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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Different Kind of Family Pt. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2018-08-19

Katie would meet her at the door with a big hug and ask, "How are you holding up, Miss Rachel?" Miss Rachel made sure the girl went to school full- time rather than laboring on the farm, and she was growing up into sweet young woman. Her eyes were only on Katie, and I saw the fear in Miss Rachel that she'd lost her best friend in this world. It's alright." Katie sat them both upright, holding Miss Rachel by the shoulders and looking straight at her. Still staring at me, Katie half-whispered in Miss Rachel's ear in a husky tone, "Anyways, I've always wanted to see what having sex REALLY looks like..."


The Circle Ch. 33

group SteveWallace 2018-08-19

A month later, a photographer and journalist from Playboy showed up at the house to spend two days and take a large number of 'informal' shots of Renee interacting with us and doing things around the house. Before Heather could recover Renee said, "In any other situation I'd be a slut for sleeping around with so many people, but here it's just the natural way of our family. Also a number of careers were taking off, like Renee, Jim, Matt, Alice, Sandy, Brad, Bill, Zoey, and Monica. and yes, I know I also have a professional relationship with you Renee; that said you've only ever shown me support and love and caring about what I think and whether I'm all right."


Lynn's Journeys Ch. 08

group t_girl_3 2018-08-19

Ginny looked up when she heard me walking and said, "Hi Lynn, how was your golf game?" Bea turned onto her side when Ginny spoke; I saw that Nat kept applying the lotion between Bea's legs even though Bea had changed positions and that Nat's hands were touching Bea's crotch as she rubbed the lotion into Bea's skin. "I think that you and Bea should have a heart to heart talk, just the two of you, one night, before you leave the Islands," I said, stroking her face with the back of my hand, softly, gently.

Foursome and Mikey's

group Erotichousewife83 2018-08-19

"Ha, what will you pay me?" Jodie responded, slowly teasing her fingers into the strong of her thong and making to take them down, partially exposing her pussy before raising it again, and calling Mikey a "dirty perve." Slut. Lorna came out with the second question, taking Jodie's lead she excitedly shouted "Ok, how about I've never sucked a big juicy black cock before." Again I looked at the shy little girl from earlier on and couldn't believe the words that left her mouth, great an evening with 2 sluts and a caveman. Looking up towards the rest of his body I could see Lorna's ass raised a few inches above Mikey's neck and through the gap I could see him licking away at her pussy as she sat on his face.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 26

group SteveWallace 2018-08-19

Cindy and Elsa rinsed off in the pool, dried off, put on running shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers, got Marcia as a bodyguard plus one of the security detail, and the four of them went off for a five mile run along some of the roads. He finally got in and had started to fuck when she lay back in Deke's arms with his cock in her ass, and Mike came in front of the couple and speared his cock into her cunt. Deke explained, "I want you each in turn to run from that palm tree over there to about here, drop and roll on the ground, and come up shooting at the target down range.


Five Nights Ch. 07

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-08-19

Here's to friends, and spouses, and fun, and trying new things and fantasy fulfillment, and especially, to Marybeth, who let us know it was all possible." We toasted, and drank, and I sat on the floor, my head leaning on Sue's leg, and she draped the other one over my shoulder. It will be easier if you do as you're told, willingly." Then I watched as Sue's hand slipped from Marybeth's chin, down her chest, to her breast, and she took hold of the nipple, and began to squeeze, and pull. Yes!" she rained down slaps on Marybeth's ass in time with her speech, and the poor girl screeched and shouted, repeating no, no, no, and Sue went at her relentlessly, switching from one cheek to the other, changing hands when she got tired, shouting, "Say it!


A fight with my wife - a true story

group man4all4 2018-08-19

I grinned as I watched, wondering if I dared join them, and whispered to Amanda, 'Come see what's going on in your guest bedroom!' She peeked in and looked lustful for a few moments, and then suddenly she tried to pull me away from the door and down the hall. About fifteen minutes later, the two guys from the bedroom came down the stairs, looking ... I walked the short distance home as fast as I could without actually running, and burst through the front door. 'I saw you fucking those two guys, but I didn't realize it was you until you came downstairs with them!'

Schoolgirls of St. Cats 08

group catwilliams 2018-08-19

Helene dropped the new stockings on the floor, pulled Miranda to her, felt her lips against hers, the schoolgirl's hands running over her lover's silky body, their tongues meeting, gratefully sliding. Helene repeated the action on her friend's other breast, then moved further down, half kissing, half licking the girl's belly, letting her tongue slide over her skin slowly, feeling Miranda's raised legs against her shoulders: the cool nylon, the rough lace, the silky warm skin of her thighs. Helene ran her fingers over the girl, rubbing the man's cum into her cunt, playing with Miranda's clitoris, knowing that the girl was in the throes of a powerful orgasm, feeling the sweat on the body she was lying on, the bucking hips, the glistening juice dripping from the teenager's wet pussy.


