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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dentist Gets A Filling Ch. 02

group Patchwork 2018-08-07

Marsha follows his gaze and scolds him with, 'You shouldn't be looking at me like that, you're not much of a gentleman.' But instead of covering up she playfully reaches down and takes hold of the hem of her dress and pulls it up a little more, revealing the tops of her stockings and the bare skin of her thighs. Marsha has never watched a man play with himself, and the idea that she can excite Carl to do this in front of her, just by putting on a raunchy show for him, makes her feel powerful and sexy. Marsha makes eye contact with Carl as her hand delves past the top of her panties and down to find her hot, slippery pussy.


One Debauched Weekend Ch. 03

group Lionheart72 2018-08-07

"Fuck," Ally laughed as Paul's cum sprayed over her face and tits. "Well," Ally laughed, a smiling, sultry look on her cum-streaked face. Ally looked up to see another guy standing the bathroom doorway, his eyes wide at the sight of a hot naked blonde kneeling in front of two guys. Still laughing, Ally seized her newest hard cock and licked the tip, while her other hand continued to stroke Dick's dick. Quickly, Tom moved to the new guy's other side and gently guided Ally's her hand to his shaft while she licked and sucked the third guy. Cheering and laughing, they rained cum down on Ally's face, her breasts, her arms, her back and her hair.

Naomi's Big Bang

group happilymarriedguy 2018-08-07

The first time with Brad and Lynette was a foursome in one of the bedrooms at the party and for the most part it was a pretty straight swap, just fucking side by side on the mattress, except that halfway through the girls started touching each other's tits, although that only lasted a minute or so, and at the end Brad jerked off over Naomi's tits. Brad stopped doing my girlfriend long enough to watch me shoot a huge load of cum between his wife's voluminous breasts then, as Lynette lay there massaging my semen all over her tits and throat, he recommenced fucking Naomi so vigorously she was gasping for breath with each thrust until he exploded inside her shaved slit, gritting his teeth and crying: "Fuck, yeah!


Club Random

group melodytokis 2018-08-07

Abby gets an email back telling her to send Melody to orientation tonight. Twenty five minutes later Melody is sitting in Abby's bedroom getting dolled up. A couple of hours later Melody and Abby both are outside waiting for a special bus. Melody lets out a groan around the thick cock in her mouth. Carlos lets out a grunt "Damn...fuck yeahhhh" Melody almost gags as her mouth is filled with Carlos's seed. She has no idea how long she is being pounded by the cock in her pussy when she feels it start to pulse and cum in her. Loud Ah's and gasp and moans escape her lips with the cock slamming into her pussy over and over.


The Ski Trip

group dukewolf 2018-08-07

The other men on the lifts always craned their necks to watch the attractive women in the group ski down the hills beneath them. In addition to the big boy from the next room, there was a handsome short-haired guy who was well over six fee tall, and another stereotypical frat boy of generally desirable dimension, although ski clothes hid too much for her to pass final judgment. At the top of the mountain, Casey and Carrie (the two they had met on the lift but who acted like they were only friends) called out to the rest of their group and, pointing to their female liftmate, announced to the others that she too had graduated from ______ University.


Fucking With Strangers Ch. 01

group mandywilluk2000 2018-08-07

As the condom covered cock nuzzled against my wet and engorged lips so I thought 'It has been such a long time.' As Paul pushed his welcomingly sturdy and stunningly hard prick up me I realised that it been about nine months, around three-quarters of a year or approximately forty weeks since I had been fucked. As he had in the car a couple of times and at my apartment he slipped his fingers inside one of the cups and started to pull the boob out. We kissed for some time with Paul slowly easing me backwards until I was squashed into the corner of the sofa with him lying half on me his full erection giving me lovely feelings on my legs and stomach.


A Sex-Filled Reunion Ch. 1

group Trish Martin 2018-08-07

As I spread my legs Michael opened the shower door, seeing my need he chuckled asking, "Leslie does your Mistress want to cum?" Surprising me, Michael lifted Leslie to her feet handed her something then lifted me into the air and wrapped my legs around his waist thrusting his cock quickly into my wet pussy. As I came down again to my surprise and utter pleasure a dildo had replaced her fingers sending me spiraling into a gut wrenching orgasm, I went wild screaming, "Yes-s-s Fuck my ass and pussy. Michael, who had also noticed the driver's interest, moved my legs apart while sliding my dress over exposed my bare pussy and grabbed the back of Leslie's head guiding her mouth to my sex.


New Female Employee At The Lodge

group TurboTits 2018-08-07

She caught him staring at her tits and she immediately reached down and pulled up her thin T-shirt and asked if I wanted to suck on those babies. She said every time her tits were sucked, she got wet and insisted she get fucked by whatever cock or cocks were around. "You know, babe, there would be a lot more satisfied men in this world if more women were as gorgeous, big-titted and ready to spread their legs wide at the drop of a hat like you." She said: "Well, not to worry, you big cock, I'll give you my phone number when we are done and you can fuck me any time you want.

