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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Gym Encounter

group nikki_2021 2018-08-12

Just as she was about to enter the room, Emma saw her turn back towards her and pull her nipples again, making sure that they stayed erect and noticeable as she sat down on the exercise machine directly opposite the new guy. She stopped the treadmill and moved to a machine where she sat on the bench and used her legs to push the weights apart laterally, each repetition opening her up in what Emma thought looked like an invitation, especially with her nipple exposed like that. She was wearing a black satin push up bra and Mandy reached out and traced her finger along its edge, touching the flesh of Emma's breast for the first time.


Meeting Leilani

group SandraMustard 2018-08-12

As I asked Woody who was at the door, she moved forward, taking one last look at his cock of course, grabbed the door handle, and pulled it closed. With all the attention my flashes were getting on our Hawaiian vacation, I thought Woody deserved more time with such a willing flashee so I told him to cover up as I reached for the door to try to get the maid to come back. I presumed the maid had already moved on to another room so thought nothing of opening the door with Woody naked behind me. With our dinner reservation time fast approaching, I remembered the towel gathering that happened the day before so I sent Woody off for his shower thinking it might produce a flash opportunity for him.


a side order

group rodma 2018-08-12

I stopped and pulled her up whilst she spoke on the phone I bent her over and slid my cock into her wet hole ramming it hard in Carole groaned loudly I can only guess her husband knew she was being fucked as he didn't even ask why she was groaning I grabbed her hips and slammed my rod in and out, Carole said her goodbyes and put the phone down as she begged for more and more, as she orgasm again and again begging for a good fucking this was fantastic sex as it cast my mind back to what it was like with the wife, all of a sudden I shot a load into her pussy as I gripped her hips driving my cock in as far as it would go, I could feel it pumping into her young slit, as she cum again, my cock slipped out as she collapsed on the sofa, I stood in front of her my cock hanging down like a limp rag, as she looked up smiling she asked if I wanted to go to bed, I put out my hand as she led me to the bedroom.

Canoe Trip

group Sethleham 2018-08-12

Jack was already looking us over when I decided to get brave and said, "Okay." I began to strip and the guys watched me. (I could feel their eyes on our backsides, let me tell you!) We turned around to watch the guys jump in after us. It was great, feeling his hands spread my cheeks underwater and slip his fingers in and out of my pussy...) I began to push against his jamming fingers as his cock, hard and pulsing in my hands, easily thrusted back and forth. I then jerked like mad, looking back at Jenny, who was actaully watching me suck this guy off! His cock looked so hard and good again, I decided to turn around, getting on all fours, and tell him, "Eat my pussy!"

Didi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 02

group oldhippie1949 2018-08-12

Sheila, Cheryl and two other people, a young guy and a young girl, but with their backs to me, were naked and sitting on the floor facing each other. Sheila paused a moment and then said, "Rita, would you please stand." Sheila and Cheryl began to rub her body caress her. Sheila now had her face in her butt and Cheryl played with their pussies. Rita's eyes were ecstatic as Cheryl leaned in and began to caress and lick at her pussy. Rita was on top in their sixty-nine and Sheila began to rub and kiss her ass. We watched as Sheila would lick her ass and then follow all the way down to Cheryl's mouth.

The Dinner

group WildaRaven 2018-08-12

So while we all faced him and his very prominent election Frank toasted "Wilda's beautiful tits." I think I may have blushed but I surely don't know why many men have given my breasts attention. Allen said "Wilda; I wanted to kiss you the first time I looked at your mouth. Karen said she thought that if Allen fucked dear Mandy in the ass like Carl had that would leave Mandy's mouth free. Karen was sitting on Frank with his cock fitted well up into her juicy cunt while Allen was behind her with his rather handsome dick rammed into her ass up to the hilt.

79% orgy

A Girl and Two Boys

group ThatGirl13 2018-08-12

He tasted like a Watermelon Blow Pop. I wrapped my hands around him, sliding them under his shirt so I could feel his skin, searching for that spot where a boy's abs meet his hips, that perfect indented curve on a boy's body. The second boy started kissing me again, first my lips, our tongues played with one another, he tastes like candy too, I thought. The first boy was back in place, kissing my lips, sucking my lips, hands around my waist pulling me close to him. He stopped kissing me long enough to look down at his friend's hands pulling my nipples. They began to explore my body, boy 2 moving in closer to my side reaching for my breast and ass at the same time.

The Gang-Bang Party

group Len Bee 2018-08-12

Then Tom led Mindy over to a nearby couch while Billy took Paula's hand and led her to the center of the dance floor. Paula was adequately wet enough in short order, and Billy once again moved up her body and repositioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Paula felt his liquid release deep inside her, and she could even feel each individual spurt of cum released from his cock. Tommy took off his clothes and took a position lying on the young girl with his cock rubbing up and down her still-dry crease. Then another guy quickly took his place, fucking the girl hard as she began to regain her senses.

