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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ellen's Weekend, Once Again

group docBlue 2018-08-09

For some reason, the thought of coming home to my wife almost nude at the door intersected with the thought of getting together with Jay. Hmm, I thought, it's not like he lives here anymore - he might just be the right candidate for my little fantasy? Jay and I had a pretty good time hitting some golf balls, but he certainly couldn't get that vision of Ellen out of his head. As much as it bothered me how Jay was carrying on about Ellen, it also excited me to think about the situation that happened earlier in the day. "I was thinking that what would happen if Jay found you nude like that but I wasn't home yet to meet him."


Another Friend

group jackalpup 2018-08-09

She groaned loudly and Becca actually gasped, absently moving her own hand over her damp crotch, lifting her own little skirt slightly. He smiled that jackal grin once more and moved away slightly, whispering again, "Would you like to make me feel good, too?" Becca didn't know what he was talking about, she sat quietly and when she didn't answer him, he sat back on his knees and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans. Becca was a little unsure and slightly covered herself up, but he moved her hands and held her breasts firmly, rubbing them and pinching her nipples lightly. She ran her hands up his back to his shoulders as he thrust inside her at a slow even pace, filling her small tight pussy with his cock until she thought she couldn't handle it anymore.


Concert Cum Slut

group stubnib 2018-08-09

Larry said that Kelly wanted to dance and both Moe and Curly volunteered so all three of them went down. I got hard just thinking about Kelly with these three guys when Moe returned to the table and I snapped back to reality. Moe and Curly had their heads leaning against the back of their seats and Larry appeared to be looking for something under the table. I looked under the table and Kelly was giving Curly head as his hands fondled her tits. I will always remember the look on the waitress face when she delivered our drinks and caught a glimpse of Kelly with a mouthful of cock while getting eaten.


The Honey Pot

group VeniVici 2018-08-09

While Zil made a coffee for them he gave Mrs Price a cuddle and a quick frisk and could feel her getting into the swing of things and starting to be amused by it all, as she slipped her hand under his towel and felt his throbbing hard on. It was Zil on returning with their coffees who wanted to help remove Lora's clothes and after a bit of "no I couldn't possibly," she let Zil slip her t-shirt off and revealed her little tits all bare with no bra on. "Kneel here you dirty bitch", she laughingly ordered Zil, pointing to the floor and telling John to stick his cock up her arse and "for Gods sake fuck it for her, good and hard, and give us all some peace!"

Sam and Jill: Our First Swap 02

group Justtoold 2018-08-09

She finally spoke and startled me when she said, "Whoa, when you first came up with the idea of swapping with Sam and Jill it sounded like fun and I was getting hot thinking about it. Instead of the four of us wife swapping things have changed a bit and Sue and I thought that maybe an orgy with everyone here was a better option because then we wouldn't have to be obvious about our reasons of trying to get rid of Larry and Jay." Sue was still being fucked by Larry and at the same time, Jay had his cock as far into her mouth as he could, Sam had given up trying to suck her tits and was instead kneading them for all he was worth.


Crown of Horns Ch. 01

group TonightICanWriteTheFilthiestLines 2018-08-09

The plan for that night, which I was hoping to hell I hadn't spilled to Samantha, involved a woman I had hired to show up at our suite, give us a solo performance, and then, if James was game, help him out with any premarital tensions he may be having. It was a picture of Samantha on her knees with her arms pinned back, t-shirt hoisted up, tits jutting out, and the guy at the table holding her by the throat as he fucked her from behind. I had told Samantha I would be hands off with any women during this trip but with that image burning in my mind, I was starting to wonder if I shouldn't exercise a little good-for-the-gander.


Gamer Girl Gangbang

group Jessika_Thorne 2018-08-09

Sophia shifted herself to fit, putting her legs across Roger's lap and tucking her feet under Luke's legs, as she leaned on James with her upper body. do you have a boner?" Sophia asked, rubbing her bare leg against the crotch of Roger's pants, and through them, what she was sure was the head of his penis. Sophia pulled downward slightly on Roger's cock as she looked about, and felt a resistance, there. She pressed, and felt her lips part a little to make way for the tip of Roger's full shaft to slide into her mouth. Luke was leaning over the couch, so that he could easily watch while Sophia was blowing Roger, but James had slid himself forward, and his pants were showing a major tent.


A New Year's Party to Remember

group MasterOso 2018-08-08

He unzips his pants and shoves his hard cock into your face, hitting you on the cheek and mouth. You take your hands and start playing with his balls when another man, Frederick, also slides his cock at your face. You use your hands on his thighs and cock, rubbing and starting to be more forceful with it as you suck down a load of cum from Allen. Allen is slapping your face now, and shoving his cock forcefully into your mouth just before he cums, making you choke it down. He starts plunging in hard, almost like a dog against your panting body as you grunt in pleasure and pain.

