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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mandy's Three Amigos

group rogtom_69 2018-08-10

Somehow her hands were squeezing more cum out of that second cock and a close-up showed cum oozing from the eye to be licked away with her flicking pink tongue. Jimbo rose from his chair and stood next to Mort, then grabbed his cock in one hand and his balls in the other, fondling both as if feeling for quality in a fruit store. Jesse was rolling Monty's balls in his cupped hand and stroking Jimbos hard cock with the other. "Well, well, well." Mandy stepped into the flickering light, her bare tit swinging free, her skirt hitched and held up by her right arm as her hand was buried under the G-string, in her pussy.


Graduating from bi curious to bisexual and Hedo Ja

group mariaswinger69 2018-08-10

The first experience in kissing a woman was the first time I went to a swing club. Now here I am getting my pussy eaten out and blowing my man and the other guy at the same time. Of course after that I needed a cock in my pussy and went to my man who was so hard since he watched me being part of a lesbian threesome. I had a very special experience where I became aggressive with another female in which I started eating her out and then she reciprocated at the pool late at night. This girl really knew how to eat her out and even though she was with other women later she claims it was the best bisexual experience ever.

Beach Day

group 2018-08-10

He has moved down to your legs and is massaging just up to your ass cheeks and you can feel a tingle in your pussy and it beginning to get a little wet. He is massaging your arms and I pull the towel down to expose your tan breasts as he moves his hands over them, squeezing them and gently rubbing your nipples and playing with your piercings. You see me nod and then Marco comes around to the other side of your face, his hands also still rubbing you and you see his thick dark cock come up next to your face and you turn your head to take him in your mouth, his head all slippery with pre cum.

The Banger Sisters

group stickivicki 2018-08-10

Luca got out of bed and went in search of his boxer shorts as I looked for something, anything, to cover myself. I looked at him through squinting eyes then raised eyebrows, "Ok......okay." With that I downed the glass with closed eyes, and when I opened my eyes, Luca was even closer than before, planting a kiss on my open mouth as I gasped for air. I grabbed his cock after he came and started stroking and sucking the tip, trying to get every bit of cum out that I could before running my finger through the cum on me and licking it off my finger as Jessica came into the room.

Something New

group biguy13 2018-08-10

She starts to finger me with one hand and lubed the dick with the other hand and before I knew it I had this big long, thick rubber cock in my ass. Carrie got down on her knees with me and began to lick Adriana's already wet vagina. James came from behind me and began to rub his dick in the crack of my ass and kissed and licked my neck. I looked over to see her sitting on the bed with Adriana on her knees in between Carrie's legs, licking her vagina. We all laid around for a few minutes until Carrie got up and said "Ok, everyone has to go home." Carrie and I never saw Steve, James or Adriana again, but she still puts her fingers in my mouth when riding me.

Island Fever Ch. 20

group Jeremydcp 2018-08-10

It would not surprise me one bit if all of the other guests who Kristanna and I had brought here - Trish, Devon, Lindsay, Amy and Camille - knew about the voyeur room now as well. I told her that no one sees those videos except you and I." Kristanna shook her head and continued, "Pamela loves you, Jeremy. But she is coherent enough to have told me that she never, EVER breaks a promise." I groaned as Kristanna added, "Pamela WANTS to tell all of the others about the voyeur room, but refuses to go back on her promise to you.


Wife at Strip Joint Ch. 02

group MrsCanyon 2018-08-10

Tracy may need to get fucked by a couple of guys to loosen her up a bit, but she has taken on every sized cock you can think of right down to the balls. The next day while at work, Tracy called and told me that she had gone out shopping like Steve had said and that I should come home as fast as possible to look at the outfits. To make a long story short, Tracy, the costumer, and the store owner, got so worked up with her modeling several outfits, that the two guys doubled up on my wife.

My Wife's Best Friend, Indeed

group StevoHawk 2018-08-10

By the time I got it started, I turned to see Ang already mostly undressed, her full round boobs out of her push-up bra, nipples erect and just begging to be sucked. I straddled my wife's chest, and she eagerly took my cock into her mouth and sucked it hard, pausing only to throw her head back and moan "Oh God" whenever Kat would hit the sweet spot between her thighs. It took about thirty seconds for my wife to launch into an insane orgasm, nearly screaming at the top of her lungs while clutching a handful of hair and pushing Kat's face deeper into her pussy. When Ang settled back to Earth, Kat came up and started kissing her deeply, lovingly cradling my wife's face in her hands.

Attacked at home – Nicks POV

group london-girl 2018-08-10

“You will choose me at the end of this and now I’m going to show you why” he adds as he grabs hold of her and pulls her up before pushing me hard on the shoulder so the chair falls back on all four legs leaving me to watch as he positions his cock at her pussy again this time from behind and fucking her hard and fast, anger cover his face as he attempts to sway her over to his thinking with f***e.

