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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cunt in a box

group pintofbest 2018-08-15

Tea break over everybody files out except two who hang back, the foreman pushes me towards the door and say’s ‘you’ll get your turn in a bit lad, just hold on son’ I went back to work and all I could think about was my fucking turn, at what?. The foreman, who’d I later found out already fucked her, him and the now departed trucker had been first in, so to speak, stood up cheese sandwich in one hand and mug of tea in the other, and dropped his cock in the girls face. The Door went and the foreman said ‘so you two dirty cunts are in here then’ he came in the room and even though the little cunt/massive dick pulled back, he must have worked out what we’re doing.

The Night I Found That I Was Bi

group ellen340 2018-08-15

I felt her hands on my head as she pulled me closer to her pressing my lips against her pussy as she began to raise and lower her pelvis. I felt her hands on the back of my head and I knew that she was close to orgasm as she pressed me even harder to her now soaked pussy. After a short time I heard him grunt softly and he said "Oh yeah, Ellen that's perfect......ah, honey that feels so good.....girl, you do give a terrific blowjob." I felt Monica's hands on the sides of my head as she began to pull me tighter to her pussy.


He Came in a Manger

group dreamsmithx 2018-08-15

Jared mentioned to Gizelle that over at church they were in need of a couple of angels for the nativity scene on Christmas Eve. He doted on her beauty and said that she would be a perfect fit for the part. "Oh anywhere, for now, is fine, once we get to working on our costumes and parts we'll get more specific about where we need you." The rehearsal went well that day and afterwards, Jared asked Gizelle and Monica, if they would join him for some drinks at Mcswiggins, an Irish pub, down the street from the church. Monica and Gizelle missed their cues at first, but with a little instruction from Jared and some other members of the church, they left feeling confident and thrilled about playing the angels in this year's nativity scene.


Train Rides and Golf Clubs

group nickitaylor 2018-08-15

Anyway, I had been working at the golf club for a couple of days and knew which train i needed to get to be there on time and the best route from the station to the club. I gave his fingers a little squeeze with my pussy, just to say hi (as it were) but in another few seconds the train had left the tunnel and was puling into Hassocks station. As we emerged form the station, RAF approached me and said, "Do you know your way around this fine town my dear?" "He's a sweet old man." I said, "A real gentleman." If the chairman knew what had just happened, he'd know that was far from the truth.


Tinybunny's First Threesome

group TinyBunny2269 2018-08-15

I'd run them over her clit, and in between her lips, poking at her tight little hole, without actually letting them go inside, I'd want to save that bit for you, Emil. You'd listen to both of us moaning, and you'd push my face down further, telling me what a good little slut I am, making my friend so happy with my tongue, "Why don't you give her a kiss?" You'd let go of me. I'd lean in towards her, my lips covered in her cum, and she'd gladly lick it off of them, making out with me until you feel like we've had enough, and even then, you'd have to pull us by the hair, away from each other.

Anchors Aweigh

group Belle_in_south 2018-08-15

As Rochester secured the room, Sonia turned to Owen, sliding her arms around his neck and pulling him forward for a kiss. His hands joined Owen's on her breasts and she threw her head back, laying it against Rochester's shoulder, leaning into the superior officer as his hips began a slow, steady motion. He began rubbing it in a steady motion, watching her face as the double sensation of his hand and Rochester's cock pushed her higher. He threw his head back, pulling her head forward hard with his hands, crushing her face against his abdomen as he groaned low and loud and shuddered, his cock erupting in her mouth and throat. A deep groan came from her throat and she dropped her head, Rochester's cock slipping out of her mouth as Owen slid deeper.


Island Fever Ch. 07

group Jeremydcp 2018-08-15

I think back a lot, and wish that my first time was with someone like you." My body tingled as Trish went on, "You would have made it special for me, Jeremy, just like you made it special for Lindsay." Trish giggled and shook her head quite vigorously. "Kristanna is very different than me in the way that she looks at life," I told Trish. "I would love to, but I already promised Jeremy that I would meet him in his private suite a bit later on," Devon said in response to Kristanna, as both ladies entered the front room and then noticed that I was here as well. The thought crossed my mind that Devon was someone who would never discard or forget about me the same way Trish did when Lindsay stepped into the front room moments ago.


One Hot Summer Ch. 02

group irishcurse 2018-08-15

About the time my cock was straining at my shorts, Missy put her feet back down to the floor. She couldn't go anywhere if she wanted, and the more my attention was diverted to Jill, the more my weight pinned Missy to the couch. As Jill paused for a breath, I took in my surroundings, and noticed Missy's hands rubbing up and down my abs. I wanted to turn and get Missy involved, but Jill stole my attention. For a fraction of a second, Jill squinted her eyes, and I knew it was a reaction to seeing Missy's face next to mine. Jill circled her hand around my cock, and slowly rubbed her thumb at the head.

