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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Slippery Susie - Part Three

group 2018-08-10

Susie pushed her head forward, taking his cock deep into Susie sat up and immediately sucked his cock into her mouth and directly Kerry pulled his cock out of her talented mouth and she reached up to slipped his cock into her pussy and pushed it deep inside for a few ass was too much for Kerry and his cock erupted for the second time that her ass because Jake was able to slide his entire cock into that willing fucking her ass hard and fast while forcing her mouth onto the dildo. Once again Jake and Kerry sat amazed while Susie kept on going like the When the last of the cum had been sucked from his cock Jake let her

Great Loop Ch. 07

group Creekman 2018-08-10

It was the height of the tourist season and a lot of people come to see the falls by boat so all the good spaces were occupied. As I was looking at an old wooden camera similar to what Ansel Adams would have used, my thoughts were interrupted by a lady saying, "Excuse me Sir, it's time for us to close and lock up and I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave." Then some of the ladies wanted nude photos, then boobs, and pussies and one thing led to another and soon I was photographing couples fucking. We ordered dogs, fries, drinks, sat at the tables and watched some kids play in the water.


Birthday Treats

group mlaurent 2018-08-10

David released his grip from my arm and tugged at the belt of my robe, then placed his hands on my shoulders and peeled the garment away from my body. I hadn't considered that the person who had made me come so hard might be a girl, and felt foolish not to have realized that only a woman could have pleasured my sex like that. She placed her hands on my breasts and traced her tongue along the curve of my neck as the first girl lowered her head to my belly. My hands caressed her buttocks, two perfect globes of meaty flesh, and the sensuous strokes of my fingers on her warm curves sent the girl into spasms of fervent joy.


Tammy's Tattoo

group Jonesfalls 2018-08-10

(It was warm and she had on a denim dress that had a strap top half and a tee shirt under the dress and a pair of sandals.) Usually she would have stopped me as soon as I got passed her knee, but she let me get to her mid thigh before she slowly closed her legs and bent down and gave me a nasty open mouth tongue kiss. Tammy grabbed my hard cock with one hand and stuck it in hot mouth. When she felt my dick swell she took it from her mouth and with one hand on my cock and the other on the back of the artist's head she jerked me off and made me shoot in the direction of her pussy.

Lovely Linda and Sexy Sarah Pt. 03

group TSpank61 2018-08-10

She started to lick and suck it, then pulled it from her mouth and told Sarah, "Mmm I love this cock, but you will have to earn the right to pleasure it, slut. As Linda's full lips slid up and down my cock, Sarah spread my cheeks and started to lick my whole crack with her long tongue, exerting pressure to my anal ring as her tongue swept by. I slowly slid my cock in, and just started to pound Sarah's ass hard. Then I felt Linda's lubed fingers sliding into my ass, messing up the rhythm of my strokes into Sarah. Linda continued her slow stokes as Sarah started to move her ass back and forth on my cock.

Man's Perfect Fantasy

group racer311 2018-08-10

And she was ready to be with a girl again; only this time she wanted Steve there as well. As the two girls were standing there face to face, Lori slid her hand up Kristy's shirt to her nice full breasts, and the two girls began kissing. Working her way down Kristy's body, Lori wanted so bad to rush to the lips of Kristy's pussy. As Lori got up to reposition herself between Kristy's legs, Steve stopped her before she could continue, and dropped her pants to the floor. As Lori was working hard to please this woman, she heard Kristy say she was going to cum, so Lori moved her tongue faster and fingered her pussy harder and faster.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 14

group Silverfox0551 2018-08-10

"When I got my nerve up I went inside to get a better look and that's when I spotted my so called "loving husband." He was laying naked on the floor with some young white bitch riding up and down on his cock. The white dude was beginning to giving me a few hard thrusts again when I told him I wanted to change positions so that my husband could watch me getting fucked by his giant cock." Lori went on. "Lori was just telling us a story about a party that she and her ex-husband went to that sounded like fun." Terri's and Carol's attention was focused on Janice's hand as it traveled the length of her husbands hard cock causing it expand inside his trunks.

A First Night Threesome

group mintabal3239 2018-08-10

"I am Maya," said the leaner one "and this is my friend Saras." "Exciting women?" said Maya. "We were fairly good looking then," said Maya, quite happy to hear herself described as a beauty, "but now?" "I think for the present you better retract that skin." said Maya. "I'll die rather than expose myself to Saras," said Maya. "No young man," said Saras in her most authoritative voice, "that won't do. It was a funny sight, these two middle aged women standing with hands clasped behind their back, topless, with breasts proudly protruding, faces red with shame, but with smiles that depicted extreme amusement. "We are Saras, but twenty years late," said Maya hoarsely. "No way Saras," said Maya.

