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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fucking the School Slut Ch. 02

group ericrodman101 2018-08-16

"Make the fucking most of it," said Zac. He undid his belt, dropped his trousers, stepped round to the other side of the desk and offered Tracey his swollen cock. I climbed until I was kneeling on the edge of the desk, and kept ass fucking her while lifting her up at the same time until her pussy was also in the air but still impaled on Zac's cock. Seth had to pull out first to let me down off the desk, but he was ready too, so we both stepped round to her face and while she bounced on Zac's cock, we came together across her cute visage.

The Plumber

group LadyDarcy 2018-08-16

Standing behind me, your left arm wrapped around my waist, your right hand playing with my pussy lips, I could feel you getting harder against my back, as I bit my lip to try to keep quiet. I felt you spread my lips, giving the plumber a good look at my hard, pink clit and the wetness oozing from my pussy. Looking up at you, all I saw were those hard eyes, as you pulled me a little closer - almost like a gentle squeeze of reassurance. As your finger gently fucked my asshole, the plumber continued in my pussy and I became oblivious to everything but the physical sensations the two of you created and my fear.

Uniques Bachelor Party

group jamisonh213 2018-08-16

" Lily, I don't care if this takes all night, I am going to make you squirt and right into my mouth like you would take a load of my cum." I told her, "you massage your tits and I will do the rest," as I clamped my mouth over her clitoris and started to play using my tongue. I then led her to the center of the room and left her standing there as I addressed the guys again, "Get your check books out because Lily has on exactly 7 pieces of clothing and it will cost each of you $200.00, made out to her charity, to remove one of the pieces but Craig gets the ultimate prize of removing her panties."


One Special Spring Day Pt. 07

group Connie_Ann 2018-08-16

Bonnie is able to say, "No, please don't stop, I am enjoying the feeling of being held by two men, while you have me bent over sliding your fingers deep inside me," She begins to tremble and shake with the guys holding her, and Dave is pleasuring her with his fingers. Bill runs up giving her a great big hug and kiss then says, "Hi, babe it is so nice to see you as I was told they would not let you see me since we were not family, and then Dave tells me he is willing to overlook that and allow us this one visit.

Biker Bash

group Lone9653 2018-08-16

She went on to tell me that while she was setting up for her separation, she got busy with finding a new place to live, all of which sounded reasonable because I had always had the impression of her being a family woman, raising her three daughters, working hard, and doing all the things a good mom does. In the previous couple of days, I was thinking about how nice it was going to be to finally meet Sara, and I was looking forward to having her on the back seat of my bike and us riding. It wasn't the best point of view for me considering Kelly's face and Mark's ass was facing us but I thought it was hot as hell looking over at Kelly staring me in the eyes when Sara leaned over and started bobbing up and down on my cock again.


The Next Day

group LunaLupus15 2018-08-16

Slowly sliding my hands up her shirt I lean in to begin to ever so carefully nip at her neck before pulling her shirt up and over her head. With a small groan, I kneel up a bit and begin to ride your cock while slowly putting more pressure on Marie's clit. Seating you fully inside me I stop moving for a minute letting you feel my pussy tightening around your cock as waves of pleasure wash over me. With a small sigh of pure pleasure I begin to suck and nibble on the head of your cock making you quiver. After several minutes of this torture you pull out of my mouth and come up behind your wife sliding your cock deep into her.


I’m a Gangbang Slut Wife Who can’t get

group Butlerguy 2018-08-16

As Chuck and I walked across the room towards the bar the other men’s eyes followed my every step, after we passed most of the men I intentionally dropped my lighter I bent over to pick it up which allowed my skirt to give them an unobstructed view of my bare ass and I’m sure shaved pussy lips were also in their view, I heard a couple of Wows and one guy say look at that whores ass wouldn’t you love to stick your dick in that? Another black man who was also another bartender at a lounge I go to a couple times a week to relax with a drink or two while waiting to be propositioned and taken out and fucked in some guys back seat or driven to a motel to have my holes pounded and cum filled by one or more hard cocks.

The Friday night threesome-just a warmup

group LRock4fun 2018-08-16

He grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me back toward his hard cock. Even tho I knew it was gonna hurt, my face only showed pleasure I took the full length in one stroke and started grinding my ass against his shaft. I dont know how long he fucked me, but after what felt like hours, he finally slapped me on the ass and said "take that fucking cum you little n^^^^r dick loving slut" and flooded my insides with the biggest spray of cum I have ever felt. The rest of the night they took turns fucking me and a couple of time they spit roasted me.

Hayden Panettiere And Megan Fox With Count Dracula

group 2018-08-16

Megan didn’t have time to realize that Milos pulled out only so he could cream all over her lovely face. “Do you know what this man did to my final br…I mean your friend Megan,” Dracula asked her. I see our Megan likes to surround herself with gorgeous women,” Dracula said as he stepped over Milos. Van Butroy could tell by her widened eyes that Megan had discovered Dracula was the man drilling into her rectum and sought to calm her. After her first night with Dracula, she knew that the vampire needed her answer by the time they all came, which was approaching rapidly. Megan knew it was time to decide as the second load of vampire cum was splattered within her body.