Judge Not...

group Gina_B_33 2018-08-10

A year and a half earlier, I showed up for my first day of work as a licensed Marriage Counselor in Dr. Darren Wilshire's office. After taking another sip, I asked him, "Oh, does the good doctor want me to be like all the other bimbos he entertains out here?" I put my hand on his chest to stop him, and after leaning in to give him another warm kiss on his lips, I said, "No. I don't want that. And too, knowing that Darren was somewhere in the house, that he was waiting patiently to have sex with me, made my whole body tingle. When Darren appeared in the master bedroom, I was lying naked on his bed, propped up on one elbow facing the door and sipping my drink.


A Birthday Creampie And Much More!

group cpluver 2018-08-10

I thought you might think I was weird because I wanted to swallow cum," I told her. "Well, Jodi said to me that Mike is desperate and has even promised to take her on a cruise before the baby came, if she would only swallow his cum one time. "She wants me to suck him off and swallow his cum, instead of her. She replied, "Not at first, I really didn't want to suck his cock or swallow his cum. Mike's in bed and she is going to tell him that she'll blow him and then swallow his cum, on one condition. Then Jodi said, "I'm all wet now, I think I'll go make Mike eat my pregnant pussy, while he's still tied up.


The Wives' Initiation Orgy - Part Four

group stockingsandgarters 2018-08-10

Pete drilled deep into her throat, Phil was more athletic than Tom had been in the pussy position, lifting Mel several inches with each of his upward thrusts, while Tom went after her ass like a rabid rabbit, jack-hammering his dick home at really high speed. When the other women eventually fluffed her three riders back to life Mel led them to centre stage, mounted Pete, reverse cowgirl this time, loaded Phil's cock into her ass and swallowed Tom's dick like a hot-dog. I watched Phil start things off on my wife by giving her a good slap on her ass then ramming his dick right home between her buttocks until his balls were fully ensconced, then I remembered what I was supposed to be doing and drove my own cock deep into Sylvie's pussy.

Didi and Ken Throw a Party Ch. 05

group oldhippie1949 2018-08-10

We headed back toward the casino when we bumped into Cheryl, Rita and Sam. Sheila joyfully showed off her gift to "oohs" and "aahs." She danced around singing "I Feel Pretty." "You know, I'm starting to think that you two are party poopers," said Didi. Rita began to suck my cock clean as Jill went to her knees and licked Sheila. Cheryl, Rita, Jim and Sam clung to Sheila and I in the hot tub and hands wandered around. Frank, Doreen, Didi and Sue took up position at his sides and they began to lick his shaft. Ken pulled up a chair and placed it by Tommy's head.


The Trip Ch. 09

group Jake68 2018-08-10

It was sort of weird, knowing that they had already seen us naked when we met the at the club." Barry let his hand slip under the table and stroked his already hard cock through his shorts. "He was so cute and shy, he didn't know what to do." Susan continued telling Barry how she'd taken his hand and let him feel her breasts as they danced. Susan loved this position, Barry's cock in her mouth and his fingers deep inside her wet pussy. Barry watched as Susan flicked her tongue over the tip, then dropped her head, taking him completely into her hot mouth again. Barry slipped his fingers out of her cunt but his tongue continued to lap at her clit, each contact sent fresh spasms through Susan's body.


Kristi's House of Horrors

group eroslit 2018-08-10

Kristi was pushed to the side of the car and the back door was opened. As the car was started and the driver backed it down the dirt road, the leader turned from the passenger seat and looked at Kristi. Maybe it was Kristi's constant mental image of her young daughter waiting at home to go trick or treating; maybe it was the four occupants of the car in bizarre masks; but this farmhouse had a distinctive Hitchcock look to it. The man driving her car got out and walked up to the door next to Kristi. Have fun." The man patted her on the knee and bolted from the car, running along the side of the house until Kristi couldn't see him any more.


One & Two Make Three Ch. 4

group KimberToo 2018-08-10

"Yeah I see, any more lubricating from your mouth and he'd have cum for sure." Sindy said smiling at me as she moved over his cock while I held it upright for her. I was almost there as Sindy pinched my clit and sucked my tongue with all of Jake's cock flavor all over it into her mouth. OH FUCK!" I screamed into Sindy's mouth as my cherry broke and Jake went deep into me. Your starting to feel real good in there even if you are stretching the hell out of my tiny pussy." I told him just before Sindy's lips covered mine and reminded me it was time to make love not talk.