More Fun with Frank & Bill Ch. 06

group Annatartywife 2018-08-07

To this I heard Keith, the very young lad, say, "I've watched her wiggle it around the shop a few times, a real cock tease, isn't she." I could then hear muffled chat as they all chirped in, Keith clearly getting braver by the minute, "Does she like her arse fucked too?" was a question I heard him ask. "Spread my fucking legs then," I said, looking at Peter and Steve sat at either side of me as I did so. Following my fantastic face-fuck from Keith, I greedily worked my way up and down the line again, savouring the taste of my five lover-rampant cocks.


Chinese Christmas

group GoldenCojones 2018-08-07

You'll be drooling over her tight little ass all night." Feliciti ran her brush through her long black hair as she spoke, still watching her husband. "Not for my brains?" Feliciti narrowed her eyes a little but her smile gave her away. Ramone let his hand slide down over Feliciti's beautifully rounded rump as they stood waiting in front of Delinda's front door. Ramone nodded as he followed Delinda's large jiggling ass into the main living room with Feliciti right behind him. As Ramone and Feliciti entered the room Delinda pointed to the thin blonde woman. Janna pulled back and took Feliciti's face in her hands and kissed her on the lips.


Anything for a Friend

group Tavlor 2018-08-07

My wife Nicole is hot, has a great ass, deep brown eyes and an adorable smile. Now our hands begin to explore even more and Brenda began to stroke my cock. As I positioned myself between her legs, ready to slip my dick into the first new woman since marrying my wife 18 years ago, I notice that Nicole is sitting in the room. As I continued to stroke in and out of Brenda, Nicole's finger fucked my ass. It was an incredible feeling to have my cock buried deep in a hot girl's snatch and have Nicole's strap-on deep in my ass. Brenda started screaming and cumming and I could feel her pussy contracting against my cock.

Nina & Tom's Night with Amelia

group nanu277 2018-08-07

You butt checks clench, trying to suck Amelia's tongue inside of you, you drive your pussy down hard on my cock trying to get it as deep as you can inside of your tightening cumming pussy, I feel your cum running off my balls down to my own ass exciting me more. As I spread your cheeks apart I hear you giving Amelia's pussy pleasure with your mouth and tongue, I see her face in subspace as your tongue is as deep as it will go inside of her, the pad of your finger gently rubbing her clit.

wifes d***k night out

group jnr-84 2018-08-07

My wife turned round and playfully told him off and as the alcohol had taken a good hold on her she thought she would grind on Devon to wind up Rickie, as my wife was grinding herself into Devons rapidly hardening cock she looked over to lyn again to see her still making out with Troy, she was watching and shocked by lyn of openly snogging another guy, Again my wife was pulled back to reality as she felt a hand rubing her thong, as she jumped and was about to telling him off she realised how turned on she was.

The Bridesmaids Ch. 01

group GreyGoose 2018-08-07

That fact alone, plus the warm blush that came over the bridesmaids as Kevin sized them up, should have been answer enough to Kelly's question. Still, he tried act like a gentleman, looking away while she struggled to keep an ear on the phone and deal with the dress at the same time. The first thing she had seen upon entering the room was her fiancé holding the open zipper of her best friend's dress. Lily laughed despite herself, followed by Kelly, then Kevin, and eventually Rachel herself. um..." Kevin started, fumbling around for the right way to answer the question before realizing it was really directed at Kelly. It was a late night after a party, and thinking that Charlie had fallen asleep next to them, Kelly and Kevin started getting frisky.


A Groupie's Delight

group JennyWrites4Fun 2018-08-07

She smiles at our new friend as she wraps her hand in my hair, behind my head, cupping it, and pulls my mouth to hers. My hand reaches down into his pants and begins to rub his cock through his cartoon covered boxers. As I bury his shaft in my mouth and throat, eyes closed, I feel fingers at my pussy. I caress his spine and shoulders as he enters her cunt, whispering to him to fuck her make her cum on his cock. Looking up into her eyes, my hands on her hips, she asks if I'm sure and I mouth the word "yes" to her. I actually feel the spasms as her clit shudders and she explodes in orgasm against my face and around his cock.

Her Boy Toys

group libidinal 2018-08-07

Greg let go of Carol’s ankles and she herself now took hold of them, pulling back her own legs to give the two men easy and full access to her heated bottom as she continued to suck Greg’s hard, young cock. Carol took Greg’s cock back in her mouth, fingering his hole as Sean now took hold of Carol’s ankles himself, pressing back her legs, jackknifing them as he continued to fuck her bottom relentlessly, sensually. “Would you like to watch me fuck Sean, Greg?” Carol asked pointedly, staring straight into his big, green eyes, then glancing over at Sean, the smile on Sean’s face telling her that he understood.


