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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Pleasure of Three

group dustyblues 2018-08-11

I enjoyed sucking Chris' cock while you licked my pussy but I don't know," Logan said to Don, her husband. Logan was mesmerized and felt her nipples harden into little rocks as she unconsciously unbuttoned a second button on her dress and her other hand found her wet panties as she slid her finger inside them to feel her engorged clit...she loved playing with her pussy. Logan drew a quick breath and moaned in pleasure as she felt Don start to slide her wet panties over her bottom, down her legs, to the floor then kiss his way back up her legs until he licked the crack of her ass and buried his tongue in her asshole, then her pussy, tasting her nectar.

Birthday Surprise

group EverReady31 2018-08-11

Michele gave Maria, Robin and Elaine each a soapy bath sponge. Michele comes back into the bathroom and says, “What do we have here, having fun without me?” Maria laughs and says, “Don’t just stand there and whine, join in.” Elaine reaches over and pulls Michele’s top down exposing her large breasts, causing me to gasp. Maria starts to pick me up to put me on the bed, as she’s bending over she leans in and kisses me full on the mouth and with her hand going under my leg gives my cock a playful grab. Maria and Michele kiss their way down my body until they too reach my cock.

Haunted House Fun

group BlewWater69 2018-08-11

"I don't know but what good are coed dorms if ya can't meet the women on the other floor?" Mike asked hoping to find a way. Maybe we should get with the other guys on the floor and invited the girls up to go trick or treating from door to door for candy," Jay said. If we can get them screaming, it will sound so like they are being murdered in that echo chamber of a stairwell." Mike said warming to the idea. They hoped to have the girls screaming bloody murder by the time they hit the stairwell door and down the steps back to their floor. One girl was braless and Mike got some good looks at jiggling tits as they climbed over obstacles and ran.


Caramel & Honey

group Dr S Crow 2018-08-11

She had delicious freckled, honey skin, big, green eyes, pouting lips and beautiful little titties, pert under the skinny tank top that showed inches of her perfectly flat belly as she stretched, leaning back on her hands. Ricky's mind was racing; they wanted to come up to his apartment, they were horny and frustrated, Caramel liked older men, they were so fuckable, he was alone and so fucking horny… After a nana-second of reflection he replied, He had a mouthful of Caramel flavoured pussy and his cock was about to shoot its load again, this time between those soft, Honey, pouty lips.

Albert's Letters

group Softly 2018-08-11

That night that we all got gunned on the “White Lightning” that Big Jake brought over, got a little out of hand, when you guys tied me to the bed, and took turns plowing my field. I was looking at seventy cocks that big, while hog tied, with my pussy giving off that smell that you like so much.” What I have just told you happened in the first forty minutes of playtime, for the “Magnificent Cock Club.” After the fifth man had his way with me, I and the other women were untied. We trust that you enjoyed the video of last years “Magnificent Cock Club Cruise,” staring Mary Ellen. Next year, you could include her, along with Mary Ellen, in the “Magnificent Cock club” Cruise.

Basketball Diaries Ch. 09-10

group Kellog 2018-08-11

"I think I gave myself a wedgie." Joey lifted the hem of her skirt with her right hand, and then slowly ran the fingertips of her left hand up and down the crotch of her bikini bottom, all the while staring Dr. Cole in the eyes. Listening to her body and realizing in an instant what was happening, Kaci lifted her head and opened her mouth, inviting Joey to kiss her. "I was thinking about you," Kaci insisted, bringing her right hand down to the back of Joey's head, drawing her tongue deeper, as her hips thrust up against her mouth. "Oh, I don't think you have to worry about her," Joey said coyly, turning her head to the right to kiss Candy on the mouth.


Second Visit To The Master (and his men)

group kezza6969 2018-08-11

Oh thank you, thank you, thought Gloria as she felt the long fast deep slide of this new hard hunk of meat into her cunt. The man energetically fucked the woman, plunging into her as far as he could go, not quite bottoming out, withdrawing until just his knob remained planted in her cunt, sliding back in along her spunk drenched track until his sac swung against her arse. As the knob and shaft grazed back and forth over her inner hot spot, as the thick base of the cock stretched her vulva on each inwards thrust, as the heavy sac of nuts bumped against her arse Gloria luxuriated in her fuck with the unknown man.

changing room part 1

group spunkbo 2018-08-11

rolling the white stockings up my wife s silky legs kissing gently the tops of her thighs, both uttering soft murmurs of pleasure. Becky positioned herself behind, running her lips and tongue over the pale soft skin of Zoe s ass cheeks, then began kissing the small of her back. Zoe reached a hand back and started toying with her ass as my wife flicked her tongue across her clit, arching her back she knew Zoe was about to cum, she could see her creamy cum starting to dribble slowly out between her already swollen lips. this obviously excited Becky as she moaned with satisfaction, and very gently flicked her tongue across her pussy lips tasting Zoe for the first time.

