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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Kylie & Jane Ch. 01

group weakone 2018-08-08

She sat as a butterfly both hands now concerned with her pleasure, one pressed to the glass, when she removed it to squeeze her left breast she looked from Tommy's body to his eyes staring at her. Winding herself up, confidently, rashly moaning as her she masturbated, Tommy sat up from the lounge chair, turning to focus on her, she swelled sexually as she felt more and more desired and addicted by his gaze, her hand moved faster and she rose off her heels as she chased the leading edge of the orgasm, crashing wet and open-mouthed on the carpet as if fallen from a great height to the warm touch of her own hand still parting her lips and enjoying the moisture.

A night on the Town

group deggles 2018-08-08

Brenda and John enjoy a romantic evening and then go Brenda and John were having a lovely dinner together. John and Brenda had gotten up and danced slowly, John, let's go for a walk, please?" She looked up at "John, look," said Brenda softly, snapping him out of The lights came up, and John looked at the stage to From the stage, Brenda found John's face in the crowd, ass!" Brenda continued to strut and wiggle as the moved between her legs, and began fucking her, Brenda The man r****g her ass let go her hips, and grabbed Brenda never knew how many cocks took her pussy, ass "I deserve it, yes, I'm a SLUT!" Brenda was screaming

Danger Ch. 16

group snowsquall 2018-08-08

She pulled herself up off his cock before he had a chance to unload his cum, so Chantal quickly got between his legs and took his still stiff prick into her mouth and began working on the head and shaft while licking up all of Willow's sweet juice. Willow then pulled the dildo out of Chantal's pussy and handed it to her as she took her friend's place between Danger's legs. The pounding of the dildo in her box made Willow suck even harder on Danger's cock and it started firing jets of hot cum into her mouth as her own orgasm gripped her naked body.

The Joy of Joy Ch. 06

group LenNeal 2018-08-08

He decided to fight a little, and grabbed her hair himself, meeting Josh's hand briefly, trying to disengage Joy's hot mouth from the other man's cock, or at least to change position enough to get his. Victor slammed his cock into her, then waited, pushing as deep as he could, feeling the wetness and the firm walls of Joy's pussy, fucking her, smushing her ass cheeks against his thighs. Then he yanked back, almost all the way out, and he saw Josh hold Joy on the shoulders, and Victor pounded the absolute fuck out of the woman in front of him, skidding them on the floor, fucking into her as hard as he could manage, breathing heavily with loud panting.


group 2018-08-08

you lift my legs over my head, get on top of me facing me and lean down, holding the pillows cases edges with both sides tight against my face spitting on it as you shove your thick cock deep inside my cunt. Then you start to fuck my still partially open ass hole again for a few strokes, then my cunt again back and forth until you focus on my cunt harder and faster than ever until you let out a loud groan dumping your load inside me in violent bursts, filling me up. I hear keys, zippers, belt buckles then suddenly i feel the most screeching pain i've ever felt on my flesh as a leather belt slams down on my ass visciously hard.

Paradiso Ch. 11

group SlyKink 2018-08-08

Care to join us?" Suzy didn't answer but just smiled broadly, took each of us by a hand and led us through the doors and into the baths. The only inhabitants appeared to be a lesbian couple in a sixty-nine position on one bench, and nearby a female guest with a blue anklet was sitting with her legs apart, getting her pussy sucked by a male spa employee with a white anklet. It appeared that her hands and feet had already been tended to and now a short haired dirty blonde in a black anklet was kneeling between her legs with a razor and was carefully shaving Sara's soapy pussy lips.


Closing Time Ch. 02

group hipeeps72 2018-08-08

I moved my other hand to the entrance of my pussy and started to work two fingers inside of it. I heard my boss slurping and sucking on my pussy, his hands grabbing and pinching my ass. Roughly he started sucking on my boobs, sucking my entire breast into his mouth while squeezing the other, I heard the slapping of our thighs and the wet sliding sound of your cock moving in and out of my pussy. After I few minutes my boss pulled his cock from my breasts and vigorously started to work his shaft up and down with his hand. Moments later I felt my boss's cock thrust deep inside my pussy.

The Perfect Crime

group CallMeCurly 2018-08-08

All I said was a comeback to Nicole's husband Dick's comment about my name: "Well, (He said), ARE YOU A PRUDE?" Charles said something like, "No she's not. Dick said he would drive us the twenty miles to the hotel; Nicole said she had some joints in the car. Nicole pointed out some places we might want to see; Dick and Charles sat in the front. On our way back down to the lobby, I told Charles that Nicole's 'big dick' line was an old one, but well deserved. During the time dick and Charles were out of the room, we shared a few things besides the pot and one mixed drink. I neglected to say that Nicole didn't like to suck dick.