Tissue Tease Ch. 07

group vic450 2018-08-15

Carol involuntarily shivers as she feels Crystal's fingers run lightly along the skin of her leg. As he reaches the wrist of that arm, Carol feels Rich lean forward allowing her hand to fully touch his excitement through his swimsuit. As Crystal cups Carol's breast, Rich leans towards Carol's leg and lightly kisses her inner thigh. His lips moving slowly and lightly along Carol's inner thigh as his fingers continue to move along Carol's pussy over her bikini bottom. Carol, not quite hearing the exchange because she was concentrating on the movement of Rich's fingers opens her eyes to see Crystal's naked pussy being lowered onto her face. As Rich moves his tongue tip around or over Carol's clit, he glances up at Crystal.


Hairelding a New Don Ch. 5

group belab 2018-08-15

Silvia and I were shocked hearing the lowly “Cosca” speaking so harshly to the Don’s wife but she whimpered “My husband loves my hairy armpits he makes me stay hairy and does not even allow me to trim the long hair in my unshaven pits” She was still bouncing up and down the strong cockmeat of Aldo with her arms behind her head showing her bushy armpits when Aldo said “why does he go and get those whores every night then and fuck them al night are they more hairy than you”. I shook Silvia who had stopped sucking my cock and was stroking it slowly enchanted by the scene of her voluptuous mother being fucked by two studs.

The Raging Storm

group UnfalteringAngelToo 2018-08-15

A loud clap of thunder woke me from my sleep where I found that my head was on Tim's chest, and that Mac's hand was on my hip at the edge of my shorts hem. Mac's hand left my breast and together with Tim they both pulled me free of those little running shorts. I couldn't help but scream and this time my voice filled the room as I had to pull off of Tim. That didn't last long though as he put a hand to the back of my head and with a fistful of hair directed me back down on his thick pole. Mac got into a rhythm of fucking my ass and Tim got in a rhythm of tonguing and sucking my pussy.

Cheating With My Boss & Her Husband

group alli980 2018-08-15

Standing there in front of Gina in just a pair of transparent white lace string panties and a matching demi-pushup bra (trying to make the most of my 34a/b size)I was feeling somewhat embarrassed. I rolled over and Gina was holding her husbands cock in both hands, one on top of the other and sucking on a good four inches that rose up above that. His cock was now pushing the crotch of my panties aside and I could feel his hot cockhead just starting inside my pussy lips. Gina pulled her husband from me diving between my open legs and started to give me a pussy licking I'll not soon forget.

Old Friends, New Horizions

group pulaski 2018-08-15

I didn't really know Sarah well until she and Tom started going out late in high school, but she fell right in with our little group of friends. Anyway, to cut to the chase, Tom and Sarah got married a while after high school and have been the ones I have remained closest to over the years and always make a point to stop in and visit when I go home. Although this made me a little nervous, I kept looking over at Tom to see if Sarah was crossing the line with him, but I got no indication one way or the other so I just enjoyed the attention and wrote it off to the alcohol.


Caught in a Storm

group Sienna 2018-08-15

Both Leigh and Audrey whispered and giggled to each other and then noticed Paul was allowing the good strong homemade summer wine to chill him out more than ever. He looked up at Audrey and saw she was enjoying his own tongue and lip play upon her proud nipples with his hands squeezing each breast gently. She began to gently suck and lick upon them has Audrey slowly started riding him, releasing her sticky creamy lube for Leigh to enjoy as it spilled over his balls. Leigh tapped Audrey, and then winked at Paul before they took turns sliding up and down his manhood. Paul grinned, remembering how Leigh had told Audrey she had not been fucked by a real cock in far too long.


Cuckold Camping Trip 3

group drewpy 2018-08-15

I can’t control myself and stroke my own penis as Kevin’s massive rod impales Jen and she responds in time he is a master of sex and is attentive to her his speed depth and control are like nothing I have seen and when I try and mimic it with Jen it is not well received he controls her body a tug of hair or a an open hand slap on her ass that leaves a hand tattoo on her now perfect backside and she loves it the creamy union shows that she is responding well to Kevin her pussy engulfs that shaft until his balls slap against that hard ass it’s hard for me to decide my favorite position she loves doggy style and I love seeing his heavy cum laden balls slap her clit as that massive pole stretches her and her tits sway with ever stroke I love the sight of them when he grabs her by the hips and plows her in earnest the sound of her moans as the collision takes her voice for a split-second and the shock of her hanging breast tells me his is in her with deep and f***eful thrusts or when he is building up with her the genital sway and the soft coos as wave after wave come over her .

