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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Swinging in France: The Party

group Mentor de Lyon 2018-08-13

After two glasses of the delicious champagne he had brought us, his hand moved to Jen's stocking-clad knee and I watched it as he slid it slowly up her leg to find her black laced stocking top and garter and then finally to the creamy smooth skin of her thigh. M realized that Jen's expert cock-sucking would soon have him shooting his hot fuck juice down her throat, so he lifted her to her feet to kiss her again. I continued to watch as Jen and Nadia sank to their knees in front of Pierre to lick his shaved balls and begin to suck his already fully erect cock.


Festival Day 03

group Diagnosis_Suicide 2018-08-13

Touching my tongue to the tip, I trace around the delicate contours and nip at the lobe, whilst snaking my hands down your body to your already hard cock. You push my legs further apart and move down, letting your breath blow warm onto my skin, until I feel your tongue, probing between my inner lips. At that moment, the flap of our tent is pushed aside, and Matt and Laura, the couple we met briefly yesterday, entered. I push back against him, willing him to fuck me harder, while lashing my tongue inside Laura's cunt. Laura's hips start to buck, signalling how close she was to an orgasm, so I redouble my efforts, pushing my index finger inside, up to the knuckle.

A MILF and Two Young Punks

group 2018-08-13

As Cindy continued to slurp the pre cum out of my cock, I slowly put my hand on the back of her head as she began to deep throat my cock, still shaking her sexy ass as Jeff lapped the musty sweat and pool water from her tight, pink little asshole. She grabbed his cock and began shaking it back and forth and up and down as she gave it a few strokes and said “I want every drop of your fucking spunk baby, yeah, look at that shit!” And as she shook the last gob of cum out of his cock, she slid his head into her mouth rolling her sexy tongue across the remnants of his circumcised foreskin and gave a few more deep sucks to get every drop of cum out of his cock hole.

Captain Jack Ch. 07

group Captain Jack 2018-08-13

She was wearing white shorts that really showed off her nice ass and great legs; she was wearing a red halter-top that was loose and it was hard to see what her breast looked like. "I remember laying on the blanket and you pulled down your swim truck and I saw your penis and I got real scared, it looked so big and I didn't think I could ever get in me. I went to the galley and Sally was marinating the salmon and boy did it look good. I handed April one, then Sally and I lift my glass and made a toast to a good time on the "Good Feelings", which we all drank to.


Bi-Curious Newcomers Encouraged

group PenLightStories 2018-08-13

With some help from some anonymous internet posts, soon my attention drifted to heteroflexible porn, where men enjoyed when a woman took both their cocks in her mouth at the same time or rubbed their erections together at the moment of ejaculation. I watched over her tan freckled shoulder as Alice slipped a hand inside the fly on Tom's tight black briefs and then the hand emerged holding his stiff pink cock. "Don't waste him, yet," Alice said after clutching Tom to her breasts and watching my hand for a couple minutes. I dropped my pants and boxers and stood there, stroking my cock while I watched Alice's fleshy yet toned butt cheeks jiggle while she began pumping her mouth on Tom's hard shaft.


Back to the Bookstore

group SecretHowl 2018-08-13

A video started showing a woman on her hands and knees getting fucked by a big black guy. I slumped back against one wall, the video screen on my right, the door to the booth on my left as I slid my left hand up my shirt to squeeze my tits. I glanced to each side and saw guys staring through the glory holes on either side of the booth as I knelt there, naked from the top up, jeans trapped around my ankles a hard cock pressing against my lips. The cuff guy grabbed my head and forced my face up against the wall as the cock erupted in my mouth.


Carla Likes to Watch - Me Ch. 03

group Marlene 2018-08-13

Me and my girl Carla and this guy we'd picked up at a bar named Rob. Rob had just fucked my ass and mouth and shot cum in me and on me while I'd jerked my cock off into my girl's mouth and face. The guy fucking my face pulled out and jerked his cock two or three times before he shot a hot load of cum onto Carla's shaved cunt and ass. I watched as the guy fucking her mouth pulled out and shot a huge jet of cum into her face followed by more spurts that hit her mouth and eyes. I started by licking up the puddle of cum from the couch as the blonde bitch parted my ass cheeks and stuck the big dong into my gaping asscunt.


Putting Pants on Paula

group Barnaby 2018-08-13

Paula's legs could barely bend and I could tell she was having to suck in her sexy, curvy little belly just to get them pulled all the way up. Just let me pull this…" I slipped all the way into the little cubicle closing the door and grabbing at her pants leg only to have her kick me away. My eyes rolled back in my head for a moment but upon reopening, I saw Lacey's hand working feverishly under her own little blue skirt. We're trying to screw, here!" Lacey laughed and moved out of the way as best as she could so Paula could lean over the little seat.