Sue: Her Night Out

group caprine 2018-08-08

I sat down in front of my large vanity mirror to make up my face, but as a result of thinking these erotic thoughts,I first had to once more give my reflection the once over and then, irresistibly, I began to slowly, gently massage one breast and then the other with my left hand. As the driver pulled away from the intersection, I maintained eye contact with driver in the mirror as I began to slowly massage my left breast with my right hand inside the little bit of dress that covered my tit.


A Baumgartner Reunion Ch. 02

group Selena_Kitt 2018-08-08

"Oh my god, Ronnie, you look so amazing." Gretchen smiled a thank you as TJ handed her a glass of wine. The wine had made me sleepy and way too relaxed, and when Gretchen curled up on the couch beside me and put her head in my lap just like she used to, I didn't say a word. My body knew what it wanted and he took it, shoving his tongue deep into my pussy as he made me come with his fingers rubbing my clit. "Like some sweet young thing with the tightest little cunt you've ever been in." His eyes brightened at my words and I squeezed the head of his cock with my muscles, telling him I wanted more of him.


Ashley's Ultimate Fantasy 1,2,3,4,5

group hollywood angel 2018-08-08

Ashley looked at Jared, looked at the blindfold, and said, "Sure, sexy, whatever you say." He stepped behind her and put the scarf over her eyes and gently tied it. Ashley felt someone kneel on the bed again and this time his hands were on her neck lightly brushing, sending shivers through her body, she caught his scent. Ashley looked around and saw the men, Tony was sitting beside her with the blindfold in his hand, and a smile on is face. Tony moved lower and began to lick the inside of her thighs, Ashley could feel her pussy throb in anticipation.


A Surprise for Joshua

group zenpoetry 2018-08-08

Marie was holding Joshua's hand around her friend Andrew's cock and she told Joshua that he couldn't let go and he had to stroke Andrew until his cock was as hard as a rock or we would just pick up our toys, and put on our clothes and leave. After I started sliding my cock in and out of her pussy, Marie reached up to grab Josh's head and his hair and to guide him up and down Andrew's cock just like she was grabbing the mane of a horse. You could see that Andrew was getting ready to cum and Marie was just pushing Joshua's head up and down and telling him to suck his cock harder and faster.

Cabana Massage

group Sleepystories 2018-08-08

He pushed past her small waist, leaning forward, up the curve of her hips, rounding the whole of her ass cheeks and then let his fingers slide down to her sides. Faustino's hands began at her ankles, then ran up her calves, fell to the inside of her thighs and all the way to the base of her ass, letting his fingers glance the inside of her pussy, as he went, then, as his hands neared Carmines he dropped them to the outside of her thighs and firmly back to his origination. Carmine hooked his hands under her arms, said something to Cruz in spanish and they gently pulled her shoulders and legs around until she lay across the table horizontally.


Nick's Second Surprise

group Kennedy Rayne 2018-08-08

I love your cock and I can't wait to taste your wife's beautiful pussy." I could tell Nick was getting close so I moved beside Dara and began licking his balls while she sucked his cock. He pushed Dara down on his cock and moaned, "don't stop whore, I'm going to cum in that sweet mouth. He pulled his dick out of her pussy "Do you want me to fuck that sweet cunt or that tight little asshole?" He asked as he gave my ass a stinging smack. Dara was still holding my ass cheeks massaging them a little to oblige Nick's cock. My sweet, sweet little slut, you love it to don't you." He whispered as he pumped one more hard time completely filling my ass with his cum.

Nude Day Texas Hold 'Em

group alexxxis 2018-08-08

I know you think football is played with a round, multi-colored ball by guys in short, silky pants. That being said, since my guy friends like to play poker, then so do I. Art the Fart nudged my head with his elbow (remember how tall he is) and said, "Yeah, Neska, don't forget to wear your poker face." Don't think I haven't noticed Meat's package when he wears his tight blue jeans-I DO know how he really got his nickname. Then I greeted each one of the boys with a kiss on their cheeks and said their names like I was the Queen of bloody England giving knighthoods: "Arthur"; "Jarod"; "Steven"; "Bryan".


Sex Day part1

group danheyes 2018-08-08

she didnt know what we got up to in our sex life but dan changed that, she was still asl**p and me and dan were downstairs he told me he wanted sex so i bent over dropped my panties and let him fuck me after a minute or so he stopped and grabbed my hand leading me upstairs, i was confused but rather aroused at the roughness he was taking with me.