Candy's Forty

group AGentlemaninWestminster 2018-08-15

As they all entered the living room, Candy saw Marian lightly brush her fingers over Daniel's pants. For a long silent moment, no one moved, then Danial took the open collar and -- his eyes slowly shifting from Candy's eyes to her pussy -- buckled it around Marian's throat. Flickering her eyes open and closed, Candy could still see that both Marian and Daniel's free hands were stroking and rubbing between their thighs. "Make me cum, make me...oh, fuck!" Candy felt like she was melting, dissolving into a shuddering pool of sensation and pleasure. Marian and Daniel were still softly kissing her thighs with tentative nuzzles across Candy's slick wetness.


Take the F Train

group BoboNY 2018-08-15

In our immediate vicinity were an investment banker type desperately trying to read his folded up Wall Street Journal, a couple of black guys in opalescent shirts speaking to each other in Spanish — including the one Amber was reaching over — some sort of hipster/artist with a soul patch, and a man wearing a short-sleeved Oxford who might have been Indian or Pakistani. I leaned into Amber's ear again, noticing this time that the way she was reaching for the pole had pressed her breast into the shoulder of the guy in front of her. Amber's upper body went somewhat diagonal, and she placed her second hand on the pole, one arm on each side of the head of guy fingering her vagina.


Weekend Getaway Ch. 03

group lckscknfck7 2018-08-15

Here Ken, you try," Sarah said as she offered the glass to Ken. Ken took a sip and swirled it in his mouth like mouthwash and Andi giggled. Ken and Sarah helped Vera prepare the food while Andi and I joined Walter in the living room. We're not sure how long she sat there looking at Walter's large, flaccid cock, but it must have been awhile as her pussy was soaked when I eventually put my fingers in her." "Well, it looked like things were going to get even better when she offered to go down on me." Vera said. Sarah walked into the living room and paused momentarily to catch a glimpse of Walter's flopping huge cock as he pulled on pajama bottoms.


Lovely Linda and Sexy Sarah Pt. 01

group TSpank61 2018-08-15

Linda Spinelli - 32 yrs old, 5'8" tall, 130 lbs, black hair, dark almost black eyes, full figured, large breasts, slim waist, full hips and ass. Sarah Andrews - 28 yrs old, 5'1" tall, 98 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, slim figure, small breasts and waist, fabulous ass. I looked over at Sarah in alarm, when Linda said, "It's okay baby, she knows." Then she kissed me passionately. Linda turned Sarah's head this time and kissed her deeply. Linda moved behind Sarah and kissed her neck while fondling her tits. Linda, still gripping Sarah's hair started guiding her head up and down my shaft as I tried not to cum instantly. As I sat there trying to catch my breath, Linda pulled Sarah's mouth off my cock and kissed her hard.

Shelley's Tasty Surprise

group Three_Curious 2018-08-15

She had a hard cock in each hand and was alternately sucking Steve and then Rick, her pendulous breasts swaying in unison with the motions of her cocksucking. It's going to look even better in your mouth." Suzie began stroking my hand up and down along Steve's shaft. For a second I just let it sit in my mouth, feeling how hard and hot it was, letting it throb and pulse in my mouth, but Suzie was impatient to watch me suck cock. "Open your mouth wider and go down on his prick, Mike." Suzie pushed my head further onto Steve's cock, urging me to start sucking him in earnest. Pretty soon he's going to be filling your mouth with hot, tangy cock juice." Steve was moaning loudly and his prick was leaking pre-cum.

Summer's Afternoon on the Grass...

group Seraphulom 2018-08-15

I was standing by him by now, and while Naomi continued to suck him off, her pink pussy getting wetter and wetter, Tom looked into my eyes, said nothing but unzipped my flies and pulled down my jeans. Running his hand up my thigh and then gripping me with his long, slender fingers, he ran them up and down my cock and sucked at the same time, his tongue around my shaft and licking my balls. Tom and I pulled out and started rubbing our cocks together as before, and it didn't take long before he groaned "I'm gonna come..." and sprayed his jizz all over my face, just before I did similarly.

The Village Librarian

group fishtank2 2018-08-15

PC Matthews sat in the office chair picked up the remote control and pressed play there was a flickering image of the outside of the library with a timestamp in the bottom right hand corner he watched while nothing happened, then and after a seconds static there on the screen were two naked women on a desk in a 69 position, the one on top looked into the camera and the young P.C. was amazed to see it was Ms Kimble licking her juice wet lips as she slowly pushed a thick dildo up Natasha's beautiful arse. Ms Kimble pulled him forward by his throbbing, glistening tool and grabbed a handful of Natasha's blonde locks and forced her willing assistant's mouth over the stunned P.C.'s big cock.


Collaborating with Friends

group NakedNeighbor 2018-08-15

"So Joey, I know nothing about you first hand, only what Dylan as chosen to share. She is laying across the king bed, on her left side, with her head propped up on her hand, looking at Dylan as he sits in a chair. I place some towelettes and the coconut oil on the nightstand, and then sit down on the bed, watching her head bob, slowly but rhythmically. When I return to the room, Dylan is already showering, and Joey remains nude on the bed. Taking a break, I ask Dylan if I may suck his cock, for research, of course. Ordering Dylan and I to drop down on our knees, she demands we take turns sucking on her new toy.


