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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Art in the Park

group Orgin Grinder 2018-08-08

"All right, that's enough torture for the day," Kelly said, and began long strokes with her finger tips from my shoulder to my butt in what she described as the relaxation portion of the therapy. With mouth agape, lower lip pulled tight across her bottom teeth, eyes closed and a hint of her upper teeth glistening in a knowing smile, within minutes Kelly was panting and moaning, and quickly fell into a comfortable rhythm. I just wanted to flop my face between them, just like guys do," Kelly said, and she readjusted her position so she was now on her knees. I took the last of the paintings over to the B&B, and about ten minutes later two women in sopping wet tie-dye sun dresses hit the porch carrying large plastic storage containers.


Kim's Jamaica Vacation Ch. 02

group sohowanderer 2018-08-08

After a night with Lisa and Keith and the great sex that morning, Kim was looking at things like body shots as a little tame. Lisa looked at Kim and said, “You know, Keith absolutely loves your tits. Kim closed her eyes and soon she felt Lisa between her legs. Glenn rolled his wife over and sunk his shaft deep into Kim. Keith began fucking Lisa with incredible passion. In the position she was, Kim was able to watch Lisa fuck Glenn with incredible strength. Any woman could easily feel intimated by their passion, but she knew the sight of Keith driving into her pussy from behind had the same look. Lisa and Keith left to go clean up and meet Kim and Glenn for dinner.

The Dinner Party Ch. 04

group zebra2001uk 2018-08-08

Roger just wanted to see Rosemary naked and pictured her kneeling between his legs, because that is where she was going to be very soon. Roger then lost the next hand and, standing, he pulled his boxers down and revealed a cock, which took Rosemary's breath away and made her glad Roger was not fucking her that night. Either way, Angela and Martin will have a clear view of you taking my cock in your mouth and masturbating me until I cum. And so you know, I want you to swallow all my semen except for the last drop, which you will retain in your mouth and you will kiss first Angela and then deep kiss Martin with your tongue.


The Game Ch. 04 Pt. 02

group Sara and Ron 2018-08-08

Daryl cocked his head considering for a moment and taking another opportunity to look at my tits. “How about I pay for yer gas right now outta my own pocket, but I think I deserve somethin’ in return.” Daryl said lecherously dropping a dirty ten dollar bill and five ones on the counter in front of him. She kissed back immediately and I knew that this was not only Daryl’s fantasy, but hers as well (although Daryl was probably not bright enough to see Amy’s fantasy was to be with a woman; and not just watch her boyfriend fuck a slut.) Daryl watched her over my shoulders as he fucked me doggie style on the counter like an animal.


Desert Reunion

group Sassy Susan 2018-08-08

Then I licked the residual cum off Mandy's face and she off mine, we massaged what was still wet into each other's breasts, and kissed like sisters in love. Not much later, Mandy crawled between my thighs and, while Tom watched from a foot away, began to lick and play with my pussy. Tom, the gentleman that he is, left my ass hole alone and took my pussy from behind, stroking pleasantly in and out of my wetness right above Mandy's face. Mandy is now snoring softly and cutely in the big bed, Tom is back in the motel getting solo guy-sleep time, my back is tightening up, and I think I have one more tiny, private orgasm left to enjoy.

Paula and the Two

group jacinta 2018-08-08

Smiling, she let her wrap slide off her shoulders to a heap on the floor, wound her long brown hair onto her head, moved onto the bed, knelt in the middle and reached for the bowl. Her eyes closed as, passing onto her body, her hands slid around her breasts, moving their fullness to spread below and over. Gripping her hips he slowly entered and filled her, the ache of the sheathing spreading throughout her body as she took the cock of the other deep into her throat, tonguing as she rose, teeth gently scraping as she sucked him in.

Tied to be Freed

group Tricker67 2018-08-08

Kara felt herself starting to get wet again, knowing what Tina must be feeling. Kara would see the head of her clit peeking out between her labia, and how wet Tina was getting. She watched in shock and anticipation as Tina lowered her head towards her own wet slit, her tongue sticking out as she got closer. Kara saw Rich slide his fingers into Tina's steaming canal. Rich pulled away from Tina as she collapsed on the bed next to Kara, who also went limp. Kara was shifting her gaze between her husband semi-hard cock and Tina's full breast. "Well," Rich said as he settled on his back on the bed, "which do you want first, cock or camera." Kara was catching on.


Fox Hunt

group fitineverysense 2018-08-08

Doug and Heather's packs wanted to stick to dogs, so that only left little old me for the part of the fox. Doug and Heather were appreciative of the ice being broken and set to work with their body paint. It was time to start on animal coats so Doug disrobed to allow her ladyship to turn him into a hunting dog. As I turned a corner to make a dash for the lodge I nearly fainted from shock as the bush in front of me came alive and Heather stuck a smiling dog face out of it and simply said Woof.