Three Become One Ch. 10

group bustyalix 2018-08-07

I felt a soft hand on my chin as one of the twins tilted my head upward so I could look at them. "Daddy..." the twins said as they slowly looked up at me. "Daddy..." the twins said, with their heads tilted down. Upon hearing the words exit my mouth the twins shook their heads and then reached up to fix their hair in exactly the same fashion, and in perfect synchronization. "The only thing we ever think about: you." She said before turning her head back and looking me in the eyes. The twin I had been speaking with was showing physical signs of emotional stress, and so her sister was offering her my dick as a means of comforting her; the way one might calm a crying baby with a pacifier.


Atonement! O

group SmedleyLeftwich 2018-08-07

Hair held in place as Dave jacked into it, mouth filled as Tom reinserted his dick, all Tawny/Danielle/Megan could do for the swat on her ass was squirm at the waist. He came in time to see Joe's penis sidling up to her face and Tom rubbing her whole ass in a round motion that worked her little bit of extra tush in a pleasing way. Tom's hand had landed firmly on both cheeks and low so it included her pussy as well -- that was new and sharp and came just as she'd been about to accept Joe's long slender penis between her lips.


Kris and Kelli Ch. 04

group wizarddriver 2018-08-07

The arse of my dreams was just two inches in front of my rock hard cock as I eased my hands firmly over her buttocks making her pussy wink at me for the last time as I nudged the head of my cock up against her warm lips for the first time and gently gripped her rounded hips to steady myself. Holding and squeezing her hot globes I eased my hips back for the final slow slide in her pussy, taking the head of my cock right to the edge of her lips; Kris grunted thinking I was pulling out of her; but then I slammed forward.


Ecstasy Birthday

group griffen1 2018-08-07

As soon as mom was out of the room Aunt Karen looked at Aunts hand her long fingers not half way around my cock she could suck and lick the head of my cock, her cunt heaven as mom worked my cock into her mouth each time cockhead and each time it touched mom came, her cunt Mom stopped moving but her cunt continued to suck on my crazy!" I drove my cock deep into her gasping cunt and cervix and fucking her hard while her cunt sucked at my My cock jerked and thickened and then spewed cum deep "Yes, and I loved it," Aunt Karen said and smiled at me. Mom looked at Jade who shrugged and at Karen who nodded

Oooh... Ch. 03

group sexycharlene 2018-08-07

I love lying on the bed stretched out and open to them, my pussy covered in last night's cum, my nipples stiff and tender with the rings through them, and hands taking any liberty they like. Mary Louise is sucking my nipples really hard now alternating between them, and playing with my nipple rings with her tongue, and Molineux is all over my pussy with his tongue. It's vibrating like mad now, and Mary Louise must feel its vibrations through the thin membrane between my pussy and her cock. He puts his cock against my rosebud; I'm still so slippery with the oil and Mary Louise's cum that he slides into me like a knife through butter.

More Fun With A Hot Latin Couple

group fl44bothways 2018-08-07

He had a drop of pre cum on the end of his cock and she didn't want it to go to waste so she started with Mark. After a minute he pulled out of her pussy and saw my hard cock and motioned me to her and mouth to me "fuck her". Mark asked me to suck his cock and I got down on my knees and took over his jerking while I popped the head in and out of my mouth. Brenda was on the bed rubbing her blue dildo across her slit watching me take her husbands cock deep in my throat. After I got him clean I finally looked over at Brenda as she just sat there slowly rubbing her hard nipples with her mouth open breathing heavy.

Meeting Peggy Sanford

group amofiga 2018-08-07

The other guys all sort of looked at each other like they didn't know who should go next, but Paul jumped right in between Peggy's legs and had his cock up in her balls deep in seconds. I had a perfect view of sweet Peggy's hairy hole being stretched and filled by Paul's dick as she turned her head back and forth getting her mouth fucked by Tim and Pete. They quickly changed places with Tim crawling between her legs and slipping his dick up into her cunt while Paul moved up to Peggy's mouth just in time to start pumping his cum down her throat, which she swallowed with delight!


Taboo Submission

group Richard Crawford 2018-08-07

Sue wondered this time about Danny, longing to hold his sweet head in her hands, straining at her soft ties, almost able to feel the long dark hair mmmm, here he comes... She felt the other woman's smile as she slipped her tongue inside the soft warm mouth and wondered if Dani had seduced a woman before. Then she felt Andrew's teeth close on the side of her neck and his demand, "Come for us!" At the same time Dani's tongue traced her lips and s she whispered teasingly, "Come for me, Sue..." "Thank you for a lovely surprise," Sue smiled as she kissed him softly on the lips, wondering if he saw her hand resting on Dani's inner thigh.