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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Double Vision Ch. 06

group Artist1 2018-08-17

"I hope Dee lets us fuck tonight," she said before sliding down my body and taking my cock back in her mouth. "Just keep sucking Dio's cock while I fuck your pussy," said Darolyn. They fucked for a minute as Darolyn alternately pulled on Jennifer's nipples or reached around to grab her ass, pulling the pliant young woman down onto the dildo. I looked at the pretty, petite Jennifer as she surrendered to Darolyn and me and then pushed my cock down into her ass hole. After fucking her for a few minute, Darolyn told me to stick my cock in Jennifer's mouth so she could lick it off, which Jennifer did with enthusiasm. I began to alternate between fucking Darolyn, who moaned appreciatively, and pushing my cock into Jennifer's obedient mouth.

Marcia, Nastiest Slut Ever Ch. 10

group danzinman 2018-08-17

She paused, closed her eyes saying, “Ohhhhh Billy, I like how you are playing with my asshole right now, it feels so good baby, now just get your cock inside me, I love having you fuck in the ass.” As soon as they spotted Marcia totally naked leaning over the desk with me fondling her tits and Billy fingering her cunt, the first guy had a big smile saying, “Oh baby, you back again for some hot fucking. Marcia looked at the guys, raised up to give them a good view of her bare tits that I had let go of saying, “Come on guys, get around here, drop your pants and plant your big cock inside my dripping pussy.


My Sister Wife Ch. 02 Pt. 02

group Renaearden 2018-08-17

Her tongue thrust into my mouth as her hands squeezed and teased my breasts, trailed down my belly until they reached my sex, where she pinched my clitoris, and shoved her fingers inside me. He continued to fuck my face, as she stopped fucking my ass, licked my pussy, and then thrust a rubber molded cock inside my wet, throbbing snatch. Yessenia came around then, to the front, and consumed my lips with hers, sucking his warm cream from my mouth, licking what was spilled from my face and his cock, she removed my blindfold, kissed me, again licked Michael's dick, which was growing hard again, got up, and left us alone.

Son's Nasty Girlfriend Ch. 02

group mtnman2003 2018-08-17

While sucking my cock, Vickee has reached to Sharon, and inserted two fingers into her open cunt. She parted her lips, and began sucking on me as Vickee took a full hand to her tit, grabbed her nipple between the thumb and index finger, and rolled, pulled, and stretched the nipple. Suddenly, Sharon grabbed Vickee by a handful of hair, pulling her mouth off my cock, and pulled her toward her pussy. Looking up into Sharon’s eyes, Vickee ever so slowly moved down, down, sticking her tongue out, flicking back and forth, but not yet to her pussy lips. As requested, Vickee moved down, and using the thumb of her hand with the two fingers buried in her pussy, parted her lips, and sucked the clit directly into her mouth.

Unexpected Pleasure

group Ronnie 1946 2018-08-17

But when she got up to get us all a drink, it was her turn, and I saw her sheer lace G-string covering her shaved mound, I gave up and let my cock stiffen to it's full hardness. "Oh, I don't want it to go down baby," she cooed and wrapped her hand around my shaved member, "In fact, the harder the better." She then bent her face down to mine, placed her lips on mine and slipped her tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately. Chris immediately turned around on the bed, got up onto her knees and bent down and took my hardened cock, still wet with our juices, into her mouth.

Summertime Lust Ch. 05

group Balke7612 2018-08-17

The wet grass around her bare feet was refreshing and was doing a pretty good job of waking her up, she contemplated going for a quick dip in the pool, certain that it'd be freezing, but that seemed like too cleansing a way to pull oneself from a hangover, no, it was six-thirty in the morning and unlike her friends she was awake, denied sex and awake, the very least she deserved was coffee and breakfast. Allison raise her head off the ground, wrapping her lips around a nipple and drawing it back in to her mouth, testing the firm nub with her tongue, pressing it against her top row of teeth, giggling as Hannah gasped and then groaned her approval.


Wife, Shy to Hottie

group frankhubby 2018-08-17

Next, i asked my wife to place her hand on his thighs. Next I asked the same thing to my friend, to caress the thighs of my wife. He came a bit forward, placed his hand on my wife thighs and stared caressing it up and down. Than I asked my wife to remove her bra from inside the tshirt and give it to my friend. I asked my friend Anand to cup her boobs from behind without actually touching them. Then I asked my wife to use her one hand and place it on his thighs. Again the same position, my wife was playing with his dick while my friend was enjoying her boob.

Tarun Cant Resist Taking Sunita

group misterwho 2018-08-17

The back of her hand covering her mouth, as she thought of the way she was spread over Tarun, and of the fleeting touching of his hardon that her knee had discovered. She closed her hands on the shelf and felt his fingers stroke her breasts. He looked down and saw Sunita with her eyes closed, her mouth open, his cock sliding in and out as her head moved up and down. Her mouth watered and the loss of control of her lips from the pleasure allowed her saliva to flow down Karan's cock. She looked back, her hand making up for the absence of her lips on Karan's cock. Her mouth lost control and she felt her teeth graze Karan's cock.


