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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Winter Weekend

group katieBgood69 2018-08-13

"If you want a taste, you're going to have to earn it." Katie moaned softly as she drove her tongue deeper into Leanne's mouth for a moment longer before pulling back, licking the drool from her lips. As Katie's lips moved across her neatly trimmed pubic hair, Leanne gasped and reached over her head to wrap her arms around Dante's waist. Leanne, more excited at the feel of Katie's warm tongue, pulled Chris's hard cock from her mouth and began stroking it fast with her hand. After a couple of awkward moments, Katie was soon softly moaning, her head resting on Dante's shoulder and a continuous flow of one sided, erotic conversation flowing into her ear that was only interrupted by the occasional sensation of his lips brushing slightly across her neck and his fingertips grazing her skin.


Hand Jobs 101 Ch. 03

group sleakstryder 2018-08-13

Her thumb and middle finger didn't meet, and while I watched the utterly lovely dichotomy of a small hand around a large cock it dawned on me that Shania hadn't moved a muscle once taking hold of me, and that this was both good and bad and all in all very intriguing, I felt the warm waft of breath on my nuts, which were spilling out of the spandex. Lying back, with my legs in the air, I enjoyed the sight and feeling of Shania beginning an exquisitely slow and perfectly gripped little hand job while Britney examined my nuts and backside, pulling the thong back green speedo to one side and touching my nuts tentatively.

Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 11

group nortythorts 2018-08-13

Aunt Anne gave a little shudder of delight and cupped her friend's medium sized breast, kneading it gently in her hand. And Lucy's lips drew on Aunt Anne's little breast, tugging it away from her, stretching the modest orb deliciously. I glanced at Aunt Anne's keen interest, then back at the rude working of her friend's mouth, watching my shaft disappear and partly re-emerge in a slow and lewd rhythm and accompanied by soft but rude sucking sounds. I half sat up and played with Lucy's other breast as I watched her and my aunt tease me with their mouths and tongues.


Richard's Rules Ch. 04

group highclassic 2018-08-13

She was ready to play, her hand roaming over his chest, and turning her body so he could easily touch her breasts while she lay across the bed. Before he got too carried away with Lisa, he turned back to Emily, who this time leaned her body closer for a kiss. Richard's towel had come loose while he played with Lisa, and he didn't notice it slipping completely off his now raging erection as he turned to Emily. He returned to her mouth and kissed her and caressed a breast as he laid a hand flat over her heat, applying pressure on the clitoris hidden below and touched the entrance to her vagina.


The Couch

group PrevertedMe 2018-08-13

Your leaning back against the couch, your head bent back slightly as the two men take turns kissing you, their tongues entering your mouth, their hands caressing you. Your body's heat is growing and you lean back a little more as you turn from one man to the other; your lips meeting, your tongues rising. You try to pull your lips off the cock again so you can protest, but the guy stops you with his hand at the back of your head. Your lips are repeatedly slapped against your fingers and your other hand comes up to press at that man's hip, trying to steady his thrusts which are growing frantic.

Breeding at a Wedding - for Cutechick456

group Hangdog90 2018-08-13

I would look over at Carol, now back in her gown, and tell her she had done a perfect job, and that Sam's vagina was like a silk glove, ready to receive my cock, ready to suck greedily at the ropes of sperm that I would spurt into her womb in a few short minutes. Carol, for you are her first lover and I have chosen you to be her wife, you will kiss and cuddle her, and tell her you are looking forward to moving in with her, to being her lover throughout the pregnancy, promising an orgasmic session of love-making at any time she desires it.

A Ritzy Threesome

group 24UKBlonde 2018-08-13

That started with me letting a guy photograph me as I played with my breasts, it went on when another asked me to rub my pussy and went further when I was persuaded to slip my fingers inside. "Sammi you are ok with bi stuff aren't you?" Sandy, the wife of the agency owner asked me on the phone as I was changing to go on a date with an Aussie lawyer staying at the Hilton. I brought some clothes home from where I stored them at the agency and had a long leisurely bath, washed and dried my hair, painted my nails, fingers and toes and did all the pampering things women generally, and high class hookers in particular, do when going on a date.


Her First Threesome

group bkm725 2018-08-13

Rob smacked her ass and Brandy let out a scream of desire instantly setting her into ramming speed back and forth on his cock, harder with each blow. Rob feeling left out pulled her back and made her lay on her back taking his cock back into her mouth allowing Dan full sight of her pussy. Dan wasn't quite sure at first what his friend was wanting but quickly got the hint from Brandy that she wanted to be licked and fucked by his fingers. Dan was ready again but took his cue that this was Rob's position and instead took his chance with another glorious sucking of his cock. Rob barely had his cock into position and with just the anticipation of what to come Brandy began bucking and moaning.

