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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Work Place Encounters Ch. 05

group showife 2018-08-15

I saw our waiter heading our way, and before either Sam or Kay started to cover up I just said "leave them out." Although they could act as if nothing was out of the ordinary it was obvious that they were purposely exposing themselves to our waiter. I lost track of how many time they brought each other to orgasm, but eventually I couldn't wait any longer and had Sam sit on top of my cock and Kay quickly moved over to straddle my mouth as they each bounced up and down and pulled each others nipples while they kept their tongues busy in each other's mouth.

Just Getting Started

group Kira_Stone 2018-08-15

I hope you enjoy visiting with Janet, Archer and Liam as they get to know each other... Both men curved toward her, her legs rested over Liam's, but her shoulders were tucked into the curve of Archer's arm. Janet guided Liam's head onto her stomach where she could run her fingers over the short, soft hair, or trace the curve of his ear. She reached up with her left arm, wanting to compare the different texture of his thick hair to Liam's short blond cut. Archer kept himself busy by sliding his hands up and down her side while she dealt with the Liam's sweater. Janet noticed his chest had more hair than Archer, but his nipples were already raised, as if eager for her tongue.

The British are Cuming!

group luvjuice43 2018-08-15

A soft "wow" escaped my lips as I took in the image of the mature woman in front of me wearing only a bra and lacy white, satin knickers with the fasteners of her suspenders peeking out beneath the short, loose legs. Julia moaned and lay her head back against my shoulder and pushed her mature, firm arse against my still covered erection; we looked at each other in the mirror, knowing where our journey would lead us, but wanting to enjoy the scenic view. My hands explored Julia's torso, her noticeable smaller waist and flared hips and slightly rounded tummy before they slipped inside the waistband of her knickers.


Beach Meeting

group SalnMal 2018-08-15

Marianne went over to the spa, turned on the air jets, making bubbles and vapour rise from the water then disappeared into the bedroom, returning moments later with an armful of large fluffy towels. She chatted about the view and the lovely warm spa; slowly she moved her fingers, gradually moving up and down my leg, eventually nudging my cock which was standing erect in the water. Marianne then sat on top of me, guiding my cock into her beautiful moist pussy and pressing down hard before slowly riding up and down. It was then, as Marianne was slowly riding me that Carl and Sally walked into the bedroom wrapped in towels with arms around each other.

The Munchies

group MoronTheDivine 2018-08-15

I was like 'hun, I really really want you right now.' She sat on my lap and put her arms around me and started kissing me and shit, telling me she wanted me for a long time. Her body, her pussy, how she licked Jess to orgasm so many times, how she would squirt her juice out of her pussy, the way they felt rubbing against each other, how their mouths seemed to be perfectly fit for kissing each other. But this case was an exception: all three of us knew we wanted each other well before this happened, we were all pretty turned on from smoking up, and Jess wouldn't let an opportunity like this slip through the cracks.


The Double Meat Whopper

group LoveBeauregarde16 2018-08-15

Cathy suddenly, without speaking, raised her head and pushed Jeeter back on the sofa, checking quickly to make sure Keller was still sleeping. From his brother's moans, Keller could tell that Cathy's finger was reaming Jeeter's gripping asshole. Jeeter positioned one of his legs over the back of the sofa and the other foot on the floor, allowing Keller to get as close as possible to Cathy's pussy. After Keller had pushed his cock head halfway into Cathy's now straining pussy, he took her thighs in his own hands. With Keller holding Cathy's legs open, Jeeter's hands were now free to manipulate her clit and tits. While Keller forced his dick hard into Cathy's drooling cunt, Jeeter began to knead her firm breasts and tweak her swollen nipples with one hand.

Birthday Bang

group Nexxus 2018-08-15

Trying not to face them Jessica opened the refrigerator and bent over leaning into it saying, "What would you boys like to eat?" As soon as the words came out of her mouth she cringed. Sean reached down and started fingering her underneath her panties which felt wonderful, but when Gary joined him and she now had four large fingers buried in her snatch she almost hit the roof. She started fucking Gary like a madwoman trying not to hurt Sean who was on his knees behind her trying to shove his tongue up her ass. She was lost, feeling her pussy grip Gary's huge cock and feeling Sean's dick buried up her ass she couldn't handle it.

Tropical Paradise Threesome

group alistairdazzle 2018-08-14

She soon came for the first time and pushed his head away but carried on sucking my cock. As he pumped away I thought I would try the gel and smeared some on my cock. They were both writhing away with pleasure as she took all 10” into her and they both came with a loud and almighty orgasm and as he pulled his cock out she shot a continuous stream of spunk all over her tits and face. We lay on the beach until we had recovered and I noticed that the gel hardened as it dried out on my cock. I got hard and tried to shag her but the head of my cock hit a hard jelly at the top of her fanny.