The Best Seats in the House

group Nico 2018-08-11

I had gotten so turned on watching Michaela grind against my hand and her fingers that I wasn't going to last long, which was good considering we were working with limited time before the other couple returned. With her right hand, Michaela used her middle two fingers to fuck Mia. She started out slow, then as she sucked harder on Mia's clit and tongued her, she increased the pace while Mia approached the breaking point and was getting louder and louder. Right as Mia's body would start to tense, Michaela would bring her down by slowing her dripping fingers and teasing Mia's extra sensitive clit with light tongue lashes.

In Pursuit of Beer

group Irish Moss 2018-08-11

We agreed on a nice hotel with a beach view and reserved a room with two queen-size beds, one of which Debbie and Mary Alice would be sharing. My cock throbbed even more in Mary Alice's hand as I admired Debbie's big, freckled tits topped with large areolas and hard nipples before my gaze dropped to her trim, brown bush. As I started licking the juices flowing from her slit, I felt Mary Alice's mouth engulfing my throbbing tool and let out a moan. Her pussy was hot and slippery and, despite feeling Mary Alice's lips sliding up and down my tool, I couldn't wait to slip my cock into Debbie's pussy.

Finishing School - Episode 04

group The_inspector_and_the_fish 2018-08-11

Two of her fellow pupils, Diana Mapleton and Fanny Appleshaw, were seated in the chairs which they had turned to face into the room, where stood two men who Clara recognised from their lessons. It was all she could do to recall some of the finer points from Mrs Castlewick's lessons -- sliding her mouth away, she allowed Johnson's cock to rest on her bottom lip and gently flicked and caressed it with the tip of her tongue, tasting the pre-cum mixing with her saliva. As she rushed off down the corridor, she couldn't erase from her mind the image of Diana plunging two fingers past the silk of her panties and into her pussy at the exact moment Johnson had cum, and the look of debauched pleasure that had come over her face.

Help Desk Ch. 6

group Theoden 2018-08-11

Paula moved her body on top of mine and started to rub her hot slit up and down the length of my hard on, at Geneen’s instructions. I almost came right then, but Paula had recovered from her orgasm and had moved next to Geneen. I pulled out of Geneen and moved behind Paula, slipping my engorged dick into her blonde-furred hole. Paula slipped two fingers into Geneen and began to rub her in time to our fucking. Paula came again as I shot my hot load into her hungry pussy, and for the second time that night we were all collapsed on the bed, dripping each other’s fluids.

A Beginning? Ch. 01

group gentlehand 2018-08-11

As he wet his fingertip with her wetness and feather caressed her vulva, his cock rocking into her, she could see Marie looking deep into her eyes, as her strong pianist's fingers explored all the right places. Marie had called both Tanya and Marc a couple of times, wanting to make sure that they really wanted her to visit and this wasn't pity for the old hag. As she had taken a look past Marie's eyes and face, she realized that Marie was wearing the exact chemise and skirt that Tanya had seen during her fantasy after the initial phone call. Marie's strong neck and beautiful breasts and strong thighs showed in the exact way Tanya's fantasy had shown them.


An Afternoon With Jason & Eddie

group dclark5 2018-08-11

I went to get the drinks but listened as Jason was telling Eddie, "He can start by sucking my dick. Jason suddenly said, "This feels incredible but I don't want to shoot yet...and Eddie needs some of this". After saving up a week's worth of cum, I still have some left and I'm sure Eddie would like another chance to empty his balls." Then he stood up as his dick started to stand up. Drain my balls!" I sucked and swallowed until his dick went completely soft...making sure that I did "service" his cock until I had gotten every last drop. Then Eddie said, "Dave looked like he enjoyed sucking cock so much, maybe it isn't that bad.

Hardcore Headquarters

group SolarRay 2018-08-11

My boss, an ambitious, outspoken middle-aged woman named Karen, is not afraid to disrupt the industry, or our work environment, with a unique perspective and forward-thinking ideas. "Well obviously you're not going to show up to the building naked-- you can change out of your clothes in the hallway bathroom before coming into the office," she explained. Then turned toward each other and nodded their heads knowingly, as if to say "We were right, he's not doing it either." I sighed to myself, knowing that it was inevitable that I'd be this close to seeing Isabel naked, but never be that lucky. "Well, I can't say I wouldn't complain if certain people came to work naked, but yeah, somehow I doubt that would ever happen," Isabel added with a smirk.


Final Office Hijinx (Sheri Ch. 6)

group Lykan 2018-08-11

Sheri scooted down my body until her weight was redistributed across my hip bones, and then I felt her hot, wet pussy pressed against my cock. I could then feel her sex begin to pulse and I felt the super heated wetness of her cum wash against my cock and Jani's pussy. After watching the tape later, I would know that Jani was holding her open mouth inches above my spurting cock head where my cum splashed against her and dripped back down onto Sheri's waiting pussy. Sheri let out a loud moan and I knew Jani had begun tonguing my cum from Sheri's hot pussy. Sheri in turn squeezed my cock again, causing me to thrust hard into Jani again.