A Bet For Selina

group jasonluvsit8 2018-08-13

For a long time, I have loved the sensation of Mike's hard cock burying itself deep in my tight ass, I LOVED that hot, sexy feeling with Ted's slightly larger hard dick!! I moaned and screamed with orgasm as I felt Ted's hot load of cum shoot deep into my ass while Melissa screamed and bucked her way into her own huge orgasm, and I saw and heard Mike moaning and her happily gulping as he came deep down her throat. I was concentratinng so hard on sucking Ted's cock that I didn't realize Melissa had moved into the same position in front of Mike until I heard him start to moan and looked over to see his cock deep in her mouth.

Putting On The Ritz

group lostnhvn 2018-08-13

Cameron watched his wife taking in Ashley's beautiful form, gliding her eyes over to Aaron and taking him in, and then resting her gaze upon himself. Cameron was reveling in his wife's delight as he moved his hands lower on Ashley and found the same thing Aaron did. Feeling Cindy's orgasm, the wetness, the tightness, the vibrations, and hearing and seeing the beautiful women, Cameron had no choice but to let go inside his wife, shooting the first, white hot, eruptive load deep within her canal. Cindy and Ashley hungrily licked each other's clits and occasionally licking their husband's hard rods as they moved in and out of the others sex, tasting each other on their significant others.

Erica's Story Pt. 01

group philipmitchellstein 2018-08-13

Erica is getting hornier and increasingly desperate, but once more Stephen pulls out and straddles her, sitting on her tits so that he can push his stiff cock into Erica's mouth, forcing her to suck him, tasting her own juices slathered on his knob. Finally, Stephen pulls his well-sucked cock from Erica's mouth and moves back down between her legs, kneeling with the tip of his penis poised inches above her spread pussy, slick with juices. Wrapping her hand around his balls and the base of his cock, Erica pulls her mouth away from Stephen's shaft, and gasps out, "I want you to cum inside me."


Mountain Dream

group tmt377 2018-08-13

You’re tired from the drive to the mountains, and can’t wait to climb into a nice hot shower and then into bed. As we drink our wine, you tell me that you can’t believe your luck. You moan again, telling me how good it feels to be deep inside me. After making you cum hard, I tell you it’s now time for your surprise. The feeling of fucking my pussy while someone else licks your balls pushes you over the edge, and you fill me with your cum, and at that time I scream I am cumming, which then pushes Paul over the edge. I lay Paul down on the bed, and take him in my pussy, I then tell you to slide into my ass.

The New Boss

group mrshyboy 2018-08-13

Kayleigh pulled her finger from Anna's ass and moved up her body and placed her pussy over Anna's face. Mark felt and watched their tongues going around him as the 2 girls meet in a kiss at the tip of his cock, their tongues playing with each other and rubbing him. Kayleigh started licking Anna's clit as Mark's cock pressed against her, she could feel her ass resisting his cock. She lowered her head and licked her clit and pussy as Mark started fucking her ass. The combination of Mark fucking her ass and Kayleigh's tongue on her clit was bring Anna to pleasure heights she'd never felt before. Mark drove his cock into Anna's pussy and started pounding into her, he could feel himself building up to cum.

Valentines Day Wife

group magas911 2018-08-13

Stopping, she turned her head and asked, "Call me what?" She'd had a funny little smile on her lips when she'd spoken but it was her eyes that captured me, the challenge in them clear -- Do you really think you're man enough for me? After he'd left I drove out to our f****y weekend retreat on the north shore of the island, a retreat we'd bought four years earlier so we'd have someplace private and away from the Worthingtons, and then I proceeded to get d***k after I'd called home and told my loving wife that I'd be out of town on business for three or four days.

Well... Ch. 04

group Pegleg 2018-08-13

How I didn’t cum with the shear excitement of it all I don’t know but Mary was not going to leave me for long, and taking my cock in her hand she knelt down and began stroking up and down it, all the time looking up at me with imploring eyes. Occasionally she licked the end of my prick and squeezed my balls but that look she was giving me was doing all the damage and then I was spurting 4 great gobs of cum on her tits, a low growl coming from my throat as she continued to pump my flesh, getting all the juices from me and spreading them all over her magnificent chest.


18-year-old Designed for SIN!

group showguy 2018-08-13

Betsy ended up borrowing the same pair of sheer tan thigh high stockings and a sexy pair of open toed brown high heel pumps that her grandma wore when she fucked Earl the other week. Earl was shooting Betsy a dark penetrating almost menacing look, as he scanned over her sexy long stocking covered legs and open toed high heel pumps then back to her lacy thin white bra as her tiny hard pink nipples pierced the sheer white material. As Earl was scanning Betsy's long crossed legs with those sexy tan thigh high stockings and brown open toed high heeled pumps, she couldn't stop starring at his huge bulge that was making a massive ballooning print against his pants as he drove.