Carl comes Back

group blkjack0718 2018-08-14

She slowly started pushing my head down, I was ready to stop but I knew I couldn't, when I was now with my face right there in front on her sloppy cunt, I just went for it. Shirley told him that was great, then she leaned over and started sucking on Carl's cock. It wasn't long before I was ready to cum, Shirley was licking my ass and Carl sucking my cock, I shot off on Carl's face and shoulders. He smiled and leaned in and gave me a big wet kiss, my cock jumped and he smiled and was getting up to sit on my lap again, but I stopped him and pushed him down on his back and picked his legs up over my shoulders.

Laundry Act

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-08-14

Finally, however, there was no stopping Melissa from letting out a guttural sort of scream, very primal, as I plundered her pussy and drove home inside that wonderfully warm and wet hole...which squeezed tighter by the second on my dick...she was a virgin, after all...and God, it felt incredible to me! Just when I didn't think that it could get better, Melissa parted my butt-cheeks and started slipping her fingers into my ass to stroke my prostate, while the other woman started caressing my balls with her hands. When Melissa began sucking my balls, I lost it...I unloaded again, this time into the other lady's pussy, causing her to climax herself, shivering, shaking, and screaming as she felt the powerful orgasm seize control of her body like some kind of fit.


Fantasy Explored Ch. 02

group Leatris 2018-08-14

Kissing and sucking Nicole's sweet pussy and lightly pinching her firm breasts was fantastic." My body was so ready and she was so deliciously accepting that I didn't even realize that Mike was rubbing his rod up and down my clit. "It isn't like I am a sex fiend, I just wanted to..." the words seemed fade away as Felicia's hands began to rub the tension out of her shoulders. At the same time Felicia's other hand cupped her wet pussy before dragging her fingers from her opening to her swollen clitty rubbing with increasing pressure. Sadie moved the chair close to Nichole, looking around and not seeing anyone watching she slid her hand under the tablecloth and up her skirt.


Me & Dee

group Lusipher 2018-08-14

Mentally crossing my fingers I brought a couple of beers to the girls and found Lisa in front of the computer, quickly reading my published story and squirming in her chair. While Lisa wasn't looking our way, I snuck my hands forward to cup my wife's breasts feeling her hard nipples through her top and teasingly ran my hands over the inside and outside of her thighs. Staring at Dee's hand gently waft over Lisa's white skin, I almost moaned with Lisa when my wife started pulling and pinching her nipples. The girls were across the bed this time, with Dee's head resting right at the edge of the bed with Lisa on all fours above her.

Sex Club

group Andrewsgirl777 2018-08-14

His cock started swelling at the sight of the girl in the leashes she was told to lick someone else's cum off the floor. He walked over and placed his cock through one of the holes and immediately felt someone's warm wet tongue lick up his shaft. The girl inside the box had been there for hours, sucking cocks to her little heart's content. When she walked out of the box, she hadn't turned to look at Nick, perhaps she'd thought he already left. Then the girl over closer to him and guided his cock inside of her wet little pussy. Another man saw what was happening and grabbed the girl's throat, moving her so that she could suck his cock while still being fucked by Nick.

Clarissa & the Doctor Ch. 4

group Nava Kirsch 2018-08-14

Not here ten minutes and you're already on your knees, crying." Michael leaned over and shoved one hand between Kate's parted thighs, pushing up the hem of her dress, trailing his fingers over her mons, caressing the swollen lips of her shaved pussy. Kate broke the kiss, inclined her head, and placed her lips on the head of Michael's cock, swirling her tongue in slippery, wet circles. Michael grabbed double handfuls of Kate's lustrous hair and jerked her mouth harder, faster, up and down his engorged prick, undulating his hips. With blurry eyes, I watched Michael wrap Kate in his arms and kiss her tenderly, trailing his lips across her ear, her cheek, her neck.


My Adventures in Pleasure Ch. 04

group Sunraj 2018-08-14

They were both comfortable, & when I started kissing Emy more, Mary tried to come in between, & I began to kiss two of them at the same time, three mouths, & tongues coming together – what a feeling! I pulled off both their shirts, saying, “Why should I be the only one topless?” I pulled them together, so I could start kissing & licking two different breasts at the same time, getting both their nipples hard, & both of them putting their hands inside my shorts, fondling me. When I turned around to kiss them, they began to taste each other on my lips, so Mary went down to Emy’s vagina to lick, saying she wanted the direct taste!

