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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Kindness Reaps Its Rewards Pt. 02

group storytyme 2018-08-12

I am not sure what happened between the time they fell into the water and a second later when they rose their heads out of the water, but Heather and Tracy's lips were locked in a passionate kiss. Heather and Tracy moved in between my arms and body and started planting soft, wet kisses on my neck. I feel what must be Susan's hands begin to stroke my dick a few times before she holds it still. "Don't you want to join us?" Tracy says, laying on top of Heather and holding her arms over her head. Without looking down and keeping her eyes locked on my face, Heather nonchalantly reaches down and wraps her hand around my swelling dick.


Best Friends

group speakingmusic 2018-08-12

"I had to ask my wife and she wanted to cum before she said yes." By this point I had pressed my hard, naked cock into the crease of Dorothy's naked ass and we were grinding together. My wife, still holding onto my cock, guided me into the wet folds of Dorothy's cunt. Dorothy lay there sucking on my cock for a while, while my wife watched. Once my wife was on and moving on her own, Dorothy slid one hand around to the back of my wife and began to play with my balls, while she slid her face to the base of my cock so she could lick my wife's clit.

The Toy Party's

group 2018-08-12

Beth pulled the Dildo out of Joni and said that it was time to see what she tasted like. At this time Beth removed herself from her action And came up behind me, reached around, un buttoned my pants and pulled them down to my knees as I knelt forward and was kissing Anna while she was still touching my breasts. Anna moved her leg over my shoulders and there was her pussy and pert little asshole right in my face. I wanted to dive in and burry my face in her beautiful place but instead I slowly licked between her thigh and her left labia, then I moved to the right to do the same.

Sex with the hottest girl(s).

group 2018-08-12

It was after school, Taylor called me up saying "Hey honey, are you coming over?" As I thought hornylike I said "Yep, I will be there in a bit :D". I knock on the door, As I know it Taylor answered she said "Come in, My room is upstairs Nicole and Olive and Sophia are here is that ok?" I said "Yes". To my surprise her bra was in the bathroom, I close the door, Take out my hard cock, and put taylor's underwear on my face. So, I start to smell them all, putting the bra's on my dick, with amazing underwear on my face.

Complex Relationship Ch. 10

group PaulStevens 2018-08-12

Upon entering the cave he was pulled aside by Ashley and Mel who informed him that tomorrow was Katy's birthday and that they had surprises ready for her big day. On the count of three both bent down and each placed a hand on her butt and under each thigh they lifted her off the ground in a seated position Katy moved her arms to their shoulders for support and they carried her that way until they reached Ashley. As Katy positioned herself between the strong thighs she said, "Yes, and I would also like Brandon to give Ashley a little oral relief as well, she's going crazy over there." She opted for a lesbian orgy with Ashley and Mel that afternoon and wanted a big fish for dinner that night so she sent Brandon to the beach for it.


Precious Jade

group BrettJ 2018-08-12

I only know that this is the happiest I've been in a long time and I think the only way I can rationalize things is to share them with my readers and let them make up their own minds. We all managed to tumble into Jade's apartment in one gigantic mess when I heard Molly cry out "God, I want to fuck you!" I was about to answer when I saw her planting one of my girlfriend. "Wow, what a talented little slut you are, Molly girl, mmmm, yesss, you are, so good!" Jade continued to encourage our new friend.

They Made Me the Team Slut pt2

group d4david 2018-08-12

One guy came and sat on the ledge below the windows, holding his cock he ordered me to 'come and suck on this here dick.' As i bent at the waist my hands on his thighs some one slid their rubbery rigid cock head up and down my butt crack. When the last boy had his cock sucked and he had shot his load Willie came up and fucked me again in the ass till he shot another load saying 'I just like to fuck guys in the ass and I like fucking you.' After that Willie and Brian or some one else would fuck me after each practice.

Pool Boy

group BigZeke13 2018-08-11

As I was drinking the lemonade with my head tipped back draining the glass, Olivia reached out and wiped her fingers through the sweat on my chest and rubbed it around between her thumb and index finger before she shoved both into her mouth and licked them clean. I said, "I just absolutely love your tits," I paused a second and continued, "And your face, ass, legs, arms and hair." She leaned her face into my chest and giggled and pulled her body into me inhaling the odor of my sweat and slid her tits all over my torso.


