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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Threesome on a Saturday Night

group Anthraxfan 2018-08-16

For a moment she rests on the edge of the tub letting the warm water flow down her well shaped body as comes to a sitting position facing the camera. Her left comes into view as she strokes her love button with the forefinger of both hands while using her middle fingers to hold her cunt open for easy viewing. She grabs the telephone book and leans back against the headboard with her left leg hanging off the edge of the bed and the right one resting on the edge. I can feel Tracy's tongue at work on the top of my cock as I repeatedly drive it ever so deep into Rachel's hot cunt.


Anything For You, My Dear Ch. 02

group JustALittleCrazy 2018-08-16

After a few minutes, she sits up a little, looks me in the eyes, gives me a long French kiss and says, "You're a damn good lover, Danny. He's moving closer and soon Kate is saying, "Oh, God. Holy shit I feel full!" She looks at Sue and says, "Wow! We continue to use her two holes and four minutes from the start of our DP, Mark growls and says, "Oh, Shit...Fuck!" Kate hits her second orgasm as Mark is shooting cum in the condom he's wearing. She reaches over and pulls the condom off my cock, then leans down and licks me clean like Sue did for Mark.


In College the Following Night

group oldercpl4fun 2018-08-16

Waking I feel a soft hand across my eyes and a warm mouth sucking my erect cock. I move back between Kathy's thighs to explore her leaving a hand idly stroking Jane's cunt. Jane's matching moan at the loss of my tongue was answered by a gasp of air from Kathy as I sink my tongue inside her. I slide two fingers inside Jane and caress her slick walls while sucking at the aroused cunt between Kathy's legs. Looking back at Jane I pull her closer so I can drop my mouth back on her cunt and use both hands to pull her against my mouth. With a soft moan Jane drops her mouth to Kathy's breasts and start to suck each one into her mouth.


The Graduation Gift

group Kyguy432 2018-08-16

For the next half hour, Millie, the curvy, tall, radiant redhead and Adrian - 6 feet and muscle and brains and dark curls and deep brown eyes -toked on "my blue heaven", talked about nothing, kissed, caressed and loved on each other as they had for years. When she made the decision to fulfill a long-desired fantasy as a gift to herself for finally completing the investment she'd made in herself, the two names that came to mind, after a lot of pondering, were Adrian and Jay. This was a treat she wanted, like no other, and these two men, she hoped, would agree to it.

Group sex in Essex, with my friend's husband

group 2018-08-16

Brian sounded hoarse, 'How are you Mariel, heard so much about you over the years, cant wait to meet you', I thanked him in my politest manner, 'We were going through some old photos with you in them', he casually remarked, 'Really, which ones are we talking about', I remembered Virginia was a keen photographer and developer, that was she could develop the racier photos, without alerting the authorities back then, I could feel my heart pounding as she had taken many of me, nude and indecent, 'Shit Brian, put her back on', and I could hear her laughing as she took the phone back, 'What photos have you shown Brian', I tried to sound both stern and jocular at the same time, 'He has seen all you have to offer Mariel, how could I resist not showing my husband my best friend au-natural', she was laughing as if teasing me, then I heard Brain say something, 'Brian says he hopes you bring your large diamond nets darling', 'My stockings', I queried, 'Fuck Virginia that was eighteen years ago, I dont have them now', and she turned to Brian and said, 'Mariel wants to know if she needs wear her panties', I could hear a resounding 'No', and on it went, she teasing and being outrageous, but fun to hear and speak to her again like old times.

Caring Co-worker... and Her Friend

group MyDirtyThoughts 2018-08-16

Gwen released my balls and said that it tasted even better then it looked before taking my cock all the way down and holding herself there. Feeling that I was getting close, I held her head in place and started pumping my cock in and out of her mouth hard. I watched as she started squirming, "Yes, cum for me as I fill up you slut friend's hot mouth bitch. Gwen got off first, looking back to see Jen riding me for the first time, in the final stages of her orgasm. "I'm gonna' fill you up with this fat cock Gwen, you're my lil' whore and I'm gonna' make you scream as you eat your slut friend," and I pushed her head down between her friends legs.

Jilnar Jardaly جلنار جردلي Fucks the Plumbers

group JilnarJardalyLustCum 2018-08-16

Unable to control themselves, they always drop their tools and thrust their hard cocks straight in into hot waiting holes and fuck my pussy and ass as hard and as fast as they can. The only problem is that my pussy and ass are so hot and tight that they never last long and I'm soon feeling myself being filled by their nasty, primitive, blue-collar cum. They were both such good boys that, after they'd finished ravaging me, I undressed them both, laid they down on my bed and licked the sweat and grime off their entire bodies; their cocks and balls, faces, feet, armpits and I ever licked out the inside of their sweaty, hairy asses (I love sticking my tongue right up a man's warm butt-hole).

