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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Birthday Surprise

group eagr2plz 2018-08-14

sliding forward to the front of your thighs as I exhale my warm breath onto the junction between your left shoulder and neck, burrowing through your hair to find your smooth skin with my lips, taking tiny nibbles as my hands caress slowly upwards and inwards, meeting at your waistband and beginning their downward journey again... My hands shoot forward between your legs, palms upwards and fingers curled so only my nails sc**** their way up your belly to your free-swinging breasts...a moment of gentle caresses, and then I take your nipples firmly and pull you backwards so I can bury my nose into your open, sodden cunt.

Dylan Joins The Band Ch. 04

group westerntiger 2018-08-14

She nodded her head in Jade's direction as if to ask, "Are you going to try?" Dylan nodded yes, and Eve broke out in a big grin and lean over to Angel as she wailed away on her drums. Then he told Kris to go onstage acting like she was fixing something, and tell Angel to extend the instrumental vamp a several bars to give him some more time backstage alone with Jade. According to Kris, this next change was a little longer because Angel and Misty traded dirty jokes with the audience and Eve sang a very short song, but he knew it would last longer this time. Every time he would fill her with a very hard thrust, Dylan would feel Jade tighten her ass muscles causing her pussy to tighten around his cock.


The Grateful Virus Ch. 04

group jadling 2018-08-14

The girls simply didn't care, and for Jim the thought was drowned out by a wave of pleasure as Helen's hands on his ass held him still and Jen pushed the first inch back onto his cock, overpowering the feeble resistance of his hands. Jen ripped Kelly off of him and dropped her, wheeling back toward him and shouting "Mine!" At the same time Trisha, who had been pressed against his back, tried to come around to his vacant right side while reaching for his cock, but Helen's hand was there first, pulling him toward her as she sat back onto the dresser with her legs spread.


The Four Seasons of Sex

group eroticbr 2018-08-14

She stood panting and twisting as we kissed hard sharing her sweet cum with her luscious red lips, her erect nipples were next as I squished her cum over her tight hard tits then her arm pits felt my flat wet tongue as I teased her until she fell against her bound wrists. I pulled my enormous erection from my tight slacks and turned her around on her 5 inch stilettos her arms slid down the post until her hungry cunt lie open, swollen, and shiny in the flood light above us. We unite in orgasm I pull my long cock from her wet hot slit and stroke the shaft nursing the slippery cum with my erupting head up and down her gorgeous swollen slit.

Fun For Three

group michaeliam 2018-08-14

(I wanted to poke-her alright.) We played a few friendly rounds and then she said, "Let's make it interesting.) With two and a half beers down, I quickly agreed and so did Jeff. Then, looking at me, she said, "Proceed." I couldn't help but smile at the thought of Jeff putting on a wet thong which would barely cover half of his dick. Chris, give him a lick like you just gave me!" Jeff quickly complied and plopped down next to her and spread his legs. Jeff moaned as the tip of my tongue touched the string and his ass and I slowly moved up, thankful for the placement of the thong, covering the short distance of the cloth and continuing up to the tip of his dick.


Old Friends Become More

group ddcj 2018-08-14

When the girls came back Jane said if the guys won and the girls refused their orders, they would have to have sex everyday for a month. Well, after several more hands, Debbie and I were naked, Tom had his underwear let and Jane had her bra and panties still on. Jane then gently pushed Debbie on her back, looked at us and said “you mean like this?” She proceeded to put her face in Debbie’s crotch and started to lick her. Jane turned around and offered her already dripping pussy to Debbie who took the hint and started licking back. Tom and I reluctantly started to reach for each other’s cocks and just before we touched I told him not to worry because anything that happened here would stay here.

Not Approved by the FDA

group LisaMarieLang 2018-08-14

After you have bound me with long ties to the head of the bed, you reach around me, rip open my blouse, pull down the cups of my bra and grab my breasts, squeezing them and pinching my nipples hard. I barely even think my protest, much less speak it, when your hand comes down again, low on my bottom so I feel the impact even in my pussy and hard enough to make my hips buck in a vain attempt to escape the punishment you have unleashed upon my pale soft ass. The other guys don't even look at me as they zip themselves up, though one of them wipes some cum off his cock with his finger, then reaches over to smear it on my face before he heads out the door.


I got to meet Peter North

group bpatzner 2018-08-14

When you see a cock like this,” as he pointed down to his huge upright dick, “how can you not watch it?” He started to do his patented Peter North stroke; the one where he takes his index finger to the top of his dick and curls it over, as if to smear his pre-cum all over the head of his dick. Pete climbed up on the bed, his cock was waving in the air like a lightning rod, ready to attract anything from a mouth, hand, pussy, tits or ass. He stopped for a bit and asked, “Your pussy or ass ready for another round of this big, thick, long, hard, huge Peter North Cock?”

