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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Meet My Busty Bride Ch. 2a

group quad68 2018-08-09

Sandra's legs were almost painfully spread, due to the width of the table, her crotch looking unbelievably hot in her pink thong, the tops of which were now revealed, and extended up high, under her dress, now riding up to her naval. Her form was horny beyond description: her slim, spread legs, her pink porno high heels, her dreamy slit emphasised by her hitched-in g-string, her flexing abdomen, her arms restrained and back arched forward, making her enormous bust bigger and more extreme; her gorgeous face a portrait of caged frustration, the jism I had dispensed over her now just stains on the fabric of her dress and streaks in her foundation...I had to laugh, contrasting this image with the self-assured Sandra who'd arranged what may have been a series of private engagements in my absence with her flower-boys.

I Willfully Follow Masters Directions

group oralTcmlvr 2018-08-09

as i kneel over him, Master thrusts the double dildo into my cunt and ass, fucking it aggressively until i am dripping wet. no one moves as Master surveys the scene before Him. my cunt and ass both filled with 2 cocks each has pleased Him. as my cunt and ass begin to tighten on the cocks inside me He tells them to begin cumming inside, but then to pull out and cover me. Master begins to cum in my mouth, feeding me just a little and then pulls out and finish on my face and breasts, shoulders and back! a hand moves and begins to thrust the dildo in and out of my ass and cunt.

The Indian Prince Ch. 03

group sr71plt 2018-08-09

But, brushing the clinging hands of her servants away, she turned, waited for her man to open a French door leading out to the motor court, and majestically sailed out of the building and into a limousine, the rear door popping open for her as she reached the vehicle. I was reading over the pilot's manual for the Magnus, making sure I was thoroughly briefed up on every aspect of that because I assumed that I wasn't going to be able to hold the prince off another day on getting into the pilot's seat. The prince has already said he wants to divorce the Rawalina and marry Aruna." Then his hands started roaming my body again and I was lost to him once more, this time his mouth working my cock while his finger tips made love to my prostate.

Flatmates: Awesome Foursome!

group milfocker 2018-08-09

Eventually she finished her 6th thrust and slipped off me as Suzie reluctantly got off my face, Diane quickly took her place and the smell of her sex was overpowering, Tara lined herself up on my cock before slowly sliding down it, allowing me to penetrate her for the first time ever as I started licking Diane out. Watching Diane lick my cum out of Suzie's pussy had got me hard again, but luckily this time there wasn't a no touching rule in place so Tara pushed me down onto the floor, before sitting on my face and then leaning over to take my cock in her mouth so we were in a 69 position.


Summer on the Ranch

group Eagle1 2018-08-09

It wasn't long before I was sliding my own hand up and down my shaft, timing myself unconsciously to each stroke Greg was taking, seeking release. Greg rolled naked off Laurie, took of his condom, and grabbed a towel from the dresser, as I ducked my head to avoid being seen. I began to stroke my cock as I went down on her, circling her clit with my tongue, sliding a finger far into her pussy at the same time. She was still so wet from her earlier fucking with Greg, and I could feel a mixture of her juices and Greg's cum oozing around my shaft, helping to lubricate my entrance into one of the tightest holes I've ever been in.


Going Outside The Lines

group thick7in1972 2018-08-09

Suddenly, Sara said "OK, time for some strip poker." With that Lisa got off of Mike's lap and the obvious bulge in his pants. The next hand Mike lost and Sara won and she slowly took off his pants while show kissed his hard penis through his powder blue thong. As we began to shuffle the cards for the next hand Sara said, "Look we are all in our nice colorful thongs, but I don't know about you Lisa but I can't wait to get it off of me so my wet pussy can get some air finally." I then noticed that Lisa had moved behind Sara and began slowly finger fucking her pussy.


Not What I Intended.. (Stepfather-Daughter)

group UNICORN_SEX 2018-08-09

I Woke Feeling A Tad Bit Horny, I Must Have Dreamed Of My Ex And The Crazy Sex We Had. I Smirked And Walked To My Drawer To Get My New Toy ;D I Smiled And Slipped My Pants Off. I Laid Down Again And Slipped The Tip Of The Toy Into My Wet Pussy. Right Then My Mom Walked In...I Gasped And She Just Smiled And Came In Pushing My Head All The Way Down And Yelled "Stop Teasing The Boy!" She Grabbed My Dildo And Knelt Down Beside Me Whispering Dirty Things As She Fucked Me With The Dildo, And I Continued To Deepthroat Jeremy.


group Stephan 2018-08-09

Connie started the fun by giving me a good blow job as I finger fucked her cunt to an orgasm and then Mary just had to be fucked doggy style, her favorite, and then Peggy wanted me in her fuck-hole and I had cum three times in an hour and the women were just getting started! Mary's legs were wrapped around Fred as he pushed his hard prick deep into her stinky fuck-hole and a rhythmic fucking began on Connie's living room floor as we all watched. The stink of sex filling Connie's living room was wonderful and Fred was ready, his wet cock pointing at the ceiling as he smiled at Peggy, running his eyes up and down her delightful body.