A Girl in Need

group Nyneve 2018-08-08

I would dance in his club on nights when I felt worked-up and he looked the other way when I brought guys to the backroom and fucked them blind. She danced her way around until she was facing me with the pole between her ass cheeks giving the guys in the crowd an interesting view. The Velcro easily gave way and the bra went flying off the stage, hitting Brother Number One. Bella, not to be outdone, leaned forward, forcing me backward and licked up into my cleavage, removing my bra with her tongue. I turned slowly, put my hands on the stage, leaned forward and placed my ass on his lap.


The Surprise Weekend Ch. 01

group sexyparty 2018-08-08

The murmuring sounds of the couple making love made my pussy grow warm and I placed my hand on his beautiful ass. We were kissing softly when we heard the sound of splashing water and soft intimate voices of a couple making love. There was a knock at the window, and a long legged brunette stepped in the room and out of her panties in one smooth motion. As he moved inside of me I felt incredible lines of pleasure jolt through my pussy and I moaned just as the redhead began making soft mewing sounds. The tall brunette lay on the bed and another man was licking her clit and had his fingers in her soft pussy.

Husband's B-day Present to Wife

group curiousandkinky 2018-08-08

Seconds, seems like minutes, pass and then it happens, I feel his hard, again, member penetrating the folds of my labia, without resistance, he slides himself into me all the way as I let out a very strong and desirable moan that resonates through my husbands member, this causes him and our friend to do the same. I could almost orgasm again I think as I go back to our friends lovely private member and continue what is not only a pleasure for him, them, but me as well, I love to feel and taste a man in my mouth.

Needed Therapy

group CyberianBelle 2018-08-08

I guessed that he had said I would be most likely, but he had written "Shelly." I guess his opinion was confirmed a few turns later when Shelly was his patient and the question was: "So tell me, on a rating scale of 1 to 10, what is your level of sexual appetite?" Shelly had written "10" and Craig guessed right. I felt even angrier when Craig asked Shelly: "So tell me, what sense do you derive the most pleasure from?" and she practically moaned her answer "Touch." They obviously had almost forgotten my existence, interacting with me only when the game required. A few turns latter, reading from the card, Craig asked Shelly: "So tell me, which player do you think will most likely dream tonight of being bound in chains?" She wrote down her answer and Craig said: "You."


Training Day

group Spider1 2018-08-08

Teresa and I were working close at the computer with Carmella hovering behind us or at either side, asking questions, touching my shoulder or arm, lips close to my ear. This time I locked eyes with Carmella, then turned to Teresa, sliding my hand over her leg. Teresa scooted down and licked the cum from Carmella's face. Teresa stopped licking my cock and leaned back, brushing her long honey blode hair behind her ear. As Carmella got up from the bed, I leaned down to lick Teresa's ass some more. Carmella kneeled beside me, kissing me, caressing, rubbing her luscious tits against my back as I eased my cock into Teresa's ass.


group 2018-08-08

After all, last week when they went to the club a man approached Kumi to speak at the bar as Suki was chatting to some guy who Kumi knew had almost no chance in getting in her pants. Kumi looked over at Suki and tried to figure out why the young girl got so much attention from men. Kumi looked up and saw the three of them, big muscular black men surrounding her at the booth. She was helpless to do anything but moan and pant as she felt hands tighten around her throat and the deep pounding inside her soaking wet pussy. Here in America, a long way from Japan, Kumi promised to herself that she would make Suki every bit the slut for black men that she was.

A Day At The Beach

group special_thinker 2018-08-08

The feeling off salt water around her whole body exhilarated her and she kept her mouth on his cock, only releasing it to come up for air, until she felt a hot splash on he tongue. She was now extremely wet and whispered in his ear "I want your fucking cock in my wet pussy now!" The guy waited little time as he slid off her drenched panties, wet from both the salt water and he pussy juices. He lifted her with his strong arms and slowly slid his hard cock into her waiting pussy. She moaned loudly and began fucking him harder when she felt hot breath upon the back of her neck.

Fondest Wish Ch. 05

group velvetpie 2018-08-08

" Amalie touched Kara's cheek, letting her hand slide down to her breast and gave it a passion-filled squeeze. "Embarrassment." Donovan answered, entering the shower and moving behind Kara. "You won't be a third wheel." Amalie slowly slid to her knees, pressing kisses along Kara's stomach and thighs. "He is, but I can't help it if I want you more." Amalie sucked Kara's puffy clit between her lips, flicking her tongue against it and making Kara cry out in pleasure while Donovan played with her breasts. Kara heard the woman's words but her mind was wrapped around Amalie's lips, shivering as an orgasm quickly overpowered her and threatened to drive her to her knees.


