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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

20 Nigro Men Gang-Banged Nandani

group bava12 2018-11-25

She is looking so hot standing nude but she can’t reach rhe hight of those tall men so they bring the table in the centre of the room and told her to sit on it. She continue to suck his big cock till he cums in her throat and then he told her to go towards next men and suck his cock who standing on the another corner of the room she doesn’t left power to stand on her feets so she strt walking on her knees just like a dog. These black nigro men continue to come each night and fucked her hard and then leave her in pain.

More Fucking With Kelly

group GoodToBeMe 2018-11-25

After a good laugh, Kelly looked over at Yvonne and said, “I am so fucking horny right now.” Their “this or that” had gotten progressively raunchier as they went on. She sat facing Yvonne, her back leaning on the arm of the couch, her legs spread as wide as she could, she followed Yvonne’s lead: She used one hand to rub her clit and the other to finger fuck herself. So, Yvonne poured baby oil in her hand, had Kelly stand up and started massaging Kelly’s pubic mound, around to her butt crack and down to her asshole and then back around to the front and into her crotch rubbing her lips thoroughly.

Fucking the brothers

group cindy_4u 2018-11-25

Art got up for the bathroom and I asked him to walk me to ladies room too as the place was packed and I wanted no trouble. A few shots and drinks later, I pulled both boys close and said, "I want both of you to fuck me tonight." Matt heard nothing because by this time he had his hands under my skirt playing with my pussy as I almost sat on him kissing. Matt's mouth was sucking my perky tits while his cock that a long time back only entered my mouth had entered my pussy. No sooner had Art pulled out, Matt got behind me and pushed his cock in my sloppy pussy.

A Wife Alone

group HighDesert 2018-11-25

No. Was I thinking about how ashamed I "should have been?" No. I was rubbing my clit from orgasm to orgasm about the thought of Mike, a good looking young man, watching me fuck myself silly while watching a girl get dp'd by numerous big black cocks. His cock felt so good as it grew in my mouth and I couldn't believe how aroused his hand was making me as Eric began to fuck my ass faster and deeper with every stroke. As my orgasm subsided, Eric pulled his engorged cock from my ass and I fell from the bed to the floor, still trying to swallow the cum that Chris had served me.

In Crowded Bus

group bava12 2018-11-25

I had both my hands wrapped around his dick pulling for all I was worth while he was squeezing my nipple and fingering my pussy. I had both my hands wrapped around his dick pulling for all I was worth while he was squeezing my nipple and fingering my pussy. I had both my hands wrapped around his dick pulling for all I was worth while he was squeezing my nipple and fingering my pussy. In a few seconds I was sitting with my legs wrapped around this guy, with my hands around his neck and with my pussy positioned on top of his cock. In a few seconds I was sitting with my legs wrapped around this guy, with my hands around his neck and with my pussy positioned on top of his cock.

Getting to Know the Sorority Sisters - Part I

group CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-25

“Sure,” Rachel replied, slipping her legs off the side of the chase lounge and turning toward where I sat next to her. Charlotte stepped over Brittany’s chase lounge and slipped up behind Rachel as Brittany sat and watched. Charlotte poured the thick sunscreen into her hand, and began to apply it to Rachel’s back as Rachel continued to look in my direction, completely unfazed by the sexual tension in the air. Rachel knelt beside me, and slipped her mouth over the tip end of my steel rod, shoving it down her throat as Brittany and Charlotte knelt beside her and watched. “Oh fuck yes!” Brittany exclaimed as Rachel began to work her hips, feverishly, back and forth.


Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 13

group Samuelx 2018-11-25

I found myself actually enjoying the feel of a big black cock buried deep inside my tight white ass. As I fisted the big black woman's pussy, Jacob pressed his cock against her backdoor and pushed. Nicolette screamed, both from having a huge black cock in her asshole and my fist in her pussy. As I began fucking Jacob in the ass with my thick strap-on dildo, the black stud screamed. I finally got the chance to fuck a sexy black man in the ass with my strap-on dildo. Nicolette strapped on the dildo and began fucking Jacob's asshole with it. Nicolette screamed like a woman possessed as Jacob pounded his big dick into her ass like a madman.

My wife surprised me

group woreout 2018-11-25

About half way through the race my wife came home, she walked in the den to ask me to come in the kitchen to talk. Once in the kitchen my wife told me that she had gone over to Brian's house to fuck but just as they where getting started he got a call and had to leave. My wife said calm down guys, if we are going to do a gang bang we need some law and order. After all six of them where now naked from the waist down and standing in a line ,most of their cocks flaccid my wife said this is how we decide who goes in what order.

