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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Taxi Fare

group kingmickyb 2018-08-06

From that point of view, it made sense to Mel. She was stuck in town on a Friday night, 7 miles from home, and she’d had her handbag pinched while she was dancing. These three were nerdy looking, two skinny, one fat, lank hair, pimples and glasses aplenty. The fat one still had his t-shirt on, the Asian guy had a skinny body covered in thick dark hair and the leader was pale and totally lacking any muscle definition. She took the dick out of her mouth and said, “OK, fuck me like you mean it!” The sensation made her come again and she locked eyes with the scrawny Asian nerd who was fucking her pussy.

Star Trek : TNG SEX

group XXXNoBounds 2018-08-06

“Oh fuck yeah,” said Data, rubbing his hands together in “I don’t beleive this,” said Picard, he turned to look at his Data, Data suddenly pulled loose,”Hand and knees,” he said with a grin. “You know,” said Data,”This is almost certainly futile, in each time Data and Worf stood outside holoroom 1, they watched Riker standing “But he’s an android,” said Deanna,”You can’t fuck him.” Enterprise D are on board this ship,” said Data,”By accessing a memory “Thank you Captain Picard,” said Data, struggling to sit up,”You “No sir,” said Data,”But the ships long range sensors were “No sir,” said Data,”But the ships long range sensors were history,” said Data, grinning, he turned and smiled at Picard, Riker and

The Creation of Suzy Slut & Her Cuckold Ch. 02

group AlDevine 2018-08-06

After we created Suzy Slut and Cuckold Bob at the initiation and the reconciliation dinner the following week, there were still relationships to work on. Jim's Mary asked if she was still making him clean her up and she said it was a sometimes thing depending on if kids were home or how long after we'd fucked her she could get to him. After fucking the slut in her ass with the strap-on while Suzy ate one of the Marys, Jane actually came home and asked me to fuck her in her ass to better remember the feel and enhance her enjoyment of the memory of what she had just done to Suzy.


Weekend at the races with my ex wife and three oth

group strycat 2018-08-06

The guys were moving around trying to figure out who first, and where and it seemed a bit clumsy until she said she wanted to suck their cocks first, she wanted to feel their cocks and balls in her mouth and get them nice and hard first, she says they all feel different to her, plus she knew I wanted photos, when everyone was warmed up she got on her hands and knees in the center of the bed and said she wanted to be their slut, but only fingers inside her ass, no cocks, and to only cum on her face, tits or on her ass, she never liked swallowing cum.

They Are A-OK Ch. 19

group fantasyhunter2 2018-08-06

"Give him every inch of that fat sausage, Brock!" Adam insisted as he rammed his own cock in and out of the council president's more than willing ass. Of the half a dozen other women in the room the only one I recognized was Brock's fuck buddy and my supposed future foursome partner Trish McIntyre. "About time you invited us in," Craig said as Brock and Trish broke their kiss. Abby turned back toward me and said, "Looks like we are got a couple of nice cocks here for you to suck, stud." Serena this is John Campanelli one of the hottest bi studs I have ever fucked," Abby said with a wicked look in her eye.


A woodland adventure - Chapter One

group 2018-08-06

Then you see the familar white van that contains the gorgeous cock that you are so desperate to get your hands on, a smile creeps across your face and you feel your pussy throb at the sheer thought of what may be to come. "Looks like someone was determined to be fucked today and has made and effort it seems" I feel my cock twitch in my briefs as i admire those awesome breasts and he throbs once more as you unclip the bra and your suckable tits fall out in the open air. I stand up slowly, your stood wit your head back, eyes closed, moaning gently, your chest is red and your heavy breathing makes your huge tits rise and fall in a very sexy way.

It's a Hard Life

group candytales 2018-08-06

We all giggled and Ebony got up to open a fresh bottle of wine saying on her return, "Matt, have a full glass this time, relax and enjoy." Happy as we were in the lounge, we felt it was time to move into our pleasure room, which left Matt open-mouthed as he scanned the mirror clad walls and ceiling as well as the giant king size bed with various sex toys scattered around. I tore away an area of Ebony's body net so that I could suck her nipple and I felt her hand stroking me between my legs before she plunged her long slender finger through the netting and deep into my moist vagina.

Fishermens' Friend

group EroticTaleTeller1 2018-08-06

Ben had moved both his hands to her hips and was pulling her against his hardness rubbing her shapely arse discreetly in a corner of the dance area where he had his back to the rest of the room. When they were outside, Ben moved them into a darkened doorway and began increasing his attention to her grabbing her petite body lustfully to him enveloping her open searching mouth with his, their hands exploring each other's bodies. 'Oooh that is so nice Ben,' Taking his cock from her mouth, 'You are going to make me come baby...yeh, just like that..' She took his cock back into her mouth and renewed her sucking.


