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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tale Of The Tape

group Fritz 2018-08-18

"I think Donny would like to video tape you and Jim," said Barb. Using our old videotape as a visual reference, I told Terry to lie on the couch and act sexy like Barb was doing on the video. "God girl, you've got such a killer body!" Exclaimed Barb, staring at Terry's huge tits. "Hell, Donny, I'll bet Barb's boobs haven't changed since then," said Terry, pulling off her blouse. "Here, get a shot of her long, sexy legs," said Barb, as she knelt and slowly pulled down Terry's skirt. Terry bent over so her ass faced me, and I got a great shot from behind of Barb's tongue licking and fucking her pussy. Barb sucked, licked and fingered Terry's hot pussy, like a seasoned lesbian.

Felix cums again (and again and again)

group phantompantywanker 2018-08-18

This time Mandy lay horizontally across the bed and I was told to go down on Mandy’s pussy and clean her up whilst Felix fucked Mandy’s mouth as hard as he could! If there is one thing I am good at, it’s making sure we cum simultaneously, so after a satisfyingly long session of clitty sucking and deep throat we came together, Mandy crying out in a pussy-aching repetition of her previous orgasms and me groaning and gasping as I added to the wad of cum already in her mouth! The perfect finale came as Mandy got onto all fours and crawled up the bed to face the camera, grinned wickedly and then let a huge quantity of our combined cum slither out of her mouth and down over her chin onto the bedclothes!

5 The Housewarming

group Cactus34 2018-08-18

I never let up sliding my wet palms over her gleaming wet back, reaching from her knees, up her flanks, over her shoulder blades and around to cup her tight little tits, rolling the hard nipples. Linda's ass gripped me like the tightest fist but I had no trouble fucking her hard. Heaven help me, but I'm totally hooked on going too far." She rubbed a wide palm across my chest and waddled to the bathroom, flexing her ass cheeks jerkily the whole way. I looked at the doorway to my bedroom, remembering again how three women in loud, cunt-lapping, orgasmic bliss and Leslie Ann threatening to break my window with a sex explosion had made my cock titanium hard.


Penny's Surprise Ch. 08

group Linda Jean 2018-08-18

I said almost yelling "Who the fuck is now in charge here you son-of-a-bitch" I heard him softly say "you are" I took aim and with three fast licks hit his bare ass. "Answer me you fucking bitch, if you don't, I'll whip you raw." He then said, "Yes, yes I love it" I then asked, "do you want me to get the guys to fuck you like Mary did bitch?" Bud said "yes, yes please, but I don't want them to know it is me" I went back to his dick taking him right to the edge of a climax.

Birthday Sex

group hotmoan 2018-08-18

Rick rubbed my legs, massaging up my thighs, looking at me, while Victor leaned over and kissed my neck. My vision blurred, and I felt the orgasm overtake me as Rick continued to suck my clit and finger me. "I can feel your pussy clenching on my dick," Rick moaned as he continued to thrust. Rick continued to kiss me as Victor squeezed my ass and lifted my leg so he could slide inside of me. Rick began sucking my nipples, first one, then the other, as Victor built up speed and continued to thrust into me. "I want to watch your face as you cum," Rick said, applying the vibrator to my clit.

The Priest of the Goddess Ch. 4

group bamboomoon 2018-08-18

Seeing the naked Zenoi between the legs of Queen Amida and then him saving my life was burned into my memory. "Your Majesty, Zenoi and Xana, at your service." My voice trembled as I averted my eyes from her nakedness, from her rounded breasts, the small red patch above her protruding sex lips and past her long legs. Zenoi stopped his movement and the queen hooked her legs over my shoulders and her feet beneath my breasts. It felt like Zenoi had a thousand hands moving all over me, one on my love trigger, a finger in my bottom hole, hands on my breasts, in my hair and I became a raging sex organ.

Bad Penny Ch. 07

group MVPrimetime 2018-08-18

Mike looked at Penny and me and put his hand out to take Tara's, saying with quiet firmness "No it isn't. As I dived to kiss her bare skin in the opening of her blouse she murmured in my ear about Tara's flushed face and the way Mike's cock was sliding into her. I nibbled Penny's other nipple, leaving a wet patch on the cloth, as she groaned and looked at Tara. "Please, Master, tell me, would you like me to suck Mistress Tara's nipples?" Penny asked in such playfully meek tones that I really wanted to say 'no' and simply tear her clothes off and ravage her.


Enjoying a Gang Bang

group redheat69 2018-08-18

"So Suman next time I want your husband here with us watching his slut wife being used by two men, but don't worry in exchange I will let him fuck me" Gunjan said. Veena feebly replied "Yes Dev fuck her butt hard, make the bitch scream, she enjoyed watching Gunjan give my husband a blow job, she needs to be punished". "Come on honey sit on my lap facing them and enjoy your friend's first gang fuck as I play with your cunt" Gunjan told Veena. Veena's milky white arse and Gunjan's big rounded slightly darker butt swayed exotically as they moved ahead of me and I followed in a trance.


