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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dreams Can Come True...

group tbarn1966 2018-08-12

look straight at you face you raise your finger to your mouth and slowly run your tongue around it, imagining He was licking across your pussy... suddenly as he moves again pushing his tongue inside your wet hot throbbing pussy you feel pressure on the bed beside you!! shaking you roll over to look at them both and you realise your pussy is leaking His cum all over the bed and His friends cum has run down your you wipe it off with your hand and hungrily lick it off you glance at the two men that have just unmercifully used you and gasp to see their cock still standing up hard and ready...


The Houseguest Ch. 03

group CCMAguy 2018-08-12

Cassandra told her that at the moment it was just dinner, but who knows what might happen later, I looked over at Rich who was acting kind of shy and maybe a little embarrassed at being talked about in a third party manner by the two women. Angie noticed it as well and asked Rich if he had any interest in contributing to this idea of what Cassie might have been suggesting, he simply smiled and shrugged and said " whatever happens, happens." While they were gone, I asked Rich what he thought of Cassie, he said she was okay, but that he had been really thinking about Jill during most of the meal.

Debbie Gone Wild Ch. 04

group DeftProseForYou 2018-08-12

Once before, I coated your hot red punished ass with my sticky white come - the color offset was quite a turn on, made me reach for a camera an dtake pics. So, I tell the guys, "go ahead – jerk off all over her ass!" You whimper that you want to watch, but I remind you that this is punishment, and besides – you can watch some other time - on tape. Soon there are hot white come loads being shot in lines across your red ass, soothing the burning sensation - and making you very horny again. Stroking boys were coming left and right, splashing you, coating you, but you were only centered and feeling that very tip of cock buried far deeper up your ass than anyone had ever gone.

Adventure in the Keys

group Johnsexlife 2018-08-12

The twins took turns dancing with Linda and they became bolder and bolder grabbing her ass and grinding their obvious erections into Linda's pelvic area. Seeing this as a green light both Bill and Bob moved their hands under Linda's dress and found a shaved pussy which they rubbed and eventually took turns finger fucking Linda. Linda then slid under the table out of view from the people at the pub and sucked the twins off until they came in her mouth. Bob immediately started eating Linda's pussy, I put my hard cock in her mouth and Bill sucked her erect nipples. I came in seconds and my cock was replaced Bill's cock in Linda's mouth as Bob slipped his erection into Linda's cunt and fucked her deep and hard.

Goal Achievement

group 2018-08-12

"Oh, it was so good, feeling his hot cock in my mouth, enjoying him filling my mouth, knowing they watched, they SAW me, just like I imagined it." She knew he would be excited, that he had probably been aroused the whole time, and that telling him was probably making him hard as steel. But their voices and tone made me hotter, and I dug at my clit as he fucked my face, and I felt it then, his cock swelling, that extra hardness that comes right before, you know," she related, "only this time in my throat, not my mouth, he was going to cum as he fucked my face, and I rubbed my clit, and my orgasm hit me as he pulled back a little, and he filled my mouth with his hot cum!" She took a shuddering breath.

For My Birthday Ch. 03

group Roboboy 2018-08-12

Julie pulled her head off of Jordi's cock and pushed her ass back toward me, meeting me on every stroke. Jordi was slowly stroking his hard cock and Maria was lying on her back, legs spread, fondling her clit. As usual, as soon as Maria Rosa came she wanted me to fuck her, indicating that I should lie down alongside Jordi so she could sit on me. Julie resumed her slow post-orgasmic canter, eyes closed in bliss, as Maria Rosa dismounted, a stream of my sticky cum hanging out of her crotch. Now my cock was hitting Julie's G spot on every thrust, even as Maria Rosa's fingers continued to tickle her clit.

Meeting the Neighbors

group BoyBlue 2018-08-12

Lisa and her husband, Frank, turned out to be pretty cool - they even opened up a few beers for me during dinner. After scoping out the limited range of my experience, Frank mentioned the fact that he and his wife enjoyed an open relationship, and wondered aloud if I'd be interested in expanding my experience with Lisa. Frank offered a variation of the game he said he and Lisa played often with friends. Lisa finished by slipping a ball gag over my head and into my mouth. First you have to do one other thing." Frank came over to the bed, hard dick in hand, and I realized what she must have in mind.

They Met For Breakfast

group Rose P 2018-08-12

He asked her to share this skill and talent with C and as she sat and placed her unknotted chain in her mouth both J & C felt the expectation of what was going to happen swell through them. As she removed the knotted chain from her mouth with a wicked smile on her face and her loosened hair covering one eye, J & C realized that this was going to be one of the best fucks they would have. As she alighted from the pool and moved uncertainly up the hill to get dressed she looked up at J and saw what she could only describe as raw passion in his eyes although the term was lacking in the intensity it needed to describe.

