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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

No Drama Ch. 02

group alupine 2018-08-13

Marlon invited two girls, Brooke and Madison over to his dorm room to 'party' and he had spent the last hour or so fucking them silly until his downstairs neighbors Amanda, Jen, and the dorm RA (Resident Assistant) Jainey had knocked on his door. "What's going on?" said Jainey, a young attractive black woman who was trying to look Marlon in the eye, but ended up staring down at his dick while she spoke. "Come on babe, let's get to fuckin', Jainey's about worn out," Marlon said as he put his hands to the top of her pants. "Shit," Jainey cried, her fingers rubbing her clit as Marlon pounded his big cock into her asshole.


The Boys Next Door Ch. 02

group SilverMuse 2018-08-13

But her body began to remember last night: opening her legs first to Ian, then Brendan in the treehouse; collapsing into strong arms that carried her across the lawn; snuggling in bed with hard male bodies on either side, resting her head on a firm chest as warm flesh pressed against her curves, letting someone's muscled leg part hers. She'd always assumed the pleasure went one way only for oral sex, but burying his face in her hot creamy pussy was so obviously turning Ian on that her whole body rippled with excitement, her tingling lips even more alive to his tongue. She was really in the twins' parents' bed, oozing hot juice onto the soft white sheets, thrusting her crotch toward Ian's eager mouth while he pressed her quivering legs against the mattress and she whimpered into Brendan's shoulder.


Road Trip

group Cybotic 2018-08-13

I fell asleep on the floor of the van, watching Eileen trying to throw potato chips in Larry's mouth. She gave Larry a beautiful, seductive smile and then kissed the head of my dick. I felt like I was getting lost in Nadine's beautiful liquid eyes even as I plunged in and out of Eileen's moist well. I watched Eileen swallow Larry's entire cock into her throat as he started to cum. Eileen felt my exit and crawled over to sit on Larry's lap. Larry and Nadine argued a little over who was going to go up to her apartment and get her something to wear, but Eileen ended the discussion by getting out and walking to her door completely naked.


group hondo1906 2018-08-13

I said he is probably whacking that big dark dick wishing he was fucking your pretty white pussy. He told me thanks for the view and if I ever wanted my fine white pussy stretched wide by a big black dick to let him know. She finally told him to pull out his big black dick and play with it while she was getting fucked. I know half the people in the motel knew what was going on because she kept yelling at the top of her lungs how good his black cock felt in her white pussy and that she knew she was a slut but she couldn't get enough of dick.

Swapping Dates

group lush2222 2018-08-13

Before Chloe could respond her mum shook her head erratically sideways, common parlance that she wanted to have a quiet word. Gail was sat next to Danny & Mark sat next to Chloe. Gail gave a glare to Danny but actually it was the comment that Chloe fired back that made the room go icy. "So what if he is Danny, at least he paid me a compliment." Gail looks at each of them to see who reacts next. Danny turned to Gail as the dates had their own conversation. Chloe and Mark looked on as Danny started to tounge Gail. Danny starts to undo the bra of Gail and when he does it is clear her age is of advanced years.

Husband's Horny Ass (bi-male, MMF)

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-08-13

"If you expect me to fuck your ass, you need to give up control to me totally so I know your ready." "You will have to say the most nasty thing you can think of," Jane demanded. I heard myself saying, "Fuck my ass sir." "Stick your big warm wonderful cock all the way up my ass and make me your bitch." "I need a real dick so bad!" I heard Jane ask me from somewhere across the room, "How's that big cock feel in your ass?" "Show me your appreciation for your birthday present by giving our new friend the best ass he has ever fucked."

Sex School Ch. 03

group Skibum 2018-08-13

As Sara told her story, she continued to rub her clit, now using the fingers of her left hand to penetrate her tight hole and rub the sensitive tissue around the inside of the opening. Mike's cock throbbed in arousal, as did those of Stuart and Jim. Both Janet and Elizabeth were dripping lubrication from their own excited slits as they watched, entranced by the erotic show and the words of the sexy young woman. I love sucking their big cocks, and I love the way they are eating my cunt, licking my clit, running fingers up my cunt and ass. It feels like they are fucking me forever, and I start to cum all over the cock in my cunt.

Three of Us

group bettyross1515 2018-08-12

He was leaking cum and moaning as he then grabbed my head and held his cock balls deep in my mouth and filled me with cum. I am going to give that cunt all this cock and fuck you so hard." He then pushed in deep and began to pound my fuck hole. Fuck me hard like a cock whore." I then felt my step reach and grab Bil's balls. As he fucked the ass he pulled and squeezed the balls till both men filled the holes with cum. You will be my cock slut." My step got on his knees and Bil spread his ass and aimed his thick cock and began to push in.