The Night at the Swing Club

group Lone_Hawk 2018-08-17

Look at that!" I looked where the guy was pointing and there on the big screen TV next to the dance floor, Lee and Julie were laying on the bed in their dresses hugging and kissing. Rock stood up and Lee started sucking his cock again, his hand holding her head as Julie's pussy made a slapping sound every time she buried my cock all the way in. Julie laid Lee back and lay on top of her and sucked her tits and Rock came up behind Julie and started licking her ass and pussy. Rock continued to kiss and suck on Lee's tits and started fingering her pussy as I pounded away in Julie as she mewed and had orgasm after orgasm.

The Hitchhiker

group Frank Noir 2018-08-17

Then, parting her lips, she started sucking the head of his cock with wet, smacking sounds, as Greg moaned out loud. The rock hard cock glistened from the girl's saliva, as Greg fucked her mouth with long, deliberate strokes. Smiling, Greg placed the tip of his hard cock at the mouth of the girl's pussy. The girl's beautfiul breasts bounced before his eyes, and the car suspension rocked, as Greg plunged his explosive cock into her pussy again and again and again Slowly, his son pushed his stiff cock in between the girl's tender, wet labia, filling the entire depth of her burning hot pussy. Greg watched in disbelief, as Larson forced his rock-hard cock up into the girl's cunt again, making her sob quietly.


Birthday Cruise Day 01

group Hindenberg 2018-08-17

Emily got Jacob hard through his pants so that he couldn't stand up without a clear outline of his cock being on display, and in return he made her dripping wet, a further frustration to the fact that she had only been teased and had not cum for four days. Then, with her subservient voice, she said the magic words while looking them each in the eye, in turn: "Please, Mistress, let this slut serve your pussy," followed shortly after by "Please, Sir, let this slut serve your cock." They exchanged greetings and Emily sat down next to Jacob while Darren and Tiffany sat across the small table. Darren led the way, followed by Jacob, then Emily and Tiffany.



group marteekakarland 2018-08-17

"I need you to join Talia and me tonight." When Jakx looked at his friend and raised an eyebrow, Dykstra added, "In bed." Jakx groaned before pulling Talia to him more fully and kissing her the way he'd wanted to kiss her since the day he'd fucked Dykstra's mouth. The sensations Dykstra and Talia -- who had dropped to her knees now and took one of his testicles into her mouth -- were creating were so intensely pleasurable Jakx just wanted to let his eyes roll back in his head and enjoy. Jakx growled and fisted his hands in Talia's silky soft hair pulling the lovely woman to her feet.

Confessions of a Teenage Cum-Slut

group StephanieSeymour 2018-08-17

My hand squeezed Jen's knee and then slowly slid up to her leg and stomach before landing on her tit. "Jen and Betty were dyking out!" Earl said. It sounded like more had showed up while I was sucking Jen's pussy. I had to invert the arch of my back to make my pussy available to Rick and keep my tongue in Jen's snatch at the same time. One of the guys -- I think his name is Jim -- jerked me to my knees and jammed his cock in my mouth. Jen sucked a load out of Donnie's cock and let fly on my face. When the last load had been shot, the guys pulled up their pants and took a look at Jen and I.

the club

group Johnnytames69 2018-08-16

The husband left the room, en the wife, of about 35 years stripped naked before the remaining persons. It turned out that she had began sexually active form 12 year old, and that since then more than 20 men she had fucked. I wondered whether her husband new that, and I realised suddenly that I had no clue about those figures for my own wife. Two figures would be drawn, indicating who should take her, and where (1 = mouth, 2= cunt,3=ass). When she came back, from the screen, she quickly cleaned up and was dressed when her husband appeared again. The next number that came up was 5, and I only realised that when my wife stood up, it would be her turn.

The Bar - Part 1

group ChaosLev 2018-08-16

"The gas station opens at 7" said the bar tender, slowly turning to Alex, "but if you stay here, you have to order something". When it was Lisa's turn to have the Cock in her mouth, Alex leaned down and kissed her perky breasts, and she released a deep moan, and she felt Alex's hand on her panties. Maybe it was the loud music, maybe it was the shot she had, but Lisa felt herself floating, she couldn't believe she was cumming from just Alexs' fingers on her pussy and sucking on her breasts. Alex looked at her, giggling, Lisa tried to kiss her friend, but she pulled away "don't kiss me with like that, you'll get his cum all over me" she said giggling.


group stoneypoint 2018-08-16

Too skinny, no tits like Jillian or Arianna. Finally one day, she said out of nowhere: "What would you say if I told you and you don't have to feel like I am judging you or anything, but Jillian was very curious (and Arianna laughs quietly) if you and she would go out? I am horny, Anna is horny and hell, Arianna needs to be fucked too." That was a secret come to find out. Arianna loved it too, she was laying there, mesmerized by how I could eat out pussy, she sat there, rubbing her large tits and caressing herself thru her skirt. Especially Jillian, she craved that same fucking Arianna got from me.