The Door

group slopoke1012000 2018-08-11

As Sam started to lift the loop for a second time the door began to slowly open. Sam was the first to speak, "Our car is stuck, we have no cell phone service and we need to use a phone to call for help." The man gave them a strange look, but continued to lead them to a table filled with all types of finger foods and a bowl of punch. As Dan moved his well defined body over top of Sam's, she began to open up her legs to receive the ultimate gift that a man can give a woman.


New at School Ch. 02

group indian_slut 2018-08-11

Ramesh - WOW, Priyanka looks like you want to scolded again by professor today. Me - Ramesh, this girl priya looks from a good family. Ramesh - don't worry Priyanka, let me take Priya's cherry your ass is the next in line. Ramesh started fucking Priya, I was sucking on her nipples. I asked Priya to suck my nipples and asked Ramesh to fuck me as she had already came. I was feeling a desire to eat the cum, so I started sucking Priya's pussy. Ramesh - Priya, put something in this bitch's mouth, I am going to bleed his dirty little ass hole today Priya stuffed my own panties on my mouth and Ramesh started inserting tip of his penis.

Wanda's Story Ch. 08

group rpwilbur 2018-08-11

Amber moaned onto Erich's cock and came, her usual squirting cum blocked by the dildo filling her pussy. As soon as Amber felt the first cum shoot from Erich's cock, she pulled her mouth off him and finished him off by stroking him with her hands. Amber, after seeing the orgasm Erich had and feeling the deep loving kiss of this woman, came again as the second woman continued to fuck her pussy. Erich pulled his mouth out of Wanda's pussy quickly and screamed "I'm cumming!!" Anne lifted off his cock just in time, pulling the dildo from Amber, as Erich blasted his sticky semen out the slit to splash on Anne's thighs and Amber's backside.


s****r Sucks Best pt.7: Foursome

group 2018-08-11

Dolores gasped and climbed on the bed, her eyes on Judy. Quivering, her pussy on fire, Judy grabbed her mother's foot Darin and Tommy watched as Judy went insane on her mother's "Ewwww, Mommy," Judy panted, her cunt greasing her mother's As Judy slid her cunt up her mother's body to her mammoth tit Dolores twisted Judy's tits in her hands. Suddenly Judy brought her hot, sizzling pussy to her mother's Judy ground her cunt into her mother's face. Judy glued her mouth to her mother's pussy. Judy sucked her mother's clit into her mouth and clamped her Judy chomped on her mother's cunt, the hot syrupy cum flowing Judy's face was fused to her mother's cunt.

Cassie, an Elevator, and a Maid

group wiintermute 2018-08-11

With my fingers roughly fucking your tight pussy and my thumb rubbing tight circles around your protruding clit, you finally give in and begin humping your hips forward, just as the elevator doors slide open. I simply look down at you and say, "Keep your eyes closed and open your mouth." I look up and nod my head to the right, indicating that the maid should come farther into the room. "Oh, Ian," you murmur in a sleepy whisper, "you nasty boy." The maid looks at me and smiles as she runs a load of cum up from around your ear and this time scoops it into your mouth and shoves her tongue in after it.


The Roommate

group RomaLeeves 2018-08-11

Moving the elastic of Megan's panties to one side, Gemma slipped her fingers between the lips and inside, feeling the heat and throbbing pulse of Megan's arousal, as hot and wet as her own. Gemma kissed the bare shaved mound of Megan's vulva, lightly tickling her with her mouth as it moved down to the slit, which looked just like the picture in her sketchbook, plump and smooth and with a little bit of labia poking out neatly from between her lips. We don't have much privacy here, I'm sorry." But as she started to pull her hand away, Gemma grabbed her wrist and pushed Megan's fingers back inside herself, grinding her hips onto her hand .

The Julie Journals: A Nice Couple

group Shady_Lady 2018-08-11

Andy started to fuck Julie in a steady pace and each thrust sent her face into Lucy's pussy pressing her nose against her clit. "Now I am going to taste that lovely cum" Lucy said in a throaty voice and with that bent her head and began to lick at Julie's pussy. Looking up Julie could see Lucy's lovely pussy and lifting her head began to lick and nibble and Lucy's clit. Julie could feel Lucy's tongue deep inside her body and her enjoyment of the sensations was momentarily halted when she saw Andy's thighs behind her head. Julie felt the muffled scream in her pussy from Lucy as Andy slowly worked his cock deeper.


Challenge - Husband's View

group PrevertedMe 2018-08-11

It only took Jake a moment to slide into place, his arm and hand taking up the same starting position as Chris' had. He'd obviously seen his friend's hand move, and he didn't wait long before sliding his own up to fondle the side of Tiffany's breast. I lost track of time and ended up giving Jake extra minutes," I said, tapping my watch. "Mmm," Tiffany's back arched, pressing herself into the clasp for a second even as she realized what was happening and her hand came down to push his away. Jake took another cue from his friend and instead of simply trying to outright cup my wife's breast, he scratched at it through her top several times first.