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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Poker Night Ch. 03

group jt123 2018-08-08

She easily and smoothly unhooked the clasp and pulled her bra open, but before Jim could get a good look at her naked tits she covered her breasts with her hands as Gwen had done during their last game. Between staring at Lynn's naked tits and Gwen's tits as they seemingly tried to spill out of her bra, Jim had no hope of focusing on his next hand and he lost, removing his shirt. Jim won the next hand and gave Traci an excited smile as he said he wanted Gwen to remove his wife's top. Finally, Gwen told Traci to remove her own pants and then turned to Jim. She looked him directly in the eye, gave him a sexy smile, and said, "I've seen you staring at my tits.


Defrosting Mrs Winter Ch. 03

group Mag58 2018-08-08

Sandi stood up and as sexily as possible removed her bra, shaking her large tits for the group as she threw it to me, then wriggled out of her knickers, which she threw to Lloyd and then raised her hands in the air so Tinker and Doc could admire her sexy body. "Get over here and stick your dick in her fucking gob!" I laughed as the greasy car mechanic quickly moved forward and did just that; achieving Sandi's fantasy of sucking a cock while getting fucked (only it wasn't me and Lloyd as she and I'd hoped). Lloyd pulled his glistening cock out and without question Sandi turned over, raised herself onto all fours before resting her arms on the side of the sofa, allowing her tits to dangle as she spread her stocking clad legs wide apart.



group WFEATHER 2018-08-08

"Perhaps that should be Julia's decision," the other Andrew replied, "That will help her feel more at ease until she has fully accepted suddenly having two husbands." The other Andrew caressed her face, and Julia had to shift her gaze, looking up into the identical dark hazel eyes. The waist tie finally released, Andrew set the two ends aside, then parted the satin robe, the feel of the sensual fabric sliding across her skin causing Julia to moan softly around the thick shaft in her mouth. As one Andrew suddenly and savagely thrust a pair of fingers into her body, Julia gave a primal growl, her hands instinctively squeezing hard on the other Andrew and causing him to groan loudly.

Needs Must

group kewtieboy 2018-08-08

When Randy padded around their flat and I was there, she would say things like, "Michael, isn't his bum cute," or "he looks quite a man, doesn't he?" Then she would wink at me. I took his cock firmly with one hand while stroking his hanging balls with the other and really got going on him as he stood rigidly above me. There were eight jets of cum and I was beautifully soaked in it, the strong ammonia smell brought me quickly to my peak and as I started to cum, Chrissie placed her mouth over my cock and caught all of it. "And I was fucked by a poof," said Chrissie with a twinkle in her eye and continued, "A poof with a massive cock and who could somehow please a woman."


Eva and Friends Ch. 02

group tomlitilia 2018-08-08

As she proceeded to blow-dry her, she was sure her friends started to wonder why she took such time but she need to clear her head a bit more. “If you still want to look at the photos, I've got it all set up,” said Eric. She suspected they were comparing the classy woman next to them with the cum covered girl in the pictures and she recognized the naughty feeling of having her face treated as a sexual object of desire. She's obviously the kind of girl who likes to invite her friends over on a Saturday night just to cum on her face,” Eva replied, looking straight into Eric's eyes with a smirk on her face.


James' Foursome

group SexyWriter1017 2018-08-08

"This is Emily." Emily waved with her fingers, biting her lip and Anne put her hands on the raven haired girl's hips before spanking her round ass , "This is Brooke." Brooke slid her hands along his thighs and up to his cock, kissing and giggling into his neck as Anne and Emily made out behind him. With one hand, James held his fiancée's head, fucking her face, with the other he pinched and twisted Brooke's nipples, making her moan into his mouth like a slut, pressing tighter against him, desperate for more cock. Occasionally, mouth still on Emily's tits he looked over to watch Anne and Brooke touching tongues, holding each other close, gripping thighs and tits.

The Demands Ch. 03

group derek33 2018-08-08

"Oh yeahhh, Babyyy!" he slurred, "I'm gonna love watching you take his dick!" This time a violent tremor raked my nerves; and Richard said, "Get ready, my Love, there's going to be a whole different level of fun this weekend!" I think he's starving!" Richard was chuckling at what he knew I loved, but then he took my other tit in both hands and started sucking on that nipple as greedily as Jack. Richard looked up from my breast and said, "Take it from me, Jack; she's ready...wanna make my sexy, little bitch have a warm-up cum?



group 2018-08-07

Chris decided it was time to fuck this bitches throat so he grabbed her and threw her to the edge of the bed, pulling her away from daves fist so as soon as she was where Chris wanted her he rammed it back inside her deep and hard. Chris held the bitches head back over the bed and rammed his cock back into her mouth, forcing it to the back of her throat, making her gag with every stroke, He didn't care, he loved how it felt to have his cock inside her throat. "Time to finish this bitch off Dave" Chris said as he untied her ans dragged her back over to the bed, pushed her down so she was bent over the bed and f***ed his cock into her pussy again.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 38

group riverboy 2018-08-07

"You know how I feel about that," Ron said with a smile as he looked at her ass, and I could see Tina blush from twenty feet away. "God I love big men," she said breathily, her nostrils flaring and her eyes darting back and forth, looking through the water at what her hands were doing. "Fuck, you're huge!" she said as Ron slipped out of her mouth and she looked back at me with her eyes starting to roll. "What the fuck!" she said quietly, the two of us finally motionless, her head laying limp on the cushion, her ass still high with me deep in her pussy. Ron came back dripping wet and straddled the lounge again so Tina could alternate between our cocks while I nibbled on her tender pussy.

