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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Rocking Weekend

group vanillais4icecream 2018-11-25

Mark had enticed Ellen out of her bikini and they lay on the lounge chair, oblivious to everything around them, as hands and lips explored each other's bodies. Veronica was down on her knees in a second, ass up, waiting for Ian's hard cock in her sweet pussy. Veronica moaned as he slowly moved in and out, rubbing up against her G spot. "This will quiet her down," said Mark as he put his hardening cock in Veronica's mouth. Deeper and deeper went Ian's cock, hitting that G spot every time. She pushed Mark away, gave one last moan and squirted all over Ian, who slapped her on the ass before he filled her with his seed.

Bonnie Blue and the Gang

group Green_Man 2018-11-25

They went to work, cleaning the suite and placing out the food and drink that Bonnie had ordered for the party this evening. Sucking and licking the lips of Rosa's pussy made Bonnie cum around the prick reaming her cunt. Bonnie took him in all the way and he started fucking her face, holding her blond hair for a good grip. He had given her his cock last night so he didn't feel too bad just cumming all over her body and face which Jeffrey was still fucking. When Bonnie came out, fresh and clean and smelling of jasmine in a chartreuse kimono, they rose from their seats and bowed to the little cum slut of Texas.

They were fucking my wife

group acecruiser 2018-11-25

I could tell that your wife was wondering what the fuck just happened but I was excited because I wanted to see Susan's naked body and to watch her and Kevin fuck. I reached down again and got 2 fingers deep inside of Susan's pussy and then reached over to let your wife lick another woman's cunt juice off of them. Kevin slid some fingers inside of your wife and let Susan lick Suzy's pussy juices off them. Your wife told me a little later that Susan liked to eat pussy and that they "might have " done something when she and Susan got drunk one night at home.

Riding an English Bike

group juan 2018-11-25

Helen was a muscular little woman with a ripe body, straight black hair and green eyes, who had once stayed with Thomas and his wife, Mary, on their rural block, just outside of town. Shortly after, quite naked, he lay beside her on the bed and began to suck on those tits and to fondle and excite her big piss flaps 'til they stood up fatly, and her mucus flowed copiously out of her eager slit. When it was clear that Mary had decided to spend the night with George, Julie bedded down with Thomas in the granny flat, and they made love twice more before dawn found them sprawled, exhausted, on the bed.

A Strong White Dominatrix

group Samuelx 2018-11-25

I'm a six-foot-tall, kind of chubby but still sexy, blonde-haired and green-eyed Irishwoman living in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. This five-foot-eight, chubby, brown-haired and alabaster-skinned, fifty-nine-year-old woman is into the kind of stuff that amazed even me. Vanessa has a thing for bossy white women and likes to explore the concept of Mistress and Slave in the Historical sense. When I dominate a Black woman, I feel like I am playing with the ultimate taboo. I whipped Vanessa Anderson hard and spanked her big Black ass. And just like that, this strong White woman fucked a Black woman in the ass. The Black bitch farted all over a White woman's strap-on dildo while getting fucked in the ass.


The Game

group tcg 2018-11-25

Tony stood and rested his big cock across my wife's lips. When he realized that Steph was now awake and a willing participant, he turned her slightly on her side and spread her legs as he stood and positioned the head of his cock at her pussy lips. As he fucked her, she sucked Tony's long cock. I was tired of just watching from the sidelines so I knelt beside the couch and kissed, licked and sucked on her gorgeous nipples while my buddy fucked her. "Tony, I want you to fuck me with your big cock." She declared. She moved back and forth as Tony rode her, but kept my erection buried to the balls inside of her mouth.

A Gulf Coast Welcome - Conclusion

group oldhippie1949 2018-11-25

The best party, however, took place at another beachfront property, this one on the Montauk cliffs where Doug and Lora lived. "Let's go where it's more comfortable, shall we?" Lora took Caren's hand and led us out of the concrete floored studio into the house. "Kiss me." Doug moved off me as Caren and I shared his load, swapping it back and forth until our mouths were clean. "I love to see my husband's ass plowed." She moved forward to watch and to rub her outstretched hand on Doug's sticky cock. Absorbed in the pleasure, Doug did not stop pumping for nearly a minute until he pulled out and placed the tip at the entrance to her ass, She accepted the tip before he began to shoot into her.

Cream Filled Sandwich

group teninchstoryteller 2018-11-25

  As she leaned over to push the skirt off around her ankles and step from them the dude went into orbit, he reached up and grabbed her hips, pulled her close and shoved his face into the crevasse of her rounded cheeks.   He crawled up and started kissing her on the lips while doing some good fondling of the mass of her bulbous breasts and nipples, while I on the other hand went to work at the sweet slit of her groin.   She started bucking really hard on my face and hand, so I figured it was time to give her a bit more of what she needed and raised up onto my knees.

