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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group fletchgrace 2018-08-14

A tongue begins to lick on your clit as you still feel the cock sliding in and out of your pussy. My lips move to your clit sucking on it as you feel his cock deep inside you, stretching your pussy as it grips him tight. I let my tongue start to work on the outside of each lip, as your mouth continues to work on my hard cock. I push hard into you, reaching around with my free hand quickly squeezing your swollen clit as I release my load of cum into you. The water splashing over the three of us, 4 hands on your body, six including your as we watch you touch yourself, feeling your swollen lips and hard clit.

A Work Out to Remember

group David320 2018-08-14

I sneaked around the corner and peaked and saw Kelly laying naked on a bench with Jeff between her legs fucking her. He then told me that Kelly said "She saw me watching them and wanted two cocks." I walked in the changing room and went to back room where I saw Kelly sitting there on the bench naked. She began to cum and her pussy was squeezing my cock so hard it didn't want to let go. When I got ready to cum I pulled out of her ass really fast and shoved my cock into her pussy. I told her "She knows she liked it and if she tells Jeff, I'll just tell him she let me cum inside her pussy.

Macbeth And The Witches (Again) Version 3

group DickLover59 2018-08-14

Once again, as Macbeth stood there while his eyes became more accustom to the dim and smoky light, he heard once again the same voice calling out: "Hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor! "You came, Macbeth, because we both called to thee from out the cold and rain, as well the lust in your heart; which I and my s****rs here did smell!" The younger witch let fall her meager rags, and though hag-like everywhere else, she retained a certain womanly charm of body, and as she laid down on the rags and cloths that served as a bed, he watched her spread her legs far apart; and as she did so, she smiled, and said: "Come, Macbeth.


group dirty_pearl 2018-08-14

Lara put out her hand to be shaken, but Roger took it in his left hand, raised it to his mouth, and kissed it lightly while looking into her pale blue eyes with his brown, wolfish ones. Lara's body bucked when Collette's lips closed over her clit, while her tongue gave it deliberate laps. Lara could feel her orgasm building, but Collette felt her body stiffening and backed off, which Roger noticed and copied her. The twin assault of Roger and Lara's tongues on Collette's clit and arse pushed her over the edge first. Roger took his wife's hand and kissed her, whispering "I love you." They both watched as their lover squirmed over, bringing herself to her second orgasm in front of them.


Playing a game with Sanne and Robert

group MorePeter 2018-08-14

Sanne put her hands on her crotch searching for a zipper but she didn't find anything except Robert's cock getting even bigger. Robert told her to spread her legs and when Sanne complied robert slowly pushed the dildo deep into her pussy. The moment the guy cried out in orgasm Sanne felt the dildo being pulled out of her pussy leaving it empty. She closed her lips over the head of the cock and started lapping up the pre cum. The way Master said "backup" made Sanne think that guy didn't really loose this game. When Sanne turned to Robert for thanking him she noticed his cock being hard again. Sanne knew what was expected of her and she wrapped her hands around the next guy's cock.

Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 04

group Jeremydcp 2018-08-14

"I want to do the exercises, Trish." Actually, waking up at 5:00am every morning - or 4:43am like it was now - gave me the opportunity of some solid, one-on-one time with Trish. I love it how you can spank Lindsay and call her a bad girl, make her cry out in both pain and pleasure - like you did last night - then be all sweet and tender with me the very next moment. Trish and I had been at this yoga thing for nearly 20 minutes now, and while I admit there were some peaceful and redeeming qualities to it, my 42-year-old body simply did not bend and contort the way my wife's did.


My Awakening

group mickey_blue_0123 2018-08-14

It wasn't long before Jenny also noticed and she reached inside his robe and took hold of his cock and began running her hand up and down its length. I sat back down and very slowly began stroking myself as I watched Jenny and Rob. By now she had started going down on him, running her tongue up and down his length and gently sucking the tip which made him twitch as she did so. Jenny began to moan as she moved faster up and down Rob's cock, her pussy lips and his shaft now starting to glisten as her juices coated them both. I could feel him still moving in and out slowly, still leaking out hot sticky cum over my cock, and our cum cocktail soon started to dribble out of Jenny's pussy onto my balls and down between my legs.


Isle of Lays Ch. 06

group SkinandSin 2018-08-14

Matthew took hold of her right leg and slid it back, hooking it over his hip just as Miguel brought his thick, long fingers into play by plunging the digits into her pussy and twisting them so Charlaine could not contain her groans. Someone, likely Miguel, as Matthew's hands were still pulling at her breasts, began fucking her ass with the vibrating butt plug, establishing a rhythm in counterpoint to the tongue licking the length of her slit up and down. The heavy treads of another set of feet clibing the loft's carpeted stairs signaled the arrival of Pietro, naked chef, just as Jamaica began slowly fucking both Miguel and Matthew with saliva-slick fingers, making both men shove their cocks into Charlaine hard and deep.