Lucky Cable Guy Ch. 08

group Megamuffin 2018-08-11

Lisa was pulling Marty's pants down, and I couldn't stop my eyes from popping open wide when his huge cock sprang up and slapped hard against his stomach, his engorged head stood clear past his navel, and the long thick shaft looked as hard as iron, rippled with thick veins. "Look at this big fucking cock," Maureen said to Molly, wrapping her hand around my shaft and pointing me at her open mouth. She dropped back to her knees and I watched Maureen back her face away, but linger around my cock head, giving it a hard suck before she took me out of her mouth to let Molly take another turn.


Talk and Action Ch. 10

group misterwho 2018-08-11

Thinking that Nalini would not spot her as fer face was buried Sheela reached for the professor's cock. Eager to please her professor Sheela held the pillar of the cock in her hand and a tight 'o' worked the head, finding the professor's particular pleasure-spot. She also looked in envy, the professor was fucking upward, and holding on to his erection and giving his wife every bit of the pleasure she clearly wanted. As she collapsed on top of her husband she kissed him deeply, leaving Sheela in no doubt that, even though stripped of all her clothing, smeared with their juices and watching the professor and the 'madam' completely nude in her presence, she was an outsider.

Extra Innnings!!!

group kimsquirts 2018-08-11

He has an Average size 6.5" cock that gets real hard!! "Hey Big Man, I am in the pool waiting for you cum on around!" I look up and ask "Where is the Coach??" Sorry he says Coach got the flight screwed up, said for us to stop by as he has been trying to call you all day!" He was red in the face and shyly said, "Lets hope coach does not notice those things!" Follow me lets get you guys something to cool to drink,,,, We walk around the big headge at the back door. I said It is aginst the rules for yopu or your GF to measure your erect cock and have it count!!!



group __Lisa__ 2018-08-11

My eyes narrowed and I turned to see what had inspired that reaction, discovering a blonde man and a woman with red hair leaning against the opening to our booth, kissing in a way that made me think they'd be looking for somewhere private pretty soon. Although the urgency had faded, they indulged in another long kiss, then while my breaths were still coming quickly and my pulse continued to race, he took her by the hand and led her away. Beneath the table my legs spread even further and Katie's hand slid up the inside of my thigh, stroking my sensitive skin. Katie's breaths were coming fast, her watchful eyes telling me she could barely believe this was happening; I guessed she probably expected it to stop at any moment.


The Morning After

group joetgm 2018-08-11

You pull him over to a wall so that his back is to me stood in the doorway and before he pins you to the wall and begins to kiss you, using his hand to stimulate your clit, making your tight pussy ready for its second cock of the morning. Before it can break, Derek pushes back into you and begins to thrust his hips against you, letting his cock ride up and down in your bare wet pussy. We all begin to enjoy the moment in unison and I feel Derek thrusting into you as you grab a hand up onto the back of his neck, letting his entire length slip inside you as I hear your breathing rate increase with this new sensation.

Party of Five: Festa de Cinco

group C Love 2018-08-11

I found out that Caro was only in town for a couple of weeks, and was staying at a local hotel rather than on Thais and Simone’s couch. All three ladies got naked and crawled into bed as well, Caro on top of me, while Simone was on my left and Thais was on my right. Simone moved to the floor, leaving the entire bed to Thais, Caro, and me. The finale came when Ricardo had Simone screaming for more on the floor, while Carolina moaned in pleasure because of my fingers, and I grunted in joy while Thais reached around from behind and jacked me off.

Marylin's Nostalgia

group Lemonator 2018-08-11

And, of course, being a curious and hormonal young girl, Marylin had gone to discover it on her own—to try to find out what it was like to be an adult. That time the woman had let her in—without a word between them—and Marylin had climbed all three flights of stairs to find no one there. Skin color was certainly not a thing that mattered to her, but it was an aesthetic difference all the same, and every man in the world was distinctive in some way or another. "Maybe I'll actually get you inside my mouth next time," She said, attempting a playful tone that only kind of paid off.


My First Time at a Swinger's Club Ch. 02

group Puddin36 2018-08-11

We continued this for a short time when I finally pulled myself away from him and said, "Baby, you have me so damn hot for you...take me...take me now!" I then turned around and bent over, spreading my cheeks for him to have total access to my body. Tell Michael what you want Sami!" I began pushing myself back onto his cock, moaning, as the sensations felt so damn good, and answered his questions. Go slowly at first and when you feel my pussy begin to tighten, I want you to give it all to me baby...hard and fast...make me scream!" was my reply. He began pumping his hard massive cock in and out of my pussy...slowly at first...going a little deeper each time.