Amazing MFM

group biwifeplaying 2018-08-10

My first male-female-male threesome happened with two guy friends, Mike and Joe. It's a bit unusual the way things came together but it couldn't have been a better first for me. It took a long time but after careful selection, Joe, Mike and me formed the right dynamic. I had been in touch with Mike all that week and he knew I'd be with Joe that night but he didn't know if he'd be able to make my fantasy work. While Mike got ready, Joe retracted his erect penis slowly from my body and ate my pussy some more and then made me cum again, easily.


A Major Milestone

group AfroerotiK 2018-08-10

In anticipation of the big move and as a special gift to Tammy, he planned a surprise get-away, week-long vacation to Exuma, Bahamas Grand Isle Villas. Back at the villa, Robert was anxious for details of what had happened in the fitting room but he knew Tammy well enough to be patient and that she would share at the perfect time. Tammy broke the kiss long enough to come over to him and whisper in his ear, "This is my way of saying, 'Thank you for completing me, sit back, relax, and enjoy. The remainder of the three days were spent making, erotic, exotic love; Robert, Tammy and Kia. It was a stepping stone for the couple, a portal through which they traveled in order to become closer.

Madam Governor Blackmailed to Ball

group Bram Speer 2018-08-10

He watched the governor's secretary as she sat at her desk, and he felt his prick tingle and began to stiffen. "Going to fuck you good and hard," he said. He finally slid his slick dick out of her pussy and stood up, breathing hard, but smiling. "Ma'am, what's...what is...?" She saw Will stroking the big hard bulge in his pants and her eyes opened wide and mouth dropped. He pushed his cock on the governor's mouth and she slowly opened it and he slipped his peter between her lips. Back and forth he went, sliding his cock in the governor's mouth then pumping it in the secretary's. "Ahh--we're going to lick and suck and fuck a lot, Governor," he called out to her.

Human Sexuality 101

group GirlofDirection 2018-08-10

He enjoyed the first day of class when the students were pouring over his syllabus with differing levels of expressions and often stress. He walked around and noticed another attractive student wearing cargo pants and what looked like an Italian designer sweater that fit his athletic body tightly. He let the students attending the seminar decide the direction it would go but it always included reluctance, incest, group sex, his personal favorite which he liked to end the series with "fucking a virgin" he loved setting up a bed and letting a curious virgin watch all the sex stories unfold until she was so curious she agreed to be violated by him in front of everyone in a filled auditorium.

Tennis, A Love Game of Surprises

group walterio 2018-08-10

"After a few more ass fucks from Tom you should be able to take my cock up your sweet bottom," Carla told Dana. Tom was fucking Dana's ass with smooth steady strokes as Dana continued to service Carla's cock. Carla told Tom that it was time to fuck Dana's ass so he got behind Dana and once again slid his cock into her butt hole. Tom remained hard throughout the ordeal and Daren said it was time to try something a little bigger in his ass like a cock. Tom said he finally took Carl's cock in his ass at the urging of Daren and Collin and ever since then they have been lovers.


Born To Score

group Robski 2018-08-09

As he continued to suck, kiss and caress her tits, Zoe lowered her hand and again began fingering her still pleasure soaked pussy. After a few minutes or so, Paul had had enough and took hold of Zoe's head, forcing it down onto his hard cock. She alternated between licking Zoe's wet, shaven pussy and licking Paul's large, heavy balls and, in between thrusts, the shaft of his cock. Paul groaned loudly, and with one final tug on his cock a hot jet of cum shot from him and splattered into Zoe's sweat soaked face. Zoe laid Sally down on the floor and began to lick Paul's cum off her body.

Fucking A Mother And Son On A Cruise Liner (Part 1

group adm19842 2018-08-09

Fred began chatting up a middle aged hispanic woman who was also in the pool with us. I went back into my cabin had a nice warm shower, put on a pair of shorts and a tee and splashed on some cologne. I asked her if she was going on the Island walk today and she said she was undecided cos she had a headache and her hangover from some hard drinking last night hadn't completely gone away. Would you like me to come over and take a look at you?" "Oh no" I said, "i think ill be fine". As we walked in she asked me what the problem was and I replied that I thought it was a bout of food poisoning.

Fun With Friends

group snc2006 2018-08-09

Christina and Sean go to strip clubs often, mainly because the girls on stage make Sean's cock hard as rock, and Christina likes to watch the sexy strippers rub their bodies up and down the giant bulge in Sean's pants, it makes Christina hot, and moist; so when Lauren approached Christina about going to a strip club one night she was excited, and the thought of it made her wet. When one of the girls came to the pole closest to the table where the four friends were sitting Christina caught a glimpse of the stripper's hot, tight ass under the short skirt, and she got wet looking at it.