Three's Company

group YesMe 2018-11-25

One afternoon he stopped by my house.  My husband worked afternoon shift and was at work.  My friend and I were sitting on the sofa when he put his arm around me and scooped me up into the most sensual kiss.  His tongue literally was fucking my mouth.  I could feel his tongue caressing my tongue and pressing against my lips.  I was lost in that kiss.  Before I knew it, he pulled my hand into his lap and took his dick out of his pants.  He asked me how I liked it.  And I clumsily said, "it was nice".  That is the first time anything sexual had ever occurred between us.  As I sat there looking at my hand on his dick, "He Came"!  Yes, he came right in my hand.  I was flabbergasted.  I tried to tell him that I liked him very much but we were both happily married.  I told him I didn't want to ruin a friendship by bringing sex into the mix.  But he insisted that this would never happen.

Farm Hands

group forty30 2018-11-25

Sensing that they were ready for more, she let her hands slip down their chests and abs to their laps. She closed her eyes and felt around for their erections through their pants. She unzipped her pants, slipped her thumbs under her underwear and wiggled her way out just inches from their faces. It hit her that these young ones robably hadn't seen what they were looking from this distance much, if ever, and beame aware that she might be taking advantage of their inexperienc a bit. She bent over provocatively and turned the water on and turned around to see them both undressing. Leaning against the wall, her legs crossed a little to enhance the tingles between them, she watch the clothes drop to the floor and the skin exposed. Their erections were already at full readiness when their pants came off and each long enough to reach their belly buttons if pushed back against their abs..

Krista's Story Pt2

group MrJackVeil 2018-11-25

His perfect cock is wonderful, the long rock hard shaft in your hand and mouth, and his hand pulling your hair forcing your head down onto his dick. You feel naughty and decide to respond by way of sticking out your tongue and licking his shaft from base to tip, and lightly kiss the head. “Ughhhh, ohhh baby!” She thrust her hips forward and her pussy quivers over his face as she finally cums. You look at her and bite your lower lip, “Yes. It’s sooo hot,” You say and grind your hips against her mouth and tongue. You smile and think, “ I think I love him,too.” You rub the cum into your breasts and feel totally and completely satisfied; like you have never felt before.

Temptations of the Flesh Ch. 03

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-25

Surrounded by the soft flesh of her womanhood, and concentrating on giving her as much intense pleasure as possible, did not clearly hear Magdalene's instructions to the young novice, but I did feel Katherine's lips as they surrounded my flaccid cock. I also felt a warmth around my left testicle, wondering, at first, how she could get her mouth around both my shaft and my nut, then realizing that Magdalene was sucking on my nut as Katherine slid her lips up and down my cock, slurping as she went. "Make me cum, Father!" she pleaded, opening her legs and her pussy lips as she ground her hips against my head.

What The Neighbor's Daughter is Really Like

group Green_Man 2018-11-25

I didn't see a problem as long as Leslie would be upstairs watching television in the library while we partied downstairs in the large den. Her pussy was jamming against another cock as the senior in her ass started yelling about coming in an asshole for the first time. And Gwen was sucking up all the come from our cock and pussy. My neighbor Leslie will be coming out formally now after she came out informally with a bunch of limp dicks earlier." As he fucked Leslie's ass she begged Tom to come over with his fat cock and get a blow job. Claudia did just that and that was when Tom's short fat cock shot a load of come down Leslie's throat.

My transition to a whore Part 2

group KingNikki 2018-11-25

I started bobbing my head up and down slowly as I twisted my hands around the portion of his cock that couldn't fit in my mouth. "I need to feel that pussy without a condom, baby," Steve told me. Anyway, immediately after Steve withdrew his cock, Henry followed suit. He let out a combination of a howl, moan and a scream as I felt his dick release a large load of cum inside of me. Henry stayed still for a minute or two before slowly taking his cock from my ass, making a popping sound as he did so. When he was finished cleaning my ass, he moved up to my pussy and started sucking Steve's cum.

Delightfulgirl's play with two men

group Delightfulgirl 2018-11-25

Ben began to stroke his gorgeous piece of meat and I continued to move my hips in a circular motion allowing my pussy to swallow Justin’s cock. It wasn’t too long until I felt Justin’s dick rub my cheek and I turned to once again take his cock into my mouth, tasting my pussy juices as I did so. With Justin’s dick still in my mouth, Ben lay on his back and slid his head between my legs. Justin began to pound into me fast and hard making it difficult for me to keep Ben’s dick in my mouth but I managed! The boys swapped positions and I got to feel the pure pleasure of Ben’s cock sliding into my pussy oh so easily.

An Old College Friend

group mranonymous7 2018-11-25

I kept taking turns kissing her and sucking on her breasts for about ten minutes or so while Vince intently enjoyed the pussy he hadn't had the chance to eat for nearly three years. After she cummed, I took over in Vince's position between her outstretched legs while he moved up to the couch so Barbara could suck his eight-inch cock. I moved back to my chair so I could take in the sight of my sexy wife with her amazing naked ass pushed up in the air, with her knees on the couch, bent over with a big hard cock slowly sliding in and out of her mouth. Lovingly Barbara took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it long and slow.