K is for Knothole

group Many Feathers 2018-08-12

Becky really did have "long assed legs" as Craig referred to them just moments before giving up his spot for his wife's quick little 'look-see'. "Fuck it, leave it for the nightshift!" he told himself, then headed back inside, swishing his naked little ass in much the same way he'd seen his wife doing, wondering if she stood even now watching him through the dark recess of their kitchen window. "Come here," Sandy cooed as Craig half stood, half knelt with the bottle still in hand not wanting to put it down, nor his over-filled wine glass in fear that he might miss something in doing so. Craig watched as his wife slid in behind Becky, her hands tenderly reaching around cupping her hard firm breasts.


Life on the farm

group oldmaninwv 2018-08-12

We would sometimes lay in bed and while we would be fucking we would talk about one or the other having sex with somebody else, I would sometimes be pumping her and tell her that I would love to see her with a big cock in her mouth at the same time. The extra attention she started giving my cock and her moaning of approval gave me all the info I needed to motion for Jerry to come closer and put his cock into my wife's dripping pussy. I took the tip of my tongue and started tracing the point where Jerry's cock and Tina's pussy met tasting the wetness that gathered there.

The Circle Ch. 28

group SteveWallace 2018-08-12

After some small chat, Renee said, "You give your all to the person you're talking with." She spoke with the continuing touch of a lovely French accent. I heard from some of the other women that you especially understand a woman's body – all the hidden places that even seasoned Lotharios don't know." The way Renee spoke clearly indicated that she was a woman of great experience. Renee screamed on the way down and into the fiery explosion of love and lust and wonderment and the most wonderful feelings of bliss she'd ever known. Monica smiled and reached across to Jim, "I looked out my window and saw you talking to Steph this morning.


Abbey Loves Cock & Pussy

group mary0256 2018-08-12

She hoped that the presence of some more people would curtail the make-out session between Jacky and Don. However, Abbey was not very pleased when she learned that Sally had enticed Bill to bring David along so that Jacky would have a guy. Jacky spun and the bottle pointed at Don. Abbey noticed that while Don was kissing Jacky that his hand had moved inside of her pants. As everyone watched Sally stroking Bill, Jerry and David were aggressively rubbed Abbey's pussy through her lightweight shorts. Abbey had never let any guy do that to her before and, although she knew that she needed to stop these guys pretty soon, the feel of a masculine hand on her pussy felt very good.


I'm The Man In the Box

group LickerLicense 2018-08-12

I just let her ass fuck my tongue, occasionally feeling wetness from her pussy drip onto it. I wasn’t bisexual, and hadn’t told her I was, but, as I wasn’t one to ruin a good time, I let the cock enter my mouth, and began sucking it. I had difficulty telling the passage of time, but it seemed like after nearly ten minutes of fucking my tongue, she came, in a shower of cum. I slid my tongue as far up her ass as I could reach, licking and sucking on her asshole but, then, my wife surprised me by spinning around, dropping to her knees, and kissing me, long wet kisses with lots of tongue.

Watching the Game

group lilgool 2018-08-12

Tony caught his breath and, when she sat back in his arms, his other hand, slipped past what little fabric covered her legs to caress her clit. I think my girlfriend needs a little more of my attention," Tony's hand was still on her breast as he spoke, sending shocks of pleasure through her. A dripping coldness covered the area, then Jim stopped her from moving while the cock worked its' way into her ass. Her mouth and hands were covered in cum one more time as she finally opened her eyes. Tony picked her up and she gasped as Jim's cock pulled out of her with a wet slurp.

True Story MFM

group caramelsuga924 2018-08-12

I liked under his balls...all the way down to his asshole...mmmmmm...this turned him on so much...he pushed my face against under his balls....I licked and sucked hard....mmmmmm his big black dick harder and moaned was making me so wet hearing him moan... He stood up, pushed me onto the couch, I played with my clit while he threw my legs over my head, leaned toward and on top of me...our sweaty hot bodies touching....mmmmmm....he slid that big black dick inside this right throbbing Indian pussy, raw.... I grabbed daddy's little white dick to suck while the guy slid that dick in raw and again and began to **** this pussy so hard....'mmmmmmm....he was so deep inside.....

Erica's Twenty First

group verysimplegal 2018-08-12

Even though it was dark she swore she saw the guys penis sticking out of his pants and one of his friends, the blonde one, with her hand wrapped around it, laughing and tugging at the same time. On arrival the lucky bj guy saw the chicks and thought to himself, 'hot damn, there are more babes here, but I'm gonna text my friend in an hour or so, after I've fucked Megan. The fucking continued as Steven approached and just as he got to the coffee table the guy in her mouth pulled out and splurged all over Erica's tits. Not wanting to cum again, yet, Steven pulled out of her mouth and grabbed the spent condom he left on the couch next to her limp body.