Action In The Vacant House

group bassguitarbubba 2018-11-25

  Donna moved her hand to her pussy and began to slowly masturbate as she watched me and Kim.   I began to moan in unison with Donna as she feverishly implored, “Cum for my girl!”    My cock got rock hard as Kim stroked it and she could tell I was ready to cum as she said to Donna, “He’s ready to cum, baby.”   Donna’s hips were moving quickly as she drove her fingers into her wet pussy faster and deeper.   Without missing a beat, Donna took my hard cock into her mouth and even while Kim laid on me, she sucked me off until I shot another load of cum.

Sweet Dreams My Love (Part 3 of 3)

group tcg 2018-11-25

"I don't regret it though," said Jason. "We should do it again, maybe?" said Leighton and I couldn't help but agree. "Maybe," I said to them both as they prepared to leave. I'd rather she was awake and fucking you, but she's too prudish to ever let that happen." "You can send them to me," Jason said and I repeated it. "In fact," I added. "Next time, we should video it or something." The two guys agreed and left, leaving me alone with another growing hard-on, but also a growing sense of guilt at what I had let happen. Tomorrow would be an interesting day; in fact the future looked very interesting full stop. Would I let it happen again?

A Lovers Promise...........I'll do anything for yo

group jena121 2018-11-25

The following morning, Scott went to Bonnie’s room to pick up some software she had left for him.  He looked around him while he was there and noticed the scent of her perfume.  He then came across a pair of her panties on the bathroom floor.  He was sure that this was not intentional on her part.  He found himself growing hard as he stared at the black satin bikini on the floor.  He had already learned about the art of masturbation many years ago, and often used the thoughts of Bonnie to indulge his fantasies.  Although 18, he had not had much to do with a girl or woman.  He didn’t fancy the young girls at school and at the moment didn’t have access to any mature ladies.

How it began

group always_up 2018-11-25

She was to dress like a slut and leave her tits and cunt exposed, she was to respond favorably to any and all advances and fuck anyone who wanted her, and finally, she was to introduce herself as slut Cristy, address me as Master, and do anything I told her to. I pulled Cristy up, gave her a deep kiss and lead her to an open room with Mark, Gina, and our audience following behind. When we got to the room, I laid Cristy on her back, slid into her slick pussy, and started fucking her hard and deep. I watched cum drip from Cristy's sexy cunt as I pulled out, then I moved up to kiss her while waving another guy over to pleasure her.

The Guessing Game - Part I

group TurtleDoves 2018-11-25

Kayla jumped when she felt a hand trace slowly up her calf, past her knee, up her thigh… and stop. Finally she gave up her struggle, and as her ears picked up the sounds of clothing being discarded, one of her hands started to trail down between her legs. As her pleasure continued to build, Kayla felt her “present” shift in his seat beside her and get up, removing his cock from her reach. As she caught her breath, two strong legs straddled her on the seat and the smell of arousal filled her nostrils as a slick cock traced her lips like lipstick.

The Psychiatrist

group LucyLou62 2018-11-25

“Carrie, you look great but there is only one way to find out what you need and want and I think I can make you feel much better. “Right, you need to bend forward to get a proper reading.” As she did the other guy got out his cock and forced it into her mouth. The guy inside her pulled out and walked around to her head and forced her to take his rock hard cock into her mouth and suck it. Our brief was that you were a sexy tranny virgin and medically needed to be fucked by two male hookers and made to swallow a dozen loads of cum.

Two hundred dollars

group OldGeezer 2018-11-25

Kate then shouted something, but I couldn’t hear, so she got up and came close, telling me to slow the boat down. Kate also took her vest off, revealing an equally delightful pair, smaller, tighter, and with long nipples, which after the pulsating ride the boat had given them, were erect and hard. Kate went first, taking my cock in her hand, and pushing me down to the deck, knelt over me and started to suck me. Kate wanted me in her ass this time, and I obliged, only with me behind her, pushing her head to the deck, and I think she liked the bit of submission involved, as she came surprisingly quickly once I had got the rhythm going.

A Trip To Remember

group Darrel1000 2018-11-25

"You didn't catch anything?"she said "No not a thing,i replied." "In fact,i was just getting ready to head back." She was dressed in a low cut blouse, that well exposed the tops of her mellon like breast, and a pair of shorts cut so high that a good part of her butt stuck out.  As we headed back to camp, she walked ahead of me, swaying her ass tempingly, as she stepped over rocks and sticks. As i ate my breakfast Becky went down and took my whole cock in her mouth and gave me head while i ate, mean while i could hear my wife moaning again as Robert was giving it to her again from somewhere.


