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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Alternate Grind

group wirepuller 2018-08-07

I took up a position in front of Marie, she had her back to Patrick, and began kissing her neck and shoulders. Marie and I had rolled onto the bed and on her hands and knees she took one of my nipples in her teeth and gently nibbled until I gasped. Patrick had filled the condom as Runner massaged her G-spot with his cock. They moved to the bed and Patrick took one of my nipples while Runner took the other. Marie and Runner made for the shower room while Patrick and I reached deeper for another load. Marie and Patrick were soon dressed and they too left with a wink and a smile.

Mother,Father, and I-2

group ajbasu 2018-08-07

I want heat transfer to the clitoris as you did to mother." I took a step forward and placing a leg up on the arm of the sofa trust my vulva forward at the same time spreading my thighs. The vulva was not only wide open but the clitoris was temptingly protruding inches away from his lips. Mother waxes eloquent about that touch." Appa took a sip and then protruded his tongue and touched the tip of the clitoris. My buttocks were moving up and down and when father stopped licking and started swiping I had a stupendous orgasm. I could feel the penis stretching my vagina for the first time. For the first time that morning mother was alone.

Pussy Delivery

group zimabean 2018-08-07

As I reached for the door one of the men offered me cash to "help them out." I needed the money real bad or I would have walked out. The man made several more hard thrust and then buried that hard cock deep in my cunt, I felt it swell even bigger then he grunted and I felt it start to pulse and a warm wet feeling as he pumped my womb full of spunk. Each man fucked good and hard, draining their balls deep inside my hungry cunt. For the rest of the night I just laid there and let each man fuck me as needed and drain their balls inside me.

First Threesome

group Wicplx 2018-08-07

I had been chatting online with a couple - Eric and Tina - who I met an adult website and the bonus was that they were only about an hour away from me. Eric and I ended up moving to the living room shortly before Tina arrived home from work. She pushed me back to reclining and started sucking my balls as she stroked me and then kept deep-throating my hard cock. Tina's eyes opened wide when Eric moved in behind her and stuck his dick into his wife's wet pussy. Tina then climbed up on Eric and rode him hard, talking dirty the entire time.

Swingers Club Dark Room Ch. 02

group ByMickey 2018-08-07

He starts to kiss and lick the other one and moves his hand to her now free breast and plays with her hard nipple. With one hand Carla moves to the pussy of the woman and starts to play with her clit. She feels that Matthew notices it too and starts pounding harder and starts to play with the woman's breasts. The woman grabs her hand and then she feels Matthew pushing her more inside the dark room. The woman opens up Carla's legs and starts to kiss her inner thighs, moving slowly to her pussy. This wild licking and the fact that it isn't Matthew doing it makes Carla feel like she is about to come.

Something Stupid

group taleserotic 2018-08-07

Dropping my things at the end of the couch, I slid right to my knees in front of Tom, moved away his guitar, opened his pants and took his beautiful cock in my mouth. I wanted him to come quickly, and my head moved fast up and down on him, sucking him, my tongue dancing with his cock in my mouth. I showered, did my make-up, just a touch, curled my hair, slipped into a little bit of a dress and thigh high stockings with heels, and headed out the door. "Look," I said, smiling from one man to the other as I took a final sip from my drink, "dancing is fun, but..." I checked my watch.


A First Class Flight

group JAMESH1 2018-08-07

I just spent the one or two minutes it took her to explain about the seat belt and emergency exits, surveying her uniform; her gorgeous flowing hair and her beautiful eyes. A few minutes into the flight and after breezing through the magazine, I had already read back to front several times, I was asked if I wanted an aperitif by the other stewardess. She had lovely blue eyes, which were a real contrast to her dark hair and light olive complexion I watched her ass in that skirt as she walked away and you can imagine the thoughts, which went through my mind. Some minutes later, the older girl, who might have been 30 took my tray away when I had finished and served me with another drink.

Our Brazilian Exchange Student Ch. 02

group arturo 2018-08-07

Gabbi continued, "so then one night Amanda had just left on a date supposedly, and I started playing with myself, you know. "So I'm looking at the video, and I'm starting to get excited, turned-on, you know, and Amanda, the little hussie, who was standing watching the screen, comes over and lies next to me on the bed, and I don't say anything, but inside I'm like, what's she doing?" With the on-screen action and the physical stimulation, Gabbi started getting into it, actually raising her rear off the bed each time Amanda would rub the oil in the crack of her ass and let her hands wander all the way down to Gabbi's hairless cunt.



group georgeofthejungle 2018-08-07

At that moment, Jen and her four girlfriends (Amy, Deliah, Kristin and Michelle) begin rubbing their hands all over Dave's trembling body. Amy says to Dave, "Jen tells us that you love panties so we decided to wear your favorite for you tonight." Then Deliah says, "We also decided to bring a few extra pairs with us to have a little fun." Kristin says, "Are you ready for a little panty fun?" Michelle picks up a bag and turns it over. Michelle takes a few pairs and massages his feet; Kristin uses a few pairs to massage his legs; Deliah and Amy use a few pairs to massage his balls and his lovely wife Jen uses the shiniest white pair she can find to massage his cock.