Taken in by Demons Ch. 02

group Autarchic4Ever 2018-08-10

One of the clubs was they owned was the one I was at when I met Skeeter and Danny Boy. The other was a strip club called the Snake Pit. In addition to meth the guys sold coke, weed and guns. I took that to mean that my time of doing nothing but drinking, smoking weed and having sex with any and all of the club members was coming to an end. He sat back by the DJ booth sipping straight bourbon and watching over every detail; whether it was dancers practicing in the off hours or whether the club was packed and girls were hustling drinks and lap dances.


Threesome in Prague Ch. 02

group pantie_fan 2018-08-10

With one hand cupping his balls, she wrapped her lips around his swollen shaft and slowly sank her head, letting her lips slide down the length of his cock until I thought she would start choking. Standing where I was, I could share the view of her spread and tensed thighs leading in an open 'v' to her beautifully shaven pussy which was now not only swollen, but glistening with a mixture of Josh's saliva and Petra's love juices. I zoomed out again so that I could film Petra as she slowly started rocking herself across Josh's pubic bone giving me flashes of his cock, which was now glistening with her juices. I could only nod, unable to take my eyes off her shaven pussy that was glistening with come, her pink swollen lips wrapped around the tip of my cock.

The Ultimate Playboy Pt. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2018-08-10

Mrs. Robinson got them open, shoving my jeans to my knees, my erection tenting my boxers and my face against her chest. Already her hands were in my lap, stroking and fiddling with the clasp, and then she dropped to her knees, pulling my jeans and boxers with her and leaving my erection open to the naked air for the first time in the presence of another person. We kept fucking for a good bit longer that time, finally ending up with me sitting on the floor as Ashley rode in my lap until she'd found two more orgasms and I'd added a second load of my spunk to the cocktail inside her pussy. The instant we clambered inside and got the door closed Ashley sat me down on a workbench and started tugging my jeans down.


The Good Neighbor

group tinman69s 2018-08-10

Then she looked at me with a very serious look on her face and said, "Ricky, you could have jumped on me the other day in the bed and I might have fought at first, but I was so horny that I would have let you fuck me, I think. She left and went home and I got a cup of coffee and watched TV for a while before going to bed. Janice called me on the phone on Thursday night, (both kids were at home) and told me that Jerry was coming home on Friday and they were going to go "find a quiet place for a couple of days" and would I watch out for the kids. Friday afternoon, I came in from work early, because I was watching the kids and I wanted to be home when they got out of school.


Further Adventures of Kathryn

group amber_now26 2018-08-10

Strutting along the length of the stage, Kathryn showed that, like the girl in the song, she had legs and knew how to use them. By the time Amanda made her way through the curtains, Kathryn was completely naked, her thong wrapped around a man's head, pulling his face against her thigh. Amid a wave of cheers and whistles, Amanda lowered Kathryn to the stage, pread her legs and slid a finger deep into her pussy. "You just lie back, honey, and let me take care of you." Even though she had just come, the feel of the man's cock in her hand was getting Kathryn turned on again.

Sara's Diary: Boy Oh Boy!

group Slave_Sara 2018-08-10

I'm sure my moans on his cock must've felt really good as he watched Josh spreading my pussy open as he fucked me. Spreading my legs wider so the boys had a good view, I steadily fucked my pussy with the dildo and rubbed my clit so hard until I came again! At the same time, Brian's hands on my thighs held my legs open while he started fucking my pussy like a wild man! With Josh's cock pushing up harder and deeper in my butt now, I could feel Brian's still warm cum starting to ooze from my pussy. I was panting and moaning as I was being hammered by Josh's thick cock in my butt, and Brian plunging the dildo into my pussy so deep and hard.


Poker Night with Angel and Alicia

group rockersex 2018-08-10

"I think we need to up the ante." Alicia said, "Whoever wins gets to take one article of clothing from anyone they want. Next hand Greg won and he wanted Angel's shirt. "Now I want Angel to kiss Greg, but this time he has to have his dick inside her." She took the plunge, quite literally, "Greg needs to fuck Angel and come in her pussy." After Alicia rolled away Angel came to me and gave me a passionate kiss. I want to see how Angel gives head," Greg said. "Michael hasn't come yet." Alicia took me out and licked me up and down while jacking me with her hand. I couldn't resist pushing my cock into Angel's mouth as she fucked Alicia.


Last Night was AMAZING! Ch. 01

group AJQuick 2018-08-10

It turns out they both like football and since Sean is fairly new in town, Adam invited him over to watch the game that weekend. I think Sean was also feeling a little more relaxed because he jokingly kissed Adam on the cheek when he returned with the food. Sean then looked at Adam and said, "May I give your wife a kiss, to celebrate your anniversary? At the same time I know Adam is not a jealous person but how often does a man ask your husband to kiss you?!? Adam sat there for a moment, took a sip of his wine, looked at me, smiled slyly and said, "Yes." Sean's lips kissed my pussy lips at the same time my lips wrapped around Adam's hot cock.