Patient Follow-up

group naughtynurse18 2018-08-12

On his last night, as a going away gift, I lay flat on my tummy on his hospital bed, moaning like a slut, and let Jason repeatedly cram his thick cock up my tight, churning ass until he filled it with two frothy loads of burning teenaged jizz. Handing the opened bottle of wine to Beth, I sat on one the love seat perpendicular to the couch and watched with some amusement as Martin and Jason, quickly settled into the two recliners that I has positioned about five feet apart facing the couch. I noticed, however, that every time I, or Beth, or Amy crossed or uncrossed our legs, or leaned forward, the boys, not to subtlety, started at our barely covered thighs or glanced down our cleavage in hopes of a glimpse of panty-clad pussy or bare tit.


Her Ex's Wedding

group thuchuprep 2018-08-12

"Well, it looks like we're at an impasse," Pat said to me. So I'm going to start with you, Pat. Tell me what you want to do to me." That's how I want to be fucked." I beamed, while Pat looked despondent. "Are you man enough to fuck me like that, Pat?" At that moment, it was if Pat had stolen the look off my face and left me with his. "Pat, use your mouth for something useful, like eating my fucking pussy." I layered Pat's cum with my own load, and the mixture of our semen and your pussy wetness left a thin sheen of white goo on my cock when I pulled out.


Introduction to Sex Ch. 07

group Paris Waterman 2018-08-12

Is Mrs. Jones here?" Ellie asked as she followed the man reluctantly, having the feeling that the entire visit was getting off to a poor start. Demonstrating a proficiency Ellie hadn't seen from a client before, Jones stripped her last covering down to her ankles, and then lifted her feet free of the tangle. Her hand touched the end of the pool and Ellie stopped swimming, and let her legs swing under her. Ellie did as he suggested, pushing her asshole down around his hard-working fingers; not yet believing that she could be launched into orgasm like a rocket, without any pressure applied to her clit. Without looking at Ellie, Jones got up from the bed and said, "Get dressed.


Flamenco Beach - Part 2

group brownboi4any 2018-08-12

As I felt her climbing back up on the bed and taking a place again between my legs, Hank gently retrieved his humongous dick from my mouth and moved a little to the side to allow me to look at Gwenn. As I continued bobbing my head around Hank’s delicious penis, Gwenn, once again, grabbed my legs by the back of my knees pushing them to the sides of my chest, opening my entire pelvis, elevating and spreading my ass cheeks, and exposing my stretched ass crack and already widening hole. Hank’s huge left hand ended up covering and grabbing my entire left ass cheek, pulling it apart to allow his rod into my stretched hole while he controlled the rest of my body by holding my left leg.

Vegas with Gail and Katie

group kinbote 2018-08-12

Katie reached up and held Gail's face and kissed her, and then ran her hands down to her breasts, cupping them as her thumbs rolled over her erect dark nipples. Gail opened her jaw and slid her lips up and down and then just kissed the tip as Katie gently pushed her aside and took me into her mouth and ran her tongue around the tip. And I glimpsed her busy mouth between Katie's legs and slowly got harder and harder and somehow - I don't know from where - I had an immense orgasm and felt streams and streams of come jet into Gail as I grunted and groaned for what seemed like 15 minutes.

Pledging a Co-ed Fraternity Ch. 02

group thirstygirlll 2018-08-12

"Unhh-" I am starting to squirm under how fucking good his mouth is- "as however hard or rough as you want, mm, Dan, don't stop!" He continues to look at me as he gently licks his tongue over my nipple, then sucks it, then licks it again and again, and then starts to bite it. He leans up a bit, putting his other arm on the bed and turns to look into my eyes as he starts to ram four of his fingers into my wet and warm pussy. I feel a pair of hands on my vagina, moving from lightly running up and down the length of my pussy to pulling and squeezing the skin on my pussy lips.


group samantha1_ 2018-08-12

Alex's hand snakes under the covers and finds the inside of her thigh, this time taking her nipple into his mouth, he softly bites down and lets his fingers glide up her inner thigh at the same time. "God you're hot!!" Susan heard a man's voice and another pair of hands started to wonder over her body, pinching her nipples and kissing her neck. As she kissed Thomas, Alex bent down and took her sore nipple into his mouth, soothing it with his hot tongue. Alex held onto Susan's hair, and turned her head to the side so that he could watch as his girlfriend took his best friend's dick into her mouth.

Pop Music Ch. 02

group Barnaby 2018-08-12

By the time a nearby church clock signaled the new day, Max was standing at the front door of the insurance company where Katie worked, hoping a suspicious policeman didn't come driving down the street because he would have no earthly idea what to tell him. While Betty worked diligently below, Katie had removed Max’s shirt and was playing in the hairy garden of his chest while they swapped tongues lustfully. After awhile, Betty lay down on the leather couch in the breakroom and spread her legs wantonly, her eyes glazed with what looked to Max like pure lust. Now, Max was lying on his back on the couch with Betty straddling his groin and Katie lowering her silky snatch onto his face.

