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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 12

group FinalStand 2018-08-09

"Good morning, Zane," Iona and Barbie Lynn greeted me. "Iona, you explaining sex to Zane is like a bobcat telling a wolf how to hunt deer," Barbie Lynn teased Iona. "Zane?" Barbie Lynn demanded to know, her persona going from sensual lover to protective Dorm Mother. "Oh, Coach," giggled Rio in a far-too-schoolgirl-ish manner, "I just learned that Zane and I are pregnant and that we are having twins!" My heart dropped through my guts and I didn't want to look at how much attention we had garnered. "Don't worry about a thing, Zane; I'll talk to Tawny about getting ten girls to help her set up and deal with the costuming," Christina informed me.


More Cooling Off at the Lake

group Azuldrgon 2018-08-09

Shari watched as Tony's hands soon found Mychelle' ponytail. While she watched, Shari allowed a finger to slide down between her naked pussy lips. Even with Tony's member in her mouth, Mychelle screamed as her pussy clenched Shari's fingers. Shari then flew into action as she began to lick the various sights on Mychelle's face that were dotted with Tony's seed. Shari's perverted mind began to race a bit as she took it into her hands and moved to the benches in the front of the boat where she awakened from earlier. Shari started rubbing it lightly before she took the dildo into her hands and began to rub just the head along her pussy lips.


Foursome - Two Couples

group lauragirlchat 2018-08-09

After sucking him for a while, I looked over to the other settee to see them both gazing intently at us, Jason's trousers tented and Anna shifting about, obviously wet herself. I told Anna I would love to see her husband's erection, and turned back to Mike, in the hope that by not looking at them, they would do it. Jason had removed his trousers and underpants and was sitting next to Mike where he could see her red, wet and exposed cunt. Jason came over to me and with shaking hands started to remove my skirt and panties. Anna suggested that her husband could do that, but I told her, groaning slightly "Jason is too busy licking my cunt".

Island Fever 2: Eternity Ch. 07

group Jeremydcp 2018-08-09

"I feel more loved and taken care of by Jeremy than I have by any other man at any point in my life, despite the fact that he has four other women to tend to and make happy on a daily basis," my wife added. Since Kristanna and I were basically spending the entire day with Pamela - including a grand total of eight hours on the boat (it was a four hour trip both to and from Lima by water) - our primary goal was for her to have finally made a commitment to us and our way of life by the time we returned to the island sometime later tonight.


Football party, with many guests, later today.

group redunder 2018-08-09

We don’t want you falling again our teacher said to me. My wife continued to hold my hands as out teacher proceeded to fondle and toy with my balls. My legs were spread painfully wide and my wife was holding my hands behind my back. As my wife kissed me our teacher let go of my balls and stood before us. Every morning and every night I’ll see to it your pussy is fucked hard with cocks. Would you fuck my husband my wife asks our teacher. If you are my chaste husband again, I promise you I’ll find men and women who will fuck you so hard you will crawl into a corner and cry.

Housewives Fur Club Ch. 03

group FurLove 2018-08-09

Bob fur fondles, hugs and kisses Nancy for what seems a heavenly eternity to her as they wallow and squirm with their nude bodies to each other through the Lynx and Sables. Nancy and Bob have come down from their epic fucking and the trio of Ben, Martha and Wanda go up for the rest of the day. Martha, Fred, Frank and Gennie are busy planning the remodeling for the rest of the week and Nancy is filling in for sales with Gennie. Veronica is around quite regularly now and Thursday, while helping Gennie at sales, Bob is making the move on another rather plain Jane housewife who has a subconscious yet still desperate search going on to find redemption or a really good screw ..


Best Neighbor Ever! Ch. 04

group Tomcatfive 2018-08-09

When our lips parted for a moment I said, "You're right, your breasts do feel much better with someone else touching them!" She giggled and squirmed against me as I kissed the side of her neck, and gasped when I nibbled on her ear lobe. She was lightly stroking my cock with both hands like she had found a new toy, and I wanted desperately to get my mouth on those rock hard red nipples, but the water was too deep, and they were underwater. When I felt the beginning of the curve of one of those plump pink breasts, my tongue licked slowly around its circumference, lips imparting little nips and kisses all along the way.


Amateur Night at the Strip Club Ch. 01

group Fondelum 2018-08-09

Allison looked over at her friend who was dancing for another guy across the way and then she whispered something to the pro dancer which I couldn’t hear over the powerful house music. She made her way over to me, put her face level with mine, and said, “Would you like a table dance?” I thought to myself is the Pope Catholic and nodded a reply. As the music thumped on, Rachel sat next to me and Allison slowly began her dance. I guess that would be ok to take it back to our hotel don’t you think Rachel,” said Allison with an evil grin on her face.