A submissive gangbang

group 2018-08-09

“See?” He asked Brian, smacking my ass hard, “Told you she’s got a nice ass.” He slid his hand between my legs from behind and slipped a finger in my pussy. I pulled my hair back and took the head of his cock into my mouth and circling it with my tongue. “George?” Chris said, “You want to flog the bitch?” One of the men stepped forward and took the flogger. My mouth free, I was screaming in ecstasy when Brian came in my ass, cum dribbling out of my hole and onto his bed. He licked the cum from my ass and Chris kept fucking my pussy until at last he pulled out.


group secrets2729 2018-08-09

My husband stretched his body over the altar as well, positioning his face between my legs and began pleasuring me with long, delicious licks. It was heaven, and when four fingers thrust into my pussy and one slipped inside my ass while he sucked on my clit, I came violently, screaming in high, ragged breaths as my body trembled and shook and quivered. And all the while I removed her clothes and admired her body, my husband pressed his ready cock against my ass and finger-fucked me from behind. I moaned as I lapped her juices and felt my husband fucking my pussy with his cock and my ass with his fingers while my body shook and trembled.

My Best Birthday Gift

group dreamer117 2018-08-09

Fuck me, fuck me hard" I fell down on the sofa keeping my legs apart to invite Alex to push his giant cock inside my little pussy. I could not remember whether I had so many orgasms in one fucking session with Venky in ten years of our marriage that I experienced in just fifteen minutes vigorous pumping by Alex with his giant dick. "Your hubby, I mean Venky told me" Alex quipped with a charming smile, "He sent me to give you a birthday gift". "Yes Mam" Alex held my shoulder, dragged me and kissed me again, "You often fantasize sex with a black guy. Otherwise he won't have shown his wife's very private sexy photo to a black guy after telling him her fantasy" Alex took a deep breath and stopped.



group Image_de_beaute 2018-08-09

A few times going up and down with her tongue, she came back to the top of his long hard cock and started to take him all the way into her mouth. She was pumping up and down, jamming her pussy on his long penis, and he was impaling her cunt with his hard cock, over and over again, harder ever hit. Alex set Roxy onto the truck seat and slowly lowered his head down to her waiting, wet cunt. He could see them now in the truck, Roxy's hand on Alex's dick as she guided it to her juice-dripping cunt. Roxy now had one full, large cock in her pussy and one oversized one in her ass, both pumping her so hard she thought that she might come right then.

Three is a Charm

group LilaMina 2018-08-09

"Thank you Kinoshita sama, I can't wait to cum in her tight asshole," Sato replied, panting, caressing her back, kissing her neck a bit more and grabbing her right breast from behind. Lea being locked in the powerful gaze of Kinoshita, she couldn't see what Sato was planning to do, but she lost her breath when his teeth and lips started to nibble the soft flesh behind her knee. Like before with Lea, Kinoshita began to pound earnestly into Sato, with one foot on the bed for support, the other man's ass raised up and his head on the cushion. As Kinoshita crashed over Sato, both men out of breath and exhausted, she let him go and simply rested her head on her folded arms, eyes closed, laying half in, half out the bed.


The Pool Party

group mikey_5055 2018-08-09

We played together in the pool and Sarah got out and sat on the lounge chair to watch us, several times Sabrina would go down under water and come up between my legs. It was Sabrina's time to watch us as we played in the pool, she sat back in the lounge chair with her hand between her legs slowly rubbing her puffy lips which shown fully against her thong. Ohhh gawd I am gonna cumm I moaned, I took my cock out and found Sabrina's mouth; she quickly swallowed it deep sucking it hard. Sabrina and Sarah each came close and sucked the big double ended cock getting it all wet, they brought it down and each pressed an end inside them.

Fantasy Tribute to Kowilliam

group pyxxx 2018-08-09

With bottom lip pressed tight between his teeth; Kowilliam says "may I?" Mia smiles grabbing my Cock for all to see; looking at me and say "YES " But before her lips touch the head of my Cock she turns again and says to Kowilliam "you like what you see?" He moans out a yes grabbing his Cock with a firm grip; staring her in the eyes! She began to stroke us together kissing me and saying "you like that?" We both said "YES" and she dropped down and said to me "I want you to watch" at this she began to slide Kowilliam's now Massive again Cock into her mouth.

Sexploited - Prologue

group JessicaGreyAuthor 2018-08-09

I close my eyes as fingers gently alight on my stomach, tickling and teasing as they trace up to my bra, moving in slow circles over the lace, pushing their way beneath. My pulse rate is rising and I'm breathing rapidly as a stranger's finger inches its way beneath my thong, circling my clitoris. The man working me with his expert fingers crawls down the bed to lie with his face inches from my opening. I close my eyes once again as I suck the cock in my mouth, flicking my tongue around the head, feeling it swell. Another guy moves between my legs, his breath coming in sharp gasps as he pulls me towards him, his cock red and hard as it bobs just millimeters from my pussy.

