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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mouthing Off - Chapter 4

group AlphaBeatHer 2018-11-26

As soon as the softening prick was removed from her Mouth another hand grabbed her hair and a new dick was pushing into Brenda's throat. As her throat continued to face the remorseless fucking she heard the group of men passing the riding crop from one to another, swishing it in the air and discussing whether to concentrate on her tits or if it would be good to give her a cunt whipping. Brenda realised for the first time that she had not just been allowing these men to fuck her face, she had been working on them as she normally would when she wanted to please a man. While the men constantly rotated around screwing Brenda's ass and mouth the conversation continued about how they were looking forward to whipping her all over her body.

The School. Part Two

group 1941aaa 2018-11-26

“Swallow it, if any comes,” she replied, her eyes smiling, her mouth closing over the head as she bent my prick down so that she could look at me as she used her tongue round the inside of my foreskin. I had to thrust all thoughts of Ann from my mind, such as David’s prick in her mouth and she, my love, sucking on it and swallowing his come and then licking his cock dry. Using what I had learnt from the day before with Ann, I think I succeeded, because it didn’t take long for Debbie to start squirming and hold my head hard between her thighs as she came.

50th High School Reunion:Part 2

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-26

Jane lifted her head, attaching herself to Debby and started to suck my cum from her recently ravaged cunt. Her moans got louder and longer, the more my tongue and fingers worked, until she pulled off her friend’s twat, panting, “Oh fuck! The room service attendant broke out in a smile as Jane rolled over and pulled the sheets off her ass, exposing her meaty cunt to his lascivious gaze. “I love to watch a man while he’s cumming,” she said, smiling up at me as I pressed my cock against the ready, willing and able lips of Debby’s cunt. I looked down at my cock, Debby’s ass, and Jane staring up at her ravaged cunt.

The Boy's Day In

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-26

She had several orgasms through all this, I've told you that Sherry is an orgasm machine, and after a few minutes of this, I decided it was fuck and cum time so I got her up on the bed, had Ryan get between her legs, he was the better-hung of the two, while Lee and I sucked her tits, Ryan drove into her fucking her just like a teen boy in his first pussy, which it was. Sherry was spread open on the bed, smiling as she asked his name and whether he'd fucked a girl before (he hadn't) and I told him I would be busy for a while and when he was finished to come out and send back another guy.

Annual Meeting

group Noreasonneeded 2018-11-26

It warmed her inside and she smiled as she stood, straightened her dress and leaned over his shoulder to whisper into his ear, "Don't worry, you'll be great." She pecked his cheek and stepped from the table as the man onstage finished praising Winston’s accomplishments and announced his name and the mannequin crowd delivered a smattering of polite applause. And five years ago she'd first kept her end of the bargain, meeting them in a room upstairs, her first time with someone other than Winston since they were married. Thomas' hands slipped to her ass, spreading her cheeks and she felt the firm bulb press at her lubed pucker. She smiled and pulled the door quietly, slipping inside and making her way around the perimeter of the room.

Contest Ch. 08

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-25

Brett stuck his dick in her mouth and she immediately began sucking on him energetically as she continued to press her body down the long way to Hank's body; behind her Ned was rubbing his hard dick against her back and groping her breasts roughly. Slowly, as Brett slid home and her ass adjusted, the slight burning sensation in her ass started to feel as good as the heat burning in her pussy, her eyes half closed in pleasure she opened her mouth and pulled Ned's dick into her last hole. Immediately he stepped up to find his dick guided into her mouth, where she began sucking him hard as Hank's long cock invaded her ass once more.

Amy's Gangbang Dream Come True

group luckyluc 2018-11-25

After her orgasm the two guys started ramming her pussy with extra speed and depth, Amy was like a rag doll between them as they pounded her as fast as they could, “Yeah that’s right just ram it in there, fucking ram it as fast as you can, fuck my tight cunt.” After another 20 or so strokes, Amy felt the first cum load shoot up inside her. "Shoot your fucking load all over me, I want your hot cum on my body, fuckin unload on me now.” With that the guy pulled his monster cock out of Amy’s ass and she instinctively grabbed it and started jerking.

Meet the Pornstars: Redux

group Ruchnids 2018-11-25

One day, I had entered a contest to win tickets to meet two porn stars, Sierra Devi and Janet Jade. If someone had told me three weeks ago that I would be laying on a bed in a hotel room with a chance to suck on Sierra's nipple while Janet Jade was sucking on my dick, I would have called them crazy. The other two women removed their mouths from my dick, Janet stroking the tip gently with her finger as Sierra moved her hand up and down my shaft. “Mmmph!” With all the pressure, I let loose my huge load over Sierra and Janet’s faces, my mouth clamping down on Miosotis’ nipple as my hand grasped her other breast tighter.

