a little angry at me for sticking up for Mike earlier or perhaps they just wanted to give me a little taste of what it felt like to be a women being groped by sexually aggressive men.


How it all began

group 2018-08-19

When the oldest graduated from high school and went into the Army I was the same size as my youngest s****r and took to trying on her clothes. One man took me to a park and had me go into a stall in the public restroom while he went into the one next to mine and put his cock through a hole and had me suck him like that until he came. A couple years later I finished high school and moved out, I dress as a man during the day (except for my panties) and on the nights I would go out I’d be dressed as a tall, slender girl looking for cocks to pleasure.

Close Neighbors Ch. 02

group thepleasureprinciple 2018-08-19

"Actually," Lisa said looking at me, "speaking of letting go a bit, Becky has something to show you." Lisa dropped her head down and took Becky's swollen, bulbous nipple into her mouth and started to suck and nibble on it. "Lisa," Becky said softly as she looked at her friend, "if it helps any, I really liked having you touch and kiss me." Each time my hips would spank her ass, her body would jerk forward, pushing Lisa's mouth firmly into Becky's pussy. Becky took my shaft out of her mouth just long enough to reply, "Ya know, it doesn't taste bad at all when you're sucking it off of a nice hard cock."

Nerds Love Me

group JoeyLakehead 2018-08-19

I informed Brent and he said, "Good, I bet those geeks think that at least one of them will be getting laid tonight, probably for the first time. Looking over Frank's shoulder as I grinded him, I heard Marcie say to the guys sitting on either side of her, "The first one who has the balls to remove my sweater gets to feel my tits. I thought to myself, "Chubbiness is a very good thing in some contexts." I motioned for him to come over and, as the image of his body from waist to thigh came into view of my webcam, I said, "Oh, will you look at this cock, Brent?


Our Tenth Anniversary

group manbydaycuckbynight 2018-08-19

The sex was ok, but you could still tell there was something missing, the third night I had the big dildo out and I was going to town on her with it, when I said, boy wouldn't it be fun to have one of those party/pool workers be the one fucking you instead of this thing. He said it was our gift to take home to remember the great night, he leaned over and grabbed heather, pulled her to the bed and bent her over, and fucked her right in front of me again.

Hotel Rendezvous

group JenC99 2018-08-19

As your tongue forces its way into my mouth, my hand squeezes your breast and I pull you closer. With one hand I hold your head, caressing but gently guiding your wet mouth and exploring tongue deeper into me. Gently at first to check you like this, then stronger as your body breaks into three parts, your breast now acting almost independently as it heaves and sways and presses itself against my hand, while still your mouth and tongue pushes up me and your hips push and swing at the maid as she enters your ass and torments your pussy. Two golden streams arc out, merging into one and splash first onto her proffered breasts, then marching up to cover her face with splashing wetness, much of it entering her offered, opened mouth.


Bus Gang Bang

group shotgun1985 2018-08-19

Next thing I knew I was picked up in the air and one of the guys laid down and I started to ride his cock while I took another one in my mouth, all of a sudden I felt a tongue start licking round my arse hole, I have never been a big fan of anal but did not stop as I felt a finger slide in first and then followed by a cock. I could feel it getting harder again and he pulled it out and bent me over the seat, he just stood and stared for a bit at my nice tight arse in the air and he knelt next to it slowly kissing my bum cheeks and rubbing his finger over my arse hole which then he slowly started to finger.

Erotic Encounter

group ukguy67 2018-08-19

You know that it's a pussy above your face and you begin to probe it with your tongue, pushing it deep inside and savouring the taste of the unknown woman above you. Suddenly you feel it; a tongue buries itself deep into your moist, hot cunt and begins to lick the juice from your sopping wet hole. Opening your mouth you draw it in so slowly and begin to suck on it feeling the hardness of it and the blood pumping through the veins as the more you suck the harder it seems to get. You lift your hips off the bed forcing the emptying cock deeper inside you as your orgasm floods throughout your body.


group Flayme 2018-08-19

Looking at the long stretch of road before them, the image of Sara's hand cupping Lily's breast burned into his mind, Zach swiftly pulls off the road and parks behind a couple of large shade trees. Lily gently takes one of Sara's lithe legs, and drapes it over the back of the seat, leaving her trim and shaved pussy open to her hungry eyes. Sara grasps Lily's head with her hands and rasps at Zach, "I want to watch your cock fill her pussy while she licks me, baby." Lily inserts two fingers into Sara's pussy, and quickly begins sliding them in and out in time with the pounding thrusts of Zach's cock.

We have a Threesome

group JeanCFNM 2018-08-19

We went into the living room where Allan was waiting in a sheer thong with an obvious erection and Carole said to him "you'll have to wait for your turn, today is about Jean." She went on to explain that he would be included but she wanted to introduce me into the fun of female sex, just sheer enjoyment of each other. Allan had Carole bucking on his lips and fingers within minutes and she started to really come hard so I joined in licking and biting her nips until she came so hard that she collapsed in a sweaty heap. Allan then started working on me and after five more orgasms he just slammed his cock in my pussy and after a short time came like an express train pumping hard into my pussy.

Farewell Gift to Marco

group Belle_amant 2018-08-19

Lisa, a young lady from Georgia who had blond hair and hazel eyes and stood about six inches taller, would come to stay at my home on the weekends just to get out of the barracks, and we would rent movies, cook, and enjoy a drink or two. So, with Lisa taking him deep in her mouth, Marco reached up and began to take my shirt off, revealing a sweet little red bra. Once I was busy riding his cock, sliding up and down slowly, Lisa eased her pussy onto his face and he began licking her slit while I watched. Straddling his head, I lowered my sopping wet pussy down onto his mouth, his hands coming up around to grab my ass and pull me close, his tongue sliding up and down my slit, teasing my clit briefly.