Joe Meets Donna and Derek

group nikki_2021 2018-08-13

"Maybe you'd like to play around a little?" Donna pulled at her left nipple with her left hand whilst she dragged a finger of her right through her pussy before sucking it into her mouth. She insisted and Joe moved so that his cock was within reach of her mouth and Donna turned her head to her side and sucked on his semi-erect penis, slurping at the mixture of their love as Derek pounded her. For the third time Donna's body convulsed and shook with an orgasm, Joe's cock falling from her mouth as Derek came for a second time, sending his cum to mingle with Joe's deep inside Donna's pussy.

The Country Lane

group ivorp 2018-08-13

Driven by a male friend we approached down a dark lane amidst a tunnel of trees and took the sharp right hand bend to enter the dimly lit tunnel beneath a motorway. A car was parked to one side of the tunnel with interior lights on and couple were in it. Her man called her a slut and a dirty bitch etc and I began to thrust inside her moist but tight opening. He lasted all of a minute inside her after she had been sucking him in her mouth. My friend and another were content to have her mouth on them and then to spray her face and breasts. I f***ed in her and she moaned and came immediately, I began to thrust deeply which caused her great pleasure.

Swingers First Time

group Tommie_tomm2 2018-08-13

The porno continued, the man now penetrating the willing woman’s cunt in the doggy position, the camera showing his big cock pushing in and out of her hot, slutty pussy. My cock was now rock hard, and knowing that if our swinger fantasy was to become real, I would have to mount her and start fucking her, but not cum! He was busy moving his wife into a position to be fucked, and as I mounted my wife, my cock slowly pushing into her hot and wet cunt, I felt certain swinging was in our future! My wife looked at Sylvia, who smiled and then laid her head back on the back of the love seat, feeling no doubt Tom’s magnificent cock as it penetrated her willing, wet cunt.

The Adult Theater Ch. 2

group Kip Carson 2018-08-13

Laura's hand slid over the black man's hand, and she helped him stroke his cock. The man quickly removed his hand, and Laura firmly gripped his thick throbbing cock. The black man slid his hand between Laura's legs, and his long finger quickly slid into her wet pussy. The black man stood up, and pressed his long thick cock against Laura's mouth. Matt slid his hand between his wife's legs, and thrust 2 fingers deeply into her pussy. "Mmmm..." Laura moaned, as her husband's hot cum slid down her throat. Laura quickly spun around, and took his cock into her mouth, tasting the remaining cum as it oozed from the monstrous cock. Laura moaned loudly, and her pussy gripped Matt's cock, milking his cum.


group TxRad 2018-08-13

Thomas nodded in agreement and Vera quickly looked out the window. Thomas looked at his wife and said, "I could invite him to stay at the villa." "With all the estragon around here, I should get one and a chaffier also." Looking at me, he added, "We have a cook and her two daughters work as the maids, the place is a nightmare to clean, so it ends up three against one most of the time." "You have a beautiful home," I said as I followed Vera across a large living room. I nodded and waited for her to go on out the door but she paused in the doorway and turned to look at me with a smile on her face. Looking at me, she said, "Why don't you get rid of those shorts while I apply my tanning oil."


Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 11

group wiley4377 2018-08-13

"Open your legs—that's it—yes—open that pussy," Julie yelled as her hand eventually disappeared inside Bobbie's cunt hole. Julie slowly pulled her slick oily hand from Bobbie's stretched pussy. Julie grabbed Bobbie's hair and pulled her face to her waiting pussy as she reclined back on the couch. Joe bellied up behind Bobbie presenting his big long cock to her ass. Joe prodded a little--then pushed hard and half his cock penetrated Bobbie's tight ass. "Hmmmmfffff—awwww—ooo—yes—yes—fuck me—fuck my ass," Bobbie managed to muffle out while Julie held her face tight to her pussy. From my vantage point, Julie held Bobbie's hair with both hands pushing her face in as far as possible inside her cunt. Julie pushed Bobbie's sucking face away from her spent pussy.

Itza, Girl Who Took It All Ch. 01

group sparky11point5 2018-08-13

"I love you, babe, take me, cum for me." I leaned in to kiss Lisa, my pumping body causing our lips to grind together as I kept hammering her cunt. "It must be a foot long and as thick as my arm," she continued in awe as she worked her hand up and down my cock, pausing just behind the head to squeeze hard on the shaft, causing the engorged purple head to swell to the size of a ripe plum. Itza was making these small mewing sounds, as she traced along the underside of my prick -- flicking, dragging, and gently pushing her wet tongue along my cock.


Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 18

group sue_in_surrey 2018-08-13

By late afternoon we were both getting as horny as fuck, Tom was about to go with Karen for the first time (so he tells me!) and I was about repeat last Saturday's delicious pussy feast. This time she didn't hesitate, she took Tom's cock fully in her mouth and commenced sucking him rapidly up and down, one second his fat dick fully embedded in her throat, the next totally exposed while she licked the end, and all the while I caressed her breasts through her flimsy top. When I look back at this moment it seems rather crude and kinky, but you have to remember that at the time Karen and I were horny beyond belief, we would have done anything to satisfy ourselves, and Tom.


