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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dexterous Dexter 01

group Hypoxia 2018-08-17

Wendy's "brunette brigade" of Lindsay, Marissa and Teresa were already soaking in the enclosed hot tub with my only jock friend, Stefan, who looked very pleased. "You just made it, Dex. Now it's kiss-and-tell time," said Wendy, as she bent over and stuck her tongue into Marissa's wide mouth. Wendy grabbed the nearest guy's hand, dragged him away, his cock leaving his girl's suction with a loud plop. Wendy reached up, grabbed his neck, pulled his head down, kissed his mouth, and squirted his juice back into him. Wendy fisted his long dick again, pulled him into her mouth, moved him in and out a few times, then aimed that dark uncut cock into *my* mouth, suspended a few inches above hers as I leaned into her.


Pool Party Surprise

group DPWestley 2018-08-17

I didn't know about Dawn and Gracie, but Brad wouldn't have his Xbox, and I was getting fucked a lot this weekend. Either the girls Dawn brought home were straight up dykes and wanted nothing to do with the boyfriend, or even if the guy was getting the occasional three-way, they would start to get jealous or something. "Well," I said, "you want to let us in on the joke?" Dawn smiled up at both of us and took a last calming breath and another drink. "The looks on your faces when you finally noticed his cock; fucking priceless." She smiled at us, trying the old Dawn charm to get us to lighten up.


One Hot Hot Double Penetration

group buffbody 2018-08-17

I slowly moved from the center of the bed to the other end, Mark kind of got the hint and said "if there is a little room, I could make myself more comfortable in there." I removed the fleshlight and he was all smiles, without saying a word, he laid on his back on the bed, and shoved his hard boner into it,, when he was deep into it, he looked at me and said "Rob, dude now get in here too, am not gonna fuck this thing alone."

Absence of Passion

group Egmont0409 2018-08-17

Karen his youngest sister when they were beside the pool alone had repeatedly said to him, "Show my your dick and I'll show you pussy" and twice when Bernard had been watching TV with Karen's year-older sister, Jennifer had stuck her hand down and played with his dick. I was going to that high-powered training workshop tomorrow with Oliver but crap-faced Sue has switched and my companion will be a twenty-year-old woman." "Oh this is so exciting," Claire said in the cab, taking Bernard's hand and squeezing it. In the elevator with two other couples and three bellboys Bernard looked across to Claire and said softly, "You have lovely breast shape." Bernard licked his lips, an iron-hard cock ready in his hand to show her what passionate fucking was all about but she eyed it, yawned and said, "Leave me.


The Good Neighbor Ch. 04

group Monterock 2018-08-17

She looked up into my eyes, and said "Dave I saw you groping Bill as he sucked your cock, you had your thumb in his ass like you try to do to were fondling his ball sack and stroking his cock as he took yours deep in his mouth. She quickly gobbled it down...Bill gently pulled my cock away and took it slowly back into his mouth and tried again...this time Maria took the hint and slowly wrapped her lips around the head of my steel hard cock and took it all the way to the root in one long slow motion.

Visions of Utopia

group norfolklad 2018-08-17

Although Jenny and Richard were broadly aware of what would be involved in their daughter's coming of age preparation and ceremony, they had been married and were in their early thirties by the time they joined the community and neither had experienced it for themselves. I explained that the essence of a young person's coming of age was that it involved an intense period of learning – learning about the act of sex itself, learning about their own sexuality and that of others, learning about their bodies and other people's, and, above all, learning about relationships between people. Some parents preferred that the ceremony be private, others that their daughter be taken for the first time in full view of family and close friends, while some of the more exhibitionist members of the community had been known to arrange elaborate open spectacles.


Dave and Sally (MFM, bi-male)

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-08-17

" Dave honey" she said stroking his head and neck "If you do not do what the nice man tells you, I am going to let him fuck me while you watch, then I am going to beat your ass, and throw you outdoors, without your clothes." I'd like to see you suck him, him suck you, I'd really enjoy watching you fuck his asshole" Dave began violently shaking his head "No", but never let my cock out of his mouth. Pulling my mouth off Sally, I said "After you are done getting lubed, I want you to slide your cock in my ass. Then, still looking Sally in the eyes, I drove all the way into Dave's no longer virgin shit chute, my balls slapping his balls as I buried my cock in his ass.

The Focus Group Ch. 02

group SexyWriterCouple 2018-08-17

The story so far: Hoping to earn a little extra money in case she's fired or has to quickly leave her job, office worker Marissa has accepted a very attractive offer from a marketing firm to evaluate a new product for them at their New York City headquarters. "Given my unfortunate pattern of denial, I should probably sit here, letting you get me turned on and all slippery, and convince myself that I shouldn't reach over across this dingy first class lounge carpet and unzip those finely tailored trousers of yours and give you some of that pleasure myself, right?" Finally, she positioned her lips tightly over his head and used her right hand to stroke his saliva slicked shaft, drawing his hips up off the seat in his ecstasy as he gripped the arms of the chair.