Changing Professions: Part Five

group xhardx13 2018-11-25

Eve had received a call from Tommy requesting they meet in her apartment regarding a "delicate" matter that didn't involve their escort agency. One of the guys said, "Turn around, whore, so we can get a look at your tits." I really didn't like being called a whore but it comes with the territory. I wrote about watching the game and thanked him for helping me at Bobby's bachelor party, signing off as "Eve." It was a guess but he probably knew who I was even though everyone called me by my screen name. "Well, I ran into a problem that needs to be rectified." Then I told him the details of Bobby's bachelor party and everything about the escort service.

Darker Passions

group Samuelx 2018-11-25

Big and strong men bared their rugged good looks and we feasted our eyes on their hairy chests, muscular bodies and huge cocks. Lilith took Stefano's cock in her mouth and began sucking on it. Stefano continued pounding into Lilith's butt hole like there was no tomorrow. Lilith looked at Stefano as the dildo went in and out of his asshole. Laughing, they turned around to look at Adam and Eve, who were having an encounter of their own. Adam is a tough man who is used to dealing with dangerous men and women on his job as a police officer. Adam headed to the showers, where he ran into Stefano and Lilith, who had watched the whole thing and looked at the black policeman with awe, fear...and respect.


Happy Birthday, Ginger!!

group Belthazor 2018-11-25

I immediately recognized Demi and Selena, the two girls who I met in the VIP room at the club and had played with several times outside of work. I gasped against her lips when I suddenly felt someone's hands yank my thighs apart so whoever it was could bury her tongue in my pussy, licking and sucking like nothing I'd ever felt. I could only moan, seeing as Venessa had started grinding her pussy against my mouth again while the two mouths on my tits (which turned out to be Selena and Ashley) continued their sucking and teasing. At some point, I wound up bent over, face buried in Demi's hot pussy while she fingered Selena and sucked my cum off of Debby's strap-on.

Office Sluts Chapter Two: The Team-Building

group sandymonroe 2018-11-25

I don’t know what is good in it for her, but she never lets anybody do her, you can’t even touch her breasts or her ass. She let the cock out of her mouth once in a while, smiled, patted it playfully, like a little stick, then grabbed the ass of the guy and pulled him back between her beautiful lips. I watched for a while how Helen sucked a guy, then like the others, I zipped out my trousers and got my dick out. It was really good to be in her hot little mouth, especially, when she turned her tongue around my cock head. I instinctively wanted to grab her hair to take her onto my cock, but I recalled what Carl had said before - no touchie!

A Weekend With Gina and Her Friend ~ *Final*

group ATexGent 2018-11-25

I had unconsciously started stroking my cock while watching them as I had a perfect view of Becky’s ass and pussy as she orally pleased her friend. Gina raised up to meet Becky’s cum covered face and licked her lips, jaw and cheeks tasting her own juices. Gina broke the kiss and repeated the kissing and licking of Becky’s cheeks, neck and ears before moving down her body until she reached her prize. As Becky had done, Gina locked her lips to Becky’s pussy and started sucking. Once Becky was satisfied I was done, she started licking my chest and stomach tasting my cum and shared it with Gina in a loving kiss.

Big Females Have Tight Assholes

group Samuelx 2018-11-25

Brisco College student-athletes compete in Men's Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Fencing, Rifle, Cross Country, Golf, Tennis, Lacrosse Football, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Water Polo, Rowing, Gymnastics, Swimming and Volleyball along with Women's Varsity Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Rifle, Gymnastics, Golf, Tennis, Water Polo, Rowing, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Bowling, Equestrian, Swimming and Volleyball. Athena sucked on my long and thick black shaft and licked my apple-sized balls like cock sucking was going out of style. Like all women, Athena loved getting her pussy probed. Man, watching Athena's plump black ass jiggle while I slammed my dick into her asshole was definitely a lot of fun. I swear, big women who love the wonders of anal sex should be celebrated every day.


The Quickie

group vangelsdorp 2018-11-25

Knowing that we're both looking for somewhere to sneak off to for a fuck, adds a little frisson of excitement to the occasion and, apart from having quickies on trains, boats and planes, we've also managed them in theatres, stately homes and, of course, at parties. 'I think we can put this down now,' Dave said, letting go of Maggie and gently relieving her of the camera. After cumming deep inside Julie, something which gave her, her third climax within ten minutes, we watched Dave doing the same to Maggie. The photo shoot hadn't stopped when Maggie undressed and, at several points during the time that followed, whichever one of us happened to have a hand free, grabbed the camera and popped off a few shots.

Pussy Playmate

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-25

As Vivian tucked the soiled garment away in her pocket, Kathleen reached up and pulled Vivian's head to her so she could kiss her new playmate hard on the mouth, her tongue forcing its way inside her mouth and one delicate hand cupping her tit under the coat. Kathleen gripped her fake cock and slowly ran the fat mushroom head up and down her slit, just inside her pussy lips so Vivian could feel it. With his command, the first big eruption from inside Vivian sends electric jolts throughout her stuffed cunt and she spews her juices from her pussy, flooding past Kathleen's strap-on dildo and coating both girls in a glaze of pussy cream.