Virgin Innocence

group Silentwhore 2018-08-10

Without you." She slipped it off of his head and as soon as he saw Jenna naked and Ashley in her little t-shirt sitting next to each other on his bed he got harder than he even was before. He obviously needed some relief, and FAST, so Jenna said, "I want to watch you suck Chris's big cock, Ashley. Ashley took her mouth off of his throbbing cock and started to lick around the head in slow circles. He shoved his hips upwards and his cock slid hard into Jenna's soaking wet, pink, virgin pussy lips. Jenna pulled her hand to her face and licked one of her fingers clean and gave the rest to Chris.

Jim & Joanne Ch. 3

group Brujah 2018-08-10

"As much as I'd love too make love to you Danicka we have to get ready for the dinner and ballroom dance and I don't want to be late the first night we're on the cruise," Joanne said as she pushed Danicka's hand away from her pussy "And plus there will be plenty of time for that later on." "Ladies and Gentlemen first off I'd like to thank you for attending this dinner; secondly as most of you now know this cruise is to let yourselves go, make your fantasies reality most importantly have fun," the captain stated "and before we sit down to eat I must request one thing; I must ask everyone to show that they are following the number one rule of this ship and that is no underwear for any guest.

Not Your Average Reunion Gangbang

group Johnsexlife 2018-08-10

She was not done yet as she took out her seven vibrators and had me fuck her with them simulating the guys I had set up for the gangbang often having a vibrator in each hole while she gave me a second blowjob The two brothers Ron & Ray got behind Linda and we finger fucking her until she begged to be fucked at which time they took turns fucking Linda was coming almost continuously , Paul was the first guy to cum and shot what seemed like gallons into Linda's mouth. At this point Ray always the competitive on suggested a sex contest where Linda would be blindfolded while each of us took turns eating her pussy, getting a blowjob and fucking her.

Evil stepmom - Evil steps****r 4.

group 2018-08-10

Then Chrissie strolled up to me and stood right next to me watching my cock sliding in and out of her mothers cunt, quickly i reached out and ran my hand up her night shirt and just like her mother i discovered she had no panties on and quickly i began to finger her little shaven cunt. I guess i got carried away sucking on Chrissies little pert tits cause suddenly Melinda looked up from the pillows to see why i had stopped fucking her pussy. I was holding onto her little tight ass with both hands and ramming my cock in as hard as i could and we were both groaning over and over really enjoying this early morning fuck.

Our Gang

group Canyon Rider 2018-08-10

From the moment I first turned to see her standing by the door my cock immediately responded so when she salaciously invites me to fuck her I am already tearing off my pants and wordlessly I grab her full hips with both hands and with two quick thrusts I stuff this hot little whore with my hard throbbing fuck meat. Her body is now becoming covered with the gang's milky seed, writhing on the mats as each of the us begin trading off, fucking her salacious cunt, her voracious mouth, slick, wet tight bun hole, running our cum-stained cocks between those delicious tits as we give our hungry whore face cum facial after cum facial.


group 2018-08-10

I was getting ready to speak, but before I could a hairy pussy was dropped upon my mouth, her ass on my nose, she ground away using my entire face to get her off. I could feel my cock pulsing, actually bouncing all on its own as it reaching out for me seeking that wonderful pussy once seemed like an eternity but may have been only moments before my wife switched positions with her freind. At one point the woman riding me resumed playing with my ass, there was so much of their combined juices on me that her finger slid straight in, god it felt better than I could have imagined, and she was fucking my ass with her finger while I was fucking her with my dick, it did not last long however as I could no longer hold off my orgasm.

It Was A Nice Party Ch. 02

group Teachgirl_Menderman 2018-08-10

My tongue gently tracked over her warm flesh as it entered the valley of pleasure, at the same time my hands tracked over the firmness of her breasts pushing the material down her skin until it peeled over her erect nipples and my thumbs automatically teased her sensitive points. My hands slid up the outside of her thighs and around the back until I was cupping her tight curved cheeks through the material; and at the same time I eased my face forward until my nose pressed lightly against her bush. We both knew that this wouldn't take long, Elaine was so in need of relief and I so much wanted to pleasure my friend that I angled my head down and sealed my whole mouth over her pussy.


Rob's Ruinous Erection Ch. 02

group yowser 2018-08-10

Mike knelt next to him, I noticed his own prick was half-aroused, hanging pretty much fully erect between his legs, balls half-way drawn up and waving back and forth with his motions. Roger began rubbing Mike's erect prick now, all along its under-shaft, pushing his thumb along the bottom of the cockhead. "Do I really have to do it in front of these two new guys?" His eyes weren't quite pleading, but I got the feeling that if John had said no, Mike would have been relieved. Mike had craned his head down so that he was staring at his prick-tip, his torso a semi-circle, while he grunted and humped his hips into Roger's hands, which were flying up and down Mike's cock at this point.