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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

She Spends Weekend with Them Ch. 06

group metacarpal 2018-08-16

Dale's cock and Karen's vagina had been treated gently that day and they were now ready to resume good, hard fucking. Bev watched with her video camera as Karen and Dale ignored the lens to fuck with passion. Karen awoke a few hours later to the sound of Bev's vibrator humming away. She discovered Bev was running the toy up and down the length of Dale's cock, bringing him once more to full excitement. Did I earn my way into the rest of your secrets?" she coaxed and teased Bev. Together over several cups of coffee, Dale conspicuously absent, the two of them privately pried into the truly forbidden of the secret videos. That got Mark so excited he slipped right back inside again and within a few minutes he came a second time.


group tatts~horny65 2018-08-16

Kaycee, on the other hand was a regular root rat, couldn't keep her hands off the patrons or the other staff for that matter, regular little hornbag, Cheryll & Jo (short for Josephine), straight talking, down the line lesbians who only had eyes for women or each other, they weren't fussy, nor were they adverse to putting on a little show for a select few patrons, for a price mind you, which brings us lastly to the "2 TEES," Tiffany & Terese, Tiff was married with 2 beaut kids, but a cunt of an old man, bashed her around a bit, don't know how many times she'd lob at work with a bruised & battered face & body.

Poker Face

group Destiny_Parker 2018-08-16

Kristen had gone to high school with Jake, just as she had Kelly who had been her best friend since junior high. The last time she had seen him he had been with his wife and still Kristen had fantasized about all the ways she wanted him to fuck her. She pulled herself up off the bed and turned to head back into the bathroom when she realized that she needed to call Jake and tell him that plans had changed. Jake reddened slightly, "You better keep your licks to yourself young lady." There was a strain in his voice and Kristen wondered if he really meant it. Kristen loved kids and she found it easy to listen while Jake told her all about the little man in his life.


Dinner Is Served

group bradley_stoke 2018-08-16

"Hello, Nigel," Zoë said with as welcoming a smile as she could muster, but as soon as she could she gave Pauline a quizzical glare. "So, Nigel, you work at the same place as Pauline?" Zoë wondered, noticing that his companion was having a rather animated conversation with Martin about drugs and dance music. Esther had pushed her dildo into Pauline's cunt and the two girls were pretending to enjoy something that was clearly relatively uncomfortable and unnatural, while their mouths continued to grapple. She wandered through the open kitchen door, wearing just her knickers, to see Nigel sitting disconsolately on the stool with a glass in his hand that he'd just refilled with the red cooking wine that Esther had left on the breakfast table.


Let's Play Nice

group luvzcock 2018-08-16

"Uh Ben, do you mind if I eat your wife's pussy?" I asked as Drea started jerking me and sucking my balls at the same time. She started jerking my cock now in time with her head bobbing and I kept tongue fucking her wet hole. More moans from Drea as I started sucking her clit like I had done earlier to Ben's cock. Drea squirmed wanting Ben to fuck her silly, but he was content to have his cock buried deep in her pussy and my mouth sucking his balls. I felt Ben start to pull his cock out of Drea's sopping pussy, so I opened my mouth a bit.

Sharing Wife with Foreigners

group MrsCanyon 2018-08-16

Tracy was virtually down for the count but I watched Hans gently put his hand onto her knee, wait awhile and then, when she didn't react, he moved it up her leg and tried to push it up under her skirt. I watched as Hans pushed his fingers deeper into her groin and she began to lick her lips and slide down in the seat to try and give him better access. I just had time to lift Tracy of the bed and get her standing, swaying, just wearing her panties with me grasping her boobs from behind to support her when Hans came in, still wearing his shorts.

Matthew & Suzanne Enjoy Life

group Matt&Suz 2018-08-16

On the way up to their room, Matthew kissed Suzanne deeply and slid his fingers into her silk panties to find them already wet. Once they reached their room, Matthew slipped Suzanne's short dress off quickly and removed her lacy bra. Their names were John and Tom. Suzanne began to kiss Matthew's neck and he turns to kiss her lips deeply. Matthew stops kissing Suzanne and asks the guys if they would like to see her beautiful tits. Suzanne looks at Matthew and smiles as she removes her shirt and then her bra. He removes his shirt and Suzanne begins to lick the head of his beautiful cock. John and Tom quickly slip out of the room and Matthew and Suzanne fall asleep holding each other tightly.

I Forgot I Had A Dr's Appointment!

group discoflutterby 2018-08-16

The nurse stood up quickly, looking toward the door as I tried covering myself up....his eyes were really huge, taking in the scene but after a few seconds he slowly shut the door. I pulled up my shirt and started rolling my nipples between my fingers, grinding my pussy all over Katie's face. I knew I was close and brought my right hand down to rub my clit furiously as I was getting fucked really hard by the doctor, just as I heard Katie let out a long deep moan while slowly her own hips down over me, I could feel as she dripped her juices all over my face.

