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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 11

group oldhippie1949 2018-08-18

I scratched his head and told him what a good boy he was and let him back into the bus. If you want me to perform, can I have a small group behind me - like maybe three or four pieces? In Aspen, we can map out the next leg but I know you want to stop in Michigan." I warmed up the washcloth and wiped away the shaving cream several times to make sure that I didn't miss anything. "First I have to cut back all this hair so just lay back and I'll go to work." With my head on the pillow, I listened as she snip, snip, snipped away with the scissor.


Isabelles Lads

group alid2 2018-08-18

Isabelle in turn spat on his cock and then she bent forward and, almost shouting at Stanno, said, "Come on you bastard, ram that big hard young cock up my arsehole." If the poor bugger could have seen and heard his slut mum talking like she was and loving it; her language was disgusting, shouting things like, "Come on you lovely young bastards fuck me, fuck me hard, ram me, I want all your cocks and spunk, you dirty fucking bastards." Isabelle shouted, screamed and moaned, "Ooohhh arghhh, you lovely bastards, fuck me, fuck me, shag me like a fucking slut, come on I want all the spunk you've got."


Beach House Rental

group wetwordmixer 2018-08-18

Gerry's small-town dude ranch extravaganza sounded fun in theory, but the fact that it was in rural high-desert Mexico and every single one of us endured days of uncontrollable water-like bowel movements had caught him holy hell. Think swimming," Diane replied as she popped out of the bed and deliberately tried to pull the covers down to expose me. The ladies elected to grab the other kids and head to the river lodge, while Dan and I tramped over to the other house with arm loads of blankets, and a couple of small suitcases. A few times Diane had bent over and I knew Dan and Felix had caught an eye full of her breasts.


My Neighbours (Second Chapter)

group kezza6969 2018-08-18

Bob and Gracie commenced their usual display and in the shower right beside them Natalie and I followed their lead. As with Natalie I laid Gracie face down on the bed and wandered the full length of her long slim body with my mouth and tongue. That Saturday night I had both girls in my bed, on their backs side by side, naked, legs bent, thighs spread, pink pussy’s open to my lustful gaze. I took my time with Gracie, remembering her love of mild pleasure pain that, as before, brought her to a writhing vocal climax. Gracie’s body came into view, as my eyes looked long Natalie’s belly.

Friday Night Ch. 02

group Benny024 2018-08-18

As I slowly edged a little closer to them, the female walked to the back of their car, and without much ado, pulled up her dress, again! I watched her eyes as I slowly reached into my shorts and began pulling out my semi-hard cock. And, as we slowly began to fuck, she had noticeable intakes of breath whenever my cock went deep into her warm pussy. Slowly her eyes began to focus and then she smiled and said, "Sure!" As her companion agreed, she continued, "But first, I need to get lubed!" She then squirted jelly into her hands, turned around, bent over, and said, "Lube me, boys!" Her companion and I looked at each and smiled.

Seven Memorable Fucks

group M_Sirk 2018-08-18

We did end up together, lying on the floor under a sheet one night at the end of a party in London, and on another occasion I was able to lift up her T-shirt and kiss her breasts, but I never got the chance to fuck her again. My girlfriend and I looked at each other again, then, acting in unison, slowly pulled the sheet down, uncovering Cheryl's pretty, pink-nippled breasts and red-haired pussy. As my girlfriend kissed Cheryl on the mouth, a sight which excited me no end, I licked her lovely little breasts, then moved down to her cunt. We got into bed, with me lying on my back between them, and I went to sleep with one hand on my girlfriend's cunt and the other on Nicole's.



group p_p_man 2018-08-18

I know I couldn't have lasted another month in that place if she was going to send me notes like that all the time. As I withdrew I was almost pushed out of the way by Boo-Ya who rammed his prick home violently and began fucking Pandora with the energy of a steam engine. I couldn't wait any longer and placing my prick against her anus pushed steadily forward allowing the length of it to slide effortlessly through her sphincter ring and deep into her rectum. "What the fuck's going on here?" asked a still sleepy Pandora, blinking in the light at the six of us in a state of sexual abandonment.

Comforting Larissa

group myhiddendesire2769 2018-08-18

As I stepped out of the hall, I saw Tommy, Larissa's boyfriend storming off. I strolled down the hall to Larissa where she sat in her room, sitting on the couch with tears streaming down her beautiful cheeks. Larissa was so encompassed in my massage she didn't notice Tommy slip into the room and hide behind a clothing rack. Meanwhile, I was getting so hot and bothered, I went over to Larissa and sat on her face. Tommy slid his hand up on my hip and held me there as Larissa kept tongue fucking me. I reached my hand down and rubbed my clit fast and screamed as I came all over Larissa's innocent face.