Paradise Found Ch. 03

group Collectable 2018-08-07

"Cammie, give Ken a good hot French kiss and play with his cock." Surprised, but determined not to embarrass Peter or give in to Ken's skepticism, I moved to Ken, put my hand behind his head and pulled myself up to press my lips to his, my breasts flattened against his chest. I licked at him and said, "Patty told me to tell you, 'Come up and see me sometime.' And I just wondered what she would think if she could trade places with me right now." I took him back in my hot mouth and felt him get even harder. Peter and Barbie had both moved closer to watch Ken as he sank to one knee.


In Days of Olde Ch. 03

group Leetah 2018-08-07

He glanced over to the doorway, and saw Hawk watching him, smiling softly, his hand slowly stroking himself as he observed the closeness between the other two. She found her hands moving of their own accord around Raven's neck first, pulling his face to her own and meeting his lips for a soft kiss, then she released him and did the same to Hawk. He waited until his friend had slipped into his place, and Charity was once again safely ensconced in another pair of loving arms, then he moved to the front of the cave to keep watch. Further back in the cave, Hawk held the lovely young woman close to his own body, feeling her soft warmth pressing him.

Parent Conference

group PooVoo 2018-08-07

She looked at the door and saw Mr. Tatem standing in the doorway, grabbing the front of his jeans. She could feel Mr. James's wet mouth, licking and nibbling on her swollen clitoris. Mr. Tatem thrust hard into her mouth, with the same beat as Mr. James, they both rammed into her filling her up, withdrawing, leaving her anxious with anticipation. Then she heard a low moan and grunt, and came to the realization that Mr. James had pulled out and was cumming on her now naked and turned up ass. Mr. James looked at his watch and then at Mr. Tatem, "I'm sure we can concur." The two men grinned sheepishly as they exited.

A Bargain At Any Price Ch. 01

group aquamarine77 2018-08-07

The restaurant cut back my hours that fall and I desperately looked for another part-time job, but there wasn't one that was willing to work around my schedule. A creepy looking man had come up to me and offered to buy me whatever I liked, if only I would go into one of the peepshow rooms with him and spank him. I looked him up and down - he was obviously a man of means who was trying to downplay his wealth some, judging by his casual dress. I felt I could trust this man, with his gentle voice and comforting hand on mine. Upon arriving at the hotel, I felt a little conspicuous going into such a classy place dressed like that, but the desk staff didn't bat an eye.

The Broussard Sisters Ch. 01

group JimBob44 2018-08-07

Candy and Cindy Broussard watched as Paul and Cindy entered the Senior Year homeroom, holding hands, even though the students' handbook specifically said that you weren't supposed to do that, and if Brother Dominick caught them, they could get a detention. Paul Robichaux and Cindy Jensen were, of course, the King and Queen of the Prom, and both girls had to agree, the student body had made the right choice. Candy felt the sting of tears coming on when she heard the gossip; after the prom, Cindy had let Paul go all the way. Paul looked around at the other students that remained in the homeroom class for first period Spanish and Candy wanted to gasp; did Paul Robichaux just smile at her?


Bill's Wife - A Sex Goddess

group NathanButler 2018-08-07

"Katy wants to have sex alla time man- alla fuckin time." He took another drink and signaled the waitress. He fucked Bill's mouth like this for about a minute and then pulled out and slid right into Katy down to his balls. I mean, even I had jacked of a couple times to fantasies that involved sucking a cock- mostly mmf shit. "Ya hafta fuck your wife - who fuckin loves to suck your cock alla time donchknow...She's super hot with -- and she's gotta amazing ass and... "Yeah, You know - last minute booth shit...Chicago fuckin traffic" I shook my head knowingly. Instead, embarrassingly, Katy reached down and rubbed my cock like she had done at their wedding said "Whoa!


A Summer's Breeze Ch. 05

group talel81 2018-08-07

"Glad I got back faster than I expected." She hadn't seen the aunt and nephew fuck but had gotten back just in time to see Donnie pull on his shorts and exit the room. Nancy had watched Jill lay in bed a bit longer, knowing from personal experience how exhausting yet fulfilling a fuck from Donnie was. Donnie moved away from Nancy and sat up facing his aunt. The tongues cavorted against each other as Jill continued working her breasts around Donnie's cock. Your cock feels good between my tits," she said to her nephew, giving his pole an extra squeeze. Donnie just grunted and pulled her face towards the head of his cock. "Hell, yeah," said Donnie as his aunt wrapped her lips around his cock.