A Ski Weekend

group OldWriterDude 2018-08-16

"Sure is a log of coverage in this tub," Dani said, looking at my butt as I left the tub to head into the bathroom. After desert, we finally enjoyed our bottle of wine, took a turn with each other's wife around the dance floor and started to head back to our luxury suite. I took a quick sip of wine and grabbed Candy and we slow danced for a song as did Dani and Dan. After that I gulped down the rest of my glass before being passed off to Dani. While Dan and I were struggling with the cork screw Candy and Dani started slow dancing.


Our Unholy Church

group CindyBlue36 2018-08-16

Then Jake said "Wilda suck it deeper." I did and at the same time Cindy wiggled a finger around the side of my panties and into my very wet pussy. Denny and I started seeing one another and from time to time like twice a month Jake and Cindy would come by for dinner and spend the night. So when Denny started to finger my pussy it felt great and my tongue was enjoying Cindy's pussy all at the same time. Don said "Wilda you're gorgeous and I love your tits." I was thinking his cock felt pretty darn good too when his magic fingers got my blouse open and my bra unhooked letting my tits to fall free.


The Wilde Side Ch. 04

group StiffClit 2018-08-16

Wade and Dallas watched the women from the bed, their faces a study of amorous rapture as Eve and Bella's passion ignited them both. Dallas watched Eve tit fuck her, his cock now about to explode with desire, and he too quickly swung his leg across Bella's waist. Wade watched as Dallas' ass hung in the air just above the head of Bella's cock. Wade had backed away from Bella's pussy when Dallas had lowered his lovely ass on her cock; he watched the train before him and continued to stroke. "Fuck me harder, baby," pleaded Eve as Dallas drove his cock inside her, causing her to slide her rod down Bella's now hot and creamy throat.

Dirty Fantasy

group Vixen77 2018-08-16

I take the man's dick in my mouth and begin to suck him deeply, I feel a thick, hard cock sliding into my tight, little pussy, he groans as he enters me and your fingers start to tease my clit. The blonde behind me fucks me roughly, holding onto my hips, pulling me urgently onto his rock hard dick, the older man in front of me has his hands in my hair as he pushes his glorious cock further into my mouth, I lick and tease him, I want him to give me all his cum. I'm so turned on being taken like this and buck against the cock in my pussy, I feel him harden inside me and know he's about to explode, I suck the man in front of me till he's twitching ready to cum.


Wife and husband get fucked in bus trip

group faisalkhann 2018-08-16

The very first time, the bus lurched over the corner, my wife was pushed against this old villager on the standing seat but people in the Indian villages are very accommodating and caring about such things and the man didn't make a fuss and he even helped her get back in her standing position by holding her still with his two hands. The moment that man realized that his cock hit my face, he took hold of his abnormally fat fuck-tool and f***ed its foreskinned cock head in my mouth. And I realized that the old man at the standing seat was holding my wife protectively only because he had raised her petticoat and was fucking her slowly with his old, gnarled but very large uncut cock.

My Dear B****r II: The Present

group seityn 2018-08-16

{It was a see-through bra, thigh-high stockings, and a micro-mini skirt with no panties.} I had been waiting so long that, when he came in, I ran down the hall, threw myself around him, kissed him deeply, and exclaimed “b****r, you're home!”, pouting “It's about time.”. B****r began to follow, “You may join us in one hour.”, I said to him, winking to let him know that I would turn on the camera so that he could watch. I shifted position and began to lick her nipples, suck on her breasts, and massage her thighs. When she had calmed slightly, she grabbed my cock, and began sucking on the head and stroking the shaft.

The Knocking Over of the Trophy

group Schenkkan 2018-08-16

"Actually," Bert said from in front, "my girlfriend has been taking a liking to Scott." The rattling plates and glasses must have distorted Bert's words from the kitchen, Scott surmised, for no dude would ever talk like this. What a contrast, Scott thought, between Bert's sleek hair of bronze, Felix's medium waves of chestnut-brown, and Ivan's short, upright hair spikes of coffee bean brown. Perhaps, Scott concluded, he could ask Lily and Bert what they wanted from him. Scott said, "I wanted to talk to you and Bert." "Guys, of course, love their girls romantically, and their girls want them to," Lily said. Lily's pearl-white bra, however, pulled Scott's eyes forward like a U-magnet a set of pins. "Bert doesn't mind sharing me with you," Lily said.


Bonfire Fairytales Ch. 07

group GreyGoose 2018-08-16

Everyone was enjoying watching Lily's pussy getting fucked, and when Patrick finished lapping up Julie's orgasm, he too looked over to witness it for himself. Lily giggled at the slick of oil that covered her skin, and she began to tease Drew by rubbing her hands over her body. Knowing exactly what she wanted, Drew grabbed her legs and started thrusting his hips, sliding his meat back and forth through the slick of oil surrounding Lily's pussy. Watching Julie's skin glisten all over with the sheen of oil, seeing her body jolt with the shock of Patrick's thrusts as he ravaged her from behind... Glad to feel him taking charge, Julie smiled at Lily and Drew, who were now watching with great interest.