Sex in the Sahara Ch. 07

group sweetlinda 2018-08-18

My head was suddenly turned to the side again by a large pair of brown hands and another cock slid into my mouth just as the guy between my legs erupted his cum deep into my wet slit. A large tribesman suddenly appeared above my head and he squatted down and slid his huge cock into my mouth leaving his naked arse hovering above my eyes and forehead as he expertly used his leg muscles to lift himself up and down so that his cock fucked between my spread lips and into the back of my throat.


The First Party

group sexyparty 2018-08-18

It was exciting to sit around sipping wine while Tim had his zipper down, even if his cock was back in his pants, Gunner was wearing only boxers, Inge's tits were exposed around the folds of the raincoat she wore over her shoulders while Michael, Annabelle, Bridgett, Henry and I were fully clothed. I was wriggling on the bed and finally called out, "Somebody fuck me please." I think that was the signal (Tim later confirmed that he told the guys to wait until I begged) because immediately Gunner lay down with his tongue between my legs, lapping up the juices that had been flowing out as I watched Henry and Gunner fuck Inge.


Anger Made My Wife a Slut Ch. 03

group Splatouey 2018-08-18

A short tubby guy stood up and went to feel my wife's ass and pussy. With a hard slap on her butt Janice was ordered to crawl forwards on her hands and knees and I realized that she was heading for this gorgeous naked cunt. About ten minutes into this show Jeff beckoned me into the kitchen and told me that he was going to take my wife's blindfold off when she had finished pleasuring the woman and I should get dressed so that she didn't realize that I had been inside her. She started at one end of the row asking each guy in turn whether they wanted mouth or pussy.


Bosom Buddies Ch. 09

group bosombuddies 2018-08-18

Naked as the day we were born, I took a moment to drink in every detail of Elizabeth's incredibly sexy body, from the wine-dark nipples on her succulent tits, to the delicately trimmed curls of hair between her legs, to the way her bright green eyes gazed longingly at my own body... The sound of my voice melted that last bit of fear into a loving smile, and Elizabeth pulled my ear beside her lips to whisper, "Let's have sex." I know it's an odd thing to fixate on, but that one bare shoulder looked so unbelievably sexy I couldn't resist planting a kiss there while we danced.


Voyeuristic DEElights

group marriedpervs 2018-08-18

In the copier room Sharon was approaching orgasm, and Chad sped up his tongue action until she gripped his head firmly, then thrashed about as the cum overtook her body. I had a wonderful orgasm and was happy to lay back and let Chad do some of the work for a few minutes as I luxuriated in the hot bubbling water, post orgasm, and allowing my body to soak in the pleasure of having my nipples still sucked as I came down from the high of such a wonderfully erotic climax with these two young workmates. I positioned Chad behind Sharon, and for the second time that day, I watched as he pushed his cock inside her and started to fuck her with long, powerful strokes.


Biker slut (3)

group Bliss 2018-08-18

John, Davy and the other Bikers obviously knew their Biker slut who liked to challenged the other Bikers on the campsite and squeezing once in her ass or grab along behind her tits and showing them. John asked if she was ready to be used again and she nodded immediately YES and John said to his 2 Biker friends : take our Biker slut to our chalet and let the door open, you just give me first 10 euro each for our expenses. At that time John was standing in the doorway and called out to the biker NO CONDOM, this slut only fucked without condoms and said that they must give their sperm deep into her cunt.

Diary of a Teenager Ch. 04

group Erlikkhan 2018-08-18

I hooked my leg around the back of his, pulled the crotch of my panties aside and started gyrating my pussy against his cock trying to find the right angle so it would slip inside. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my cum drenched panties, rubbing his fingers hard against my pussy as I gyrated against him. I started around again, but this time the first guy pulled out and sprayed several huge blasts of cum all over my face, eyes and hair. Sometime during my gang-fuck I ended up servicing six cocks at the same time, one each in my pussy and ass, two at a time in my mouth and one in each hand.


Dunes of Maspalomas

group waterbuck 2018-08-18

Of course there are sunbathers too, but sometimes walking around a corner, you will stumble into scenery of fondling, sucking and banging in some bushes or under a palm tree, always with some gentlemen standing nearby, working on their organs. I had seen them days before and had been touched by her quiet and patient way to massage his rod. Legs widely spread apart to give them an unhindered look on my testicles; I began to fondle my balls tenderly. A Swiss guy besides asked, after expressing his enthusiasm about what he had seen, where the two came from. This is like paradise: sun is almost shining, one stand or lies aside, and if one is lucky, wishes will come true.