Blow job suprise

group JOHNFINASMITH 2018-08-14

Stacey appeared from behind me, now in her robe, and said she had a reward for me for all my hard work- I presumed Jo must have got his book and left. This was too much for me and I took Jo's cock back into my mouth and sucked hard, lapping up more pre-cum but wanting more, wanting to taste his cum. I slowly left the room, catching the last glimpse of Jo's emptied cock, as Stacey took credit for my work and told him to leave before I 'return'. In the spare room I had my aching cock out, waiting for Stacey to return and fulfill her duty, still savoring Jo's cum in my mouth.

She's my Wife, but his Slave Ch. 01

group buttman3000 2018-08-14

As the man thrust in and out of my wife, he grabbed a handful of her hair, and as my wife let out a gasp he pulled her head back, forcing her to arch her back, and began fucking my wife roughly as she gasped and moaned. I walked into the kitchen to see my wife bent over the table with her breasts hanging out of her shirt, her G-string on the floor, her skirt pushed up to her waste, and her hands tied behind her back while the group of men took turns fucking her from behind. I don't know how many of the men had had a turn with her before I got there, but after the man that I had walked in to see fucking my wife finished, he pulled out, and my wife's new master took his place.

Card Shark

group 2018-08-14

The next guy round did the same, adding that "this was the best poker game he ever lost." That just left Dave. I could feel his hot, hard cock resting against my pussy as he brought his mouth down to engulf my right nipple. The excitement of seeing and feeling me that way, and the effect of my pussy spasming against his cock was too much for Dave. I felt the guy in my ass pull out, and was expecting to feel his hot spurts splash onto my back, but before I knew it his cock, still smeared with my own shit, was rammed right down the back of my throat.

Liz Gets Reawakened

group Lizlikesit 2018-08-14

I promise I'll fuck you nice and slow, if you'll let me, and we won't do anything that you don't like." I felt his tongue lick gently at my earlobe and could hear the sound of his breathing in my ear "I want to make you feel good." I felt his arms circling me as his hands came up and softly cupped and squeezed each breast through my dress. "I'm sure they would." John lowered his head and sticking out his tongue he circled it around my right nipple before sucking it into his warm mouth licking it and gently nipping it with his teeth. "Many times." I felt Johns hands either side of my pussy slowly pulling me more open.


Showstopper Ch. 04

group Stardog Champion 2018-08-14

Turning his gaze quickly back to the women at the door, Justin felt a seismic tingle work its way down his spine when he saw Jeri slip her fingers down to her pussy and begin masturbating herself as she watched what he was doing to Cathy. His head swooning feeling Cathy's vaginal walls flex and fire each time either he or Tamra so much as moved a muscle inside her, Justin leaned forward and whispered into the older woman's ear. Loving the dominate and decisive way Tamra held Cathy by the waist as she took her anal cherry, Jeri could feel her own pussy drowning her fingers knowing she was in the exact same spot a half hour earlier.



group BellDonn 2018-08-14

He squeezed a second finger inside, and Ashley hesitated in her blowjob, closing her eyes, holding Keenum’s cock halfway in her mouth for a moment. Ashley was breathing laboriously, still sucking on Keenum’s cock when she felt something touch the entrance to her treasure – and it wasn’t a finger this time. “Oh man,” John moaned, “she has an incredible ass!” Keenum massaged her ass with his strong hands as she fucked him, the beginning of an idea forming in his head. Helping her along, Keenum began to slide his finger in and out of her asshole, fucking his cock upwards hard at the same time. She felt Keenum’s penis pull down out of her pussy a little bit, and his hands spread her ass cheeks.

A Threesome

group lickablenipsddd 2018-08-14

He reached down and undid his pants and watched as she slip her hand inside and pulled out his semi-hard cock. He told Bob to hold on a minute and moved away and lay down on the bed and she move above him an eased her pussy down on his hard, thick cock. "Come in, lock the door behind you, come all the way down the hallway and you will see my sexy lady riding my cock hard." Frank told him, and hung up the phone. Slowly bob pulled out and clean off his cock, pulled his pants on and walked around, lean down kissed her and thanked her for the greatest fuck he has had in a long time.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 21

group SteveWallace 2018-08-14

People started to arrive at our party about six-thirty on Saturday despite Elsa's having said seven o'clock as part of the invitation. Edie had a cute disposition, red hair, and she confided in me that she wanted to fuck all the men before the end of the party. I noted how Cindy and Elsa hovered around to make sure the new people got included in conversations and that people had bridge lines to talk to others. I found KC at the bar and asked her whether she wanted to dance; she gave me a hopeful look and said, "Oh, yes. I fucked a few other men who I didn't see too often: Steve, Carter, and a revived Tom. About that time KC found me, and asked if I'd like a little sapphic interaction.