Step Mother fucked by Father, His boss and Driver

group 2018-08-14

Dad in a fucking rage tied moms' hands and legs together with her own gown and threw her on the floor breast side up. To his Sir, he said, "Sir do the honours, lets' have some wild sex." His boss willingly stripped off his clothes along with dad and walked towards mom. She screamed but dad asked the driver to f***e his dick in her mouth with he did willingly. My boss started fucking my mom like a whore My dad asked the driver to move aside and yanked her by the hair and began pumping his cock into her mouth. The best moment came after that whenin one go all the three men pumped their hard dicks into her - Driver in mouth, Father in ass and boss in Vagina.

My Girl Wanted to See Me with a Man Ch. 03

group Plato 2018-08-14

I'd lived through a 32 year marriage without sharing how I felt, I wasn't going to just start handing out business cards that said, "Likes to make love to men and women." Gayle and I like to share a new partner every so often and we both think you are hot." Well, I just started to laugh so hard I was almost unable to breathe, it took me a few minutes to explain my experience with Char and then, my secret desires. "Well, one of the reasons that we have been able to stay together for so long is that Steve told me early on about his bi nature," said Gayle, and "I thought it was so hot.

Birthday Present

group hryan 2018-08-14

It felt a little strange at first have his father massaging my neck but after a few minutes of his strong hands working my muscles it started to feel good. "I see you really liked my fathers massage, your nipples are still hard," said Jake leaning in to me. That's when I could feel it building up inside me, my finger fucking myself faster and faster until the pleasure of my orgasm arrived burying my mouth deep down his cock. Oh yes its time for a fucking, looks like sluts all horny and ready!" he said. "Look at the camera Hannah show it how good it feels how your tight bald pussy takes my big hard cock.

My Friend's Ex

group cerebran 2018-08-14

Brian and I sat there silent for a moment, and Cari giggled lightly. The gasp I got was quickly drowned out by a near scream of pleasure as the combination of two cocks, her fingers on her clit and my thumb in her ass brought her to the next level. She had her hands on his balls, rubbing them with what looked like just the right amount of pressure while he stroked himself over her body. Each stroke got all three of us closer to orgasm, until finally Cari wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me into her as she had her third intense orgasm of the night. As I started to come down, I saw Brian come to the edge and spray ropes of thick cum over Cari's face and neck.

The Twin's Girlfriend Ch. 01

group Skidder 2018-08-14

Jon just moved over to their girlfriend's head and reached out, taking a handful of red hair, growling a quiet "you can suck my dick and fucking like it" to her as he pulled her head towards his cock. He didn't thrust harder into her, instead just rocking his hips forward faster, grinding them against hers before pulling back and pushing forward, almost dragging his cock out of her before sliding fully into her again and again, moaning as he felt her tightness grip him in a swift orgasm, her cries of pleasure muffled by his brother's cock as he pistoned in and out of her mouth faster, his hand tight in her hair.


Well... Ch. 01

group Pegleg 2018-08-14

You had taken both our cocks out of our trunks and were gliding your hands up and down slowly so that nothing happened too quickly when you suddenly looked straight at me with a pleading look in your eye, so I smiled and said, 'Whatever makes you happy.' What was a man supposed to do?, Here I was sitting in the water watching my lovely wife pay homage to this stranger while I looked on with my hand round my cock and an imagination running overtime! The way you starting moving back onto me told me you were really getting into the rhythm of things when he lifted your mouth from his cock and looked at me asking if we could swap ends.


F****y Stud

group drew1207 2018-08-14

After calling out to me in the shower, Mom proceeded to Karen's room. wouldn't know large from small, Mom. I haven't seen any others, but it does look probably tell from Bob's photo that men masturbate like so." Mom began stroking minutes of demonstration, Mom handed the dildo to Karen and instructed her to both hands, Mom began stroking her stomach lightly. you're ready for 'Dick' now, honey." "Oh, Mom," Karen giggled "what a silly Mom's right hand was still under Karen's neck as her left manipulated the dildo Karen moved her hands in towards Mom's neck, As Mom's tits burst free, Karen whimpered Karen's hand dropped between Mom's knees and snaked up her

The Best Man Ch. 05

group evelynphwoar 2018-08-14

Her knees buckled, dropping her onto the face below, and pressing Jaime's head hard into the mattress -- Jaime didn't seem to mind having the cunt forced down onto her though, lapping eagerly at it and kissing the pink pussy lips with her own pink mouth. Feeling the clit brush against her teeth, Jaime wrapped her tongue round it, stroking it with her top lip too -- wanting to taste the orgasm, she kept her mouth open, drinking the steadily flowing juices. For a moment, Jaime moaned and pushed her cunt at Charlotte's face, needing her own orgasm badly, hyped-up teenage body not yet satisfied, and wanting Charlotte's skilled and enthusiastic mouth.