When Harry Met Sally And Sally

group kulashaker 2018-08-17

He lies down next to the blonde - and the brunette kisses her way from his feet to his groin - she takes one slow lingering lick - and lets the cock slip deep inside her mouth. The brunettes starts her grind on the cock - savoring - slowly at first then building The blondes hands caressing them both - and the moans from the brunette grow. His meandering thoughts are interrupted by the brunette - in the noise and intensity of the blondes' orgasm they had not noticed she had slipped off the bed - grabbed a quick sip of wine - rummaged through a purse and was now kneeling on the bed with a long black double dildo in her hands.

Cocktail Party

group b33n 2018-08-17

You feel my fingers brush your lips, then across the fabric covering the nipple of your left breast, and finally trailing down your belly and slipping under your dress and into your wetness. You hear the sound of me sucking my fingers before I say, "Now to welcome in our guests." You cannot hear my footsteps as I leave to open the large double doors at the other end of the room. Well, it's time for you to put on your cock tail." The party takes up the chant of "Cock tail!" as you feel me begin to press the hard plastic of the plume's handle into your ass.

The Very Young Man Ch. 03

group metacarpal 2018-08-17

As she had planned with Ben several nights ago, Karen now set about to ask Mark all about his sex, to learn every corner of his sexuality, his experiences, past partners, fantasies and desires... All this now opens up the very real possibility of her other fantasy, a more powerful, more secret, much more naughty fantasy of coaxing this young man into helping her experience the erotic adventure of bringing two men into her bed for threeway sex. Now, she could not wait to tell Ben that she was now sure they could easily get this young man to come to bed to play with them. She feared Ben may have had second thoughts about leaving her at home all day with Mark, knowing she was so obsessed with the desire to fuck the young man.



group siren_21 2018-08-17

Matt reached down and pulled my shirt off, Jeff sat down behind me. Matt had reached behind me to undo my bra as Jeff’s gentle kisses moved around my neck, his hand on my face pulling it off to the side. I pulled Matt’s shirt off, running my hands down his dark shoulders and toned chest. Matt was kissing down my chest, rubbing my small breast with his strong hands. I reached back with my other hand, and turning my face into Jeff, eagerly kissing our lips wanting more. Matt worked his way back up my legs, kissing and his hands slowly reaching my hips. I came collapsing on Matt hard chest, Jeff still pounding me from behind.

The Idea Ch. 06

group niteowl2003 2018-08-17

Tod reassured me that the filming had been excellent and there was no problem with the revised ending, He turned to me and said "I understand Karen is you're live in Sub, what would you want to let her stay here tonight with the two of us" "Tod and Kellie, What I am trying to get over to you is that, Karen signed on for this film of her own free will, her master I maybe be when its our playtime, but the rest of the time we are equals" I stated "so she is tonight she is an actress employed by my company and my equal" I continued "therefore the decision is hers without fear of repercussions from me!"


Unforseen Pleasure

group denboer2 2018-08-17

Lower my gaze is drawn, the lips of that perfect pussy, open allowing your hard clit to stand upright. I began to pinch and twist each hard nipple as your tongue explores the length of me, before you finally slide the very tip into your hot mouth, closing your lips over it. Her tongue runs around the outside of each lip, circling that hot pussy, her fingers are sliding in and out of you, she begins to suck on that hard clit again, sending wave after wave of intense ecstasy coursing thru your body. The intense excitement you feel from gazing at another women's pussy, is only intensified by her sucking and nibbling at your hard clit.

Russian New Year

group back_in_black 2018-08-17

Around 10 or 11 Marina came to me in the room that I was in and told me with her pretty drunk face that Natasha wanted to do a threesome, and this was my first and last opportunity. The girls undressed each other first (at my request) and then me with a raging hard on again Natasha took the lead as I sat on the edge of the bed and she pulled off my pants and began to lick my cock like a lollipop while she looked into my eyes.

Stay Hard

group dark_horse74 2018-08-17

"Give me your cum, baby, give it to me, let me taste it again" Beth said, popping my cock out of her mouth then back in. I came and felt it shoot upwards from the deepest depths of my cock shaft and with such power, filling Amy's sweet pussy. "Mmmmm" said Candy as she licked the cum off Amy's chest and then took turns with Beth sucking Amy's nipples into her mouth. I kept going and came again, filling Amy's pussy with another load of cum, then another, then another. We all got dressed and Candy and I said goodbye to Beth and Amy. It had been one fantastic night of pleasure, one I sure would not forget.