Tasha Brown's Moving Day Ch. 02

group danayvonne 2018-08-14

Tim (30 year old white male 5'11 165 lbs red hair small build, 7 ½ inch dick) was reading the paper when he heard Mike proposition head popped up and he looked across the counter his eyes soaking in the prettiest black girl he ever seen. Tasha moved back on her knees a little bit grasping hold of Mike's white hard cock in her hand as she moved back she could feel Tim's cock poke her in the back of the head his pre-cum leaking into to hair as he jerked his cock. Tim grabs the back of her head and shoves his cock down her throat as Mike pulls the tit he was playing out the top of her dress.

Going Down?

group AmyONeil 2018-08-14

Walk through the security checkpoint, clock in, take the elevator down to the second basement level, pick up that days work packets, then back up to the 7th floor for the day. They were both probably in their early thirties, As the door started to close, I looked out and just before it closed, I saw the Fat Guard drop a match, igniting a small Oil Slick on the Surface on the pavement. Codding lifted me up onto his cock, forced me to wrap my legs around him, and then started fucking me while sliding his slithery wet tongue down my throat. They Threw me off their cocks, and as I stood there, looking at them, jackets now removed, Rollins approached me, and tossed me against the side of the Elevator.

Surprise Threesome

group StoryWriter19 2018-08-14

He wrapped his arms around Amy's thighs and buried his face in her pussy while bringing his knees closer to the bed to give Gwen a better angle to suck him. As their tongues danced in their open mouths Gwen's hand moved to Amy's breast and began to gently massage it. He moved into position behind Amy and felt Gwen's hand grab his cock and pull it toward the open pussy that hovered over her face. Gwen watched the hard cock slide into the dripping pussy over her and ran her tongue from the little clit, across the exposed shaft and onto the shaved balls that not hung over her.

I Will be Good

group nickthebigdick 2018-08-14

Sarah opened her eyes as Christoph removed the sack from her head. Christoph was a tall bald man with the biggest cock Sarah had ever seen. 8 men stood naked in front of Sarah whilst the 4 other submissive holding to cocks in each hand began the orgy in front of her Sarah's eyes. Christoph replied "we all can" Sarah smiled as opened her mouth. he f***ed his cock down Sarah's throat she gagged and sucked hard the man smiled down at the whore looking up.ramming her mouth. after all 8 cocks had had there way all 4 girls sat in a circle while sucking cocks they where ordered to whip Sarah hard once with the whip go round the table n cum into her mouth.

Four Play Ch. 03

group lizard_lix 2018-08-14

"Oh yeah, my horny friend, just think what Tara and Jasmine are hopefully up to right now." With that Jim leaned over and gave Matt a deep kiss, their tongues wrapping around each other, slipping back and forth from one mouth to the other. Jim and Matt stood stunned, mouths still open, trying to take it all in as Jasmine grabbed Tara's hand, pulled her across the kitchen and wrapped all three of them in a hug when they all came together. He slid down a few more inches, grabbed Jim's cock, wrapped his hand around the base of it and started to lick the head like it was an ice cream cone.


Playtime Stories Ch 10-A Theater to Group Booth

group 6988slutty_rbckyy 2018-08-14

She wiped a glob of saliva and cum off her chin and regally held out her limp hand in a feminine way and with the moans of a platinum fake blonde pornstar getting fucked behind her she said to the pair of guys, “Hi I’m Carla, and this is my friend. Yeah put that up in me, fuck my ass!” I turned and saw Carla was on the bench squatting over her man in a hot reverse cowgurl – with her high heels propped up on a molding half way up the wall – and attempting to bounce up and down on his cock.

Bachelor Party Ch. 04

group pauls_lover_gal 2018-08-13

Someone is fucking me, slowly and gently, with this intruder, while the rest of the hands continue their dance on my body. As the tongues continue on my tits and clit, and the vibrator continues to fuck my ass, the fingers inside of me search for my G-spot. Then I feel the fingers inside of me stop fucking me, and start to push slowly at my hole, seeking entrance. The far off feeling returns as the hand begins, slowly and carefully, to fuck me. Eventually the shaking subsides and I feel the mouths leave my nipples and clit and the hands leave my ass. The hand inside of me slowly begins its careful retreat, making a wet popping sound as it exits my body.

Hotel Get Together

group Fit Like 2018-08-13

Much as Kath enjoyed sucking on a nice juicy cock, and would normally have been happy to have taken him all the way, feeling him fill her mouth with his cum, that night she had had a fire in my pussy needed to be put out. Her other hand still caressed her breasts, massaging the rich suds into her skin while in her mind, once again, she was with Craig, stroking his cock until it erupted, sending a final load of hot sticky cum over them. "Damn!" Craig sighed, "Oh fuck yes!" he gasped as Kath took his knob into her mouth and slowly slid her lips along his shaft. "Ohhh, mmmm," Craig groaned as, sucking hard, Kath lips slid down his shaft, taking as much of his cock as possible into her mouth.