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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Time Bi

group xxxphoenix72 2018-08-11

We all got on well, chatting and laughing, Paul was a nice enough guy, probably a year or two younger than Sarah and I, tall and slim with short blonde hair and blue eyes. I took her nipple in my mouth and flicked it with my tongue as I saw Paul's hand snake between her thighs, his fingers slipping into her moist pussy. I slowly opened my mouth, simultaneously closing my eyes as Sarah guided his cock to me. Sarah finger fucked herself to another orgasm as I continued learning how to suck cock then she returned to us and asked me to lay on the carpet. He grasped my achingly hard cock and slid his hand up and down the shaft a few times before taking me in his mouth.

Wild Oats - Stumpy

group twistedgraygoat 2018-08-11

Stumpy, I need you to show me how much you want me with your kisses and caresses." With that, I pulled off my T-shirt and was naked on the bed. I began slowly stroking his cock while we kissed and the head felt just like a leaking tennis ball as I ran my fingers over it. I lost myself in Stumpy's kisses and Nelly's fingers and tongue until my body took over and I began to shake in a really nice orgasm which relaxed my body even more. Stumpy moved to my pussy and Nelly sat on my face while I loved her pussy with my mouth and tongue. Nelly moved over Stumpy's head and he began using his tongue to give her some relief.

Road Trip December 3

group JillyJenn 2018-08-11

As I left, I realized that I had only taken 4 different cocks for the week, out of the absolute minimum requirement of 14 per week... within 2 minutes I was rubbing their cocks... I kneeled and release each cock and began sucking one while jacking the other... I took the other cock into my mouth as I was being fucked... At the same time I could feel my pussy begin to open and grow wet... The following 6 hours was the most brutal fucking I have ever had... 5 BBC each had been drained several times and their magnificent black cocks now were limp and unable to fuck anymore. I left feeling like I had taken a major steps...

Backyard Barbecue

group Toolmo 2018-08-11

It was at this time Mike called me and told me the latest job interview looked very good and he thought they were going to make him an offer, which meant we had to move again. I felt hands on my ass, looking over my shoulder I saw Sid, Mary's husband on his knee's, I felt Mary pull her head away so Sid could slide into my dripping pussy as Mary rubbed my clit. Sid knew at that point I liked it hard and started trusting faster and deep, Mary went back to sucking my pussy and I hers, and I slide a finger deep into her ass as well.

Off Menu Pt. 05

group Barefootaaron 2018-08-11

," Rachel whispered as she looked down at two pairs of matching white slippers for a few seconds, and then slowly working up her courage as her green eyes followed the soft fabric of Abby's crimson robe up the curves of her body to her pretty face and high cheekbones. Abby turned to look over the back of the couch and stare at Rachel's beautiful white ass spotted with black and blue bruises as the redhead sauntered over to Jason and the king-sized bed. As Rachel rolled onto her back to watch what would happen next, Abby climbed up the bed to hover right above Jason's erect cock.

Mrs. Barbara Smith

group Benny024 2018-08-11

When I pulled my face back, so that I could swallow her sperm deposit, a guy who was standing behind my left shoulder, grabbed my head and pushed his big, precum wet cockhead into my mouth. A couple of guys hollered, "Fuck her ass harder!" Obviously, they wanted me to hurry up and cum, but I was determined to last awhile. Thankfully, Hubby just gave him a quick, wry smile and looked back down at the ass-fucking his white wife was getting from the black stud - in front of 40 other black guys. As I watched Barb's sexy, white ass swallow the black cock and listened to her loud moans and lustful grunts of pleasure, I felt some hands touch my bare ass cheeks.


The Surprise

group Ghostrider13 2018-08-11

He told her, "Yes. I want to be fucked in the ass." She asked if he was ready to suck a cock as well. And how much it turned her on to think about watching him and another sucking each others cocks and shooting their hot load in each others mouths. You're the biggest I've ever had and my ass is tight." She came again as she watched her husband slide his rock hard cock in the guys ass. After a bit they recovered and her husband got on all fours and offered his ass to the man with a hard cock behind him. The stranger wasted no time in fucking her husbands ass good and hard.

Sally and the Air Conditioning Guys

group twistedgraygoat 2018-08-11

I was naked when the phone rang and Jim, the AC guy told me that they would get to me before stopping for the day, but it would be at least an hour before they could come. I decided right then that I would take a cool down swim in the condo pool and told Jim that he didn't need to call again as long as I knew he was coming. Suddenly the AC started putting out cold air and Jim, the inside guy, said, "Looks like Jamie fixed it on the roof." I was still creamy wet from Jim's deposit, but Jamie didn't seem to mind as he explored my vagina with his fingers and then directed his cock into my love tunnel.