Last Night in Russia

group wetchin54 2018-08-07

Six black men of varied shapes and sizes got up on stage, Ann took one by the hand, one of them put an arm around Sasha and gave her a long, deep, passionate kiss. One of Ann's studs had already entered her cunt and was rapidly fucking the shit out of her, She had a hold of the other two cocks stroking and sucking them alternately. Ann now had one guy under her in her ass, a guy on top fucking her pussy, and the third nut deep in her throat. As he pulled out, Howard was at the ready and shoved his prick into Ann's sloppy stretched out cunt and fucked her fast and hard, adding his sperm to the fuck cocktail in his wife's pussy.

The Risque Realtor

group Arlie 2018-08-07

Alex backed away for a moment to remove his own clothing, and thru half open eyelids, Jill watched as Jeff traced his fingers down her inner thighs. Jill still gasping, her eyes closed, felt Alex's stiffness being thrust into her mouth. Jill slipped her fingers over her pouty wet lips, trying to still concentrate on giving Alex pleasure. Her cheeks still numb from accommodating Alex earlier, Jill hesitated, but Jeff was insistent, pushing harder and harder against her mouth until she finally opened up and took him in. Reaching around, Alex toyed with her clit as he stroked back and forth, while Jeff pressed his fingertips over her breasts, squeezing her swollen nipples between them.

Chris Jones: Pledgemaster Ch. 03

group PhoenixLord 2018-08-07

Nancy stood up, "I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to do this!" she said, walking towards the door, "Please leave my offices at once!" she opened the door, but wasn't able to push us out before Annette stood up and walked towards her, taking her into her arms and kissing her on the lips very passionately. Nancy couldn't answer, so Annette took the opportunity by pulling the man in and shutting the door, this time putting a chair under the doorknob to stop anyone from entering again, "We're taking the time to work out an agreement to start a Fraternity!" she said, ripping open the man's shirt while she did, revealing a chiseled chest with a light coat of chest hair and tanned skin.

Savannah's Surf, Sand, & Sex

group _Savannah_ 2018-08-07

Wrapping her legs around his waist, she lifted her hips up and began grinding her thong-covered pussy against him. But he just continued eating and licking her; through two more powerful orgasms, Savannah's pleas for mercy, even her frantic hands pulling on his hair was not enough to deter him from his mission. As his tongue stroked her swollen clit and lips, four of his fingers thrust deep into her, curling up against THAT spot. Her hips pumped and grind frantically at his tongue and fingers, and another orgasm hit. Savannah moaned watching that tongue knowing soon that the girl would be cumming as she had before. Eyeing the girl speculatively, Savannah leaned as far forward as she could and began sucking on a nipple.

Gang Bang Club Ch. 03

group kinkyCostumes 2018-08-07

While sucking off the two another guy is between her legs fingers buried deep inside while flicking her hard clit with his tongue. As his hand is moving faster and faster inside her moist cunt she takes her mouth off of the one cock and begs to have her clit licked harder, "That's it keep licking me, fuck me with your fingers, I'm so close." As my fingers keep their pressure on the G-spot and my tongue is dancing on her upper folds her hips start to buck upwards as if trying to fuck my face. Needing no reply Terri leans over and takes her husbands uncut cock into her willing mouth while continually bouncing on my hardness.

Knights in Shining Armor

group captivate 2018-08-07

I pull my legs up and open, sliding my toy inside my already excited pussy, lodging it against my clit, this time feeling the sensation throughout my body. I start to blush as I see him fondling my toy, but my shame changes to instant desire as he slowly moves the blue cock closer to his face, first inhaling the fragrance of my pussy and then intimately licking the head. Jack happily pulls me closer to him and starts to lick my wet thighs, his tongue touching everywhere as I hold his head for support. Chuck leaves the vibrator deep inside me as my spasms start, grasping the blue toy and pulling it even deeper.

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 01

group Jeremydcp 2018-08-07

Just know that it's true." My eyes wide, Scarlett soon broke out into a grin and added, "Now go into the kitchen and bring my krokan back to me." A moment later, I made my way back from the kitchen and watched in amusement as Scarlett took five healthy bites of krokan from the bowl. Soon, it will be seven." Devon nodded her head and reiterated, "Trish and Lindsay didn't wake you last night when Jackson and Kaylee were upset because they wanted to let you have a quiet reprieve and get a peaceful rest."


The Threesome Ch. 01

group assbr 2018-08-07

I have never played golf so bad in my entire life, John kept asking me what was wrong and after the fifth time I told John what was going too happened when I got home. That out of nowhere I could head Kate start to moan harder and harder there it is my wife if Cumming and I am behind the camera and another woman is doing to her, almost at he same time I hear John moan and he stiffens her back as if he exploded his load, He pulls out of Kate she turns to me opens her mouth to show me John's cum and then swallows it all. A couple of minutes later Kate walks in the room and says "I will untie you now, and you can go lie in bed and watch what you taped and do yourself if you want."

89% orgy