Standing Naked

group SecretHowl 2018-08-09

It is hot enough when one guy is watching me, his eyes running over my body, his cock getting hard in his pants. I grabbed the bottom of my jersey and pulled it over my head, briefly hiding my face as I revealed the rest of my body to the guys in the room. I moved my legs apart so they would have a better view of my wet pussy, then I reached into the guy's pants and pulled out his stiff cock. Staring at my body as I started to sweat a little bit from the pressure in my ass, my chest rising and falling with each ragged breath, my nipple sticking straight out, wrinkled and hard as rocks, my eyes popping open wider as A forced his cock in another couple inches.

Holiday Revelations

group Woody_uk 2018-08-09

We both spent the next couple of days naked in the sun getting nicely tanned and the nights making love on our apartment balcony, as the sun makes Julie incredibly horny, not to mention the sight of those naked cocks swinging free on the beach which she said really made her wet. Julie wasted no time any quickly joined them reaching up to kiss Peter as his friend started to sink his lips over his 9 inch erection. I asked if he was ready and he said 'Fuck yes Peter has been lubing up my ass with suntan oil since we arrived.' I looked at Julie who smiled at me and said 'Just do it honey I know you want to'.

Connie and the Chalet: Day 01

group ScottieDog61 2018-08-09

If she wants one or both of us to do something for or to her, we do our best to do it." Sam's shirt came off his bare chest, and he stood naked, his cock gently pulsing in time to his heartbeat, but he spoke as matter-of-factly as if he'd been discussing the weather. We chose you for this because we wanted her to have her first threesome with two men who care for her, who love her." Sam felt Connie's hand stroke his cock from behind, and he gritted his teeth. She wants you naked, and I'm pretty sure she's going to want you inside her soon!" Connie now lay back on the edge of the bed, beautiful blonde hair in a halo around her head, legs spread, waiting for a cock to fill her.


The Game

group Dusty Farkworth 2018-08-09

Sam is the first to play her cards, only having a pair of threes. I look at my wife Sam and teasing her I say "Well Babe it's between you and me now." Her eyes sparkle and as she lays her cards on the table she says, "Not anymore." I look at her cards, she beats me with a pair of fives. Looking from Lyn to Sam, I wonder what she is thinking as she picks up her cards. I look at Lyn , her eyes are dancing with delight as she says "Darling, you loose." Mike stares at the cards in disbelief. Then stepping back changing places, Lyn takes Mikes hand, and Sam takes mine.

Mixed Fun

group Elderlymike 2018-08-09

"Hello, I'm Charlene and Mary can't come to the phone at the moment because my mouth is wrapped around her hard nipple my hands are massaging her left breast and she fingering my pussy so well and when I cum I am going to make sure it will be all over them little tits and glorious nipples" Again the phone is passed on "Hello I'm Clarence and Mary can't come to the phone at the moment because my 10" black cock is pounding her ass hole, and the girl is loving it.

Strangers on a Bus

group Ayla00 2018-08-09

Slowly George moved his hand up to cup one breast and Tommy started rubbing the other. I could feel him position himself behind me as I licked my lips and looked into Tommy's eyes as I held his cock and slowly slid my lips over it, steadily taking more and more into my mouth until it was at the back of my throat. I really went to town on Tommy's cock, I moved my hand up and down in time with my mouth and slurped at it, licking and sucking hard. After a few minutes he pushed my face away and said "Not yet!" then to George exclaimed "You've got to let her suck you!"

Celtic Dreaming

group Dreamweaver72 2018-08-09

As she made love to your breasts, her little hands were fluttering all over your body; dancing across your tummy and pubic mound, trailing up and down your inner thighs, caressing your face and teasing your beautiful lips. Ceara puts one tiny finger to the wetness that is flowing; she then touches her dewy fingertip to her lips she holds it there and snakes her tongue deliciously over the nectar. Ceara is on her knees between your legs, her head and mouth down on your pussy and her arse cocked deliciously in the air. this is really soooo fucking good!!!" I suck your mouth and your tongue follows the suction, sliding warm and wet between my lips.


Honeymoon & Vacation To BALI

group altaff143 2018-08-09

Yanti gently kissed me again as she whispered something to me that I didn’t understand, then smiling she moved her mouth to my cock and took its full length deep into her throat in one heavenly thrust and immediately began moving up and down the stalk, stopping every few strokes to rim my cockhead with her tongue. Ridwan placed his hand behind Donnia’s head and began sliding his cock in and out, fucking her mouth like a cunt. We watched Teguh withdraw from Donnia’s mouth splattering her face with thick dollops of hot cum at the same time Donnia let out a scream and her body convulsed in orgasm from Djdja’s oral action.