Diamond Dolls

group jt3 2018-08-12

It was late May and the 30-year-old Juan tuned his radio to Jimmy's broadcast as he tried to decide between playing golf or attending the game against Sarasota when he heard the code words leap from Jimmy's mouth all but announcing more sexy women than an open cast call for a music video. Juan enjoys the show as much as the rest of the fans and makes a quick run to the concession stand as a team rep presents Katie with her gift certificate and an autographed baseball. Juan opens the door and takes in Kimmie's hot, wet body as sweat drips over her arms, legs, breasts and silky pussy while the dildo rubs up and down her soaked slit.


Fire Code Violations

group kimbelina 2018-08-12

Shocked as the words came out of my mouth, I took a break from sucking cock long enough to look up at the two of them and ask, "So, which of you big, strong men would like to fuck my tight little ass?" Smith pulled out of me, allowing me to climb up off of Bradley, and as I positioned myself on my knees in front of them, all three men stood before me, stroking their cocks furiously as they each approached orgasm, obviously turned on by my demand that they cum all over me.

Oral Vixen Liberates

group lefty69 2018-08-12

I saw Laura's smile and wildly excited eyes, and remembered the image of Antonio's gorgeous thick cock, bulbous head, and heavy balls, and of Laura's whisper of "I'm going to make that happen...leave it all up to me." My entire body felt like it was vibrating, and when I was just a few moments short of cumming Laura slowly pulled her mouth off of Antonio's bulbous thick head, a string of saliva tracing from her mouth to his dark cock, and smiled at me. "Do it my love," I heard Laura encourage me, "it's so beautiful." I stared at his cock as she whispered in my ear, full of lust, and looked again at the heavy loose balls, the thick long mocha shaft, and the large dark mushroom head glistening from my girlfriend's saliva.


Nellie Ch. 02

group Pinchbeck 2018-08-12

So close, in fact, that when Nellie had asked to borrow me back in August so she could gain some sexual experience before going to college, Danielle had said "sure" instead of "what the fuck is wrong with you". "I think," Nellie said abruptly, holding up her empty glass, "that I need some more wine." In response, Danielle held up the empty bottle, and shook it to demonstrate that there were only a few drops left. Despite their similar faces and body types, Danielle was a few inches taller than Nellie (and a bit bustier), so she was looking down at her cousin as their lips moved closer.



group larwoodalfred 2018-08-12

By now she had woken up a bit and started to protest but the driver, Ben it turned out his name was, put his arm round her shoulders and drew her towards him and kissed her straight on the lips. He eased her dress from her shoulders and undid her bra and slid that from her arms her breasts were now in full view and he gasped as he run his fingers over her nipples they stood to attention like soldiers on parade and she squirmed some more. This went on for a while as she was sucking his cock he was massaging her breasts and flicking her stiff nipples he started to ease her panties down that was the signal for her to sit up and lay back.

Jessie's Sister, Jill Ch. 02

group Epmd607 2018-08-12

"In the summer me and Jessie always have our bedroom windows open--and for years, I've heard the two of you--all your noises, moans, the bed squeaking away, some words...and I've played along too, climaxed with the two of you." She buried her face in my shoulder, then continued: "Maybe someone's listening to us right now, a bird laying in its nest, jealous of the way you say my name when you're about to come." She giggled and licked my cheek, placed my cock to her entrance and took me into her body. "Jill, if you're not gonna wear panties you've got to keep your legs together." Jessie didn't say it very loud, but her cousins heard and laughed.


Shy: "The Other Woman's Taste"

group Karyn Gardenia 2018-08-12

In the momentary confusion, I let my eyes fall closed as her internal muscles laid havoc to my pulsing cock, and heard Ginny's voice again in my head: "I've thought about fucking Shy." "Don't you think your little girlfriend wants to feel them, Eric?" she asked me, her eyes darting to the side and back, indicating submissive Ginny. Shy began a slow, smooth rocking motion that moved her forward and backward, and left and right, on Ginny's lap. Ginny, still mute, nodded in expectation for more, but Shy rose and stood in front of me, staring down at my lap where my cock had grown so hard I thought it might burst right through my zipper.


Turning Wife Out

group asimpleman2000 2018-08-12

Having been living off base in a stinking trailer for several months, we discovered that they have pretty thin walls, meaning that when a neighbor told me one day that "sounds like you kids had fun last night", meaning that when I was really pumping her asshole with a big black dildo while I fucked her pussy, she was cumming hard and was pretty loud. Not knowing what's waiting for her in the next room, as she steps into the living room in only her garter and stocking, and nothing more, holding a big black dildo to fill one of her holes while I filled the other, Tammie screams out "How long are you going to make me wait to have my pussy and ass fucked at the same time?" There, standing in the living room are 3 other guys besides me, naked and all's that I hear is "ohhh" from her.