Unintentional Dogging Session

group kingratex 2018-08-14

Continuing with our mouths interlocked, I groped her breasts and moved my hands down caressing her body until my fingers reached her damp wet cunt where I slowly inserted my thumb into her pussy. CJ was on her side lifted her left leg onto the car seat revealing her pussy and arse at the back so that he had a wonderful view, she seemed to delight in having her legs wide open and a strange man less than 1 metre away looking at her wet cunt. CJ’s body arched as she met the mens touch, and she looked at me with starry eyes as their hands groped her tits and fingered her cunt.


group kandie 2018-08-14

When a friend of mine named Denise, who manages a posh hotel in Nashville, told us they had a weekend special going on, I couldn't pass up an opportunity for another hot encounter. Clay spoke first; "Come on in Denise, the water is good and hot." I watched Clay and her for a while knowing he had a devious sexy plan of fun on his mind. I could tell the spray of water was arousing her by the way she moved her body around, with her head back, eyes closed. I got between Clay's legs and began licking her pulsating pussy, and flicking his cock. Clay moved quickly and began watching me.

Switch Girl Ch. 03

group BittenKitten1 2018-08-14

Instead, I gripped each of Charlotte's legs under the knee, and pushed them back over his own thighs, pulling her ass up into the air between Mike and Myself. After a few soft, ticklish itchy swats, Mike swung a bit too hard, at which Charlotte yelped in actual pain. I watched him kiss Charlotte's mouth hungrily, he sucked on her chin, and cupped her tiny face gently in his large hands. With the other hand, I pushed an ass cheek open, and pressed my tongue to his sphincter. I licked two fingers of my other hand, and pressed them against Charlotte's ass, and slowly worked them in as well.

A Birthday Threeway

group slapnuts69 2018-08-14

She came over grabbed my hand and said, "Not tonight Lucy, he is all mine tonight." She sat me down on the couch straddled me and preceded to do a tonsil check with her tongue. Hillary got off my dick and said, "There is plenty here for both of us." Kim climbed onto the bed and straddled me. Hillary came, followed very quickly by Kim squeezing my cock with her pussy as she came. Hillary moved her head to give me access and I was balls deep in Kim's pussy very quickly. Hillary got between our legs and was working Kim's clit as I moved in and out in a constant rhythm.

Hotel Adventures Ch. 01

group Whynot1975 2018-08-14

In the left-hand suite, Charley's mom and step-father Bill shared a room with Bill's brother Todd and his wife Gina, along with a couple of Gina's kids from a previous marriage- a pair of spoiled rotten young pre-teen monsters. I wondered idly how far Charley was going to be willing to take this: I didn't have any siblings of my own, but thought that if I had one as hot as Robbie was I'd probably be eager to fuck him- but for the first time since I met her I wasn't sure. I felt a little better as I was again able to critique the blonde- on the upstroke, Todd's knob easily came into reach of her mouth, and she could have added to his pleasure, but instead she ignored it, throwing her head back and forth in what I judged was false ecstasy instead.

The Flower Girl Ch. 02

group Rob_mDear 2018-08-14

Yuuka looked into Mr. Gairden's wonderfully deep blue eyes, wondering what he was going to do with her this evening. Yuuka turned the store sign on the window to read "closed", from the outside, which meant the word showing inside, to them, was "open". "I like your cock," Yuuka whispered, timidly closing her eyes as she spoke. She lay on her back, naked, with her eyes squeezed shut like a child hiding from an unseen monster in the dark, as she obediently told him what he wanted to hear, and what she knew was true. Yuuka reached up, with her mouth open, as Mr. Gairden continued to work on her yearning cunt and ass.


Sue. Fun With Harry

group Justtoold 2018-08-14

For the next part of the plan, I went back and asked Harry, "Do you have a towel or something for Sue to wear while her dress dries a bit?" He gave me a towel and I took it back to the bathroom. Sue looked at me and said, "What do you want me to do next?" I told her, "Take off the G-string and tease Harry for a bit." She leaned forward and took off the G-string while watching Harry the entire time. I smirked as I said, "Just watch and see." Sue got back on the bed and looked over at us as she started rubbing her hands all over her body.


Riley's Exploits Pt. 06

group RileyAriadne 2018-08-14

As I sat there getting used to the feel of having such a huge cock inside me I looked over my shoulder at Naomi and Trevor. I felt Aiden grab my hips and started to feed more of his cock into my pussy. Aiden fucked me with slow deep strokes, it felt incredible as he fed each inch of his cock into my pussy and back out again. I felt Trevor's cock rubbing against my slit as Naomi sucked on my clit. I brought my lips up to meet Aiden's cock and started to suck on the head. Trevor sank his cock all the way inside me as Aiden continued to fuck my mouth.


Swinger Training

group Grey Eagle 286 2018-08-14

I got a sweet good night kiss and promised to call her in the morning. I squeezed her hand gently, "For later girl, Good Night!" I quickly turned and closed the door and ran for my room. "Sara, my love I think we need to have a serious discussion right away then, while I serve lunch. I said, "Sara, I know this will sound a little strange, I feel something is bothering you. "I don't think so girl, our relationship has been so wonderful, like a pond without a ripple, smooth as glass. "I've told you before, I might let some other guy fuck me for fun and pleasure if you agree and are there, NO OTHER MAN will ever make love to ME.