Cat, Chris and Amy

group Cattypuss 2018-08-08

Not even looking at Chris I strode across to the bar, touched the woman on the shoulder and said "If you'd like a seat, there's room at our table". The woman looked over to him, then turned to me and, with a sweet, good-natured smile, she said "My name's Amy" and walked with me towards our table. As Amy's hand moved from the small of my back to my buttock, and as it pulled me in closer to her, I felt the egg start to vibrate faster. When she was gone, Chris leaned across the table, took my hand in his and told me that watching me like that with another woman had made his cock very hard.


The Buddy System

group Jemma_Jane 2018-08-08

"Pam and Janet sure hit it off in the PTA, huh?" said Marcus Colby, stretching his short arms along to tub lip. Or if it's only one, it's got to be really big." He looked away, obviously hoping Dan wouldn't draw the conclusion that Marcus had a tiny dick. Handing hers to Dan, Janet eased down the hot tub stairs and settled in next to him. Dan had no notion of why she'd want to let sweaty, disgusting Marcus get at her. Dan glanced over Candy's shoulder and saw Marcus shucking his pants a few feet away. They only way Dan could feel safe would be if Marcus was just as guilty as himself.


For My Lanny

group 2018-08-08

As Lanny tells her to get on her knees before me, and begin to lick and suck and eat my pussy. Pulling out of my mouth he goes to my Cindy, laying on the floor under her, he begins to eat her pussy, licking, sucking, probing wildly, she moans as his tongue probes her making her grind on to his face. They kiss and suck on my clit, and my spasms begin as I cum, Lanny and Cindy lap up the nectar of my pussy juice. He gently moves Cindy aside; stepping between my thighs pulling my ass to the edge of the chair Lanny places the head of his cock at my wide open pussy.

young girls birthday

group mickyr11 2018-08-08

Time to start putting a bit of gel around your butt hole as your riding one of the guy's I slowly push a finger up your arse, your head falls back as it gets deeper.  I grab your hair holding your head back, as Tom rams his big cock down your throat, cock in your pussy & my finger up your arse, guy's grabing your nipples, 2 of the guys had to cum at this stage, they jumped on the table & one cum on your forehead, the other in your hair.

Colorado River Ch. 2

group Bettybod10 2018-08-08

Katie continued to kiss my neck and suck on my nipples while Trevor buried his face between her legs and slipped a probing finger inside my moist pussy. I seriously wanted Chris’s cock inside me so I turned around and pushed myself onto him, Katie lapping at my clit. Katie looked at him and smiled letting Chris’s cock slip from her mouth she fed it to Trevor. Sitting up I ordered Trevor to fuck me and he pulled out of Katie and drove his cock into me knocking me forward into Chris. Chris quickly bent down taking Trevor’s cock into his mouth draining him then proceeded to clean the sperm from Katie’s face.

After Dinner Delights Ch. 02

group greygotskills 2018-08-08

Dawn and Tyrone were enjoying each other completely oblivious to the fact that Jen was having a conversation with her boyfriend over the phone. She started to get up to leave but Dawn reached out and held on to Jen's free arm with a vice like grip as Tyrone worked his magic on her pussy. While Tyrone was fucking Dawn he peered over at Jen playing with herself and this really got him going. Tyrone reached over with his hand and stuck two fingers of his own up Jenny's pussy as he continued pumping into Dawn. "What did you guys have for dinner?" Dawn began playing with her clit as she watched Jen being manhandled like a rag doll by her hunky boyfriend.

Kurious Kathy

group Denni329 2018-08-08

They pulled back and said, "hey this is fun." Kathy continued, "I never knew how soft and smooth a penis was." I am enjoying all the attention but here I was with two pussies staring in my face. Debby could feel some of the fluid beginning to come out of the tip and she pull back and said to Kathy, "it's just starting lick the opening." Kathy complied and said, "it's thicker and smoother than I thought." As she pulled off Debby got back on as I let a gushing squirt out into her mouth.


Contamination Ch. 02

group LukeCoolhand 2018-08-08

Although she worked in a lab and would rightly be classified as a "geek", there was nothing slovenly about Diana Dee. She worked late, yes, but she did manage to squeeze in time for relaxation and exercise, so she had a body she wasn't ashamed of. The tube removed from her satiated pussy, Diana heaved a huge sigh, slid off her table and finally turned her head to see who had stepped into the lab. Just moments after this photo was taken, Jennifer -- that's the girl there -- was completely naked and she jumped right on top of him and well, let's say she made short work of his clothes and wrestled him onto the ground.