Dinner for Eight - Fifth Course

group AndiAnders 2018-08-18

Mark's hands, already fondling Traci's sensitive areas, simply slid the bit of white lace down her hips. Barbara's head was still beneath the table, but Traci could see her legs, spread wide on the floor. While Traci watched, Barbara gripped her husband's head, her hands yanking the few wisps of hair as the spasm rippled through her body. Last Traci remembered, Ann had abandoned her food to place passionate kisses on her husband's mouth. Traci's eyes widened as she saw not two or three, but all four of Rob's fingers plunge into Ann's soaked recesses. Traci found the combination of watching Rob's hand slide inside Ann and feeling Mark's tongue slide inside herself to be overwhelming.

The Envelope Please

group Prairie_Writer 2018-08-18

"A week of hot sexual escapades that will purge the lame missionary sex with Stephen right out of your soul," Derek said. It turns me on to think about it being a cock, holding me open like that..." I sobbed with pleasure as he slipped a finger into my ass. Alex stood between Nate's knees and pushed his long, hard cock into my ass. At any moment I was going to shatter -- closer, closer, closer to the edge, until I finally let my body go, felt my ass and my pussy squeezing, gripping, both cocks hard and fast as I thrashed with the most intense orgasm I'd ever had.


My cum swallowing fun with bicouple

group cumcraverbottom 2018-08-18

I reach back and push his head deeper into my asscrack and say to him.." Toungefuck my asshole, clean it up good sissy boy." Mike moans and rims me and darts in and out of my asshole with his tounge. I say to Becky, "Mike tells me that you swallow loads, but can't deepthroat a cock down to the balls. " Holy shit you to are nasty as fuck together!!" Becky looks at him and smiles and tells me to relax on the bed she wants to suck more cock and her and Mike want to service my cock until I feed them my seed. She grabs Mike's head and tells him to deepthroat my cock and let the rest of my load dribble down his throat.

Nikki Gets Busted... Ch. 02

group nikki_2020 2018-08-17

I told him to pull the fabric aside and to run his tongue all over my bald pussy lips, teasing me, telling him that he wasn’t to go in my slit or my hole yet, just to tease me. I told Mike that it was his turn to fuck me now and stood up from my heavenly seat, sitting back down on the edge of the server box, my legs spread and my pussy dripping with Paul’s cum. “Well, you just offered to have me all night in your bed, of course I’m flushed, it was like instant damp panty time,” I laughed back at her, shooing her off and telling her I needed to get started so that maybe we could leave a bit earlier tonight.

Use Me

group PegSyren 2018-08-17

They were followed by a husky man wearing a baseball cap who stood at the end of the bed, staring up my naked body. I watched as this third man unzipped his pants an began stroking his cock while staring at me wantonly. Again, I was left tied to the bed nude but this time lying in my own wet puddle of cum. For the next few hours they took turns fucking my mouth and my pussy. Other times, they would use me simultaneously, one cock fucking my face while the other cock pounded my pussy. In the final round I switched back and forth taking turns orally on each cock until they both finally jerked to a finish covering my face in cum.

Sigma vs. Omega: Advance Bio

group markydaysaid 2018-08-17

Pembroke was paying special attention to her Sigma student, and not just because the bouncing little bimbo was a delicious piece of lesbian eye-candy, but because Pembroke was Sigma herself, and she wanted (just once) for her House to get a better GPA than Omega. Tyrese was biting his lip and sweating profusely, trying his best to remain in control of his ten-inch cum-cannon, but Sigourney's little hands danced over his shaft and helmet like nasty fuck-faeries, and when she began playing with his balls it was all over. Pembroke's pink clit was so swollen and erect that it looked like a little baby penis, and it popped into Sigourney's mouth even as the Sigma slut shoved her tongue back up into Pembroke's g-spot.


A Birthday Present For Heather

group TongueDocAtWork 2018-08-17

I had my hand resting on her pussy mound with my fingers lightly caressing her clit when I figured I would take the plunge and ask her something about lovemaking for her birthday. “Hey, you’ve got a great body for someone turning the big forty, and I know all kinds of guys that would like to bed down with you for a night.” I spoke up. I know I sure would like to see someone else run their hands all over your body and slowly slip their tongue down to your clit!” I said. I reached down and grabbed my cock and slipped out of her pussy, I then shot my next load all over her hand and clit.


Take It Out

group KingofCucks 2018-08-17

Now Marcus was motioning Darcy over, and like he had done to me, his black hand went on her shoulder, ebony fingers pressing into her soft white skin as he eased her down. To my utter shame I ejaculated as Darcy's mouth took in the head of that big black dick, filling my boxers with what felt like a copious amount of cum while Darcy struggled to hold Marcus and his massive manhood. The last time he fucked Darcy, he had he positioned on her hip while he took her from behind, holding her leg up by the knee, probably so I could see his cock thrusting in and out of my wife's pussy, and seeing that huge appendage from that angle made it look even bigger.