Freshman's First BBC Ch. 06

group Brass_ankle 2018-08-12

I was lying in bed naked spooning with Ginger, hands locked together, with my penis deep inside her, and standing over us red faced was Chelsea. At this all three of us burst out laughing, my penis couldn't be called 'little' with a straight face; both Chelsea and Ginger knew this first hand. "I mean will you both play with each other, or do you want me to continue taking turns?" I said as I slid my hand into Chelsea's cleavage. While Chelsea licked and sucked on my penis, I was clawing at Ginger's brassiere, although I had sex with her that morning, I hadn't gotten a good look at her breasts.


Vanilla and then Chocolate

group MPE09 2018-08-12

I went the bathroom and closed the door, and I pulled my hard cock out my underpants, and only managed to give it a dozen or so strokes, when all of a sudden my balls tightened, I knew that I had reached at the point of no return. I shot a massive stream of cum against the bathroom wall, as I imagined this young guy's cock pumping in an out of my wife's hot tight pussy. I slowly pushed my cock into her hot tight and wet pussy and started pumping her, she immediately orgasmed. I got on the bed behind her, and she grabbed hold of my cock and stuffed it into her wet pussy, I started pumping her doggie style holding onto her with one hand and spanking her softly with the other.


Home Sweet Cave

group eidetic 2018-08-12

Then she took a deep breath and looking me square in the eye, pulled off her tank top and stepped out of her undies, dropping them in a different pile and holding out her hand for the towel. It was actually Chrissie who stood up, went to her pile of wet clothes and -- doing a valiant job of trying to keep her towel around her -- fished out her wallet. I turned my back on them and went to make sure the front door screen was securely lashed down -- the storm was not abating -- and then pulled the grille off the fire and started shaking out their clothes.


What Truth May Bring

group Defluer 2018-08-12

While I rarely looked at Carrie or Lisa I knew it was much the opposite for David and John. Fucking even when a guy walked in and watched them while he picked out a video only leaving when John dumped a load on Lisa's face. Lisa and Carrie laughed after looking at each other for a minute and then admitted to fingering each other once and masturbating in the same room or bed as each other two or three dozen times. She said she didn't like it about herself but that it had been a bad time between her and John and that they had gone two weeks without sharing the same bed and she'd fucked around with a neighbor.


A Warm Place

group alan_smithee_III 2018-08-12

As my eyes rolled back in my head, I failed to notice that I had left the door open a crack, as Matt walked into use the bathroom just a few minutes later. When we reached the living room, we saw Matt on the floor with Amber straddling him, fucking his brains out. A few moments later, she stopped then leaned over to kiss me, her tongue deep in my throat and her right hand still tugging Matt's dick. Stephanie got so turned on by watching us that she started to cum right then, and it sounded like Amber wasn't far behind.

Great Loop Ch. 04

group Creekman 2018-08-12

Phyl came over and sat next to me and made sure her tits rubbed my arms as she reached for my cock and started trying to stroke some life into it. Watching Helen, Joyce and Jack with Phyl stroking my cock, it didn't take long for life to return to it. We sort of paired off for the night with Helen and I getting together, Peter with Joyce, and Jack and Phyl got together. Joyce gave me a long, tongue filled kiss, crawled on top of me and whispered, "I want a long slow fuck with multiple orgasms, so please don't feel you have to rush." As she rode me, I pulled her to me and started with the ears and neck as Holly had taught me.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 17

group SteveWallace 2018-08-12

From the time I woke up in the morning until I fell asleep, usually in the haze of wonderful sexual exhaustion, I thought about the four of them all day long – Elsa, Sheila, Cindy, and Melanie. Two weekends after Mark gave rings to Melanie and Sheila, we had another 'barbecue' at his condo high above the city center. Besides the five of us – Mark, Cindy, Sheila, Melanie, and me, we also had Andy and Margo, Carter, Steve, and Tom – who was in town for some business meetings with others in the high tech side of the conglomerate Mark ran. Sheila said in a serious tone, "No. I told him it was all Melanie's idea, and that she wanted lots of sex partners before he got home.


Wife and Hubby Enjoy Noon Threeway

group aquariuscouple 2018-08-12

I tore off the remainder of my clothes and got in the tub with the torpedo toy still stuck up my ass as Allison moved to where she was standing over Rob's face. As I put my hands under his ass and lowered my mouth onto his cock, Allison found a better angle by standing on a planter and began grinding her wet pussy onto Rob's face. After Rob brought her to the edge of orgasm with his tongue, Allison looked around at me and said, "You know what I need now." Rob and I let go soon after that filling her pussy and greasing our cocks with loads of milky cum that leaked out of her and could be seen flowing into the clear warm water of the hot tub.