Dreams of Yesteryear

group Dirkstimson 2018-08-19

Harry asked questions politely and found that Muriel and Grace lived in Memphis and had come to Charlotte for a regional meeting of a non-profit on which they served as State board members in Tennessee. Half way through the second bottle of Chardonnay, they were laughing uproariously at stories of Harry's time as a disc jockey in Philadelphia, at Muriel's stories of as she said, "believe it or not a cheer leader about twenty pounds and many years ago." She spread her legs and then to the surprise of both Harry and Grace, she took her hands and held her vagina open, revealing a lush interior, where the clitoris was visible right at the opening.


Walt's Gift Ch. 02

group Scorpio44a 2018-08-18

Quickly: Walt was my Dad. When he was dying he asked me to take care of his apartment building and the women who lived there. I asked Pat to let me know when we were an hour away from landing. I stopped John from putting keys in the ignition and I asked, "Nan, can we talk for a few moments?" Nan said, "I want to go to your apartment. "If John told the truth Nan will ask him to join with her before breakfast." We decided to get up and get the sale started while John took Nan to her appointment. He turned to me and said, "Take it, please." Ten minutes later the problem was fixed and the woman, Barbara, knew how to fix it herself when it happened again.


It All Started Innocently Enough Ch. 03

group ohnudeone 2018-08-18

I looked at Jack and replied "Jen has made me feel comfortable lately, far more than you know. Jen offered to have her join us the next time she was in town as she wanted to meet this great tasting woman. Jen looked up from her sucking and said "All this talk about sex, I could not wait. Jen kept sucking Jack, watching me intently the entire time. Once my head was above the pillows, I could see Jack waiting for Jen to be ready so he could also have sex with her. With each movement, I could feel his cock head move up inside Jens vagina. Jen talked about how Jack feels like a giant slip and slide when they make love.

Dental Office Party

group jaspmon 2018-08-18

David began to jack up the chair to the maximum height and while he was jacking, Dillon began sucking on my left nipple and gently massed my clit. After the Chair reached the maximum David began to suck on my right nipple. David pulled out and I asked him to lay on the chair upside down so he could suck my nipples while Dillon fucked me from behind. As I closed my eyes and enjoyed his pleasure, Dillon slid his huge cock into my hot, wet pussy. David sucked and tweaked my nipples switching from breast to breast as Dillon pounded his large, long cock deep inside me. As Dillon pounded and David sucked, I felt the pleasure welling inside of me.

Cabana Crazy

group juanwildone 2018-08-18

Jack and Caitlynne like Yvonne and myself (Rob) were young, married, and looking for a good time. I heard Jack say, "Hey Yvonne looks like yours is even bigger then your old mans." I knew that he was referring to his own cock that was jutting out from my wife's thighs. I watched entranced as Caitlynne positioned herself over Jack and worked her cunt slowly down onto his huge cock. As Caitlynne began to moan and writhe I actually heard Yvonne ask, "What the fuck is going on over there." She was serious - my wife, who without even a 'do you mind’, had slipped off of my cock and onto another man's was asking me what I was up to?

Amy's Betrayed

group blondehoney5670 2018-08-18

It had been a hectic day and everything that could go wrong for Amy did, just when things couldn't feel any worse the phone rang and startled her out of her deep thoughts of Brad, the man she always felt was the one until she came home early and found him in bed with her best friend. Katy began to moan again as Brad ran his tongue along her neck and coming to a rest on her nipple, he slowly sucked and bit her nipple teasing it gently and arousing Katy even more as his hand slowly parted her lips and he slipped his finger into her wet pussy.

Tom and Jane - The Invitation

group TomAndJane1952 2018-08-18

"I was thinking about you and me and Roger and Denise, all naked and touching and kissing and fucking." Denise leaned down to suck on me as I watched Roger move between Jane's legs and push his cock into her. I became frozen watching my beautiful wife being fucked by another man as Denise worked my cock with her wonderful mouth. After a few minutes Denise pushed me to lay on the sofa, moved to straddle my face, pulled her pussy lips wide and rubbed her clit across my chin and into my mouth. Just when I thought I could move, Denise moved to sit on me with her pussy on my cock and started rubbing.

The Joy of Joy Ch. 07

group LenNeal 2018-08-18

Victor walked to the side of the couch, politely away from the two others, and stood silently, watching as Josh took the base of his cock in one hand, slid his fingers tight against his body, and flipped his hard shaft in the air a little. He lifted up, facing her, and Joy dropped her head a little; Josh took himself in hand and, as Victor watched in astonishment, slapped Joy's face with his cock. Josh touched a nipple with the head of his cock, rubbing and circling around the aureola, then taking the shaft and sliding along the rounded top of Joy's breast. As Victor watched, Josh fucked Joy's amazing tits, sliding his slick cock between the soft, rounded globes, moaning, eyes closed.