New Career

group mollycactus 2018-08-06

Kim leaned forward and touched the back of Jamal's hand for emphasis as she answered, "No, Jamal, Mrs. Velde isn't prejudiced, nor is her husband, the President of the College. She looked around, took a deep breath, leaned closer and whispered, "It's widely rumored that Electra has a thing for young black men and would prefer the title of 'Headmistress' - literally - rather than Dean. If he's been a very good boy, I let him clean out my holes after my black lovers have left." That being said, Ms. Electra Velde started sucking with a vengeance on Jamal's enormous cock, only able to get maybe half of it into her mouth and throat.


MaryAnn Ch. 01

group MaryAnn678 2018-08-06

This was MaryAnn's and Ron's night to host their group's aperiodic swinging party. Roger certainly wasn't reticent about using any words, "I'm going to stick a big black cock into your pink pussy and fuck you until you scream with yo pretty ass off." Roger grasped one cheek, nearly enveloping it in his hand, and pulled her tight to him. Roger gave her another deep kiss then pulled his face back and asked, "Y'all like it lovely goddess?" She put her arms around his neck, held him tight, and raised her legs while Roger held on to her ass with his huge hands. Someone handed MaryAnn her panties and she wiped herself with them as Roger withdrew and looked around the room for his next partner.


The Rumsfeldt Girls

group clarissaj1982 2018-08-06

The Rumsfeldt girls were both in their second year of high school and had just turned 18 years old when they moved to town. Amy and I would take my dad's car out to the desert and sit naked on the hood under the desert sky, looking at the Milky Way. She began experimenting with hand jobs. As I navigated the switchbacks up to the vista point Rita said, "Stick out your tongue." Of course, I did, and she put something on it, then pushed it back in my mouth and lifted my chin. At first glance, the twins looked the same as they always had; long legs, and big tits. "You did good," I said to Stan, "it looks like you sucked their titties dry and fucked their brains out."

The Story of Tatiana Ch. 01

group BradGarrettStories 2018-08-06

They had previously had some lunch time quickies and always in different places whether it was at a nearby hotel, the empty top level of a parking garage with her bent over the hood of her car and him plowing into her tight, shaved pussy from behind, or even in the front seat of his Mercedes SUV where she satisfied her taste for cum by sucking his gorgeous cock. She imagined Mike's cock plowing into her tight pussy, herself down on her hands and knees, his hands as they pulled her hair and slapped her tiny firm ass. Once the door was closed, Mike, who was standing behind Tatiana, pulled her close to him with her back to him and began to run his hands over her tight body, slowly, sensually.


The Secret Memoirs

group nick whistler 2018-08-06

To my surprise I began to feel a strange pleasure, a warmth rising from the depths of my body, such as I had only felt a few times before—once when leaning forward on a galloping horse, or sometimes when dipping into the hot water of a newly poured bath. But as we passed the outermost tent, the man in white yelled something at the men around us; instantly, they fell prostrate on the sand. Gently and without haste, often returning the towel to the bowl for fresh water, she touched my most intimate regions; even as she did, Ananda kept herself occupied ministering to the rest of my body.


Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 12

group Grouchojim 2018-08-06

Stacy took hold of my arm and steered me away from Kimmie to the far side of the room, sat us both down on a loveseat and explained what usually happened at these parties and what usually went on during them. My attention returned to Stacy as she lifted her hips, jammed three fingers into her cunt and gave herself a dozen hard pumps before pulling them out and spreading her fat pussy lips so all the world could get a look at her slutty cunt hole. I had no sooner finished removing my clothing and had retaken my place next to Monte than he'd stopped fingering Margo and had me take over; he'd actually taken a hold of my hand and brought it to the cleft of her cunt.


Freshman Confidential

group 2018-08-06

leading Danny to her room, while Allison and Keith Keith smiled at Timmy and said, "Are you "Yeah, well, it's no big deal," said Keith. "Sure, some night," said Keith, remembering the promise "Yeah, pretty good," said Keith. "Jeez, Danny," said Keith, flushing. "That's enough, Danny," said Keith, trying to remain himself Keith said "You know, I like Coach K., but I "Oh, crap, Danny, don't say anything," Keith said "Uh, sure," said Keith, feeling his pecker start to rise Keith looked at the television, and guessed that Janie Janie smiled and said "Okay, your turn." "Good," said Keith, grateful that Allison had taught him "Wow. She's old." Janie looked at Keith speculatively. "All the time," Keith said, allowing a touch of pride to

My wife Nancy gets used

group sissybobbyc2 2018-08-06

Of course, you may need a little practice with the double team." Bob's voice was damned amused] As Leon built up a load, steaming into her cunt, plowing it deep, he managed to make Howard a very happy man by shoving Nancy right down to his short and curlies. That man may drown you little lady!!" Bob's voice was getting quite excited] She placed his hands on the seat, palms down, "Let me do the work this time." Looking him in the eye, she lowered her head to his lap, opening her mouth wide and filling it with the head of his dick.