Holy Orders Ch. 04

group Mikro 2018-08-08

Pete did fuck Cathy's arse, at the same time she was licking me to orgasm and we finally finished with Cathy riding his cock while I sat on his face, his tongue working its magic on my clit as Cathy and I kissed and played with each other's tits. I pulled his head up to mine, staring into his eyes I said, "One day I will let you lick another mans come from my cunt wimp." Pushing him away I added, "Now eat your breakfast and fuck off to work." "And that's not all." Cathy said with a smile at me, "Last night Pete stayed here, he took my virgin cunt and, I enjoyed it so much I want the rest of you."


My First Straight Threesome

group 2018-08-08

Further to my story "My First Cock Fucking" I want to relate what happened when the woman in that story introduced me to one of her female friends. My cock was rampant hard and it was being wanked by this soft female hand with lovely red painted finger-nails. "Please please fuck me!" So I entered her and commenced to fuck, when the other woman came over and put her mouth to my cock and her friends cunt. My friend shouted for me to cum up the woman I was fucking and said she wanted to suck my cum out of her. Soft, warm bodies, lovely sexy lips, legs and thighs willing to open, mouths to suck cock, cunts to fuck.

TITS at Home Depot

group 2018-08-08

Trying to maintain my focus on why I was at Home Depot, I told Sharon that I needed to find an associate to cut a piece of plywood for me. I looked helplessly at Tom as TITS moved her ass back and forth, tormenting my cock. “You’re a nasty little cunt aren’t you?” Tom asked our captive as he joined me in pinching and twisting Sharon’s delectable nipples. “Holy shit!” Scott exclaimed as both he and Henry obviously enjoyed the sight of seeing Sharon tied to the rafters, her soft, supple tits heaving with each deep breath. Henry gave the alligator clips to Tom as I slid to my knees in front of Sharon. Henry f***efully slid his huge cock between Sharon’s soft lips and began wildly fucking her mouth.

Circle of Love Pt. 01

group Romantic1 2018-08-08

I enjoy your company and don't want to end our evening." I agreed and so we both went up to the dark house. I started to stroke Jan's neck and her shoulder-length long hair, then I moved to her arms and across her stomach, carefully avoiding her breasts. While our lips were locked together and our tongues exploring in a deep kiss, Jan took one of her hands and placed it over mine. She said, "Oh, going commando tonight are we?" as she planted a kiss on the head and then sucked the mushroomed end into her mouth. Jan then started to rise up and down in gentle, smooth motions, often dipping so that I went all the way down past her tonsils.


New Job

group horny_bi_girl 2018-08-08

She grabbed a good-sized dildo and started fucking herself as she watched David's cock slide in and out of my begging cunt. Jennifer's pussy was begging to cum again so I worked my magic on her clit and cunt while she and Chris kissed while he fucked me. I could tell that the guys were so ready to cum so I started fucking Jennifer's pussy faster and faster - just the way she was doing it with the dildo because I knew I was going to cum! I felt David starting to cum in my ass and only seconds later, Chris started slamming into my pussy harder and harder and I could feel his hot cock juices spraying my insides.


Beware of Old Men...2

group d4david 2018-08-08

For a week I met the old janitor in the boiler room, on one day I would jack his cock till he came. I walked behind the huge furnace and turned to face my tormentor, 'drop your pants and bend over that desk,' the old janitor ordered. I stepped out of my pants and underwear and bent over the desk, from some where the bastard smeared a slick substance into the crack of my butt and into my anus. Startled I tried to raise up, the old janitor just moved to one side and held my shoulders down and said 'come on get in there. I felt him come in my butt and not slow down his thrusting and his cock didn't loose it's stiffness.

College Life

group Haywood Jablome 2018-08-08

And, almost as quickly as he lost his shirt, Todd found Becky on top of him, kissing his neck. Becky sat on the bed, her shirt back on, bra wadded up in her hand. Todd and Matt moved on either side of Becky on the bed. Todd and Matt each began caressing a breast. Todd was the first to go under Becky's shirt, feeling the soft skin of her breast. Matt began to remove Becky's shirt. Becky reached down with each hand and felt Matt and Todd's dicks. Becky didn't look, but could tell by stroking them that Matt was around 7 inches, about the same as Todd. She moved over to him and, like a mirror image of Matt, licked, sucked and caressed Todd's dick.

My First MMF

group mdiver 2018-08-08

We did as instructed and Jane began to suck and lick Bob's dick and then do the same to mine. Jane was running her tongue all over the head of my cock with a hot and wet mouth. Bob was licking her clit and fingering her cunt and I could tell by the way she was sucking me that Bob was bringing her close to an orgasm. I got on my back so Jane could straddle me and slide my cock all the way in her cunt. As we all began to move more I was able to slide Jane up and down on our cocks at the same time. Bob said he needed to leave so Jane and I were alone in the hot tub.