Holly and Kent

group AlwaysHungry 2018-08-16

And the time came when Jeri told him to wait for her in the dorm room, only to call with a tender apology, asking him to stay for an hour until she could make it home. "I had my back to him, so I couldn't see his face, but I knew it was all contorted, you know, the way he gets when he feels guilty about looking at me, and I was pretty excited about the whole thing. She had no clue as to what Kent looked like, but she assumed he would be attractive -- knowing Jeri -- and that he would not be one of the employees of the firm, most of which she had met at one time or another.


A Much-Needed Second Vacation

group Well_hung_Well_off 2018-08-16

What was blocked from my view inside was the fact that my wife Claire had her left hand under Jill's dress and onto her hip moving it so that it circled over the perfectly formed globe of Jill's ass. I moved in behind Jill, my erection making a nice home for itself between Jill's perfect ass cheeks, and began to kiss and lick Jill's neck and ear lobe, causing her to moan softly into Claire's wide open mouth. As Jill was driving me crazy by rubbing my cock and kissing it through my underwear, Claire hopped up onto the bed, started pinching and rubbing her nipple as if it could possibly extend itself any further than it already did, and her other hand snaked over her mound, rubbing her pussy through her boy shorts.

Married Woman Lacked Cock Ch. 03

group aimztoplz 2018-08-16

This type of exhibitionism, while fun to see, was not a character trait we were seeking in a man. Light bondage is as kinky as I get. I have never done anything kinky, not even light bondage, but am willing to try it. My God! My God! Goooood God! That is not a deal breaker for me. That is what we are discussing, of course. I found this discussion a little too formal and wanted to cut to the chase. We were dealing with academics and could prolong this type of discussion ad naseum. They showed us pictures of their family, three grown children and numerous other relatives, and lots of group photos with social acquaintances.


My Re-awakening

group Barjumpa 2018-08-16

Beautiful young fit tanned men all kissing my body and I felt my dress being slipped down sliding with hands of men and women lingering on my breasts and nipples. Dancing in a g string I am still a magnet for their attentions and soon a feel a blob of glitter gel being rubbed on my body, breasts, nipples, neck and back.. I am in love as a chain of orgasms hit with such f***e I am weakened but I hold his neck as I am gasping for air and smile as I feel his body stiffen and feel a powerful squirt of cum splash inside.

Carolyn's First Big Romp Ch. 02

group imamazing 2018-08-16

Ellen laid back on the lounge chair, spread her legs wide, to reveal her gapping snatch, inserted two fingers, and announced "well what the fuck are you waiting for, do you want me one at a time or are you going to team fuck me?." "Fine by me" said Ellen, "I've got a pussy and an ass that need some action and you know how I love to swallow goo! Cyndi said she sat amazed as Ellen lost 13 straight hands and continued to pound the liquor into her. Cyndi did add that she woke up several hours later with a well loaded pussy...apparently some of the guys didn't mind fucking a girl...even if she was passed out drunk!

Football Wife

group n2it2ru 2018-08-16

I straddled his lap and gyrated my pussy on his hard cock and rubbed my tits in his face. I sat down, had him face me and I then opened his pants, releasing his cock which was so engorged that the head was hard and a little purplish in color and a good deal of pre-cum was oozing out the end. That's when I said (much to my own surprise: "OK, now it's time for the action, fuck me, fuck me hard, all of you!" Charley then stood up, took off his clothes and slammed his engorged cock deep into my pussy. He took long and hard but steady strokes driving that big cock completely into me and then pulling it almost all of the way out.

Hiking Ch. 2

group Bill Smith 2018-08-16

As The Great Hunter walks up to Justine she gently kisses her lips and says, "This my dear is my sexual slave and if you are nice to me I might just share him with you." "He barked and growled a lot when I bagged him but now he will do whatever I say," the Great Hunter tells Justine. Lick me clean," the Great Hunter commands as she spread her legs and places a hand on Justine to keep her balance. "Oh yes he does," the Great Hunter tells Justine, "and I like it too." As I lie down as the Great Hunter commands, Justine grabs my left arm and ties it to the left stake.

Frat House Alumni Pt. 01

group lac6201 2018-08-16

Rex pushed open the door to find the blonde bimbo ass up, face down, eating the pussy of the red head from down the hall. The door opened and Rex looked over to see the red head being held upside down, with her legs around the shoulders of one of the frat brothers, her pussy opened and his tongue darting in and out of her open hole. The frat brother walked her over to Rex, still keeping her snatch on his mouth and pressing her head down on his cock. Rex grinned and took the scotch, keeping his cock pumping into the bimbo's throat the entire time.

Friends with Benefits

group WendellHenry 2018-08-16

Lexi and Danielle got on each side of Scott and started rubbing their asses against his hips, "Do us Scott, we want some action to," they whined. Scott bent Rachel's hot ass over the couch and slid his throbbing cock into her small cunt, and Lexi knew that she wanted this. I want to run my tongue around his long hard shaft as he slides in and out of you." Lexi thought she would die if she didn't get Scott inside of her. Lexi got her head angled just right and sucked Rachel's clit while she watched Scott take his time. Lexi moved her head but kept rubbing Rachel's clit so Scott could really bang her.