Threesome with a Farm Couple

group JustJimColo 2018-08-15

I moved down and started to lick Sandy's pussy while Roger moved up and was getting his cock sucked. Finally, Roger told me he wanted to switch places since Sandy wanted to suck on my cock for a while. Roger's cock was about the same size as mine only I was uncut and Sandy had never sucked one like mine before. I wasn't sure really what to do so I just continued to eat Sandy with Rogers cock resting on my face. I took a couple tentative licks on his shaft and finally took the head of his cock into my mouth and started sucking and licking. I was a bit surprised when Roger took my old place and started to eat Sandy and lick me at the same time.

Now That's A Holiday

group ThatSexyIrishGirl 2018-08-15

Brad and David rowed the small boat that came with the cabin rental out into the lake to try to catch some fish, while Anna and Trish sat lazily sunning nude on the small patch of land between the cabin and the dock. "Let's see if we can get them to cum at the same time..." and Trish took Brad's cock into her mouth and slowly started mouth fucking him. The guys both fell back to sitting more than leaning on the back of the sofa while Anna and Trish licked and kissed and sucked the cum off of each other's face and neck and rubbed it into their tits.

Better Than Tipping Ch. 02

group Azuldrgon 2018-08-15

Greg was in shock right before Clementine whispered in his other ear, "Annemarie told me how hot it was when you did it to her. She then got the idea and slowly slid two of her slender fingers inside her hole while Greg worked on his cock with the condom on it. With her ass wide open, Greg began to slowly press his cock against her hole until he felt the give. No matter how much she had feelings for Greg, his hard cock was being used for sweet revenge for the little sabotages Clementine did before Annemarie got married. Greg started to pull out one last time before he felt Clementine squeeze her bowels a little.


Melanie and Team Vasquez Pt. 02

group SoftBrie 2018-08-15

Floyd brought his cock near my head; I turned that into a hand job, jerking him off on my face as I lay there being speared in the ass by Jack. As Floyd began to come, I painted my cheek, then quickly moved him into my mouth to finish up fucking my tight little oral space, with cum squirting on my tongue. Meanwhile, on our own couch, Floyd was pleasuring my pussy and the rest of my guys were kissing and fondling me, playing with my nipples, putting fingers in my mouth, stroking my skin, tonguing my ears, generally getting more and more totally sexual. The men were on my left and right, with Robbie and Jack near my legs, Lester and Floyd at my head.


The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 13

group thewhitestripe 2018-08-15

Ever since my boss Carmen and I had caught the strategic director Gary sexually harassing my colleague Courtney using a hidden camera in my office, I had been plotting ways to get my revenge. The thing is, I think they both know it, and neither of them minds," Carmen said, finishing her tea. Carmen and I made polite conversation as we watched Sylvia and Gary move about the room. I admired Carmen as she gazed across the room, her long, dark hair falling across her cheek, her cleavage pouting invitingly between the 'v' of her blouse, buttoned low. Just be careful Carmen, I might try to lure him away from your department," said Sylvia, touching my arm.


Jan The Whore Gets Double Stuffed

group doom333 2018-08-15

He held her hands while Dave shoved his cock into her tight ass. After five minutes she started to love the fullness of having such a large cock in her ass. A few nights later Jan went over to Don and Taylor's apartment. She was on top of Don riding his cock for only a couple minutes, when Taylor walked in. Don pulled her ass cheeks apart and Taylor moved in behind her. Jan had never had a cock in her pussy and ass at the same time. It took Don and Taylor a little while to find a rhythm but they were soon fucking her hard. His cock grew soft and was sliding out of her before Taylor blew his load deep into her ass.


A White House Orgy

group XXXNoBounds 2018-08-15

Kiki McLean was on all fours, with her big White ass cheeks spread wide open by Dee Dee Myers nimble hands while Joe Biden rubbed his cock against the fat woman's tight backdoor. President Barack Obama grabbed a handful of Jill Biden's long blonde hair as he slammed his big Black cock into the White female doctor's tight asshole. Jill Biden screamed as she got exactly what she wanted, a sexy Black man fucking her ass like interracial anal sex was going out of style. Barack laughed at the sight of Clinton-worshiping chubby white slut Kiki McLean walking with a slight limp, side effect of getting fucked in her fat ass by Joe Biden's hard dick.

Newlywed's Flight

group bigman_569 2018-08-15

The stewardess is now leaning against the wall obviously getting very turned on by the sight of Holly sucking my hard cock. As I finish, holly stands up and walks over to the stewardess and kisses her erotically in a way of saying, 'aren't you glad you let us finish?' As I bend over to pull up my pants, I feel a hand on my ass and I quickly jump up startled by the feeling of a hand on my ass. Holly exposes a bare pussy that was very wet and holly lays on her back having the stewardess sit back on her as she continues to suck the marshal's cock.