Caught in the Middle

group RonCabo 2018-08-13

Mandy followed the CPA into her office, took a seat in front of the woman's desk, and automatically crossed her legs with no regard for the position of her hem. Nelson seems to be a very kind man and easy to work for, not to mention that he's very attractive." Mandy expected Julianne to smile or grin at the last part of her statement, but the woman remained stoic, giving the young girl some concern and prompting her to ask, "Is there anything I should know about him?" Mandy took a few moments to digest what she had been told, then said, "Julianne, I liked you from the moment I met you, so I'll be honest and tell you that I can be a bit of a tease at times.


Discovering Lynn Ch. 04

group bluedog485 2018-08-13

I wasn't going to last very long and then I felt Lynn's finger push inside my butthole. Gina pulled my hand away and started to caress my balls and then slipped a finger up between my butt cheeks. Gina then gently took my balls and carefully slipped them one at a time through the ring. Suddenly she started to whimper like Lynn had and then she cried out as I felt her pussy muscles clamp hard around my shaft. "Mmm that's fine by me." Gina said as she slipped my cock into her mouth and pushed it into her throat. Gina laid my cock on my belly, pushed Lynn onto her back and began to clean her pussy of the juices dripping out of her.

Pushing My Boundaries Ch. 08

group Kissytina 2018-08-13

"Hey Carla, aren't you ready yet!" Ricky said as he was breathing down my neck, in the bathroom. "I figured you would be well on your way to an orgasm, the way your nipples and breasts, had got warm and hard in my hands." I pulled back the curtain of the private booth, Ricky had his pants down with a stunning dark-haired girl sucking on his cock. "I'm Angela, come sit beside me," she said pulling her dress down, trying to clean the vodka off her breasts. I presumed it was Ricky's cock that was pounding me so hard from behind, it was forcing my tongue deeper into Angela's sweet vagina.

Penny's Freaky Friends Ch. 2

group AngelzDevil 2018-08-13

Flo licking my ass to readiness for Ronnie's cock, then her ass and wet cunt in my face, Laura giving me a fantastic fuck, as her boyfriend watched, then took over, and how I sucked her cunt juices from his cock, as she fingered and licked her own juices, Susan and her lesbian masochist, the two gay guys and my efforts at double sucking their cocks, and of course the 30-something couple who sucked and fisted. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to fuck Laura again, and I did hope her boyfriend would let me suck his cock, after he finished her off, so I could taste her cunt juices, but I also wanted her to suck me dry, or I wanted his hot seed in my mouth.

Let's Watch a Movie

group dave110256 2018-08-13

"Are you sure you really want to hang out today in my dorm room?" I asked my girlfriend Tonya, as we sat in her parents house watching television. Let's get naked in the car and run to the dorm that way!" Tonya said. Now there were four guys fucking the woman, one was getting into position to slide his cock into her ass, one was already in her pussy, the other two getting sucked and stroked as they molested her big, fake tits. "SHE will decide what SHE wants!" Tonya said as she reach for Todd's cock, pulling him toward her parted lips. When I returned, Tonya was bent over the couch still sucking Todd as Trevor fucked her from behind.


Mick meets Lou ( Wendys babysitter ) part 1

group oohmick69 2018-08-13

we kiss for an eternity --- Lou lies next to me --- you open your eyes and see her smiling at you ----you break the kiss ---- Lou says ------- should love making be this intense and passionate all the time Wend ----- yes it should baby -- with the right person ( you look at me and smile ) it will always be this hot and passionate ------ then you peck me on the lips --- you sit up on my cock --not inside just underneath you -- your basque is half undone your stockings still inplace --- i put my hands behind my head --- i say Lou -- you this this lady -- you have known her so much longer than me -- but in the short time i have known her she has really made me appreciate what a special lady she is ---- i would do anything for her ------ again you roll forward and kiss me ---- i lift my thighs and you fall onto me --- but this time as you sit back my still very hard cock enters you ---- Lou hasn't even realised as you just siit on me tightening your pussy muscles and again milking me !!!!


Pussy-Licker: Testing of Pauline

group tristantrotsky 2018-08-13

She lets go of the phone-alarm and moves, as if in a dream, aware of cool air on her nudity, of the movement of her breasts, her pubic bush dark in the half-light. She reaches down over her stomach to the back of Sloane's head where it nestles between her thighs, and thrusts his face deeper in, grinding his mouth harder into her pubis, her long legs coming up to clamp around his back, locking him there. It's only when Sloane slops out of her cunt and climbs up to rub his glistening cock over her nipples that she opens her eyes and reluctantly relinquishes her oral hold on Wilbur.

First Party House Visit

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-08-13

Barbra, the female half of one of the regular couples told Linda that she was going to go out to the living room area where it was a little more comfortable. Linda walked up to me took my hand gave me a kiss and said come on we are going to play a little bit. As Linda left the room the young blond I was fucking was starting to moan as I slammed my cock into her. She rolled her head around and looked up at me with a sly smile she said your cock smells and tastes like pussy what have you been up to.