Late Night House Party

group funspirit 2018-08-11

I saw Heidi taking turns kissing Steve and A.J., and almost came in my pants when I saw Mariko running her hands over Adele's tits while Carl watched. She scanned the room with hungry eyes and saw Steve sitting on the other couch and jerking his short fat cock as he watched Carl laying on top of Heidi on the floor in front of him, her huge breasts vibrating with every thrust of Carl's cock into her pussy. Mariko was now on the floor with A.J., their bodies intertwining as they kissed, and summer lay next to me on the couch, her long blond hair spread all over the pillow under her head.


D's First Adventure

group slimpic11 2018-08-11

"With the curvy body you can wear anything that shows just a little skin and they will find that sexy" Marsha said. I knew to be demure I needed to wear a full slip, but I said screw it, I am covered and I do feel sexy even if I don't look sexy. I hit Mike one shoulder and say, "Yea right, I know I look like a dowdy old school teacher." He takes the wine and opens a bottle and offers me a glass. Marsha's loose tie allowed the dress to slip, so as I bent over my tits were almost fully exposed with just a little pink of the nipples showing and the thong was stretched tightly across my pussy and I actually had an orgasm.


Asian Hotel Bi sex

group 2018-08-11

Unbeknown to me Jenny and Mike would sometimes sl**p over in the service room among the shelves of the linen, where they could hear my fucking next door. Now working in the city 6 days and nights a week, sending money home to her parents, she had no opportunity to find sex partners apart from the expediency of fucking Mike, her immature co-worker in the linen room. He had heard the bar girls talking about my thick long cock and the effect on them as they grunted and groaned in sexual pleasure grinding on it during the night time fuck sessions. But Mike not only wanted to fuck bar girls but also to my taste my hard white cock.

After-Dinner Minx

group pandsal 2018-08-11

I wasn't keen, but at the same time I wanted to get back to the days when I might come home and find a pair of knickers on the kitchen table with a note saying: dinner's ready in the oven but don't turn it on yet - I'm getting turned on upstairs. Sybil took Gill's hand and said, "Everyone is nervous with strangers and I expect you are no different. Watching Sybil and Tara step out of their dresses - Sybil in black French knickers, suspender belt and stockings, her small, pointed breasts needing no support; Tara in peach panties and bra - I already knew what I wanted.


Courtship Ch. 2

group Sonia_de_Beaumanoir 2018-08-11

"Listen Sylvie, I want to know why you are being so accommodating about sharing Marc. Marc is very ambitious and it is clear that he is going to leave St. Martin as soon as he can, no matter how much he loves fucking me, or sailing my boat. I'll let you know when the affection part comes in." So saying, I kissed him lightly on the lips and went inside, closing the door behind me. Sylvie asked, "The next time you see Marc, do you want to fuck him? Marc turned to me to say, "That time I saw you and Sylvie naked together on the island, covered with sand, I think I fell in love with you."

Ain't No Fun Unless My...

group J_Case 2018-08-10

"Coming out to the club ain't nothing like it used to be, bro," Jerome said to his younger brother, Mikey, as they waited for the parking valet to bring Jerome's Maxima. "No," Mikey said, then took a pull on the joint, laughing because she didn't know it wasn't Jerome she was talking to. When she walked around the back of the car and he got a good look at her body, his dick started getting hard. "I was referring to the joint, but since you brought it up," he said, making his dick jump in his pants, "I'm sure I can handle whatever challenges I'm presented with." Their eyes locked. He knew he wasn't going to come from a blowjob, but it felt too fucking good to stop her.


A Bellboy’s Delight

group Tinman 2018-08-10

Believe it or not I said, in a croaky voice, "Boy, that looks like fun!" At which, both girls broke out laughing, but I also noticed the one on the bed was still playing with herself, and I could see moisture on her fingers and hair under her panties. Naked lady came over fast and grabbed him away from me, dropped to her knees and started slurping on him, while buttonhole girl went into a frenzy of masturbation, moaning as she watched us. Having just cum, I wasn't on edge, and naked lady and I fucked for what I thought was a really long time, with buttonhole girl moving around to play with her girlfriend wherever I wasn't blocking her action.

Chance Meeting Ch. 04

group MsErotica1950 2018-08-10

She didn’t mention that to Kate as she knew that Pete had not told her that he had fucked Sara that day. “Put me through to Pete Sara I want to talk to him before you leave,” Kate told her. Tonight it’s going to be my mouth your craving at your pussy.” Pete wasted no more time talking and buried his face deep into her sloppy snatch. Pete pulled Sara down to the edge of the bed so he could kneel on the floor at the foot of the bed and rammed his cock hard and fast into her waiting pussy. Sara was again getting close to having another orgasm as Pete fucked her pussy non stop.