Planning Laura's First Gang Bang

group flashgordon562006 2018-08-06

As we were talking, I asked Lisa how her last gang bang went and she said it went well and was looking forward to doing another soon. Laura looked at her and said, "Lisa, you did a gang bang? As we were playing, Lisa said, "You are not going to believe this, but your ex wants to have a gang bang and asked me to set it up and that maybe you could help me." Lisa told me to get young men, in their 20's, with big cocks and who could shoot a ton of cum. Laura looked around at all the naked young men and their big cocks. Laura just looked at both of us, smiled and said, "Lisa, maybe you and I can do one together sometime."

Vacation Getaway Ch. 02

group meraena 2018-08-06

His sperm was hitting the insides of my pussy deep and hard, my own orgasm was starting to break as I to was cumming, oh my gods yes I'm cumming gods yes fuck me baby fuck me and I could feel his cock squirting and squirting like a geyser gushing around his draining massive penis, filling my pussy. It felt so fucking good, just like before, to have his giant cock once again, filling my tight pussy to the hilt and massaging my g-spot. I swallowed it and pulled his limp tool from my mouth, moaning as my orgasm was continued and I was still being fucked by the huge cock in my pussy.


The Brunswick Conference Ch. 02

group byronbayer 2018-08-06

Lisa commented on how good it sounded and how she loved being fucked by two guys, declaring her biggest turn-on was having two cocks in her cunt at the same time. She was stirred from her thoughts by Lisa's comment, "It does have that effect, every woman who touches it for the first time wonders what it would be like, and I can tell from personal experience, that it feels great." Lisa removed the cap from the tube and using her fingers started to play with her cunt, working the lubricating cream into herself to ease the passage of Goliath. Katie and Anne stood transfix, amazed as Lisa started to fuck herself, with the giant cock sliding in and out of her cunt.


Gangbang That Has A Twist(A)

group prersoil 2018-08-06

Now Cathy felt really bad, but told all of us to fuck her as hard and fast as we could, but that we'd have to call this night an early one, unless all of us were willing to stick around till she got back. The guy that I'd not sucked yet found some lube and tossed it to him and Tom started to lube my ass so that he could finger me more. Tom agreed and with the other guys watching, got on all 4's for me to fuck. Cathy did give Tom a surprise later, she allowed him to also fuck her ass and to do it WITHOUT a rubber.

Dance Fever

group mark_mann65 2018-08-06

When they neared the table, Tony jumped up and said, "Well, it's about damn time!" took Eve by the hand a drug her back to the dance floor. "Well, that's only fair, isn't it?" Eve replied, excited at the thought of Tony touching her where David's hands had been just minutes before. The rest of the night was like that, with David and Tony only occasionally letting Eve catch her breath and down a beer to cool off. Leading Tony by the hand, Eve walked across the room to where David stood, grabbed his belt, and, as she had done on the dance floor, pulled him close as she straddled his leg.


Christmas Threesome Ch. 02

group regularguy13 2018-08-06

She playfully touched Pepper's jean-clad pussy and said, "There are times a girl needs a man." Ric said, "Pepper, I think we should take care of Amber in "grand" style." Ric snickered and said, "Amber, lie in the middle of the bed. "Pepper," Amber said, "Would you mind if I tasted your boyfriend? He wanted it all: to suck Amber's tits, eat her pussy and fuck her hard because in the back of every guy's mind is lust for his girlfriend's hot roommate or friend. After Amber left the room, Pepper gave Ric a hard look and said, "Play nice. Pepper looked her in the eye and said in a sexy voice, "He's the guy who is going to fuck you." Then she kissed her hard


Willow Falls

group FyodorDildostoyevsky 2018-08-06

The usual group was myself, Julia, Schuyler, Milo, and Maggie, though sometimes my older brother Harry would tag along, pretending to play chaperone for us. "Well, I mean, you know my hair," Schuyler said, running her fingers through her dark wet curls. "So, obviously we're gonna play truth or dare, right?" said Julia. She stayed like this, breasts thrust towards the sky, pussy framed perfectly by her glistening wet fingers, for the space of two deep breaths. The sharp sound pulled me back from the vision of Schuyler, and I saw that it was Milo, shaking his head and clapping his hands in earnest. "Yeah, that's like the definition of a shitty act to try and follow," Milo said.


Old Friends

group hey_baby 2018-08-06

She lay on the bed stroking her pussy with her fingers, spreading her lips apart so she could feel the moisture that was so ready to explode from her body. Marcie squirmed, she felt Lisa's hot tongue hitting the sides of her pussy and she was getting wet. Marcie pushed her pussy down into Lisa face so that she could get a better feel of the tongue action that was going on at her clit. Lisa was so into licking that she never felt the movements of the guys until Danny hit the inside of her anus with his load of cum. Marcie moved from her position and pushed Willie out of the way, his cock was still jammed in Lisa's pussy.