First Time out at a club...

group stckngcpl 2018-08-12

She took a really firm grip at the base causing me to swell and shine, squeezing it to make it extra stiff, she guided it slowly in, I tried to go slow as my thickness has been an issue before, but in it went!, it slid in without much trouble and I continued the long slow push till I was to the hilt and you were so full of my cock, this was soon joined by Ana's finger in your pussy!

Rough Paradise

group 2018-08-12

I am so thirsty." "Okay, Amy" said Jessica, "Meet me at the exit". And she grabbed her muscles and licked them thought his six-pack till she came to big, shaved dick and put it fully in her mouth. "Hey Rob, why the fuck would you have her only for yourself!?" "You're damn right, Jack." Other guy agreed. Then they changed position and Edward came under her Rob was on the top so Ed could put his dick in Amy's tiny ass. So one by one they came to cum her into her mouth except Jack cummed in pussy and Ed into asshole. As the Amy appeared at the exit Jessica asked where the fuck she was all that time.

The Renovation

group JenniferO1 2018-08-12

I made the mistake of thinking a couple of guys who were doing some renovations of my family's house were the same as the school boys I had been teasing up to this time. One day, I had been out shopping and when I got home, my dad told me to go into the dining room to look at the plans for my new suite, the foreman, architect and carpenters were going over everything. I guess the thing I didn't think about or realize though was that these were older guys, not the high school boys I'd been having fun teasing up to this point...


Sharing Candy Pt. 01

group Geyserlicious 2018-08-12

You grab my face with both hands and kiss me deeply, tasting my mouth, inhaling my hair as it falls in wisps around you. Just then I feel your hand run along my thigh-high stocking and a finger slides in between my wet lips, then another inside me. My friends call me that." She says as she grabs my hand and licks her lips, still looking me in the eyes. I could feel her smile between my lips as she licked slowly around my lips, sucking at my clit, at first only using her mouth in a way that I'd never felt.

The Rest of the Evening Ch. 2

group millieteases 2018-08-12

I mean, I was nervous when we first started, and then you all started touching me, and Pam was getting kind of clinical, but the feelings were just so good and it just kept growing and growing and the guys fingers on me and Alan tapping my clitoris just like I like and Larry's finger in me and ..." her voice trailed off. Jenny still had her arms crossed over her chest with her hands covering her breasts, but when he looked at her crotch he also could see her inner lips poking out a little from between the big ones. Amy gently spread Alan's fingers and placed one on either side of her clitoris, making sure they were touching the skin of her clitoral hood.


Boomerang Thing Ch. 02

group AnAmericanDarling 2018-08-12

You're right Paul, she is a little tease," Larry said. Then Paul said to me, "Princess, Larry looks a little bit lonely. My eyes were closed as we kissed, so I didn't know if the hand on my ass was Larry's or Paul's, but I loved it. I wrapped my lips around Larry's cock and wrapped my hand around Paul's. With Larry's dick in my mouth he started to groan and stroke me hair, "Come on Ellie, come on baby, suck it baby. I scooted over between Paul's legs and wrapped my lips around his cock, starting to suck on him. Larry was resting back on the couch and before I could say anything, Paul came over to me, stroking his hard dick.

Lucy in the Sky

group SueNH 2018-08-12

When Chet and Jock (that's Lucy's brother..., what a yuppy name..., in fact her sisters are named Amber and Ashley!) announced that they were planning to hike up to Pinnacle Rocks the next afternoon, I instantly sensed an opportunity, and chirped in that I'd love to go for a walk too, that's what I came to the wilderness to do. Then Lucy said that it looked like more fun than sitting still, so I grabbed her hand, and pulled her into my dance, where we stretched our arms, and chased imaginary fairies, and generally lost all our inhibitions to the goddess of the sun.


Kelli and Cathy Explore the Holiday

group Laurie 2018-08-12

"Fuck it then," Cathy said as she handed Kelli the phone and reached to take another cigarette out of the pack. Across the sofa; Doug lifting Cathy's t-shirt out of her jeans, stroking a tiny breast with each hand while she lay back against the arm of the sofa, sucking her neck while she matched Kelli's moans, on top of her, between her open legs, dry humping through their jeans. Cathy looking across the sofa, seeing her brother opening Kelli's shirt further, watching her generous breasts fall out of her shirt, Timmy taking one of Kelli's giant nipples between his lips, sucking Kelli's while Doug sucked hers, Cathy feeling herself moisten while she watched.