Darla's Games Day 15

group Panthergirl 2018-08-10

We kept trying to talk about the kiss, but we were on short time and mostly smiled at each other and giggled like the school girls that we were. "Okay Carrie, that kiss was incredible." Julie laughed as we pulled onto the road. Well, they were probably looking at Courtney too, but my face burned and I clinched my eyes shut when I distinctly heard a boy say, "Who would have thought that Carrie was a carpet muncher?" I looked at Farin, tears flowing down my cheeks as my hand was forced towards Courtney's pussy. Courtney jumped in, "It's true Mr. Thatch Farin and Carrie and I were just playing around, nothing is happening back here.


Taking Care of Business at Work

group Secret Pleasure 2018-08-10

Just as you open your portfolio of this client's needs you feel my hand on your leg, beginning to caress it beneath your slacks... filling it with your seed, you slip your way out of my pussy and quickly test my arse with your wet finger before taking my arse with your cock... Your client deliciously content with my mouth sucking him with my tongue and lips, feels another one of my moans against his cock and begins to spill his seed into my mouth... with a nod of his head, you notice your client wouldn't mind if you gave me a helping hand or mouth as it were, cleaning up my little mess.

The Pool Sitter Ch. 04

group Loveitinwater 2018-08-10

Diana smiled and leaned forward, letting my cock fall out of her hand while she scooped more cum from Alyssa's right breast. I love rubbing a pussy through panties or a bikini, and Diana's soft moans echoed into my mouth as we French kissed and my index finger moved up and down her soaked bottoms. "You can fuck me this way," said Diana, leaning down to hold the chair, but I know you really want my bottoms on, don't you." With that she stroked my cock with the bikini. I untied the string to her panties while Diana worked the spot just below the head of my cock, bringing my hips up from the lounger and drawing gasps of delight even as I my mouth made for Alyssa's wet pussy.

Three Is Better Pt. 01

group scarlettshea86 2018-08-10

Matt and I were both smitten and hoping to take it to the next level soon, so we planned a night in to explain to her about what we wanted and gauge if she might be open to trying it. Once it was finished, I called Matt and Amanda in and we all sat down to eat together. Matt sat down in the chair across from the couch where we were and looked at Amanda directly. Like me, he took her face in his big hands gently and kissed her passionately. Once we got there, Matt sat down on the bed and watched as I pulled Amanda's top off. "Amanda, honey, why don't you lie down in the middle that way Scarlett and I can take care of you," Matt said.

My wife and neighbour

group 2018-08-10

Just as I thought, as soon as I got there he was leaning over my wife having a feel of her tits, getting his hand inside her halter top for a good feel. I then got my hand up Doreen’s skirt and started having a feel around when she blearily opened her eyes, looked at me and asked me what the fuck was going on. And there on hands and knees, she watched the cabbie fucking my wife, with her face a foot above his pounding cock. He didn’t need a second invite, he got between her thighs, spread them wide and plunged straight in, saying “You asked for it babe, here it comes”. I’d got hard again so went to her head and told her to suck my cock.

Night out with Daddy's Friend

group naughtybicycle 2018-08-10

I grew up to be a nice little office girl who wears sensible shoes...but I do have a daddy he gave me a 2nd chance at being a good little slut... Daddy likes to show all his friends how slutty his girl is so he always makes me where a skimpy outfit and do my makeup like a whore. I started to feel a little more comfortable and got on my hands and knees, ass facing the boys. As I grinded my pussy on Daddy’s cock he grabbed at the sides of my juicy ass while Jake looked on with a big grin on his face. Before Jake left for the night Daddy gave me a hard spanking, showing off his little fuckdoll to his friend.

A tease too far, found on net

group perpetuavelouria 2018-08-10

About an hour later, deep into the forest, Joel was walking alongside Daryl, with Kelly and Scott behind them. Scott leaned down and Joel saw his tongue extend to lick his wife's pussy. Scott's cock was in her mouth as Daryl pushed the head of his dick alongside it. As he fucked her, Daryl continued his insults, "slut," "slag," "whore," "cum-slave." Joel was so turned on he barely lasted a few minutes. Daryl reached down and began pushing his fingers into her pussy alongside Scott's cock. Joel watched, stroking his own dick, as Daryl pushed his cock into her pussy. As Daryl pulled out to shoot his final load of cum over Kelly's belly, Joel's cock erupted, sending streams of cum onto his own chest and stomach.

Travis Goes Along For The Ride

group Megamuffin 2018-08-10

Travis watched the way Rachel's ass moved as he followed her and Jason up the stairs. "I can't believe how fucking big this thing is," Laura said as she slowly eased the tip of Nathan's cock into her pussy. He looked over to see Jason fucking Rachel's pussy from behind while he squeezed and pinched her tits. Laura opened her mouth and howled with pleasure as Nathan fucked her and Travis came. Laura licked the last of his goo off the tip of his cock and Travis finally climbed down off the bed and flopped back down in the chair, spent. Nathan stiffened and moaned and Laura backed away in time for Travis to see a big gob of cum shoot out of Nathan's cock into her mouth.