Unmitigated Lust

group Paris Waterman 2018-08-16

I noticed that the head of his penis had begun to leak and ran my finger around the pee hole, smearing the fluid over his huge black knob. I had little butterflies in my stomach as the screen flickered, then came into focus revealing a woman licking another's pussy while the woman being licked sucked on a black man's cock. I just stared at him as he pumped his meat and alternated between rubbing his hand over the purplish knob of his cock and massaging his balls until he came, and then cleaned himself off and left the booth. I took about three seconds to consider his offer, then said, "I'll blow you," and pushed the tens back at him, put my mouth on his cock and wriggled my tongue underneath the swollen head.


Friends in Need

group jk 2018-08-16

“Oh no” she replied, “I’m going to swallow you right down” and with that she opened her mouth and took the first two inches of my cock inside. She lifted from my cock and closed her eyes I knew she was there too “Yes” she said, “God yes I’m almost there fuck me Tony, fuck me, make me cum, oh God oh GOODDD I’M CUMMING.” She thrust back hard against Tony and with a grunt he obviously let his own cum release deep in her wet pussy. With a huge “YES, OH MY GOD YES” Tony came into her mouth, Annie swallowed his cum taking care to suck him dry of every last drop before letting his softening cock slip from her mouth.

A Very Important Date

group Anabelle_McAllister 2018-08-16

Eric was decked out in the same priest costume he had worn several years in the past, my husband, Derek, wore a token pirate hat and eye patch, and Rob hadn't bothered at all, wearing jeans and a t shirt. We stopped at a couple different bars as we made our way down the street, shouting to people we knew, loudly complimenting awesome costumes, and yelling "whore" at scantily clad women; basically being drunk and belligerent and having a blast. Derek gave her a long look, turning his head as she passed. Jill laughed, then as her turn at the bathroom came, she ducked inside with a friendly smile. As my husband was offering Jill a drink, I leaned over to Eric and spoke quietly.


They Will Never Call Me Old Again

group trueman_darling 2018-08-16

As her orgasm finally started to die down a little, I broke free from her pussy and without warning grabbed her by the hips and flipped her over, pushing her face into the seat of the couch, and bringing her awesome ass right in front of my mouth. “Well, then this is what we are going to do…” My mind went back to that image I had in the store of me in Tracy’s ass while I pulled Laura’s mouth against my ass…”Laura, I want you to tongue fuck my ass like I just did to you while I drive my big hard cock into Tracy’s ass. I had wanted to fuck a woman in the ass my entire life, and here I was at 40 finally getting to violate this sweet little teenage girl for the first time.

Swap Meet Ch. 02

group Boondocker42 2018-08-16

His hands made contact with her hips the same moment the head of his cock split her pink lips. Gloria didn't really need the encouragement but she felt his want transmitted through his hand and it made her feel alive and very horny. Without a word, without really making eye contact, her hand had slipped under the waistband of his shorts to grip his cock. We are going to play a game." Trey was completely hard now but Helen wanted just a little more. She held her hand in front of his face, fingers spread wide."I'm going to use the same method to get you hard each time. "You look like a dream," Frank said, closing the door without taking his eyes off the young woman.


The Ultimate Fantasy

group Hudson 2018-08-16

Natalie nodded her head in agreement with some dissatisfaction, which quickly disappeared as she felt her nipples once again being stimulated by two mouths and tongues, within minutes Natalie could feel her juices flowing uncontrollably and her head swelled at the thought of a stranger fondling one of breasts, she knew it wouldn't be long before she came as her clit swelled she tried to stimulate herself by pushing down against the bench however Greg had positioned her in such a way she was unable to do so. Natalie placed her hands on the blonde's heads and stroked their perfect hair as they licked and sucked her erect hard crimson nipples, Natalie felt her clit enlarging as the brunette's tongue slowly slid up and down her drenched pussy discovering her tight hole her swollen lips and hard clit, sipping Natalie's juices.

Sweet Nurse Love

group timjac2 2018-08-16

I started slow letting my cock get good and wet from her pussy, and soon I was pounding hard into her. Tamara said, "That's the way I like hard deep and fast, and Judy bring your pussy over here so I can suck on it." Judy soon came too and filled Tamara's mouth with hot pussy juice. Tamara, started to play with Judys' clit and soon Judy was screaming, "OMG, fuck, play with my pussy you slut, make me cum, make me soak his cock with juice. Judy got off me and laid on her back and I rolled over, and was soon fucking her hard. Judys' eyes soon rolled in her head as she came hard this time squirting her juices all over my cock and balls.


The Hunt Ch. 11-12

group i_would 2018-08-16

"It's been raining hard, so I'd like to try a new hiding tactic, camouflage," Ashley suggested shortly after they left the mansion. Fred walked towards her, grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and said, "Now just open up like a good girl, OK?" And then the heat was completely off Phoebe and Ashley, and the girls started to discuss whether Ruby indeed liked being caught, and how she even could enjoy it, as most girls said they accepted the sex, did not like it, and just did it for the money. More girls made it to the river to camouflage themselves, not just Phoebe and Ashley, where they had a quick mudslinging party in the rain before spreading out and hiding themselves.