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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Getting Even with Teresa

group IrresistibleOlivia 2018-08-18

I remember vividly, I was on my knees, giving Darryl head, I was getting so wet feeling his thick black cock in my mouth, my head bobbed slowly, he rested his hand behind my head and moaned for me as I sucked him deep into my throat. I've had the incredible pleasure of making love with her, of tasting her soft pussy, of listening to her high-pitched whimpers when I made her cum, of feeling the firmness and almost spherical roundness of her perfectly new breasts as we kissed. "Please, girls, please let me fuck you." Jeremy sounded desperate, but his words quickly returned to helpless moaning as Amber resumed sucking his cock.

Friday: 2 Is Fun, 3's Never A Crowd

group Sport7777 2018-08-18

No fun people to meet." Smiled Katie as she cuddled up besides Mike, her hand brushing over his knee and upper thigh. "Yes, all work no play." Continued Katie as her hand moved its way up the inside of Mike's leg closer to his growing tool. "Yes Mike, I bet you know how to play." Added Andrea as she bit Mikes ear and brushed her hand over the bulge in his pants. Mike smiled and moaned with pleasure as both girls shared his cock. Mike moved his wet slippery fingers up to Andrea's ass hole and gently lubricated the entrance. Katie straddled Mikes face like her sister but this time facing him. As Katie swung off his face to recover Andrea stopped her licking and probing to ride his swollen cock.

A Story

group deepblue32 2018-08-18

So, I've come to bed early and have been reading your stories on Lit. I came halfway through the final chapter, at the part where Nick makes Jen cum with his tongue. I e-mailed her, telling her about Abby's idea, and asking if she'd like to come along. But I was surrounded by fit women, all sweating in tight lycra outfits, and I was picturing how Abby would look without her bikini, and what Louise was hiding below that enticing head and shoulders shot. I should point out at this stage that, much though I wish I was like the character Nick in The Festival stories with a nine inch cock, mine is just a normal six inches.


Furthering Kelly's Education

group Kellysed 2018-08-18

I turn to face you again, and you reach to touch me, tease my clit, slide a finger inside me to rub the spot that longs to be rubbed, feel the wetness on your hand and I grind myself against you, clutching and gasping. Though I'm dressed again, I'm wearing no underwear under my short black leather skirt—so it's a matter of seconds to pull up the skirt with one hand and reach under it to those swollen, trembling lips, brush my clit, plunge two fingers deep inside myself and reach up, and in, to press the spot that makes my legs tremble and my mouth open.

Awesome Threesome

group MaryBears 2018-08-18

Anna kissed Tim teasingly on the check then turned to Tony. As Tony continued to suck, bite and tease her breast, she began to lick the head of his penis. Tony lay down on his back and stroked his cock until it was hard enough for Anna to ease down on it with her nice wet shaved pussy. As they came long and hard, Anna swallowed Tim’s sweet hot cum as Tony filled her pussy full of his sweet cum. Tim felt the vibration of the nipple sucking clamps as he thrust up hard in her pussy. “Thanks Tim, for allowing me to experience the wonderful feeling of two very awesome hard cocks inside me at one time.

fun with the milf and her boytoy

group dusty48180 2018-08-18

When they got to the room Ken said we should probably jump into the spa. Peggy stripped and sat next to ken and terry hesitated for half a second and then dropped everything and got in. terry was holding her foot as she slid it around and over his cock getting him hard and then she told ken to sit on the ledge and she went down on Kenny. She brought him off real quick and then she said well Terry are you gonna make me guess how big your cock is or are you gonna sit up here and let me suck it. Ken got her bent over the edge of the sap and fucked her good for ten minutes and after he came and she did too, Terry was ready for a second go.

Women of Nithia

group rebf 2018-08-18

Many were laying on their sides, one leg stretched out beneath them, and the other bent, creamy flesh bared to the buttock as their lower half was covered with nothing more than a strip of white cloth serving as a skirt draped over a leather belt slung low on the hips. On her side she lay, one leg bent over modestly, though she rested her head upon one bent arm and the other was draped casually over her belly, leaving her golden tanned globes tipped with rosy peaks open to the eyes of the men. He moved her so she was facing the table, her legs spread open, straddling his thighs. The men cheered and grabbed their women as Athgar undid his leggings and stepped out of them.

Wife Swap III

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-08-18

Danny held on to my other arm, our lips still locked in a passionate kiss as Betty stripped off my pants, my underwear and my socks. Danny raised up off of my chest, even as Betty continued to work on my stiff cock. Betty took up a position in front of Danny, her legs on either side of my head, her bald pussy within inches of my face. Danny had her hands wrapped around Betty, massaging her breasts, teasing her nipples and kissing her shoulder. Colleen spread her legs, as Danny re-positioned herself between them, her face mere inches away from Colleen’s pussy, which was teaming with the remnants of my cum.

