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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Wifes Friend

group carlos06 2018-08-17

I felt her tightly puckered hole open under the workings of my tongue and the tip of my tongue was starting to work its way inside, Sally stopped licking Lucy's pussy, arched her back and let out a loud moan. She quickly slid under her friend and went to work on her clit with her tongue while I was pumping my cock in and out of her pussy still with my finger deep in her ass, it felt amazing, I could feel the ridges of my cock through the the wall between her ass and pussy, she liked it too as she was letting out a stream of deep moans.

Just Havin' Some Fun

group EmeraldLion 2018-08-17

Inwardly, I groaned, thinking, "There goes any hope of intelligent conversation...I hate actors...." My thoughts must have telegraphed across my face because Cassie grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear "Oh they're not that bad, and one of them can even spell his own name!" We giggled and started toward the bar arms wrapped around each other, leaving the boys to follow. Cassinia slid down from the couch to join us, but Jeff turned her around and began slowly fucking her from behind as she bent over the seat of the couch. And before long, Christophe started moaning soft and low, he grabbed my hips and began to slam my cunt with bruising strokes of his monster cock.

Melissa Requests A Cum Party

group Johnnytames69 2018-08-17

As he got near her head, his huge cock began to spray a large shot of cum, most of which landed squarely across Melissa's nose, running down both sides of her face. Just as he finished, the guy with the heart shaped trim began to shoot his load, aiming for her mouth, he covered her lips and chin completely, then fired several more shots on her neck. After the second guy three others began to unload, one coating her breasts, one her forehead and hair and the other her right cheek and adding to the puddles on her eyes. One guy added to the cum on her face, while another dropped his second load in her hair.

One Hot Summer Evening

group drbob80 2018-08-17

I went back to sucking on Pam's nipples and reached a hand down to caress the inside of Mary's thigh. Mary really likes to lick the head and run her tongue up and down the shaft, basically giving me butterfly kisses all along the length of my cock. It was clear that Pam's gag-reflex was nothing like Mary's and I loved how she looked with her nose buried in my pubic hair. Mary was not sitting idly by while I was licking Pam. She was on her back with her head between my legs, sucking my cock like a demon. Mary pulled her head off my cock and started working her way up my body, licking all of Pam's juices off my skin.


Best Friends Ch. 2

group Radioboy 2018-08-17

As she got on her knees and joined Lori sucking my cock, I looked over and by this time, Christine was also situated in front of Joe and was sucking his 7 inches down her throat. I took up position behind her and Christine grabbed hold of my cock and said, "Let me get you ready." She sucked my cock into her mouth tasting Lori's pussy juice and got it nice and wet before she moved it over to Carrie's puckered hole. Christine took his cock into her mouth and sucked him dry while Lori moved over to Carrie and licked my cum off her tits and then they began frenching each other while fingering each others pussy's.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

group Camacie 2018-08-17

Thinking about Stephen grabbing her neck and pulling her close, kissing her deeply, his hand kneading her soft breasts Sara worked her short strong fingers faster. Their tongues exploring each other's mouths, kissing harder and deeper, Stephen pulled Sara's shirt off and he saw those beautiful round breasts he had wanted to touch since he first saw her. Stephen pulled Sara's shorts down and revealed her shaven pussy, he ran his hands down her body and across her wet lips Sara let out a moan. Kimberly reached over and ran her fingers though Sara's hair; Sara turned looking into Kimberly's green eyes and instinctively leaned over to kiss her soft lips.

Virgin to Debauchery

group walterio 2018-08-17

Joseph at one time excused himself to use the bathroom and as soon as he left Tomaso slipped his hand under Ashley's skirt. Ashley instinctively moved her legs apart and Tomaso covered her pussy with his mouth. Ashley felt the void in her cunt as his cock left her body and she gasped as the coolness of the air touched her vacant pussy. Ashley actually liked the soft feel of the mushroom head rubbing against the roof of her mouth as she sucked the thick cock. Ashley tried to pull her head off of Jonah's cock but he held her head tightly as jets of cum shot into her mouth. Jonah kept shooting cum into Ashley's mouth and she quickly learned to use her tongue to block the discharging cock.


Countdown To Consent Ch. 2

group Stardog Champion 2018-08-17

With Steph's large, rounded behind facing the crowd, Melvin pinched and pulled at the young girl's asscheeks to expose her glorious cunt while Jamison pressed Stephanie's hands firmly down against the smooth edge of the table. Digging his fingers deeply between Stephanie's asscheeks, Melvin rolled his greasy digits around like a corkscrew until he had forced apart the young girl's teeming vaginal lips so everyone in the room could see just how beautiful her glossy pussy really was. the Bitch is holding the ball between her pussy lips," Jamison marveled, keeping tight hold of the cue stick in his hand, feeling the lurid and surreal way the shaft seemed to quiver in his hand as Stephanie's anal muscles savagely choked at it.