A Groupie's Fantasy Ch. 1

group Isabella Thorne 2018-08-08

"Now, Isabella" she says with a wink, "weren't you the naughty slut on stage showing off your pussy to the audience and then sucking Rod's cock like a bitch in heat? While I gyrate to the incredible sex highs I feel as he pulls my hair and fucks my mouth, he cums all over my face, but I lick off as much as I can. "Isabella, you naughty slut, not yet dear," scolds Gypsy Lou with a laugh as her hungry mouth dives into my open cunt like that of a savage animal. I'm in this totally slutty euphoria with Rod's hot load exploding in my ass, Keith's cum shooting into my dripping wet pussy, Stu's semen deep throating my mouth, and Fingers' sticky cum tricking slowly across my tits.

Even More Bottoms

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-08-08

Something about the idea of letting Mark take my ass or mouth with his cock...that's the sort of thing that makes me think that the Greeks were right about manly love or lust. The handle wasn't the part inside her, either...Kelly shivered and even panted a little, her breasts swaying as I rammed her from both ends and made her feel the power of my two tools...She couldn't hold out for very long, or so I thought, but she kept upping the ante, helping me push more of that spoon inside her ass while she assisted me to thrust further into her pussy until I was balls deep.

Something New

group candiman40 2018-08-08

Jim was staring into Tee's eyes gauging her reaction, as Jess continued to lick at his ear and play with his chest hair, unbuttoning his shirt as she did. Tee had reached between her legs, rubbing through the fabric of her dress, enjoying the sensual feeling her hands created. With Teresa's head thrown back, Jess began licking down the nape of her neck, stopping at the girls ripe young breasts, the nipples were stiff, begging to be suckled and nibbled on. Jess took each nipple in hand and squeezed them, earning a moan from Tee. Jessica's leg had parted the other girl's thighs and she moved her leg up until contact was made. Jess had taken hold of his meaty cock and gave a quick lick to the head before pushing it towards Tee's open cunt.


The Butterfly Pt. 04: Agincourt

group jaybabylit 2018-08-08

Christine realized that Peter was directly behind Madeline and would have a perfect opportunity to begin fucking her young pussy. He moved forward, and while Madeline's tongue made contact with Christine's cunt, her husband's cock was pushing into another woman's pussy. Both Christine and Peter's eyes were closed during their orgasms, but had they been looking, they would have seen a sly smile spread on Madeline's face as she captured that cum deep where she felt it belonged. "Peter, you had better get hard again and fuck your wife if you know what's good for you." She lay back and toyed with her own pussy, spreading her lips with her left hand, while slipping two fingers in from her right.

I Never

group ohio_couple 2018-08-08

The night that they talked about it though, both Liz and Andy were both thinking about Jess and Mike when they were making love. Liz thought that maybe Jess and Mike weren’t as straight as she and Andy had first thought, so she decided to drink as well. Liz stopped bathing Mike’s dick with her tongue to see what the other two were doing, and she saw that Jess had climbed on top of Andy on the couch, and was just getting ready to impale his hard cock. The four of them were so happy that their friendship moved to a different level, and Liz and Andy decided that they would be sure to invite Jess and Mike to visit again very soon.

Wife fucked by driver and watchman

group cuteb0y25 2018-08-08

I wanted them to catch her boobs from behind, kiss her navel, smell her armpits, lick her clitoris, sl**p with her, hug her. When we change the bed covers I spend a lot of time standing opposite him bending down and giving him a direct view of my juggling tits. I looked up into the air and inserted my hand inside from the top of her blouse, fingers first, over her left one. “what otherwise”, i was thinking while I buttoned her blouse and adjusted her tits back in place and covered her palloo as well. I observe them closely, then open my mouth wide and cover her right aureole and start sucking her right boob while tweaking her left nipple.

Marline Becomes A Slut Ch. 6

group Linda Jean 2018-08-08

Kelly said, "come on baby, talk to me, tell me, do you ever think of her wrapping her mouth around this cock of yours?" Jim said "yes" Kelly, asked "do you ever think about fucking her with this in her hot little pussy?" Jim moaned and said "yea." Kelly kept after him, "Do you ever think of sliding this up her ass and make her scream with pleasure begging for more?" Jim moaned as he was right at the edge of a climax and said, "Yea, yea, I do." Kelly asked "who else, who else do you think about putting this lovely hard cock of yours into? I heard him say "Honey, I don’t think you can get him hard right now, you wore me out too fast baby." Kelly stopped sucking his cock turned and said to him "Tell you what darling, you lay there close your eyes, think of Pam, think she is here hot as hell wanting your lovely cock.


The Concert

group dis_pac 2018-08-08

You walked over beside me and I bent over and took your nipple in my mouth and sucked, a little too hard maybe because at the same time she flicked her tongue over the head of my cock, and grabbed it with both hands, gently rubbing it up and down. She slipped the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked gently, while you watched, I begged you to come kiss me, but you got way down on the floor instead, and inspected her pussy, it was cleanly shaven like yours, except a small triangle at the top.