Glory Hole of My Dreams

group SmithCommaJohn 2018-08-07

Before dropping tokens in the slot next to the screen, I bent down and looked through the glory hole in the right side of the booth at the occupant of the booth next to me; I don't always like to do that, since I want to imagine that it's a woman sucking me off. The older woman took her mouth off my cock, looked behind her, and said, "Sure, why not." Without warning, a light came on in the other booth; even though it wasn't that bright, after the gloom of the video screen, I felt like I was temporarily blinded.



group HanShotFirst 2018-08-07

He is here to pick me up, and has walked in just in time to see our two naked female bodies, still wet from the pool, standing together on the diving board. I am sitting between her legs, slowly rubbing her with my hand and gently kissing her with my lips. I pull back and run my tongue around the head of his dick, then up and down the shaft, much too gently for his liking so he pushes himself towards me, wanting me to take him deep again. I play some more, kissing his cock lightly with my lips, sucking just the head, then taking him in, a little at a time, then all the way, in and out, until he is mouth fucking me.

College Student's gets A Warning!!

group nickthebigdick 2018-08-07

all Sarah was thinking were pure filthy thoughts and how sweet her best friends buttocks looked as Mr sparks ripped down her knickers and bent her over his oak desk. "come on sir I've been a very very naughty girl, now give me that big cock." Clair stopped sucking stood up grabbed the throbbing prick and placed it at the entrance to her Sarah's cunt! Mr sparks grabbed Clair from eatin his ass by the hair and bent her over the table he spat at her arsehole and said "is this what you really want ladies?" Mr sparks demand that Sarah sucked his cock a bit b4 Claire got hers she chowed down on his rod like she was sucking on a huge cigar!

Tribute to Azndoll999 Part 1

group intotheend 2018-08-07

Roy had his cock deep inside the mouth of her roommate Sarah, who was kneeling in front of him with her skirt pulled up, exposing her thong-less bare ass. She felt like a slut, standing there, watching Roy face fuck her roommate, staring at his magnificent cock ramming in and out, while she rubbed her pussy furiously as Roy watched. Opening her mouth wide she took the cock into her willing orifice, tasting Sarah and Roy. It was so long that before it was half way in, it's already hitting her throat, causing her to gag. By now the other men had closed in, and Suki felt large rough hands rip her silky blouse open, exposing her perky tits.

Beach Day

group jkube 2018-08-07

We find a nice place between a twenty-something guy about ten feet on our right, and a girl about the same distance and slightly ahead on our left. Walking back I notice that the guy next to you has sat up, and occasionally glancing at you as you lie face up with your eyes closed. As my hand rubs down between your breasts and over your upper chest I sneak quick looks to our right and see that the guys dick is unmistakable getting hard. "My name's Stephanie," she says as we get back onto the sand walking toward where you are still sucking this guys dick. Your eyes are closed and your hips are bucking as Stephanie continues to finger fuck you and I rub your clit.

An Exclusive Club for the Oversexed

group JenPB 2018-08-07

However, in this lustful state of mind she no longer has the cognizant brain power and motor skills to do these two magnificently hard cocks the justice of a more pleasing hand job because she simply cannot ignore the intense sensations and pleasure going on between her legs and for that matter, the rest of her entire body. As if there isn't enough going on around Jen's body, she feels another hard cock push past her moaning lips and enter her mouth and so, now she has another job to do and begins right away. Finally, Jen feels all the hands, mouths and cocks leave her body but the two mouths sucking at her nipples remain.

A Neighborhood Full of Surprises

group walterio 2018-08-07

I moved my cock from her pussy and placed it at the entrance to her ass and she tensed up. I replaced my cock in her ass and I massaged the semen into her skin as I kept an eye on the girl in the window. One day when I was working at home I saw Sylvia sun bathing in her backyard and I told her to come over and use the pool. Afterwards we each had another beer and Sylvia told me how much she liked sucking my cock and how she hoped we could continue our relationship on those terms. At one point I was talking with Miki when Mary came up behind her and placed her hand on one of Miki's ass cheeks.