Earth Mother

group tonidelasalle 2018-08-16

Her right arm around Naomi's shoulders, the woman started to rock back and forth while her left hand slid down Naomi's body to the vee between her thighs. Naomi's head came away from that titanic breast and she gasped, a wordless cry of pure pleasure emitting from her. I watched the large woman's fingers, coated with Naomi's thick fluid, stroke her clit and plunge back into her well, freshening the fluids every few seconds. Naomi's head again came away from that heavy breast and she screamed a cry of pure magnificent pleasure. For a brief second, I knew that this was how good it had felt for this enormous, beautiful woman to caress Naomi.

Embracing Chaos Ch. 03

group Bigdenverman 2018-08-16

At first, Gary was simply turned on by his wife's extramarital sex with Crue. Samantha and Gary had chosen not to have a second sexual adventure with Crue, though he was available and both agreed that he might very well be an acceptable partner down the road. Samantha looked at Gary frequently for the approval she needed, even as she planted her right foot on Crue's shoulder to allow him more access. Once his cock was inside, Gary could not see the actual act anymore, and he focused his attention on his wife - how her soft legs were spread for her lover, how her painted toes pointed, how her lips were parted and how her breasts softly swayed under him.

Hot Connnections

group hotbard 2018-08-16

Richard saw his hands move down, then up again, gently raising the edge of Sam's teeshirt, then pushing back down again, taking her panties down to her knees. Richard gasped silently as he watched Sam being pushed back to a sitting position on the edge of the double bed, her panties now around her ankles. Richard started stroking his cock again, watching the fine hair glistening around Sam's cunt as Mike drew her knees up to get closer. Richard edged closer to watch, his balls throbbing as he wanked slowly in time with Mike's tongue against Sam's clit. She started to writhe with pleasure, pushing against Mike's tongue as it encircled her: she moved an arm out to steady herself, meeting Richard's thigh as he knelt silently beside her.


Memories Ch. 04

group i_would 2018-08-16

They were invited to a party, sent to the same car park as Ms Locatelli where they were to call a specific phone number, and finally woke up in their own beds with their clothes missing and no memories of the night before. He invited me to his retirement party as a long-term business relation, where I was re-introduced to Thelma as the new investigative journalist, who was also to report on the more serious crime cases. "Well she was at a party about a month ago, and had very much the same experience as Ms Locatelli: invited to a party, not having any memories of it including going there, waking up the next day late afternoon with her clothes missing, and many erotic dreams since."


True story...

group plussizepussy 2018-08-16

After a late night of partying my best friend and I returned home and started an in depth conversation about stripping. I'd always wanted to be the kind of girl who could turn on a slow sexy song and slowly shed all my clothes while silently teasing my man. As she stood there now playing with her pussy i couldn't take my eyes off her thick full voluptuous body. I slid the vibrator inside my hott wet pussy. He took control of the vibrator and started to fuck me with it.I quickly and uncontrollably came. Am I really about to let my best friends boyfriend fuck me? I turned over and found myself face to face with my best friends pussy.


group shakenmartini55 2018-08-16

Finally, he settled down and between wheezes he said, "My wife Patty is on the same committee and I think she and Sonia have become really close friends if you know what I mean." Marcus winked at me as he finished his sentence. Marcus told me that Sonia had bared her tits to Patty a couple of times and once managed to flash her bare pussy. Marcus then looked over at me and said, "Michael, are Sonia tits really as big as Patty says?" Finally, Marcus looked Patty and said, "I love Sonia's dress, don't you honey?" Sonia was giggling and leaned into Marcus pressing her huge tits against him and said, "I hope you don't mind that I let your cock out to play.


Kristen and Rick Has A Great Date

group HorneeCouple 2018-08-16

However Kristen knew their night of passion would have to wait because after dinner they had plans to watch the football game together at Rick's house with his best friends Jamie and Tommy. Rick then instructed Tommy to kiss Kristen and he did, in the meantime Jamie had already undressed and was in fondling his cock as he watched Tommy and Kristen together. Tommy could tell that Jamie was almost ready to cum so he grabbed Kristen's hair and pulled her off of Jamie's cock and began to bite on her neck while fucking her ass as to give Jamie a minute to calm down. Tommy continued fucking Kristen in the ass as Jamie played with her clit alternating between rubbing and squeezing it.

Jade and Tamsin Part 1: The Seduction

group jk90 2018-08-16

She looked at Tamsin as she rubbed the dildo up and down her dripping pussy and squeezed her boob and nipple, enjoying seeing her friend's eyes dancing all over her, taking the sight in, and biting her lip in a sure sign of arousal. When she new Tamsin was comfortable with the length and size of the strap-on, Jade started using her hips more and more, fucking her best friend's drooling pussy faster and faster, and spreading her ass cheeks until it looked like she was nearly being split in two. Tamsin smiled and pulled back slightly, before diving in to her best friend's pussy tongue first, spreading her lips to get inside her hole, tasting all of the sweet juices inside it, before moving up to relentlessly suck and tease the clit.