The Trophy Wives Club Pt. 05

group Cumbabynow 2018-08-08

I completed the instructions with, "Okay contestants, decide what you would like to compete for and make sure you are in the right room by nine, ready to compete with the correct partner." I knew this could be the king of all sex parties if we could pull it off the way we planned it. Teresa's husband, Gerald, arrived just before the announcements, dressed in a stupid looking cowboy outfit that wouldn't have attracted the ugliest woman in the room. We got a little tipsy trying to forget the pain of me settling for you and then we made passionate love together for an entire day, with Tom arriving home at just the right time to share more lovemaking with us the following night.


Savannah Goes Parking?

group _Savannah_ 2018-08-08

His hand grabbed her head and helped her bobbing motions on his cock; wet slurpy sounds echoed all around them, adding to her frenzy. His eyes seemed to be focusing on her breasts, which until a few seconds ago were being wonderfully man-handled by her new friend. Squeezing as hard as she could around his cock, and at the same time sucking on the other, Savannah felt her body begin tensing once again. "Aaaagghhhh, fuck" roared the second man, as his hot cum rolled down her throat and spilled out the corner of her lips; there was so much of it. Looking at her watch Savannah realized she had barely enough time to get to the gate before her friend's flight arrived.

S(S)OL: Interlude the Second

group Molly Dodd 2018-08-08

Molly looked around anxiously at that remark, but Gina assured her that both Aaron and Jim were still sound asleep and she continued. “Well, it’s not that I’m ashamed of it, I just don’t want Jim to know, not yet,” said Molly, more at ease. “John-John’s close now, Molly, let me show you how we do this in my family.” Jenn licked her hands to taste Molly’s cunt juices, and then lined up John’s cock to face her. The head of John’s cock thrust out the top of Molly’s cleavage when Jenn pushed her breasts together. “Now, let me show you how I like to cum, Molly.” Jenn directed Molly’s hands to her hips to untie the scrubs.

School Days Ch. 07

group Marly_Evans 2018-08-08

When the woman's legs stretched over the end of the bed and her body rose to meet the constant piston action of the dildo, Courtney knew it was time. As the man leaned down and readied his tattoo machine, Erin and Courtney had to marvel at how smooth and silky Lynne's skin was. Neither Erin nor Courtney knew what he meant until they saw his hand and the cloth slide inside Lynne's panties. At the same time that Courtney and Lynne began to jointly lick and suck his cock, Erin pulled up her shirt and hung her ample breasts over the man's face. Several minutes went by with Erin eventually taking off her top and Courtney rubbing the tattoo artist's cock against her breasts.


The Adventures of Brooke Ch. 02

group JosephBarnosky 2018-08-08

Jackson and Luis stand back and watch, each man stroking his thick cock as Eli positions himself above my face and guides his cockhead into my mouth. As Eli slowly withdraws his cock from my pussy and scoots over and off of the bed, Luis gets into position between my legs and slides his cock into me. I wrap my arms around him and drive my hips upward, capturing the entire length of his cock inside my quivering pussy as his load of cum erupts inside me. When her finally puts my legs back down onto the bed and collapses on top of me like the others I see Jackson and Jayden stroking their cocks.

Getting caught wearing panties at the gym leads to

group slut_trish 2018-08-08

Just as you are leaving Jay comes back downstairs and says to me, 'I am going out with one of the girls for a few drinks tonight babe, why don't u invite Tommy over to watch the game and have a few beers?' 'I'd love to.' You reply. 'Pick out one of Jays sluttiest outfits and this time make sure you put your long hair in pigtails and apply some make-up to look even more convincing and girly.' All i want to do is go to sl**p and wake up and none of this day had happened but instead i decide to grant your orders and head upstairs. You pull Jays face up to look at you telling her you want to fuck her ass now.


Robin and Alicia Ch. 03

group luckyfucker 2018-08-08

After she was cleaned off, Robin crawled behind me, under my legs, and started to lick my balls from the back, which was a fucking amazing feeling—also a bit hard to coordinate, since I was busy thrusting with all my might into Alicia's pussy. "Wait, wait," Robin said, and pulled me off, first sucking the top of my cock to aim the geyser of cum into her own mouth, then after it was finished, darting down to suck the sperm out of Alicia's asshole! This final anal assault is what finally set Alicia over the edge herself, and she came for the second time that day from Robin's tongue, clenching her legs around her head, mewling like a newborn kitten.

First time dogging experience

group 2018-08-08

I must have come about 3 or 4 times just with him fucking me, it went on for a good 10-15 mins before he said he was close to cuming, by this point i was in absolute heaven, 'B' grunted and i knew he was about to cum too so i told them both i wanted it all over my tits, they pulled out and i kneeled down, exposing my pert tits for then, i begged for it on me, i know 'B' loves it when i do that.