Island Fever Ch. 05

group ReggaeMan 2018-08-07

Ami and Ren learned that not only were Max and Liesel swingers, but they also had an open sexual relationship. "I'm confident that Liesel loves me," Max said, looking over at his wife as she took his hand in hers. Liesel turn in the front seat to look back them, her eyes pausing only momentarily on Ren's hand that was gently fingering Ami's pussy. An exasperated Ami, who was starting to have trouble focusing on anything other than Ren's fingers, which happened to be, at the moment, mimicking that penis being inserted into her vagina, said, "No! "Good idea," Ren said, handing Liesel her glass and carrying the other toward the bathroom.


our first mfm is tonight!

group 2018-08-07

We finally laid down all the ground rules and are ready to have some fun. We didn't want it to be a stranger, we wanted to know that he is clean and my wife is interested in him. We went throufht the list of my friends that we trust and know it wouldn't effect our friendship. We picked out a name and stace sent him a text stating our request for him to help us with our sexual escapades and thankfully he agreed. He is suppost to come ovef this after noon, srace has already picked out a pink see through nighty to be wearing when he walks in. I love you babe, lef's have some fun tonight!!!!

Our New Woman

group mikoli5763 2018-08-07

After awakening and finding Maggie, Sandy and my date from Saturday night, in Tiffany's bed pleasuring her both orally and with the help of Sandy's 8" dildo, I had yelled at my mother-in-law, Hazel, to mind her own business over the phone. Sandy and I'll fuck your two holes at the same time, if you can get my dick to wake up." I told our excited and young live-in lover. "Mikoli, I told Tiffany about us probably going on a date with Debra. Do you want to tell him, Tiffany, or should I?" Sandy said to me after I was done eating. "Going on our date with Debra Saturday." Sandy told me.


Caribbean Holiday Ch. 10

group B. Beattie 2018-08-07

The black boat captain fucked her in the ass while I fucked her pussy and she sucked on a guys cock She fucked Allen at least 5 times on the beach. When we leave the water we see Linda and Denise coming down the beach with what must be their husbands. I fucked both of them 3 or 4 times and they ate Irina's pussy on this very beach while their husbands were playing golf. Diane, Linda and Irina started teasing the guys, telling them to take their shorts off. I sat down beside Irina with a nice hard cock from looking at all the pussy and tits. The guys were playing with Irina's tits while Diane was running her finger in and out of Irina's pussy.

Three's A Charm

group Paperback Writer 2018-08-07

Mike gripped Julie tightly so as to not let her slip and at the same time drove his shaft up into her with short quick upward strokes. "Well big boy, looks like you're spent for awhile." Julie gave Mike a hand up and led him back to the bedroom where he took a seat on the edge of the bed. Jason knelt with his knees between Rick's thighs and holding his cock between her asscheeks drove forwards with one hard piercing stroke. "Why thank you Rick, I will spend the rest of the night.....then glancing menacingly at Jason and Mike, she continued "but no one and I mean no one here tonight is going to get any sleep - we've only just begun to orgy."

s****r in law 20 years later

group bklynboy37 2018-08-06

By now my 49 year old dick was hard as a rock again and I tell Ann to get on all fours and Tina should spit that come onto her friends dirty little asshole so I can fuck it good. Ann says yeah give it to her good so I start rubbing the head of my dick all over her asshole when I started to put the head inside it slid right in not like Annie's ass and now I'm balls deep in Tina's shithole.

Not The Encounter I Expected

group pauly_z 2018-08-06

Right there on the living room rug while she watches. After 10 minutes or so she cums, and she's this inexperienced sensitive type so she doesn't want more. Too bad she doesn't want more because I was willing (did I tell you I have a passion for giving oral?). I'm also very hard in my underwear (yeah, tighty whiteys) both because I've just had face full of glistening cunt, and because I'm in total anticipation of doing the same or more with the Hezbollah Taskmistress. Still on her back on the living room rug, Letterman still blaring, legs still in the air I enter. Slow thrusts for a couple-five minutes max as she's breathing hard the whole time, gazing into my eyes, and I start to c-u-u-u-m.

Company Christmas Party

group CheriSM 2018-08-06

"You can watch as I suck this nice big cock," Karen told Tony. I told Tony to work on Karen's ass while he jerked himself off and to come on her tits. After I pulled out, Karen climbed off Tony, gave my cock a few strokes and told me to lie on the bed. Tony spread the lube across my ass as Karen slid her pussy back and forth over my face. I thought a little longer about him fucking me, but I thought there was no way in hell was I going to be able to handle Tony in my ass. I slid a couple of fingers into her ass and started to fuck her as I licked her clit and pussy.