High School: Sophomore Cheerleaders

group Karmageddon 2018-11-25

When the game began, Rebecca and Amy knew they weren’t the center of attention, but they did enjoy quite a few looks because the Holyoke cheerleaders had a reputation as being a very attractive squad. They walked into the house and instantly, Grace (who is also very loud like her sister) shouted above the music and everyone’s chatter, “The birthday girl and her best friend are here!” Tate picked up speed and was soon fucking the young girl with hard thrusts that made Amy moan with pleasure each time he bottomed out. Again she looked over and she saw Brian obviously in pleasure as he came inside her best friend and Amy loved every second of the warm cum blasting into her tight pussy.

Wife in local bar - re-enactment

group SMITTY67 2018-11-25

I figured they would forget about it as soon as the sobered up and said nothing more about it until a week later when my friend Dom told me he would have given anything to watch my wife naked in a bar dancing and being felt up by total strangers. Well Dom and I called the 20 guys who listened when I told my story and asked if they wanted to attend a re-enactment. This bar had no stage like the one in the story but one of the black guys came out and grabbed Linda and held her while his buddy pulled her dress off and threw it to me.

Road Tales

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-25

"Well, I don't make as fast a trip as the big rigs," I said to her, "But, I'm heading out to Portland to see some friends and you're welcome to catch a ride with me and my motorhome, if you'd like." The last few hours of driving before we pulled into a campsite for the night, we shared a couple of bowls, which only made my mind race with thoughts of her body, of making love to such a nubile woman. Her lips kissed and sucked on my body as she moved her head slowly down my body, reaching my crotch, her hands pulling my sleep shorts off of me and she gasped when her hand wrapped around my rather large, thick cock.

An account of cheating with Rach

group p1ayful 2018-11-25

Now my cock is slamming into her pussy from behind, my hands reaching around her - one onto her clit, rubbing fast and the other grabbing hold of her breast as I fuck deep and fast into her feeling her pussy spasm around me and then empty my balls as I thrust into her for the last time. Watching your partner getting fucked while fucking someone else is a very strange experience, but watching Rach staring down at my cock in a strange pussy, I realized that we had matched the timing of our thrusts. Facing the girl who had just given her this orgasm, Rach reaches for her face and they share a kiss, my cock now just held still in her pussy as she slowly clenches and releases in the afterglow of her own cum.

Second gang bang

group Minja 2018-11-25

He says, "I know it's your turn to go first Sarah but your mother and I decided to let Seamus go first instead, we'll make it up to you." Seamus starts to take his cock out but Sarah stops him saying, "none of us want to see your dick, put it away and make the slut take it out. For hours your pussy is fucked hard with each cock shooting its load on your tits and face. He starts fucking you faster until he finally shoves it all the way in and holds it there as he cums inside you. Every now and then someone will slide his cock into your mouth, just long enough to keep him hard as he waits his turn at your pussy.


Some Girls

group TouchOfGray 2018-11-25

“You sell drugs,” said Daniel and then, turning to Valerie, “and you sell cat food.” Soon the chain of them were undulating on the bed in a sort of wave, Joey lapping and pressing her mouth against Valerie’s pussy and Daniel fingering Joey’s pussy and tongue-fucking her tightest hole. Joey grunted and tried to keep eating Valerie’s pussy, but Daniel could tell that getting fucked in the ass was beginning to take all her attention. Valerie lay back down and gently turned his head so he was facing the ceiling now, and she snuggled down into her side of his neck, where he then felt the same sort of blunt pressure, but not much pain to it this time, and then the warmish wetness.

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-25

Kneeling between one of the guys legs, she started sucking on his dick, feeling the thick meat moving in and out of her mouth. Behind her someone got into position and started to push his way into her ready pussy, hands were moving all over her body and making her shudder with delight. Lily moaned around the dick in her mouth as one of the guys spanked her ass, she did like her sex a little rough. After all of the guys were completely spent, Lily just lay on the bed, panting and moaning a little at the wonderful soreness of her body.


group Buz 2018-11-25

“You guys just relax, sit back and watch.” Candi's eyes peered seductively underneath the top of her eye lids, her lips pulled wide, creating dimples and a mischievous sexy smile. Maneuvering together into a bunch in front of her spread legs, the guys all wanted a good look at her open pussy. Candi was immediately turned on by their prying eyes. Devon and Pepper broke out laughing and turned toward the right bedroom, opening the door just in time to see Bob’s ample ass swinging back and forth slightly as he was up on the bed with his face buried between Candi’s legs. As Bob lay there spent, his cock in its condom wrap, going flaccid, Candi spread her legs toward the guys in the doorway.