First Foursome

group LISABABYDOLL 2018-08-09

Joey was even more unrealistic with the dream of one day having sex with Anna Kournikova and Kim. I shocked them and Francis by confessing I'd like to have a threesome with a bisexual man so we could share my husband together. She pushed me onto the sofa so I was lying down on my back, climbed on top of me, and took my breasts into her mouth, joking, "It's been almost ten years since I last did this!" I'm not normally turned on too much by my boobs, but seeing Kim – who is a petite blonde, and is extremely attractive – kissing me all over, had me getting very wet, very quickly.

Office Party

group Peter Duncan 2018-08-09

She was hurting, doubted her allure as a female, and it was easy for Tony to coax her into kissing, caressing (letting him finger-fuck her) and sucking his cock in the car...the first time she had ever tasted a man's cum—and she liked it. Kevin rolled Maggie on her side, fucked her and caressed her breast as she continued to suck and jerk Tony's cock, taking it out of her mouth from time to time to admire the saliva coated head, and the vision of his loose skin sliding over his hardness.


At The Party

group Dingy_Jo 2018-08-09

He took a big slug of beer from the bottle in his left hand and finally slurred, "A little lower honey, my cock needs some attention." He turned around and I could see by the way his eyes were trying to focus that he was pretty drunk. When he finally got the door open, he fell into the room, pulling me in on top of him in a tangle of arms, legs and one big, hard lump. I moved to the other side of the bed and was looking at Lisa across Jack's middle when I said, "Why don't we just play little and see what happens?" Lisa took his arm and said, "Jo, I'd like for you to meet General Anderson, Jack's boss.


Nudist Experiences

group buratino66 2018-08-09

Besides, Kathy, his wife had a super all-over tan and the nicest breasts, large but not huge, that she carried around on her long thin legs that were well shaven, esspecially at where they met at the top. For Sally this was special because she had been admiring Danny all day long and I know wondering about that cock hanging right nrxt to her. In reaching her spot Kathy a few times gave mine or Danny's cock a gentle tug or squeeze. When Danny came into Sally's mouth she had a very up close audience as Kathy and I were right there watching. And, od course, I had my hands on Sally's AND Kathy's breasts as Sally sucked down the remaining come from Danny's cock.

New Directions Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-08-09

I noted how erotic it was to be able to peer up her body and watch Robyn loving Pam's breasts. Robyn turned and looked at her sister and said, "Let's sandwich him between our pussies." Robyn moved so that my hard cock was resting against her pussy then Pam came from my other side and pushed her pussy up against my cock as well. Before I had a chance to organize anything, Pam slipped from my grasp and moved across my body so she could start eating out her sister's cum covered pussy. Robyn immediately gave one lovely sexual moan as Pam's tongue went to work, focused amazingly well, I noted, on her clitoris.


Donna's Neighbor

group MJRoberts 2018-08-09

"Would you like a drink, love?" Adrian said. God, I don't think I ever had anyone say something to me that made me feel as good as when he praised me like that or as hot as what he had said before. "I've never done anything remotely, remotely like this," I said looking at Adrian. My heart rate shot beyond safe levels, I couldn't think, I was so overwhelmed by John's tongue, his face, fuck, his hands, spreading me, everything overwhelming, powerful, burning, beyond intense, like white light was blindly exploding out of my center throughout the whole room and he hadn't even started yet. "Anything you'd like to say to John, little slave?" Adrian asked.


La Playa Ch. 01

group Fog43 2018-08-09

"Our Dungeon Staff" I squeaked a little of the last word as Marc's middle finger worked it's way down my ass crack "are led by Mistress Anjali and Master Paul." A diminutive but somehow menacing Indian woman in a black suede sari entered the room accompanied by a truly massive black man sporting enough spikes and studs to make Mad Max blush. "Also on staff are Mistress Claudia and Master Juan" a brunette with spiked hair and pierced nipples and a handsome Hispanic man led their pair of subs to stage left and also began arranging a lit tableau, "and Mistress Dana and Mistress Dirk" a lanky blonde woman in a vinyl catsuit and a not-quite-bearded transvestite in a leather bikini took position near the center of the room with their subs who were naked except for their collars and leashes and prominent horsetail butt plugs.


The Adventures of Julie Pt. 03

group pastmyprime23 2018-08-09

She gave me a very passionate kiss good night and headed on her way. Having not showered, I am certain the flavor of dried pussy juice from Kim was still on my cock, but it didn't deter Julie at all. So with Julie I slid my cock in her pussy for a little natural lubrication. As I tried to push a little, the lubrication on the cock and her own natural wetness led to my penis sliding down and penetrating her pussy again. I tried it a couple more times before I could finally feel the head hit the angle just right and penetrate her ass.