A Little Extra Spice

group darktigerroar 2018-08-14

Nicholas always had a way of doing that to her but lately, even as she would look up at him while he growled and grunted and drove into her with raw aggression, she couldn't help feel like there could be more. The sun never sat each day before he said, "I love you." Milla was still giddy around him like when they first met. Lately, Nicholas realized it took a few extra minutes to get his motor running and Milla didn't mind sucking him for longer or kissing him more to get him ready. It wasn't a few hours later when Milla was shuffling around the house like a zombie trying to get ready for work.


Ride Home Turns Into More

group alexander200386 2018-08-14

"She was all talk, said all the stuff I wanted to hear but had no intention of following through with any of it." I felt a bit sorry for him because I know that feeling. "It's been too long since I got a good bj or even seen a good pair of tits." I could tell where Dave was going with this and I was interested in seeing if she was felling the same way. Dave wasn't small in the cock department but he was engulfed by her huge chest He tried to start moving but the friction was too much without lube. Still only in her thong Shay moved Dave's knees apart and pushed his shoulders down so he was lying back on the bed with his legs over the side.


Subway Fun

group loloishorny 2018-08-14

I was checking out some of my potential new guy friends, looking at their pics of their hard chests and nice dicks. The dark hair guy began to hold my hips and fucked me faster than I could keep up. He went to sit me down, when the dark hair guy swooped in front of me and slid his dick in me. The guy I said no to, got off the train also, and began to follow me. When I got home, I told Brian about my subway fucking. Brian reached over and gave me a big kiss and said he would like that very much. Brian fingered and ate my pussy til i began to squirt in his face.

Home Office & Seduced By A Bi Couple

group sublimemeditations 2018-08-14

I continue unbuttoning the top few buttons of my pants, leaving them open to reveal my now excited cock and just a touch of my pubic hair beneath the fly. I gently stroke myself as my other hand reaches below to feel my shaved balls and beneath. Her eyes never break contact with mine as she guides her husband's cock toward her lips and yes towards my mouth. I opened my mouth to kiss her more deeply, to take her husband's cock, to suck his cock as her lips, her entire body to begins to envelope my body and mind into a single pulsing body. It was a late afternoon that flowed into an evening, and keeps coming back in my days and nights with a long, glorious smile, like no other.

A First Time for Everything

group mr_gent 2018-08-14

"She loves to watch herself getting fucked." With that, Tom's hands slipped around her and he began to knead and squeeze her breasts, still encased in the swimsuit. I felt her hard nipples press forward into my mouth as I moved from one to the other, licking and sucking, my hands feeling her creamy full breasts. I like that." With that, Lydia took it in her hand and pulled the skin back, kissing the tip and licking off the little droplet of pre-cum, circling the head with her tongue. I took a preliminary lick up her slit, and then, feeling her hands on the back of my head, opened my mouth and began to suck and lick the top half of her pussy.


Another Little Quirk

group RD 2018-08-14

Sipping for the champagne in my glass, secretly pleased by the steadiness of my hand, I smiled and said: 'I don't think that answers my question?' The huge broken-fingered hands supple, also irresistible, parting my buttocks, slipping through between my thighs...Hesitating...Some signal, perhaps? Grunting emphatically with each thrust, his hands freely exploring, caressing my boobs, fondling my rock-hard hypersensitive nipples, my trembling belly, plucking at my pubic thatch. but any thought was short-lived, the waving cresting, crashing down, a long hard oh so much-needed spasm, illuminating the darkness behind the blindfold in a series of strobes and meteors... A door swung open, cool early morning air gushing in, wafting my cape apart -- caressing me.

On the Beach Ch. 19

group Turbidus 2018-08-14

"Let me see if I'm hearing you right?" Jim says shaking his head at Mark. I mean, I'd like to hope my little tadpoles are as powerful as anyone else's but we've, well Muriel, has a ticking clock and I don't want to take any chances. "Mark, are you telling us, in the space of less than a week you've decide to have a baby with Muriel. Jim, you get in there and give Muriel a baby and I don't want to hear another word about it." She ignores his stare. "Mrs. Casey said I could stay here with Bill, if I wanted." He looks at Muriel, then Jill. Muriel, maybe you can lean back against Mark's legs and chest like last night."


The List Ch. 02

group EmmaWatsonNude 2018-08-14

Nate watched as Michelle wrapped her legs around the lucky man's waist and played with her tits. "I asked him if maybe the system wouldn't need adjusting in a week or so," Michelle said while licking Nate's cock clean. "So, what did you and Nate do this weekend?" Mary asked Michelle as they sat alone in the small cafeteria at work. It was at the end of a very long kiss that Mary said to Michelle, "I think we have his attention now." It was only when Michelle purposely moved her body to practically force Mary to kiss a nipple that the first contact took place. Once that hurdle was cleared, Mary spent considerable time kissing and licking and sucking on Michelle's firm breasts.