A return to old memories

group acecruiser 2018-11-25

I said, “Now, that looks like fun.” You muttered, “Well I guess but not as much fun as Susie and I had a long time ago.” I asked, “Would you like for Ward to eat your pussy now?” She gazed at us and replied, “Oh, Yes I would.” She looked at me and said with a smile, “NEXT.” She did the same with me and instead of just licking the pre-cum she swallowed my cock to the balls. She was moaning and we both were saying things like, “Oh god Susie your pussy feels great,” or “Baby you suck cock the best.”

There's Something About Fucking a Married Couple - the Bedroom (5)

group Couple4Play 2018-11-25

I had hardly hesitated when Paula had popped Eric's cock out of her mouth and offered it to me to suck. The only things that existed were the kisses I shared with Paula, the heat between her legs, the terrific hardness of my cock against Paula's tummy, and the entirely new sensation of Eric's tongue gently probing my tight ring. My knees trembled as Eric's hand parted Paula and I, grasping my cock. Eric stepped up on the bed, pointing his cock at Paula's perfect lips. He once again cradled her face in his hands, not so gently this time, as he began to fuck her mouth. "Can I suck that cum off your cock before you go, honey?" Paula smiled sweetly at her husband.


group older-wiser13 2018-11-25

Erica smiled as she slid her hands down the inside thighs of those beautiful smooth legs, leaned forward as she picked up the scent of the wet pussy, and closing her eyes, pressed her lips into the velvet folds. While Erica's head was rolling around eating pussy, Best Friend got behind her, stripped off the lime green thong and spread her ass. Each time she did, it worked Erica into a frenzy, her face buried between those lovely legs, sopping wet from nose to chin, her lips and tongue eating away at the hard hot clit in her mouth, and getting her own pulsing pussy done from behind.

My beginning and pathway to group sex. Part 9

group LuvitAll 2018-11-25

  I gripped his cock in my hand, measuring its length, and then dropped to my knees for my second favourite thing. I wanted to feel what it was like fucking while standing up.   I unlocked my legs and dropped them to the floor, forcing his cock out of me.   I just wanted to hang there, not touching anything, except his cock in me and his arms under my thighs with his hands on my arse to hold me up. When I heard his orgasm groans start before his spurting, it was too much and I went over the edge before I felt his wetness spreading inside me.   It felt good to have my cunt looked at.

Cuckold lifestyle 32 part 2

group woreout 2018-11-25

I pulled up to the door they have valet parking , I told the guy I wasn't staying , he just half assed knoded that he heard me because he was busy looking at my wife's pussy as she exited the van. She hollored to little dick wife was walking in and heard her...why is he a little dick pussy she asked Ann. Ann looked me and I know my face turned red, then she said " like I'd have to explain that to you ,of all people"..she smiled and my heart started beating again..lets eat...oh my wife said , pull down those pants you little dick pussy.

A surprise weekend for my wife and her b*****r!

group tcg 2018-11-25

As they kissed I watched Linda reach between them, grasp Mike's cock through his jockeys and start to rub it. I watched as Mike kissed my wife, and smoothly sliding his hand up her thigh to her satin panty covered pussy. As I watched Mike soon began work his cock slowly in and out of Linda's pussy. Mike pulled his cock out of Linda's well-fucked cunt and a glob of his cum oozed out of my wife's hole as the head of his dick popped out. I want to feel my cock in your pussy that's full of your b*****r's cum." Linda shockingly did as I asked and pulled her panties aside.

Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 10

group Samuelx 2018-11-25

I'm getting serviced by two sexy black college sportsmen with sexy bodies, cute faces and really big dicks. My man Justin Terrier has his big hands on my hips as he thrusts his cock deep into my asshole. Luckily, Justin and Samson are two Haitian dudes who like dark-skinned fat chicks. How in hell did this black football stud know that I liked having my booty pinched? I drink all of Samson's cum and the big black stud sighs in pleasure. Meanwhile, Justin continues hammering his cock into my asshole like ass fucking is going out of style. As Justin and Samson fucked me silly, I gave as good as I got. Hell, in one scene, I got a strap-on dildo and fucked Justin while Samson jerked off.


Somali MILF Goddess

group Samuelx 2018-11-25

"Maybe that's it, good to meet you, Suleiman, I'm Ayaan, I'm from Somalia," the lady said with a smile, and she extended her hand for me to shake. "Anyhow, I've got to get back to work, Suleiman, pleased to meet you, have a good day," Ayaan finally said, and she nodded then walked away, pushing that cart full of cleaning supplies. "Suleiman, sexy man, I'd love to have you taste my magic stick," Pablo said, and he got up, smiled at me and nonchalantly headed for the nearby men's washroom. "Ayaan, the men in this town must be big fools if they don't notice you, believe me, sister, you look beautiful to me, " I said with a smile, and then I took Ayaan's hands in mine and gently squeezed them.