Amy's First Strap-On

group theponds 2018-08-18

Rob smiled and Clara giggled as she headed over to Amy and started to slide her tongue around the areola. Amy slid it all the way in as deep as it would go and then quickly pulled it out again just to where the head was barely in. Clara's body rocked with eagerness, she begged, "Oh please, please fuck me!" Amy pushed deep into her and pulled out once more. Almost immediately I felt the walls of Amy's pussy squeezing my cock - later that night Amy would tell me that it was the novelty and a knowledge that she had just fucked another woman senseless that made her cum so hard - which naturally was too much for me.

A Night Out

group ew3smiley 2018-08-18

I was hard as steel, and the red head turned her back to me and started rubbing her ass over my lap with my hard cock still out, and then as she got lower she watched the brunette dive into my wife's oozing pussy and she impaled herself on my cock at the same time. She said she did want to leave, and the girls looked disappointed until my wife told them what our room number was at the hotel I got us (which happened to be right next door) and no matter what time they were welcomed.

Twice the Wicked Pleasure

group Beth69 2018-08-18

It wasn't until her body finally relaxed that she opened her eyes to see Devon and Dimitri standing over her with very evident ridges in their shorts. Devon's cock strained to be free with a need to push past her lips and invade her hot, wet mouth. Dimitri's tongue was still assaulting her clit with delicious licks and nibbles as his fingers slammed her cleft, her own moans muffled by the cock that was still gliding in and out of her mouth. She felt Devon as he came in behind her grabbing her hips as the head of his cock teased her ass, pushing its way in. Tiana's mouth still worked Dimitri's cock until she finally felt him jerk and tighten as she swallowed his thick, creamy load.

Sexy Strangers Ch. 02

group Nymphwench 2018-08-18

I get to my knees, take hold of your cock and dip it into my drink, and then my tongue slowly starts to lick you from the bell head all the way down to your balls and back again. you can hold on no more as I plunge down on you, you thrust up into me, we both explode at the same time, you shoot your cum deep into my womb as I squirt my sweet golden juice all over your cock and balls. You lift me off you, turn me round and get your mouth between my legs while at the same time you feel my tongue licking all round your balls then taking you into my mouth to suck the very last drop from you .

The Cycling Holiday

group Victoriajohn 2018-08-18

(And remember, this was all going on out in the open, anyone either using the towpath or even these people on the boat coming towards us, would see him; but I guess men are oblivious to being shy.) I turned my head to one side, and then Steve just climbed up and sat on the edge of the boat, dangling his legs over the side. The fun and games had got to a point where I was squealing, laughing and jigging around as Ian splashed water ever higher up my legs, and Tom came across, I guess; to see what we were up to. As Tom saw me slip he let out a gasp, but Steve cupped his hand deep under my crotch, lifting me safely back to my original position, saying,


Summer Storm Ch. 04

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-08-18

I don't think I was being very subtle about it: in the beginning I made sure Mick and Annie were looking elsewhere before I touched her breasts -- which might as well have been exposed for all the bathing suit was hiding -- but by the end of the afternoon I was giving them quick caresses without even checking whether our friends were looking. When we got out of the car at the parking lot, Annie stayed close behind me, again self-conscious about how the bright streetlights shone right through her blouse -- but once we got inside the darker restaurant she stopped worrying about it, letting Mick and me watch her dark nipples all we wanted.


Sex Addict

group Girl Friend 2018-08-18

The Biltmore looked run-down like a truckers' stop but Topaz was horny and only wanted to get laid for the night. One of the men quickly stripped Topaz of her flimsy panties and the other man inserted a finger into her sopping wet pussy. "Looks like you already are well lubed," one of them said as the two men both inserted their cocks into Topaz' pussy while she was standing up. The men placed her on the bed and commenced a rhythmic double fucking of her pussy, in-and-out, deeper, faster, then slower, then faster again. "Ummm, I will fuck you guys again next Tuesday night," Topaz called out to the men as she headed back to her car.

Lesson One

group BurningGarnet 2018-08-18

I suck gently…just enough to hold her finger in my mouth and I glide my tongue around the fingertip slowly, feeling the textures with my tongue, tasting her skin. I suck gently on her fingertip and swirl my tongue slowly around it and pull away, at the same time she keeps your foreskin between her lips and pulls it up over the head of your cock. I lick down toward her palm and kiss the mound of flesh at the base of her finger, her tongue follows your cock down to your balls and she kisses the right and then the left one. I lick and suck two fingers at a time, gliding my tongue and lips over them like they were your cock.