Shared with a Stranger

group aurorablue 2018-08-18

For a moment you could see him trying to work out if this was a trick and he was about to have his balls blown off, or something equally excruciating, but he quickly got the idea and started his advances on Dawn from the front, while Alex was getting ready to do some serious business on her rear. While José is poised over her eager breasts and waiting mouth, Alex is rubbing his hands all over her butt-cheeks and probing between her legs, letting out a sigh of satisfaction as he encounters the major wetness. As if to emphasise his ownership, Alex is using his cock and the vibrator in a kind of pincer movement grasping a hold on her ass and cunt, and making her feel things so intensely it's like she is going to burst!

After a Dinner Party

group jakebarnes33 2018-08-18

Mike jumped a little and looked up and saw Marilyn walking down the stairs that led up to the bedrooms into the living room. Becky had mentioned that things had happened between them in school, but something about what Marilyn had said earlier that night after going down on him had made him nervous. He just shrugged and looked at them- exact opposites- his wife with dark hair that formed tight curls when it was not wet with her rail thin physique and small breasts and dark nipples versus Marilyn with straight blonde hair and a voluptuous build with big, full breast and light pink, puffy nipples. Then Becky came over and he felt their hands alternate as she kissed him. "In her mouth," Marilyn said and then to Becky: "I'm going to lick you until your eyes roll back in your head."

First Swinger Night

group miss127 2018-08-18

That evening Trevor took me to a special dinner (with some alcohol) before we went to meet Jon and Amy. Then we were off to the bar. I smiled and pull Trevor on the floor while Amy pulled Jon to the couch. As I waited, Jon started to suck on my nipples as Trevor put his fingers in my soaking wet pussy. She had Jon started to suck and lubricate the dong and when she was satisfied, she pushed the head in. I then pushed Trevor's head to Jon and when they started to kiss I let out a moan. I stopped and let Trevor lay on his back as Jon started to lick his balls and engulf his erection.

The Podium

group Baron_Cumhausen 2018-08-18

"Uh, I don't know about you guys" James finally said quietly, "but I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I look like getting a BJ." Seriously guys, fantastic work!" At these words, the soft white hand re-emerged from the podium curtain and resumed caressing me. I came quickly and hard reliving the best blowjob of my life, cum jetting from my cock onto the wood floor in tremendous pulses. I looked down to see if I could spy the podium, which I could, but the angle was oblique and I was pretty sure nobody could film the action from up here without some serious ninja action on the dangling light bars.


The Shared Ride Ch. 3

group activeimage 2018-08-18

Pt started working her left foot in my lap I could not resist I took her toes into my mouth one at a time and began sucking the as if they were a cock Pt loves this and made her start to react as if she were heading for an orgasm. Just then my dick head swelled my balls got tight and I felt my load start pumping it was almost like your first wet dream you tingle all over and the hot cum shot out from the end of my cock into Pt's Panties.

home early

group countbongula 2018-08-18

After a couple minutes of me licking and teasing her ass while she alternated sucking Buddy and I she was begging for some cock so without skipping a beat buddy jumped onto the bed behind her and right before my eyes started to sink his huge cock into my wife's pussy. She had her hands clasped behind my head and her feet planted on the bed so that she was able to control the pace and depth of every stroke, then Buddy moved behind her again and started playing with and probing her asshole with his fingers and she let out a deep sigh of pleasure she kept this up for a little while before telling me to lay back, i did as bid and she lowered her knees to the bed and made sure she was right on the edge.

Every Man's Dream

group might.b.curious 2018-08-18

I was still standing there unable to believe what was happening when Brenda walked over, pulled my pants down and started sucking my dick. I started stroking my cock as I watched Janet grab Brenda's head and bury it in her pussy. The two women started moaning louder and louder and Janet was now rolling her hips while Brenda forcefully shoved two fingers into her pussy. Brenda ordered her friend to turn around and spread her ass cheeks so that I could fuck her from behind and sat in the chair. I continued to pound Janet's pussy but I watched as Brenda got up from her chair and pulled a bottle of lube from a drawer.

Pool Party Turns Into Threesome!

group OneWhoKnows 2018-08-18

Susie told Paul, "I agree, that the plan for a pool party is the best idea. Susie answered, "Well, I'm just going to invite them to a girls afternoon by the pool. Susie thought, "Good girl, Betsy, you're helping with my plan." She opened the door and said, "Come on in, and join the nude pool party." And handed her a coke. Susie spoke again, "I said come on in and join the nude pool party. He got out and thought, "I'm sure glad Susie wants to try a girl. Viki spoke first, "Okay, Paul, I want you to be sure you do a good job on my back.


