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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Summer Schooled

group Odysseyker 2018-08-10

Several weeks after our first camping adventure, Rusty, Mark, Kyle, Debbie, Tracy and myself made a return visit to the campground. Tracy had let him have some fun with her on our previous camping trip, but this time she wasn't planning on it. With Kyle still hefting her boobs and Rusty toying with her box, Debbie ran her hands through her hair and then reached skyward in a lingering stretch. Let's get back to camp and get back to action," Debbie commanded as she put her arms around Kyle and Rusty's shoulders. Mark, Tracy and I followed and I watched Debbie's cute little behind wiggle and jiggle all the way back to camp.


Whored Wife

group MrsCanyon 2018-08-10

Now that I have gotten my wife to fuck other guys, and that she has been servicing a few of my friends on a regular basis for the last two months, an event that happened with my best friend Tony stands out. Tony didn't want to not fulfill his end of the deal so he let the guy fuck her several times bareback. I asked my wife about this and all she said was that she was glad that she had been fucked several times by the other guys and that Tony also had put a fucking to her because this last guy was hung like a horse.


Sexy Student Scientists Ch. 4

group lancelot 2018-08-10

I told Josh to clean up Jeff's facial artistry and Jeff to lick the cum from Belinda's cunt and stomach. I told Jeff to place his cock on Josh's mouth and the latter opened it and started sucking away, just like he was supposed to do. At the door were Jeff and Josh, eyes all agog at seeing Belinda's tits semi exposed and a touch of hair showing through her panties. Elaine was passionately tonguing and licking Alberta's cunt and our slut was enjoying every moment. Before getting any closer to cumming, I changed places with Belinda and rammed my cock into Elaine's sopping hot cunt and proceeded to give her the fuck of her life while she moaned and groaned still deep tonguing Alberta.

The Girls Next Door Ch. 03

group VictoriaOh 2018-08-10

As he sat at the long hardwood table in the gaming half of his basement, rolling up the stats for the boss character he'd planned for tonight's dungeon crawl, David's mind was focused on Hannah's breasts and speculating what revealing neckline she would choose to cover them with, instead of the level 40 Dark Elf Mage and the spells he would cast. "I'll open up some of these beers, and you two get the table set up." Hannah turned and bent at the waist to pick up the six packs they had set on the floor to hug David hello, and he got a spectacular view of her perfect ass. David set up his screen at one end of the table while Katie placed her character sheet at her seat and Hannah's in the seat next to hers.


Birthday Gifts

group nskarting 2018-08-10

I felt the familiar feeling of my breath catch in my throat as I tensed on the verge, faster and harder I moved my fingers, my head fell back and rested on the sofa my eyes closed, I was lost in my own pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm spread over me, my moans filled my ears and it wasn't long before I heard Mark and Joe's moans overtake mine. Before I could recover I felt hands moving me onto the next ready cock, he lay under me his hips bucked into me an soon I was pushing down to meet his hips, I was screaming constantly asking for it be harder and harder, I couldn't tell were one orgasm ended and one began my head spun, as a load of cum hit my breasts.


Hotel Spycam

group Lance Hardrock 2018-08-10

Damn, I simply must go, honey." Sherrie leaned over Julie and kissed her passionately, but not for too long. Sherrie turned at the door, smiled and said, "Room 1269, honey." She blew Julie another kiss and was gone. When Julie had stripped nude, Sherrie pulled her down to the bed and immediately started tonguing her nipples. Sherrie worked her fingers around, letting Julie feel them massage the inside of her love tunnel. Then she managed her tit with her right hand, working the nipple against Sherrie's open pussy lips, collecting more of the copious juices flowing down her slit. It’s way better than your hand." Julie sat between Sherrie’s legs and slid the blue vibe up and down her juicy slit warming her up and gaining her confidence.


Laundry Room Lust

group Neeeeeeek 2018-08-10

Rachel was in the middle, licking the head and sliding my prick in and out of her mouth, Suki attacked me from the left, and Stephanie attacked me from the right. Eventually Suki was licking one of my balls, Stephanie the other, and Rachel continued working on my cock head, giving it playful flicks with her tongue, riding her lips up and down my length. Stephanie and Rachel ran their hands all over my body, stroking my ass, chest, and back as I fucked their lovely Japanese friend. Rachel lowered her head to Suki's mouth, kissing her, nibbling on her lip, licking her face playfully while I kept fucking Suki's tight little pussy.