Lola Meets My Wife

group funon2wheels 2018-08-12

Then she flashes a big smile just before I lower my head and start eating her out I stare at her as I eat her and watch her face go though the pleasure feelings and expressions until Trish leans in to kiss her and starts sucking on her nipples I get her off once eating her and love the taste and smell and sight of this woman withering on my face. I am surprised at how quickly she got started and how quickly she seemed to get into it, before long with Trish's tongue working wonders for a beginner and with some kisses and nipple play from me Lola is moaning and thrusting her hips into my wife's face.


Tammy Sluts It Ch. 4

group jamespatrick2001 2018-08-12

Davis and Michael were clearly itching for their chance at the slut and were urging Cal to “fill the bitch up!” Each time they called this encouragement, they shot apologetic sideways glances at Jay. A little embarrassed too, he nodded that it was okay to talk to his wife like that. Jay laughed: “Tammy, you’re a true slut and fuckpig in every sense of the’re my little Tammy fuckpig, and I love it!” Tammy announced that she wanted to be cleaned out properly again, said that it made her feel like a real two-bit whore. Jay said: “Who knows?” Tammy added that she sure hoped they would. All the time Tammy was trying to quell the pussy itch, Jay was fucking some little slut.

A Dangerous Little Game

group Padfoot88 2018-08-12

John felt guilty on occasion, but he always preferred group dates with Patty since there was a good chance it meant he got to ogle Tara or Natasha. "I'm happy to hear that, but I still feel like I owe you something." She turned to the exquisite sight on the bed and continued, "I know well how much you love sex, and I remember how much you liked to check out Tara and Natasha when you thought I wasn't looking. "I think you will enjoy our little game, but there are a few rules I want to tell you before we start." John struggled to focus on Tara's words while Natasha slowly teased his cock.


Night in Paris

group raynagirl 2018-08-12

We'd already made love before we left the hotel room but I could feel his eyes on me again and cheekiness in the way he smiled. I tried to convince myself that the blush was caused by too much wine and not the fact that I couldn't tear my eyes from her perfect body, wondering what she looked like in the shower. It was the sexiest feeling in the world to be finger fucked whilst I had Dave's cock deep down the back of my throat. Dave fucked me harder and I orgasmed, bucking my hips out so I could feel his cock deeper inside me, reaching a height of ecstasy.

The Voyage Continues Ch. 01

group fntsymn 2018-08-12

Jen asked him to stand between them and Robert and Jake took a few shots of their topless spouses while the clerk pretended to drop some sugar cubes in their coffees but he actually missed once since his eyes were glued on the women's breasts. They left the mall and on the way to the car, Jen took off her clothes and walked naked as Robert took several shots and once at the car he asked Jake and Vanessa to pose next to her for a few more shots. Jake however was to excited by everything that had happened today: seeing his wife and Vanessa exposing themselves, and mostly by watching Jen as she was brought to orgasm by Robert eating her and now watching her sucking his cock and at the same time having Vanessa deep throating him.


In Confidence

group Spinneret 2018-08-12

"The way he tells it, all the other things -- good looks and charm, which he's got, though god knows he didn't get them from either of his parents -- good manners, money, all the rest of it -- they only get you so far if you don't have the confidence to use them, with the opposite sex or for anything else. You also came right up to me and challenged me when you realised that you might have something to complain about, and by the way, you're looking better these days -- I like the new hairstyle." (Rebecca was wearing her dark hair in a simple but neat bob; her old plain shoulder-length cut and untidy fringe were gone.) "Annoying though Nick can be, I do think that his theory may have something to it."


Going to the Theater

group materialman 2018-08-12

Margaret's eyes began to adjust to the darkness of the theater and as she began to look around she felt Brads hand slip between her thighs. Both her hands were wrapped around his black cock and her tongue began to circle the tip just before she began to ever so slowly slide it in her mouth. Brad had moved around in front of her to get a better view of what was happening and knelt down in front of her and began licking her clit above the big black fingers sliding in and out of her cunt. Just then she felt hot cum being spurted on her pussy and stomach as Brad pumped his cock in his hand and then began to smear it like an artist paints a canvas.

My 24 Hours of Fun Pt. 01

group Annatartywife 2018-08-12

He felt me up roughly as I breathed heavily, my open pussies juice now dripping done my thighs, with some of Mikes cum already leaking out my fucked cunt as well. Bill and Frank had made a few calls to some of the other guys in our group, and after I was finished sorting stuff with my daughter, I rang Tracey my best friend and told her of the events of the morning. The girls said they were heading off to grab a burger from a nearby McDonald's as I told them I was gonna get a cuppa with these friends of Franks. Peter's hand still feeling my wet knickers as I left with my daughter and her friend.