Adventures with Jenna

group cffmia88 2018-08-17

I positioned my cock below Jenna, took her hold of her hips, lifted her up just slightly, and thrust my body right up inside her soaking wet love hole. "I WANT YOU TO CUM FOR NOW…DON'T MAKE ME WAIT…I WANT YOU TO TAKE THAT COCK OUT OF ME AND CUM ALL OVER MY FACE…MAKE ME FEEL LIKE THE LITTLE WHORE I AM." That was all I needed as I took my swollen cock out of her tight wet pussy and straddled her chest and exploded all over her face. I told her how I would love for my little whore (that was Jenna of course) to go around fuck some married guys and come home to me telling me all about what happened. "OH YESS…I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME WHILE I EAT HER OUT." Jenna started spasming all over my cock like she always does.


Traveling New Bi-Ways... Ch. 03

group T@nman 2018-08-17

You said it was important to you and that you wanted to talk about it later." Ken paused his eating, "I don't know if grab-ass is the correct term." I decided to press ahead. As I was getting ready to lube Ken's ass, she stopped sucking his cock. I want to get used to the feeling." I waited until Ken moved his ass, then I slowly pushed my cock as deep as I could. When she came up for air, I said, "You'll have to teach me how to do that." She gave me a little smile, licked her lips and deep throated Ken's cock again.


Catering to His Holiday Needs

group mernie99 2018-08-17

Great view, but I miss my garage." Austin looked me over and continued, "You've grown into quite a pretty young lady, Shelley." "You'd think," Austin continued, "but this morning the CEO pulls me aside and suggests that we need to have a post-negotiation cocktail party. They said they'd have it ready for me any time after six." Austin paused and continued, "We might actually pull this one off." "It's a very generous offer, Austin." With my best acting face, I continued, "And, besides, the Germans seem like a lot of fun. So you will." Phil's eyes moved toward the right and then said, "I see your friend has returned." Brie and Peter reentered the room.


Natural Woman Pt. 02: Goddess

group kdwest 2018-08-17

Not wanting to lose herself completely, not wanting all of this to end, to turn out to be some sort of bizarre dream or something, Jessie decided she wouldn't be like the girls in most of her stories — lying back and enjoying themselves, letting themselves get carried away on the waves of feeling — Jessie ran her hands down the men's rippling, bare ribs to their still-uniformed hips. The pressure of Pat pushing into her drove her mouth further onto Mario's rod, and it felt like all of Jessie's insides were overflowing with cock.

Judd's Adventures with Fatima & Karisse

group JuddTheStudd 2018-08-17

Slowly she pushed back until I felt the head of my cock pop past the tight entrance to her love canal. After the orgasm subsided and her pussy relaxed enough to allow further penetration she started slowly rocking back and forth allowing another inch or so to slip into her wet, slick channel until I was fully into her and my balls were resting against her ass. I felt my balls begin to tighten and let Karisse know that I was about to blow my load into her welcome pussy when she let out another scream and her pussy began to convulse on my cock and I pumped what felt like a gallon of love juice into her wonderfully hot hole.

The Book of David Ch. 07

group bluedragonauthor 2018-08-17

Her legs were spread and a fully-clothed Amber knelt beside the bed, her blonde head wriggling in E-Beth's crotch. And while I watched, E-Beth squinted her eyes shut and her upper torso started shaking violently as she pressed Amber's head tighter between her legs and came, wailing out her release as she shuddered in blissful triumph. When she recovered, E-Beth looked to me and panted, "David, c'mere." I knelt on the bed and she wriggled my hips around until I was straddling her face, pointed back towards Amber. I've been wanting to try it, and I can't think of anyone else I would trust more." E-Beth held my cock in her hand, which wasn't going soft anytime soon at the prospect of this little prize.



group 2018-08-17

A single orchid lie across the face of the card, embossed in soft hues, the word WICKED lie centered in the middle of the card in the most beautiful script, and in the lower right hand corner were the words "Hours by appointment only." There was no phone number, no address, only those words. She laughed, "No, sorry, there are no exceptions, besides, this will give you a chance to think about what you want, what you desire, what fantasies you want to see come true." She looked at her watch and gave a tiny gasp and said, "I have been here much too long, I only came to give you the card and introduce myself."


Three is Not a Crowd

group harrypowell 2018-08-17

She stood up, suggesting they were to be leaving, but I knew all too well Andy wouldn't be going with her, he was enjoying himself way too much, and he didn't even turn to watch her leave, he was looking right at me and Rob, our fantasy etched on every inch of our faces. As Andy talked to me about the latest album he'd listened to, he suddenly stopped as I took his hand, ran it gently and softly up my thigh and let his fingers brush very softly onto my knickers, he couldn't feel anything, it was too brief, but he would almost certainly have felt my wetness.