Soft Target

group kochankatulipan 2018-11-25

Trevor wanted to scream “Oh yes!” but, before he could utter a word, Chrissie straddled his face and, pulling her panties to one side jammed her pussy in his mouth. The brunette, having coaxed Trevor’s cock into life squatted over his thighs and, opening her wet pussy, descended on his dick, taking it all in one go and screaming in pleasure. Chrissie grinding his tongue, the brunette slamming herself onto his cock and the blonde’s pussy accepting first two, then four fingers until his hand was inside up to the wrist. Chrissie grabbed Trevor’s head and forced it onto her pussy, the Brunette clamped his thighs with her knees and the blonde grabbed his hand and rammed it hard into her clit.

Sun, Sea, and Sensimilla

group top_spin 2018-11-25

The party drew to a close and someone suggested driving to Negril to go crabbing, we could camp out overnight on the beach and go skinny dipping. Prepared with crocus bags to collect the crabs, the lead car would stop and signal when a large swarm was spotted, all the guys would then exit and herd them in a circle for easy pickup. Our cocks now hard, one of the guys lead a girl out of the water, sucking her titties he began to finger her pussy, her groaning excited everyone and we all started chanting. Soon the other girls began to participate spreading their legs and offering their sweet pussies, willing mouths and hands took care of the guys yet unpaired.

Me and my friend in a porno movie-true story

group Jaque69 2018-11-25

The big guy went down between my legs, grabbed the cheeks of my ass, put his mouth against the lips of my cunt and stuck his tongue way up and moved inside my pussy then his mouth closed on the lips and he vacuum cleaned me. My other guy pulled a 10 inch long and thick cock out of his pants, I bent over the side and grabbed it in my hand, stoked the shaft, put the head in my mouth and sucked all the way in down my throat. The guy between my legs moved tem up on his shoulders, pulled his huge cock and shoved into my wet, hot pussy and fucked me hard.

At the office

group Reco696 2018-11-25

I can feel your sweetness begin to trickle into my mouth, and you can hear me swallow you waves of excitement. Your back arched over my desk as you call out my name, and tells me how good this feels. Stripping my shirt off so I can feel your leg hung over my back as I place soft kisses up your leg, nibble behind the knee, and work my way under your skirt. Telling me over and over how good it feels, and I've done such a great job that you're going to give me a break and take care of me for once. My feet pushing yours apart I kneel down to give your lips a kiss, and a gentle bite on your cute little ass.

A new start. The love story of a sub pt3

group Eager 2018-11-25

She put some lube between my ass cheeks and then, with a couple of fingers, fondled my pussy lips, while with the other hand started probing a finger inside my butt hole. The thrusts of the huge cock that was fucking my pussy was almost making me cum, causing my throat muscles to contract so much that the cock in my mouth started throbbing violently and then he shot his white juice deep in me. The huge cock left my pussy and another slave, who I recognised as a woman from her touch, started cleaning my pussy and swallowing every drop of the gigantic load.

Our Threesome Adventure Continues

group Fantasypenman 2018-11-25

It’s a position we’ve both never experienced before and, as you hold my gaze to ensure I’m looking directly into your green eyes, I feel your grip round my neck and on my shaft tighten and your body tense. Although I can’t see the actual event, I know that this is the moment that you feel his big, thick, naked cock nudge up against your pussy. Your animalistic moans continue against my neck as your feel the large head of his penis slide between your moistened lips and slide inch by inch deep into hot folds of your body. With a final flourish you grab my head and pull me into a loving kiss as you feel the last spasms of his cock releasing into you.

A roll of the die, Part Two

group BrindleChase 2018-11-25

Lisa shifted and Karen looked up to see Lisa turn her head to the side and stuff Jeremy’s long hard cock into her mouth. Karen glanced up to watch Lisa try to keep Jeremy’s cock in her mouth and gasp for air simultaneously without success. Karen followed, and laughed a little at the whimper of dismay that came from Dave as she crawled away from his thrusting cock and into Lisa’s arms. Determined to punish Dave for the enthusiasm glowing on his face as he crammed his cock in and out of Lisa, Karen turned back and flashed Jeremy a wicked grin. Frantic grunts spilled from where his mouth was pasted to Lisa’s sopping wet pussy and Karen felt the tremors shaking his body against her thighs.

My Wife's Studio Photo-shoot

group DAvidw 2018-11-25

There was another group booked into a neighbouring room and a few guys cast their eyes over my wife as we entered, clearly thinking she was their model. The studio owner smiled to her to reassure her and mouthed across, “Relax.” She lay back and turned her lovely face to the guys. Your wife was doing as asked and, although clearly shy, she didn't want to let down herself, the studio owner or the camera guys. The photographers came out of their little huddle and one of the guys said, " Okay sexy, we have agreed to up the rate and we will now pay more as we want you to continue to bare a little more skin.