Shadows In The Dark

group Flashlight7.5 2018-08-18

"Need help?" Rob, Gail's husband, suddenly called as he stood right before Lara like a genie who had suddenly popped out of his bottle. Bill, Lara, Gail and Rob were unpacking Bill's coolers when they heard a voice behind them. Gail and Rob barbecued two chickens, Meri made some wonderful Indonesian spring rolls that were eaten as fast as she could make them, and Charles whipped up a delicious dessert of caramelized pears with chocolate sauce. Lara's eyes opened and she gave a muffled gasp, her mouth full of Gail's cunt. Gail's pussy was full of someone's cum, and she was letting it ooze all over Lara's face.

Languid Afternoon

group pleasuremodeloneten 2018-08-18

Friend Dan is facing them on a lounge chair, he's positioned in such a way that he can see Cheryl's lovely bottom and the back of her leg across Ethan. This does, however, begin to affect his libido- Cheryl, he later admitted, was the subject of many masturbation fantasies; his favorite being to fuck her fast and hard, her legs pulled up against his belly and chest, while her head lies over the side of the bed and his buddy Ethan slowly deepthroats her. As both of Dan's strong hands replace hers, she pivots sideways and completely off of Ethan's body, forcing him into the spectator position of watching a bigger, stronger man preparing to ravage his woman.

My Wife Her Best Friend And Me!

group Biker_Type 2018-08-18

She nodded and smiled at her best friend before she ran a finger tip across the head of my cock to gather a drop of pre-cum that she proceeded to run over her lips before she licked them clean. Not as if she needed help but Marie had added her hands to the back of my head forcing my tongue to stay active and start her best friend to moaning loudly and rolling her head from side to side as another orgasm followed the first. I looked down at Cyn spread and filled with my cock and felt Marie's soft tits and hard nipples in my back, this was not what I'd expected when me started out the night.

Teaching Kyle Ch. 03

group Heart_of_Dark 2018-08-18

Kyle was a fairly gifted student, though he had always struggled a little with math in the past, hence why I had actually been trying to help him study over the summer. Kyle finally gave me the signal a few minutes later, so I said my goodnights and made my circuitous trip into the closet of the guest bedroom. The closet was just to one side of the bed and, from my little gap in the door, I had a nearly perfect view of the room. Kyle shot his eyes to the gap in the closet door while she did and quickly took his shirt off with a confident wink.



group hammingbyrd7 2018-08-18

Lin was coming down the dorm hall early Saturday morning with her sleeping bag in hand, knowing Stacey always awoke with the dawn light, and expecting Stacey and Randy to be out getting breakfast. "Stacey, do you know what you're asking?" said Lin, smiling a bit as she saw Randy's jaw drop in astonishment. "Randy, I'm offering to take you as my lover for a time of teaching, and I'm asking you to accept me as your doctor and your lover, based not on sexual commitment, but on our friendship, and our common goal of supporting your union with Stacey. Randy entered and locked the door, and then looked like he was having trouble swallowing as his eyes went from naked Lin to naked Stacey.


Samantha's Summer Party

group sophiewilliams 2018-08-18

I then turned round to face Catherine, she looked straight at me, her lips parted, her shoulders right out of the water so that her breasts were in full view. Catherine and I didn't have much time to enjoy our moment together as Paul and the other man started pulling us both through the water. I sucked on Pauls throbbing cock while I watched the other mans buttocks clenching as he fucked Catherine hard. Catherine grabbed me, with groping hands, and pulled me to the edge of the pool as the other guests started tearing their clothes off and jumping into the warm water. He looked down at my breasts and smiled before he roughly pulled Catherine by her hair and pinned her up against the pool edge.


The Stream

group charlotsky 2018-08-18

"I feel like sunbathing by the stream, away from prying eyes," you thought, as your soapy hands drifted along your curves. "You are a very naughty boy for sneaking up on me," you said, and you licked your way down to his ass. You moved back up to his cock, and as you placed your lips on his head you inserted a finger into his ass. Just as you could feel some wetness flowing down the crack of your ass, you felt instant pleasure as he licked it off your asshole. The other fellow got between his legs and licked his full shaft, starting at the tip, and moved his way down to his balls.

My First Threesome

group mark217mark 2018-08-18

I could hear Chrissie making an almost nonstop deep moaning sound; I could tell that Robert wasn't close enough to be inside her yet, so I figured he was using his fingers to stimulate her as she knelt there. As Robert began to push in and out of her a little faster, she would increase her rhythm on my balls with her fingers, while continuing to suck my cock in a way I'd never felt before. She wasted no time in turning her head, and used her hand to pull Robert's cock into her mouth. Chrissie's eyes were closed, and her hand was milking the base of Robert's cock at 100 mph as she began to moan again.