Gobsmacked Ch. 03

group BigKahunaCat21 2018-08-17

I began to think of what I had to look forward to, since yesterday, I only had fucked teenage Molly, whereas Janet had sperm deliveries from every guy on the street. Janet relayed that Edna had enormous tits, she thought maybe 50H, that everyone wanted, but only she and Les played with. Gwen responded with a warm closed smile and her hand pressed to my chest, "Thanks, Jack, your sweet." We then went our separate ways, Gwen back to the den area and me back towards the bedrooms looking for Janet. Terrell turned his head upon hearing me and said, "Sorry Jack, Janet is just so hot, I can't control myself." I told him I understood and left them as I found them, cock in pussy.


Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 02

group Susie_O 2018-08-17

As she went to find something else, Sally told Sarah, "I feel like I'll be wearing underwear at the beach." Fred and Joe had the cocks and the bodies but were sexually inexperienced and barely capable of using their genitals effectively in the manner Sally and Sarah were used to. Joe had never had a girl play with his cock and looking at Sally's smiling face and hearing her laugh of pleasure as she teased him he knew that he was in love. To Sally's surprise and disappointment Fred came right to her and began stroking her labia, leaving Joe and his uncircumsised cock to Sarah. "You like that do you?" Sally said pulling her legs up and spreading them wider so he could get a good look and feel.


Woman at the Bar

group Blissral 2018-08-17

I start to get more drinks when my wife noticed that Karen still was sitting alone, bouncing her head in time to the music. My wife was kissing the back of Karen's neck and had her hand on her breast when the song ended all too soon. I put the car in park and bent down to join my wife as we began licking and sucking Karen's tits, her nipples hard in our mouths. "Oh, yes" my wife replied as she stroked her exposed upper thighs with her hand, watching intently as Karen slowly opened her legs for her. "I'd love to watch you suck his cock." My wife happily obliged, taking my head into her mouth while she leaned across Karen's lap.

Rebecca's First

group sexycwgrl 2018-08-17

From the fenced in pool, you can see into the bedrooms of nine boys in the university frat house. At the boy next doors house, you could see John Luke standing on the balcony with no boxers. He continues to suck my clit and then he slides a finger inside my pussy and starts moving it in and out. Ian takes his hard cock into my waiting and wide open mouth. I started to suck Ian harder and my hands were going faster and faster on Ryan and Brayden's cocks. I tell Brad and Wes to get to sucking my breasts and I want their cocks in my hands, right now. My breasts were absolutely soaked and just watching this made me suck harder on Shane's cock.

Twin Secrets

group intimateoutlet 2018-08-17

Sally had explained that if Roxy struggled or made a sound and gave the game away that she would either kill Clare and Alan and let her sister take the blame or, if they were alone, kill her and take her place as Roxy in her life. To further intensify the pleasure and pain Clare now took position beneath Alan's crotch and hungrily sucked his slippery balls into her mouth whilst simultaneously forcing her tongue into Sally's already forcefully stretched snatch. She managed to raise a hand to offer her breast to Clare who sucked the dark, pert nipple into her waiting mouth and between her teeth to gently add pressure to the tip thus elongating Sally's pleasure.

Macey Malone

group AdrianHWalls 2018-08-17

One night she told me that the only other adventure she had ever had was with Gavin and another guy at school (not Jeff, we had both met him for the first time that night at dinner). Macey comes in short, defined bursts, and she quickly came on Jeff's mouth, arching her back and then leaning forward to hold his head in her hands. Jeff lingered inside her after he came until he was ready to go again, and made love to her slowly while Gavin sucked on her tits and kissed her mouth. When Jeff finished, Macey rolled over and Gavin sucked her off for a few minutes, a full-on sperm festival on his face and he just went for it.

Summer Heat Ch. 03-04

group marriedheat 2018-08-17

"I'm so sorry, Rob. I can't believe Nick just asked you that." She started into the kitchen but stopped when she heard Jeanie chime in. Jeanie and Heather looked on in stunned silence waiting to hear Rob's answer yet not really wanting to hear it. "Then, several months later, coming home, finding Heather full of Rob's cum, eating it out of her while she told me how it got there, then fucking her, knowing that his big, thick cock had invaded my territory? "I think we all know our friendship has changed and it can never go back to where it was," I added as I shifted my glance from Jeanie to Rob, and then to Heather.


Mrs. Claus Has Her Yearly Gangbang

group Mysteria27 2018-08-17

After about thirty minutes, Mrs. Claus got ready for her annual gang-bang party with the elves of Christmas town. Mrs. Claus has talked about having an "open marriage." Santa said he'd think about it but still hasn't given her his decision either way. Santa gives each of them a nice sized bonus each year, but Mrs. Claus offers five hundred additional dollars to the lucky elves that make her cum. Herbie one of Santa's best elves had a little too much peppermint schnapps and was running his mouth telling one of the newer elves about what a slut Mrs. Claus was. Santa played with his cock and watched the little elf tongue fuck his used and abused wife.