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 08

group SteveWallace 2018-08-18

Kat and Brad listened as Amber spoke timidly to her boyfriend, "Hi, Mike." "Fine, and I love this airplane. Amber looked up at Brad and Kat as she continued her conversation, those in the plane only hearing her side of things. Kat shook her head that she didn't mind, the act somewhat humorous in that she had Brad's cockhead in her mouth, and to Amber it looked a bit like a dog shaking a favorite toy. When Amber opened her eyes, she watched Kat repositioning herself over Brad's cock, holding the engorged shaft as she rubbed her own clit and then slowly sank down until the entire thing had disappeared deep into her body. Amber moved behind Kat and pulled Brad's cock from her pussy.


Two Men for Ellen

group Fiddler7 2018-08-18

I joined into some three way kissing and nipple sucking and Ellen went between her legs as her friend was on her back and I made out with her and sucked her tits. "There's a great spa about a two hour drive from here where we can go naked the whole time we're there and fuck the whole weekend" Ellen said. "Do you want to fuck him", I said as I noticed Ellen looking lasciviously at a guy near the outdoor tubs near where we were sitting. His cock felt so good in my hands that I continued holding it as they fucked missionary style and I began jerking him off in her.

Sue and her Daughter Barbara Ch. 02

group Hippoid 2018-08-18

Sue had done up her bra when Barbara returned, but undid it again, and then casually turned over on her back without replacing it, and her little breasts flopped sideways; they were soft, but still small, with their extraordinary deep pink areolas covering much of their flesh; and, when she sat up, they were loose enough to fall downwards towards the folds of flesh on her belly. Sue got us a light supper, and Barbara stayed with us, talking far more than she had the last time I had seen her; she asked me about my work, and told me about the exams she was taking, and the course that she was hoping to take at university that autumn -- in French language and literature, by coincidence at the university where I had previously taught; so she was interested in what I had to tell her about the place.

The Library Basement

group anglerterrora 2018-08-18

Thea lowers a pair of high fashion sport sunglasses (I assume they are prescription to help wih her poor eyesight) and smiles over her shoulder at me, then takes off the track jacket revealing a bright reddish orange sport bra. I look up at Dr. Anderson now standing completely naked in front of me, "Good job, David honey," smiling down at me she continues, "Oh and about your evaluation..." She gestures me toward the bench, where Thea now relaxes, smiling and now also naked with her legs crossed. They seem to work harmoniously as a horny little dance team when Thea applies a bit of firm tense suction as she abruptly releases my cock from her lips.


Getting the Captain!

group SplendidSpunk 2018-08-18

With my eyes still closed I felt a wet tongue lick my slit and enjoyed the mental image of Rob eating my pussy. When I felt someone put their arm over my chest flattening my tits I opened my eyes to see Rob's face right next to mine but there was still a tongue dancing around my pussy. I cleaned her ass then moved back to her soaking pussy taking my time licking and swallowing her juices and using my tongue like a cock and fucking her slick hole. Somehow they managed to roll me over a bit with out me losing the cock in my mouth and I felt Gabriella's tongue now playing with my ass and a cock was forcing its way into my cunt.


Pet Ownership Ch. 14

group KY ridgerunner 2018-08-18

Pet told us she sucked him off as soon as they got in the truck but she needed to be fucked so bad they had to stop. Pet had him back to a good hard fucking state before Kathy came down from her orgasm. When Kathy yelled "Fuck me hard Spike" Pet and I both stopped and looked at them. Then Pet rolled over and looked at Kathy asking, "Spike?" We all started laughing so hard we almost rolled off the bed. I smiled and said, "No wonder you wanted a pet." We all started laughing and Kathy laughed so hard she pushed Bill out of her pussy.

Me Donna & a young student

group maturemancock 2018-08-18

After another few minutes she sat up and pushed Aron onto his back, pulling off his shirt she unbuckled his jeans, pulling them down his cock stood firm in his boxers, as she pulled them down out sprang a good 7", she soon moved down and started to lick and suck him, cupping his balls in her hand as she gave him good oral. As I got off Aron slipped out and sat further up the bed as I buried my cock into Donna's wet hole, she grabbed hold of him and began to lick his shaft dipping it every now and then into her warm mouth, he was groaning and moaning, then he exploded and Donna took every last drop of warm sticky young sperm that was deposited in her mouth.

BJ Bliss Ch. 02 The 'Burbs Do Blow

group masterandmargarita 2018-08-18

Katrin rolled her eyes and decided to wait for the drink at her table, when her phone vibrated with a text from Peter: I'm free Friday morning for a follow-up meeting if you're interested? "Yes, Felicia," Mika confirmed as she rolled her eyes spitefully and squeezed Bob's throbbing cock even harder. Bob watched in awe as Felicia lifted her hips and allowed his cock to slide out, giving Mika and Miho a chance to slurp the cum as it dripped out of her opening. Katrin was happy to see that things were not awkward with Malena and Holly and the blowjob models, Justin and Marco, despite their previous sexual encounter.