Holiday Spa

group petercee 2018-08-10

With Anne showing no sign of being uncomfortable to his probing he decided to slip his fingers inside her briefs, a slight spreading of her legs and his fingers entered her pussy, of course with all the disturbance of bubbles on the surface nobody else could see what was going on below. I was about to say it was time to return to our suite when I saw a hand inside Anne's briefs and a hard cock in her right hand that looked like it was either going to pump cum into the spa or suddenly go slack depending on the mindset of the owner.


group Genas 2018-08-10

Since Ben even went so far as to let me fuck other women on our Honeymoon, I felt confident that he had accepted his limitations as a man, my love of pussy, and that our marriage would work. On evenings when the four of us got together, we would fuck the guys or suck them off, then try to get some alone time together in the back room, but one of them would normally show up a little later and want to "help us out," by rubbing our shoulders or backs while we tried to make love to each other.


Lucky Man Ch. 11

group Mentalcase 2018-08-10

"Hey now, you can't give your husband the good luck charm!" Freddie called, looking next to him at Kelly's alluring form in Duncan's lap. "How fair would it be for me to go be Freddie's good luck charm and not the other guys?" Kelly asked Duncan, looking at him demurely. Kelly stood then and turned, heading towards Gus. She briefly wondered if he wanted her to sit or stand next to him, but he pulled out from the table and slapped his leg twice. Drake was definitely taking a few liberties with Kelly, his hands gently cupping her ass cheek, or moving across her midriff to slide deftly down between her legs and rub her thighs as closely to her pussy as he dared.


Love, Italian Style Ch. 01

group TheHof 2018-08-10

Dani returned with several beach towels, and as they headed out the door, Mark hesitated, then ran back to his room, grabbing a pair of shorts so that he could have dry clothes after a swim. While Gia and Dani conversed in Italian, Mark followed behind, marveling at their legs and how their bodies freely bounced under their fabric veneer. "Ohh, Dani, look, Marco is not italiano," noted Gia upon seeing Mark's circumcised penis. Gia and Dani took in the sight of him, pausing to study his erection, watching it twitch ever so slightly and sway almost imperceptibly in the ocean breeze. Keeping one hand playing with Mark's penis, Dani used her free hand to caress his thighs, his chest and especially his nipples, the way she wanted hers played with.


Beth, The Girl Next Door Ch. 02

group Jazzin59 2018-08-10

As Beth furiously fucked her dripping wet pussy Amy squeezed her lust swollen tits harder, twisting her hard stiff nipples as she did so. Looking down she saw Beth sucking on her swollen nipples but as she became more aware of the feelings coursing through her body she slowly began to realize that not only was this feeling coming from the feeling of Beth's tongue on her stiff swollen nipples, but she suddenly realized that once again another orgasm was starting to build as something was tenderly licking her hard stiff clit. As he slammed his cock in Amy's hot wet pussy, David couldn't believe that not only was he once again fucking Amy, but Beth was sucking and squeezing Amy's tits.

Betty Jean Gets Used Again

group midwestgirlbjb 2018-08-10

He said he wasn't but that it was "a good idea." Feeling a little naughty I told him to picture me all dressed up in this outfit with me giving him a slow blow job. He told me to,"imagine my fingers were his cock and to fuck myself." I stared to moan and groan as I worked my fingers in and out of my wet pussy, all the time thinking about Will's big cock fucking me. They then began to work their cock slowly in and out of my ass going a little deeper each time. Between Marcus's big cock in my pussy and this large cock being inserted into my ass I felt like I was being ripped in two.


Steamboat Willy Ch. 06

group Grey Eagle 286 2018-08-10

I moved over and took the lotion from Tom. I applied it to Sally's legs and thighs and then moved to her flat little belly, she moved her hands out of my way and the little scraps of cloth that made up her top fell off her breasts. Sally hugged Doris, "I know she will love it, I'll teach her." They looked at each other and gently touched their lips together. Sally smiled at Doris, "We were missing you Dear Girl, join us in our love for each other. "I got the feeling that Sally and Tom wanted to have sex too, not for the first time there too. Doris stood and looked at Tom and Sally, " May I have permission from both of you to kiss Rich?"


A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 41

group riverboy 2018-08-10

I thought Emma would be cool with what I had told her and how we left things, but hey, she's young, and knowing what to say and when to say it is a learned skill that takes time. "Yeah," she said, with a smile that looked like she was remembering how her own mind was blown at Lindsey's. "You guys!" Emma said, waving both her arms as she walked towards us with Lexie past some rickety looking tents. "You know I'm gonna be drinking, right?" Emma said, looking at her mom. "Well a naked girl walked by earlier, so I don't think anybody really cares, do they?" Lee said as my cock slipped out of her, and she rolled onto the bed next to me.


My Two Bikers

group MLush 2018-08-10

Still blindfolded, I help Dan to get his jeans down, and I can hear another zipper ripping down and I reach back and feel around until I've got both hands full of hot, rock hard, cock. Dan runs his hands through my hair, pulling and pushing a little to help me take so much cock in my mouth. I came with Dan licking my clit and stranger tonguing my asshole and my slit stretched and filled with rough fingers. Dan licked his fingers then started teasing and flicking my clit while the stranger fucked me. The stranger pulled me down close, and turned my head so Dan could fuck me in the mouth.