Playing the fertile cougar

group andrea0817 2018-08-11

Too much time laying just about naked in bed with serious deep conversation resulted in Kristen placing a light kiss on my lips. My lips on her as Jays balls started to slap my face had her cumming in no time at all. He would withdraw, slam back hard and when Kristen let out a sound of discomfort, Jay would cram himself deeper, which often brought another sound and he would repeat with another vicious jab. Jay held deep, as he did I saw Kristen's pink lips squeezing his jet black shaft as she milked every last drop out of him. As Kristen and I are still locked in a deep kiss I let out a "whoop" as Jay took me in a single stroke from behind.

1969 Pt. 02

group thexxxee 2018-08-11

And she did give him the details: the visiting post docs, the friendly work place, the slow increase of personal stories, Martin's stories of ritualistic sex practices, specifically the Jezebel stories, the photo album, being turned on by something so perverse, seeing that Martin had a bigger and harder penis that she imagined in her fantasy, fucking Martin, fucking all three, that they had already enlarged her, and that it was all done within the view of the graduate residence hall under bright light. And he liked the idea When Melissa told Martin of the phone call, he was pleased to find out that Tom was going right along.


Executive Secretary

group tantricjim 2018-08-11

On one occasion, Dick and I watched Emily as she left for the ladies room. I rejoined Dick and told him flat out that it seemed that Emily was looking to bed the two of us. She moved her head from one cock to the other, circling the knob with her tongue while her tiny hands teased our shafts and balls. She began to pull her knees up, spreading wider for Dick's mouth and tongue. She captured my cock in her mouth; my hands held her head and I began to slowly fuck her mouth. She braced herself with her hands on Dick's legs and began to fuck him. After a bit, we found a rhythm and about the time Dick began the short strokes I unloaded deep in her mouth.

The Cage

group Girl Friend 2018-08-11

Now, take my hand and follow me to the cage." said Mr. Hardgrove, as he wiped Meghan's pussy juices from his face with the back of his hand and un-tied her legs from the spread eagled position. Another man put his head between her legs and started to lick and flick at her clit as he inserted two then three fingers of his right hand into her cunt and then started to pump his hand, like a piston fast in and out of Meghan's pussy. Mr. Hardgrove asked that Meghan's wrists and ankles be untied as he wanted her pussy fucked doggystyle by ALL the men in the room.

Swinging Gone Bad

group de_gr 2018-08-11

For Christmas Toby arranged to spend the night with a couple that was throwing a swinging party. "You never had a really big man inside you like me, isn't that right Anthi?" Leon asked me with a cocky attitude. He was right, I only had Toby inside me who was average but Leon must have been huge from the way he opened me up. As much as I was shocked with Toby's behavior, I couldn't deny that my body was liking what Leon was doing. Leon's wife was more understanding and told me that Tobias had arranged with her husband to seduce me in swinging. All that devotion to sex required amounts of energy I didn't have and I could never relax thinking Tobi fucking another woman as he indented to do.

Happy Birthday

group Grundor 2018-08-11

Jack was shocked to see Lia turn her head to Jess, open her mouth and take Jessica's tongue in her mouth. Jessica asked again, "Jack, I want to watch Lia suck you baby." Lia started licking Jack's cock, her tongue so warm and wet on his dick. Jessie crossed the room and knelt behind Jack, rubbing his ball while he gradually started pumping his dick faster and harder into Lia's cunt. Jack started pumping his dick harder working Lia's tight ass and his cock to the brink of explosion. Jack pulled his dick out of Lia's ass, noticing how her asshole stayed stretched open, inviting his cock back in for more.

A Girl Called Lucy Pt. 01

group pleasurezone 2018-08-11

I was starting to feel like a bit of a loser every time Peanut-brain yapped on about his perfect life, and was just saying how I had to be up early in the morning when Lucy lolled her head to one side, totally cute, and looked at me with those big eyes of hers. It wasn't long before Lucy's hips started to roll with pleasure again and she happily ceded control as first Toby then Marco gently face-fucked her. I had a great view of it all as Marco groaned loudly he was going to cum and Lucy, with great timing, eased her mouth open around his mushroom head.


Moni at the drive in

group 2018-08-11

The guy rubbing my pussy moved his hand uo and slid it past my hose and panties for a better feel, when he slid his finger in me I let out a little squeal which made my b*****r look back I just smiled at him and he grinned back that it was ok. I heard the other guy unzip his pants but I actually didn't consider was to happen next more out of just being a little naive, but he got up as I was not looking and slid his cock in me, I was not on the pill and tried to move forward to pull out from him but being squeezed between them with cock in mouth and pussy I couldn't move.