Me, Steve, and Jen

group Church33 2018-08-17

And while I felt my cock jumping a little as she crawled, big white ass swaying, towards us, Steve's dick was already rock hard. I've always enjoyed going down on a woman, but I've never really gotten off on watching it so I leaned forward (leaving my dick down towards Steve's side if he wanted to suck it) and started sucking my wife's nice thick pink nipples. She looked at me with those sexy eyes of hers and asked me what position I wanted her in and I started laughing before having her get on all fours with that fat ass in the air and Steve's cum lubing up her pussy.

Double Stuffed Ch. 1

group oddone 2018-08-17

Excited as I was at this point I went for broke and started to pinch and pull on her nipples very forcefully (Sam had told me that she really got turned on by this rough treatment), and the harder I pinched them the more she became excited; breathing heavily into my ear and rubbing my stiff cock outside of my pants. Beth looked a little flushed and, when Tonya and I sat down, Beth leaned over to me and whispered that Sam had made her cum right on the dance floor and that he was finger-fucking her cunt right there in the booth.

My Wicked Ways Ch. 06-08

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-08-17

"Look, Josie, it's fine if you want to fuck Jean-Baptiste, as long as he behaves himself and doesn't try anything stupid with you. I kept ramming Ninve as she moved her hips to get me deeper, but I now felt Sandra's warm kisses on my lips, followed by Josie's and Cherry's on my neck and shoulders, while Ana and Teresa started kneading my flesh with their splendidly soft hands. Sandra kept kissing my face and especially my mouth, as did Ninve pretty soon, neither woman wanting to miss a chance to shower me with eager displays of her passion. Shelby now had her mouth around my balls like a steel trap, sucking hard on it, while Cherry presented her ass for Nydia to rim, and Josie zeroed in on eating Nydia's twat.


Volleyball Team Ch. 05

group Susie_O 2018-08-17

"I also let him pull my love ring," Courtney said, exposing her clit. "Well, okay," she took my hand and led me into the bedroom where Courtney and another woman were sitting nude on her bed, holding my cameras. She pushed me back onto the bed, knelt over me with her amazing labia right in my face and began stroking my cock. Then Darlene turned off the vibrator and stopped her movement with her hips against mine and my cock fully engulfed by her vagina. "Okay, use his fingers instead of your own," Darlene said as she lowered her body against mine and began rubbing her breasts, more accurately -- her hardened nipples, over my chest.


My Summer Vacation Ch. 01

group alex_cat 2018-08-17

She pulled the strap down on her dress and I dipped my head to suck the nipple I had teased to hardness. I was still sucking though I had slipped one hand under Mariana's dress. She ran her finger along my wet pussy until it was glistening too and then she slipped more of it into my ass. I came hard and fast when she slipped two fingers into my pussy as she kept fucking my ass. When I stopped trembling, Mariana pulled her fingers free and licked them clean then smiled at me as she lay back and spread her legs. "So sweet," she murmured as I rubbed both heads over her pussy to wet them then slipped them into her eager holes.

Dawn & Alexis Ch. 3

group SnEyXmXpXhYo 2018-08-17

Dawn headed back to her room and opened the door to the spacious walk-in closet to see James laying on his back with Alexis sitting on his face. Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt him slam into her pussy again, she couldn't hold back this time and let out a loud moan "Ahhhhhhhh," he was moving faster in and out of her and she could feel her orgasm wash over her and she wrapped her arms around his neck right before she began to shake uncontrollably. She pushed her finger all the way in and Alexis moaned and started shaking uncontrollably and Dawn knew she was cumming again immediately she moved her head back to her friend's cunt and sucked her clit swallowing all of her cum.

The Pleasures of Beth Ch. 3

group FuzzyB 2018-08-17

The first sound she did recognize was the sound of fucking as the man inserted his cock into the woman right above Beth's face. As much as Beth has been surprised, she is also happy to see that Martin understood that a good face fuck was never to be turned away. Each time the purple shaft entered the woman's cunt, Beth felt her own pussy screaming for attention. Beth was able to reach around Anne to grab her ass and pull her closer as Terry fucked away at her cunt. As he finished Terry came back to the bed and lay down next to Beth; Anne fell over to the other side, exhausted from the fucking, and from her many orgasms.

A New Beginning

group kap007 2018-08-17

Haley was now moaning and he knew that she wanted to be fucked, but the sweet nectar on his lips was something he wanted to explore more, and he didn't have a second thought as Harry moved in to take over for him. God, all of this is so weird, Harry thought, but it didn't last long, because Haley was now attacking his cock with her mouth, teasing the head of his penis with her tongue and playing with balls. The orgasm was too much for Jaylynne to bear, she was going to fall if she didn't get off her feet, so finally she turned around and caught sight of Jonah's long thick cock for the first time.