A Wife's Day Off Ch. 02

group FilthyMind 2018-08-13

"Fuck her deep Paula, let her hubby see what a slut she is." Janet continued to work her fingers deep in Angela's cunt and whispered in here ear, "are you going to watch Alan wank over his fantasy while we make you come hard?" Angela leaned over her and slipped one finger deep in Paula's ass, "You loved the sight of all Alan's spunk flying and you were just as keen as Janet to put on a show for him, well now you are." "Oh god here it comes, please don't stop, oh god, oh," Paula's voice trailed off into a long moan and at that moment Janet pulled her hand away and a huge jet of liquid shot up from Paula's cunt.


Such A Small World

group oldhippie1949 2018-08-13

"Well, if this is the spot where that sweet smell of smoke was coming from a few minutes ago, this is where we want to sit." They both smiled broadly which caused me to laugh. "Thanks, Ray, I needed that." Becca was smiling as she took the pipe back from Jon. Jon stood at her head and fed her his cock as his fingers pulled at her nipples. I'm just going to sit right down like this...ooooh...ummm...nice...he's licking my asshole, it more, Ray...I like it, Jon. He's licking my asshole while you suck his cock. I had a big smile on my face watching Becca and Jon suck each other's face as my snowball passed between them.


Ice Fishing Neighbors

group marleymusic2002 2018-08-13

Sue and Gary were about the same age as my girlfriend and I (early-forties) and liked to occasionally skate during their ice fishing excursions in order to stay warm. There was definitely a good sized fish tugging on the line, so making sure the rigging was secure, I went over to my neighbor's hut and was about to knock on the door, when through the thin walls I could clearly hear grunts and moans of pleasure. I saw Gary doing a slow grind behind her and then Sue took my cock out of her mouth and said, "I know you like what I'm doing, but I have a favor to ask."

Husband and a young man

group 2018-08-13

Then I told the young man "come on baby I want you to cum inside me as soon as possible. I kept riding his cock he was unloading a huge load inside me and I said to my husband "oh babe you are going to like this my hole is filling with his cum and I think it is already oozing out. I sucked hubbies cock while watching the young man fuck his ass. My husband wanted to fuck the guy so I told him to go ahead while I suck the young man's cock some more. He dumped his load in the young man's ass and I continued to suck his beautiful cock until he came in my mouth.

A Fantasy For Three

group stormeequality 2018-08-13

he takes the bar of soap from my hands and start to wash my breasts. I hold my breath as I feel him push his hand between my thighs. He start to kiss me as he rubs my clit and she washes my back and arms and shoulders. I reach for the soap from her as he moves his hand to part my legs a bit. She hands me the soap and I start to wash your cock and your balls. I look at him as he puts a finger in my kitty I close my eyes. I feel his hands in my hair as he kisses me. He trail kisses down to my stomach and I turn to look at my lady.

My Second Gangbang

group REDWAVE 2018-08-13

He held down my head with one hand; with the other, he slapped my ass hard, enough to sting a little, but not really hurt me. "OK-- here it comes, baby-- I want you to swing around and eat it-- NOW!" He pulled his cock out, and I swung around with lightning speed to get my cum. "Thanks, baby, " I said as I leaned my head back and dripped a little water off my finger into my nose to help the speed get in my system. "Yes, master, " I replied in my sweetest, most submissive voice, for which he rewarded me by patting me on the head like I was his little puppy dog. Can any of you big strong men help out a poor little pussy boy like me?"


The Pantyhose Party

group thebikinilover 2018-08-13

Both men slipped my pantyhose toes into their mouths as Mr Nude continued sucking on my balls, his right hand slid up my dick slowly jerking the head. I choked on my drink and put the glass down as he fingered my hole, his hand left my cock as I felt the hole in my pantyhose being ripped open, his hand slipped under my hose and grasped my cock moving the head against the thin nylon. I took his cock into my mouth whilst blindly searching for and finding his right toes, I quickly had the hose over his foot before sliding them up his leg still sucking on his now rock hard dick.

Afternoon Delight: The Switch

group Promiscousgyrl 2018-08-13

Jarrod stared at me for a minute, not saying anything, but I knew he wanted me because his pants were beginning to tent up displaying his bulging hardness, which was making me moist. "No, you can wipe it off with your hand because we want to see you lick it and swallow it like the good little slut you are," my man said. Jarrod got down on his knees between my thighs and raised my right leg up, and pressed his way into my gaping, wet hole. As my man was stroking the inside of my juicy pussy, Richard bent down and started licking my clit while my man's cock was sliding in and out.