Lapping it Up

group Bi Brit 2018-08-17

Lucy was like that, when she looked you in the eyes, your brain short-circuited and sent a message to pump every spare drop of blood into your cock. I’ve been watching you getting into the best vantage points.” I turned and saw a very elegant brunette lady who was in her early forties and who unlike Lucy, clearly didn’t think a low cut dress looked out of place here. Lucy moved closer to me, looked me straight in the eyes, placed her hand on my cock and squeezed gently. I think Steph was slightly surprised by the speed I moved forward and started licking the cum from her eyebrow and how I quickly worked my way down across her cheeks, and down her neck to the top of her cleavage.

Beth's Huge Sex Adventure Ch. 01

group metacarpal 2018-08-17

The young man, Bill, was intrigued when Beth instructed him to contact her dear friend Karen who was putting together this erotic little adventure that Beth wanted him to join. Karen whispered to Beth, "do you remember me telling you about Pete?" Beth gasped, recalling how Karen recently had her eyes on another young man and how she had hoped to maneuver getting both Pete and Mark into her bed for a threesome, a fantasy they two of these women had discussed as the hottest going but most likely way out of reach to bring into reality. The boys were fascinated, as was Beth as she truly began to enjoy putting on such a show, especially seeing the boys get so excited they were each stroking their cock as they watched very closely.


Weird Fantasies 15: Roadside

group TessMackenzie 2018-08-17

There are hundreds of commuters driving past, going home, while I lie my car with my arms tied and get fucked by two men on the side of the road. It's another man, and I'm dazzled by the headlights still, but I think there's a second new guy getting out the new car, too. I'm being pressed onto a car, my face squashed onto the metal, tasting dust and car exhaust, feeling my arms being twisted and hair pulled while four men fuck me. You finish me off quickly, licking until I come, and then you all get back in your cars and drive off and leave me there.

Sitter Gets a Lesson

group ddmistress 2018-08-17

I knew that John wanted to have me watch him spray his cum all over some fresh pussy. John removed his fingers and gave them to Amber to suck my pussy cum off of them. John gently licked Amber's pussy as she came quickly into his face; her pussy juices rubbing all over his mouth. John inserted his rock hard cock into her pussy and moved slowly inside, gaining depth and speed as he knew she could handle his manhood. The feel of his finger in her ass against his cock in her pussy pushed him over the edge and he thrust himself inside her letting out huge spasms of cum deep inside her body.

The Wedding

group jakkinmd 2018-08-17

The priest then said, "I now pronounce Denise and Tom man and wife. The wedding party, priest, and altar boys were taking off their clothes. Tom began licking Denise's pussy, getting her wet. The priest lined her up and said, "I now bless this woman in the name of the Church of Free Love." He then rammed his cock in her. He moved to her face and one of the altar boys took his place in her cunt. The priest said, "I now baptize you in holy cum." The other altar boy jerked him off until he came on her face. Then Tom came over and stuck his dick in her well-fucked pussy. I looked out at Myra and saw she was busy sucking some other guy's dick.


group Calliope 2018-08-17

I feel your hand running over my tits, cupping them and rolling my nipples between your thumb and finger, making them hard little nubs which you then rub across your palm. I can’t help myself, I groan, “Oh goddd, Casey, this feels so good.” My eyes close and I lower my arm over the edge of the bed and wrap my hand around your cock. Your cock pulses in my hand and you mouth gets aggressive on my tits; your sucking and biting making my pussy twitch against your hand and I know how badly you want her. Oh yesss, trust me, hon, You’ll love Jack’s fat cock inside your pussy.” Casey moans as her orgasm hits her and she bucks against your face, smearing her juices all over you.


Lets Say - An Orgy.....

group sexual_indian 2018-08-17

I immediately took my kerchief out and was wiping the floor when I heard some one open the kitchen door and it was the servant in a petticoat wrapped from her sexy boobs. she started sucking her cunt then once my dick is up and raring to fuck again I pull it out of Gita mouth and make her sleep on the floor and I start fucking her by kneeling on the floor. the servant got on top of Gita and put her tongue in between and started licking my dick which was moving to and fro out of Gita's cunt. Gita started licking servants wet cunt which was filled with her love juices and mine.

A Trip to the Ruins

group muddled 2018-08-17

Lisa and I looked in wonderment at each other, "What sort of game," I said "was it?" Lisa giggled, don't worry she said to him, Janet and I have not forgotten about "the deal." She took out the pack of cards and started shuffling them. Lisa took his hand and used it to undo her fly and placed it inside her jeans, on top her panties. "Naughty boy," she childishly scolded him, "Look what you've done," she said indicating her open jeans and my come-covered hand. Lisa giggled and said that obviously judging by the size of my nipples he was not the only excited animal in the forest. He passed Lisa her cards and I took a look.