Does she know?

group jon227 2018-08-10

Additionally, I also enjoyed first-time swinging stories where couples got flirty and had sex in a sauna or a hot tub. We were both very turned on by each other's stories and as we continued to meet online to chat, we would go through scenarios of our wives going out in sexy clothes and seducing men. I was really enthusiastic about this idea and when I went home I told Angela about how nice the beach looked and suggested that we should go back together. Angela, who had stood up, made eye contact only with Will and slowly pushed her straps off each shoulder, then rolled her tight dress off her body.


Master SHANGO's Party

group dsoul 2018-08-10

Now both women were taking turns flicking their tongue and sucking on Olu's cock like a popsicle and he lounged back in his chair sipping his wine, groaning and pushing either woman's head down on him. It looked like a tuxedo party to me; nearly all the men in the room were in white or black tuxedo except Olu Shango and myself. The bride went back on her knees and took turns sucking Shango's cock and the other two black men's shaft. I looked around and saw that some of the white women, even the bridesmaids, were fingering and caressing themselves as they watched; some were kissing the black men standing beside them.


The Triple T

group jwcarlyle 2018-08-10

Completely naked now, Dolores climbed onto the bed and began licking Dwight's balls as Victoria continued to suck his cock. "I think you should climb up on that big cock and take a ride honey," Dolores said to Victoria. Dolores reached over and took the hand Victoria had checked her pussy with, bringing it to Dwight's lips and thrusting Victoria's slick fingers into his mouth. Dolores climbed onto Dwight's cock, shoving it deep inside her pussy, and began to rock back and forth with a grind that pulled groans of pleasure from Dwight. Dwight jumped up and plunged his cock deep into her pussy, then began to fuck her like a jackhammer.

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 11

group Jeremydcp 2018-08-10

"Looks like you don't know whether you want to wake up or go back to sleep." Being born four weeks premature, Ariel was so incredibly small and fragile. I continued working my magic upon Kristanna's foot, as well as her ankle, as she swooned, "You look like you want to go back to sleep, Ariel. "And all of the worry and fright I feel for Ariel being born four weeks early," Kristanna squeaked, "will be a distant memory?" I nodded my head at her as, a tear streaming down her face, she ended, "I sure hope that's the case." Go back to sleep, honey." When Ariel closed her eyes, and Kristanna had the biggest smile ever as she tightened the swaddle of the baby blanket.


Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 05

group TxRad 2018-08-10

When she paused again, I started to turn, but turned back as she said, "By the way, I've told this to Karen but I want to tell you also. After a while, Karen pulled back slightly and said, "As I've gotten to know Sue over the last couple of years, we've talked a lot. There are a couple of things that will be hard to talk about," Sue said, as we broke apart to catch our breaths. Each of us, are individuals but part of a whole and love filled unit within the circle," Sue said looking from my face to Karen's. Sue started with a sigh, "I heard a loud splash and looked around to see George surface a short way out from the float.


She, He, and Me Ch. 01

group jackvick 2018-08-10

I'm just letting you know the way we are, so you can feel free to act accordingly, as you see fit." I toasted him and went back to drink with my wife. This time her moans are caught up into his kiss, and even though he's still fully clothed she's managed to pull his cock out of his pants and is already stroking it. Without giving us much time to think, she grabbed our cocks together with one hand and began taking them both into her mouth at once. I could feel him coming against my cock, which was a sensation all its own, and I could feel the heat and wet of his cum as it pumped into my wife's mouth.

Jessica's Change Management Ch. 03

group Cathartico 2018-08-10

An hour before quitting time, I couldn't keep myself from endlessly pacing through my office until I finally received a text message from my young intern. The tiny, white crop top left my flat tummy and cute belly button exposed, the hot pants slid up exposing the lower curve of my ass cheeks with every careless move, and my smooth tanned legs were on full display. I was standing on the front lawn of D-Rod's dingy house in a rough ghetto neighborhood, turning a pirouette to present my flimsy bikini, while I was getting inspected by my young intern with an infinite arrogance on his face.


sissy blackmailed, gang banged, then ruined.

group submissive_boy1990 2018-08-10

It all started so simple, I would come home from work every day, take off my smelly boy work clothes, get in the shower and clean and shave my cock and ass (before I referred to them as a clitty and boypussy) then dry myself off before applying lip gloss, fake stick on nails, panties and a bra and a half mask to protect my identity, then sit in front of my computer, desperately searching for a woman ( secretly knowing that most of the women are men pretending to be a woman) to dominate me and degrade me on my webcam.