A Unique Anniversary Gift

group spawner 2018-08-09

My mouth had gone dry and I took another sip of beer and swallowed as I tried to imagine what a man who had just shared sexy pictures of his wife with a stranger would want to hear. I want to watch as the whole affair takes place, starting right from the beginning when you seduce her and then actually being there during the consummation of her infidelity when you fuck my darling Sue. God, I'm even looking forward to enjoying sloppy seconds after you've come in her. "As they approached I stood up and said, 'John, with your permission I'd like to ask your lovely wife for this next dance.'


How Much Will She Take

group dna27fog 2018-08-09

She wanted to try to arrange for a bunch of friends to come down and we would spend an entire day fucking, but I kept pointing out how hard a time we had getting guys to commit at the same time. She immediately began to stroke Brian again, but opened her mouth to take my cock in. "I want to watch you fuck Brian now," I said as I took my cock away from her. Then, Brian began to fuck her mercilessly, so I let her do as she wanted with my cock. I allowed her some brief times where my cock was not in her mouth because I wanted her to be free to be fucked as hard as Brian wanted.


Another Girl's Night Out

group HabsFan33 2018-08-09

Jill sucked hard on Kelly's clit and flicked it back and forth a couple times before stopping and kissing her left thigh, while slowly sliding her right hand up Kelly's thigh. Kelly was in heaven, and Jill continued to suck and flick her clit while fingering her ass, until Kelly screamed and came hard on Jill's face. Jill decided the time was right and took control of things, handing Steve some KY, "Steve, lube up her ass, Jeff stuff that dick in her mouth, I'll be fucking her pussy." Having her pussy fingered and her clit sucked was too much for Jill; "oooohhhhhh yyyyeesssss," she came with a sudden wave and squirted her juices on to Kelly's face and hand, flooding the shower and mixing with the soap and water.

Sarah in Party Country

group sarahsmith1989 2018-08-09

Now Tom came off as a bit of a pervert, nothing huge but he certainly wasn't about to get nervous in front of a high school girl, I had also heard some crazy stories about him and his friends, but I mainly choked it up to boys just telling stories. A couple of the dicks got real close to my face and Tom looked at their owners and said: At first they would jam their dicks in my cheeks, pushing them out making me look silly, Then they tried to fit both their cocks in my mouth at the same time. So far I had worked my way through six cocks, leaving only two, Tom and the guy under me.

That Escalated Quickly

group sexualcouple22 2018-08-09

When she came up with an Idea Kelly said "I'm actually going make it easy on you, I dare you to get us some new drinks." We booed lightly while Rachel was relieved and stood up to head out of the hot tub. Nate and Kelly got out of the hot tub and disappeared from our sight and again I had that weird excited/jealous feeling in my stomach knowing that my girlfriend was alone and naked with my friend. I wiped Rachel off and we all sat down for a second catching out breath when Nate was like "What the fuck just happened?!" We all laughed but no one had a good answer, things definitely escalated quickly.

A Little Instruction

group Pegasus612 2018-08-09

I do like Jessica and the thought of getting the chance to lick her pussy is exciting." I reach down to adjust my hardening cock in my pants, with a smile to let Carol know how excited I was getting. My only condition is that you don't fuck her; your penis is not to enter her." Carol says very sternly with her hands on her hips." Your tongue, fingers and all that goes with eating her pussy and giving Jessica a good orgasm is perfectly acceptable," she says with a smile. She lets my cock slide from between her lips to say "close your eyes and imagine Jessica's petite body, with her long black hair and dark skin lying naked in front of you." She strokes my cock and tells me to picture Jessica spreading her thin, muscled legs for me.


The Groupie

group XXtraPrince 2018-08-09

Cupping his balls in her hand, she opened her mouth and took the head inside, her tongue slathering it lightly as she gently rolled his balls, by now well drawn-up against the base of his turgid shaft. The remaining woman drew the girl's breasts together and sucked them simultaneously, her tongue racing frantic figure-eights around her aureoles, then moving side-to-side as she did so, because still another musician had entered her and was driving his cock into her with reckless abandon. "At least I finally got all I really wanted!", she said over her shoulder with a smile, as she opened the door and walked through the nearly-deserted arena….

A-Cup Lust: Small But Hot

group pixandwords 2018-08-09

"Big hands, big feet; you do the math!" She'd laughed off her own observation, but Rick felt sure that Kelli had often wondered if the rest of Danny's body was in proportion to his large hands and long, thick fingers. Gary sat down and tried to hide his obvious arousal as Kelli reached to Danny and took his huge paws in her small, soft hands. Kelli looked back and forth between Gary and Danny which she continued to sway against the big man's body. Danny glanced at Rick and Gary, then stood up and took a step towards Kelli. Gary and Rick saw Danny's body lurch as Kelli grasped his penis, kneading the hard log of flesh through the material of his trousers.