The Hostel

group Saucydisher11 2018-08-15

Tia smiled and tilted her head back, opening her mouth wide for Jen. Looking over Dean saw these two beautiful women with heads not far apart, and he knew what was going to happen next. Tia moved sideways, took a firm grasp of Dean by the shaft, without giving him time to protest pulled him over and into place between Jens needing thighs. Tia reached back and began to finger her own pussy, it was awkward, but felt so good, and she knew how it might look to Dean panting away behind her. Jen suck her clit and Dean licking her ass, felt amazing, and Tia began to feel her own orgasm begin to build, and boy did she need it..

An Eve to Remember

group Ladypleaser10 2018-08-15

Watching them stare in each other's guys as they fingered each other made me push my cock harder against Stacy's ass and reach around and play with the breasts I love so much. I let Stacy lead, moving my hands to Eve's firm tits and throbbing nipples, flat stomach, gorgeous legs, tight ass, and finally, tiny little pussy. "Oh baby, I'm getting close," I said after my cock slid in and out of Eve's tiny ass a few more times, shaking her entire frame. Just when I thought it couldn't get better, Stacy knelt down and slid her tongue up my ass crack as I pounded deep into Eve. No girl had ever done that to me before and it felt weird at first, but there was no way I was going to stop fucking Eve.

Fun for Three (Plus One)

group michaeliam 2018-08-15

Alice was a little bit bigger than Sally in every way, especially in the breast department. I thought maybe he'd change his mind in the right setting with the proper incentives." As she spoke, she placed her hand on Bill's leg and started rubbing his thigh up inside his shorts. With Sally and Alice cheering me on, I leaned in and started to lick Bill's shaft starting at the balls and slowly working my way to the tip. I grabbed Sally's ass and nestled it against my mouth and I started to lick her pussy. Let's see a little lezzy action here." Much to my delight, Alice and Sally quickly started making out.

Summer is Hot in Cozumel Ch. 01

group stevieraygovan 2018-08-15

With her sparkling blue-green eyes and wild auburn hair, along with her little outfit of a see-through yellow top and sheer green panties, she looked like a leprechaun porn star. Very good princess!" he crowed, trying not to be too obvious as he watched Summer's breasts jiggle both from her laughter and from the kid's frantic shaking of her hand. Touching the boy's chin to raise his gaze again, Summer said to Dimitri, "Tell him, 'Thank you for the compliment. Realizing she was showing Dimitri her bare ass through her skimpy sheer panties, she looked over her shoulder to give him a warm, welcoming smile. "Dale say you and Summer married only short time, come here on honeymoon," Dimitri said.



group Earthtone 2018-08-15

She ran her fingers through her red curls as her hips started rocking in time to the music and slowly drew her hands down her face, over her bikini-covered breasts to her flat stomach. I noticed movement behind her and then saw Johnny, now on his knees with his face buried in Rita's ass. I could feel her legs shaking from our attentions now, as Johnny continued to lick and tongue-fuck her delicious ass. My turn to play a little." Johnny and I sat down on either side of her and Rita started rubbing our cocks through our clothes. With that, Rita pulled Johnny to her and began sucking him again, holding his ass in her hands and controlling his pace.

Breaking Babysitter Rules: Saturday Night In

group blu3rthanu 2018-08-15

Tonet and Kianna asked Hanna to dance, they stood then pulled me along. They kept rubbing their bodies against me and then, just suddenly, Kianna held on to my shoulder, turned me around to face her, came even closer, she raised her leg and moved as if she were dancing but the truth was she was inviting me to fuck her. I thought it was Kianna since Janice was sitting across us, but when I looked it was Tonet. I moved my hand from Kianna's breast to her crotch and rubbed against her panties. That sexy scene was too much for me, I came in Kianna and pushed my tongue into Tonet's pussy.

What A Star

group tamol 2018-08-15

"What do you think of my wife's body, wouldn't you like to see what's under them clothes, I bet you'd love to see her tits and pussy wouldn't you?" he said. "Move to the end of the bed and start licking Christine's hole and don't you dare stop until I tell you too," said Steven. Without warning Steven was suddenly standing behind me his cock pressed against my arse, I started to stand up until I felt the coldness of the gun against my balls. "You better be licking her good because if she ain't smiling and groaning I might not come for ages and you wouldn't want that would you," said Steven a bit shakily as his breathing became faster.

Adventures with Suzy Ch. 06

group yarnspinnerr 2018-08-15

As my eyes gradually opened I heard a sweet feminine voice say "See Bill I told you he was waking up!" I instinctively tried to cover my hard dick with my hand as I looked to my left. "Good morning!" Suzy practically sang "I was wondering if you were going to wake up and rejoin the party." As she said this she reached over and wrapped her small hand around the one I was holding my cock with. As Suzy leaned down to follow her hubby's prick she unwittingly placed more pressure on her clit against my thumb and gave a muffled shout onto Bills dick at the same time her finger pierced his sphincter.