Cousin Bobby

group drsalt 2018-08-16

Bobby brought Gina back from a trip outside (that’s the rest of the US to those of you who don’t live in Alaska, otherwise known as the ‘Lower Forty-Eight’) three years ago. According to Bobby, which was third hand from Gina, the guy had gotten drunk – he shouldn’t have been drinking with the medication in the first place – and then took a double dose of the stuff, apparently too drunk to remember that he had already taken it. This is a good one you got here.” Bobby was picking Gina up from work when that conversation took place. Bobby just took it in and asked her to tell the guy to stick to coming into the store if he had requests like that.


The First Tale

group col.h.carruthers 2018-08-16

She was now only fondling one tit as her other hand had wandered to her hairy mound and she was gently rubbing her pussy forcing open the lips so that even more love juice glistened on the dark red mass of hair that covered her groin. As he reached the end of his breath he ran his tongue the full length of Sally’s pussy from bottom to top, prising open her lips as he did so which let forth a small gush of love juice which dribbled down his chin. Unable to ignore his cock any more he began to slowly wank himself with his other hand, setting up a slow rhythm which matched the movement of his tongue on Sally’s clit which was in turn matched by the motion of his thumb inside her pussy slowly grinding against her g-spot.


18 year old ex girlfriend, and our second meeting

group lion9655 2018-08-16

Then Carly bent down and Isaac's big dick was alternately sucked and fucked by the two of them. Carly moved off of Kendra's face so I could give her the other cock that she wanted so bad. Some precum came out and she fed some to Carly, but rubbed most of it on my dick to use as lube :) We stopped for a few, then Carly sat slowly down on both our cocks...and with Kendra's eager help, jammed them both up her little pussy. About an hour had gone by and we all decided we wanted to CUM, so while Isaac and I stayed in that position, Carly and Kendra sucked our cocks furiously..always both at the same time in one of their mouths.

Pam's New Year's Celebration Ends W

group kcamal 2018-08-16

It appeared one of the guys had brought their son to the party, he was very young and inexperienced but was horny enough grab her by the side and pull her body towards his to rub the member straining to form a tent in the front of his pants against my wife's lower openings through the rear of her dress. Claudio stepped forward spread Pam's ass cheeks wide so the group could see my wife's pussy lips clinging to the young dick sliding in and out of her little furry slit. She continued the show for the guys; as her underwear reached the floor my wife's ass cheeks were now spread which put her tightly closed little puckered anal orifice on display.


Emily at a Bachelor Party

group Emilyplaying 2018-08-16

I was immediately surrounded, a bottle of tequila was produced and poured over my breasts, tummy and pussy, I had tongues working all over my nipples and pussy, I turned over and got onto all fours and let them pour the tequila over my ass and pussy, I could feel it trickling down the inside of my thighs, again it was licked off me, tongues lingered over my asshole and pussy and fingers were starting to probe, some of the guys were taking swigs from the bottle and French kissing me, transferring the liquor into my mouth as they did so, Noel was one of these and he then poured tequila over his cock and made me lick it off, a couple of other guys did the same.

A New Start Ch. 01-02

group sexygirl76 2018-08-16

He had headed for his car, leaving her screaming at his parent's grave as he drove away and went home and started to pack what little he had left. The man smiled, "Sure, that sounds great." Michael moved aside and his neighbor stepped into the house. Michael told him his story, starting from how on graduation night he had come home to find his house in flames and his parents and brother locked inside. Jake turned back and waved and Michael waved back before going back into the house and leaning back against the closed door. Michael looked at Alisha, she was smiling seductively and reached up and ran her hand over his chest. Michael felt his cock go rock hard in his jeans and blushed as Jake's eyes drifted down to his crotch.


Christina's Paybacks Ch. 02

group TX_Fun_Dr 2018-08-16

With his right hand, Doc slowly began stroking his cock for Christina. Christina walked over and removed Doc's hands from his cock and balls. Christina slowly removed their fingers from her pussy and guided them to Doc's lips. Then as if she had become a wild banshee, Christina began to fuck down hard on Doc's cock. Carrie had been taking pictures when Christina was just teasing her pussy with Doc's cock head. As she gained some sort of composure, she looked down to see Doc's cum starting to ooze from her pussy and pool at the base of his cock.


Heathers Birthday Massage

group Kyle2010 2018-08-16

The final set of boundaries I came up with were as follows: No kissing above the neck, no penises out, she could feel him through his underwear, wherever my lips or hands went, his could too. For her birthday, I asked her if she liked the idea of 2 guys massaging her naked body at one time. At that point, my friend bent down, looked at me for approval for which I gave immediately, and he started to tongue her pussy lips. After she came, she pulled down his underwear to expose his rock hard cock and she turned to her side and started sucking it like there was no tomorrow.