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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Vacation Takes An Erotic Turn Ch. 03

group Disbi 2018-08-06

The mens' dicks were both in Lisa's mouth and Jennifer was jacking them off while rubbing her warm tits and hard nipples against the bare skin of their backs. Mike reached over and slid his finger into Jennifer's dripping pussy, then pulled it out and slipped it into Lisa's ass. After Lisa's ass was slippery with Jennifer's juices, Mike placed the head of his cock against her ass and slowly inserted the tip. Now he could feel Sean's huge cock deep inside his wife's pussy. She felt her pussy wrapped tightly around Sean's shaft, and now her husband's cock was deep inside her ass. Suddenly, Mike grabbed his wife's hips and shoved her all the way down on Sean's cock, while he thrust deep into her ass.


Sue Parties

group dogfood 2018-08-06

She was lost in her memories and didn't notice Ken's hand moving until it reached her panties. Sue was so lost in her rapture, she didn't notice Ken's friend Tim enter the room. Sue turned her head to watch him strip as Tim started to rub her pussy. Sue pulled her other hand from Tim's cock and unbuttoned her blouse completely. Tim quickly separated her thighs and began licking around her pussy lips, being careful to avoid her clit. Sue was starting to enjoy the feeling and Tim began to work on her tits again. As Ken began slamming into her pussy, Sue let out a cry as she came again, "AAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEE!" The guys helped her dress, and Tim slipped from the room and Sue & Ken

University Pleasures Ch. 05

group interestinglife 2018-08-06

He did a headcount just to confirm he wasn't imagining the entire event: Rebecca - the sexy dark-haired roommate; Tina - the short one who wanted to be a dancer; Amanda - the slightly older realtor lady who enjoyed power role-playing; Mariella - the tanned latino nymphomaniac; Lea - the tall red-haired beautician; and Thea, the other tall one, slim blonde future pharmacist. The third round produced another card match, this time between Amanda and Lea; through their panties, they started to rub their pussies together even as they stared into one another's eyes, giving hints of future pleasure to one another. From left to right, they got on all fours, first Amanda, then Mariella, Thea, Rebecca, Tina and Lea. She moved Tom behind the first girl.


Undercover Ch. 02

group Menderman 2018-08-06

Danny nodded his head slowly in acknowledgement as he felt his trousers drop around his ankles and his boxers got tugged midway down his thighs; allowing his swollen cock to drop into a horizontal position in front of Sandra's smiling face. He did admit to himself that it felt good to have her lips around his cock again as she had been a great cocksucker whilst they were married and no doubt she had learnt some new ways to pleasure with her tongue based on the number of people she had subsequently shagged and blown since. After deep throating him for several minutes Sandra suddenly took her lips off his rock hard cock and simply ran her tongue in feather light lick up and down the slit in the end of his cock.


Nurse Carrie Gangbanged

group Carrienurse 2018-08-06

Donte said that one of his friends was getting married and he was trying to arrange a bachelor party and asked Carrie if she would like to take part. As Donte was getting ready to shoot his load Carrie pulled him close into her and whispered into his ear that she stopped taking her birth control a few weeks ago and she thinks she is now ovulating. Once Carrie cleaned up and everyone had left Donte asked Carrie why she stopped her birth control She told him she would hopefully get pregnant and every time she saw the child it would remind her of her fantasy coming true.

Sorority Party 1955 Ch. 03

group highclassic 2018-08-06

Joel, Frank and Eddie have been invited to a September weekend visit to Delta Omega Gamma sorority at Sarah Smith College with some girls they met at the beach the previous spring. When Frank, Eddie and Joel pulled up to the Delta Omega Gamma house at the designated time the party was already under way. Doris said to Eddie and Frank "You are in good hands now. For the next hour the six of them sat around smoking and drinking beer while they got to know each other, and commenting on the merits of the music being played. Frank glanced over at the girls he and Eddie were with and then over toward Lisa. Richard taught me to know better than to try and talk a girl into doing anything."


A Little Kandy with Pam on the Side

group Brookell 2018-08-06

Kandy's best friend, Pam, was also over and the three of them watched the news, argued a little politics and then the 5 of them, Kandy's two kids included, had dinner cooked on Tom's small balcony grill. "He thinks we are kidding." Pam said to Kandy, like Tom wasn't even here. Pam didn't realize what was happening until she felt Kandy's ass touch her hair. I shoulda sat in his lap first and I certainly should have gotten him inside me while he was eating her!" But her thoughts were stopped at the sheer sexiness and tenderness of Tommy as he gently laid Kandy back on the couch and then slowly pulled out and back in, all the way in!

My dream

group DWar1968 2018-08-06

One of the girls said, “Stop talking and do what we told you to do and start playing with your cock, I want to fuck you after you cum on yourself. I got up on the bed and started playing with my cock, as I was told to do. As I did as I was told to do, the girls all got on the bed and started playing with each other kissing and sucking on each other. I got up in the bed and went to eat some pussy, when one of the girls started to spank my ass with her hand, it started to make my dick harder. As she was riding my cock, one of the other girls sat on my face; I started to eat her pussy.

College Threesome

group LibidinousQT 2018-08-06

I finished unzipping his pants and slid my hand inside his boxers, feeling for his hard cock as he continued to fuck me with his fingers. The couch was actually bouncing from the force of Doug's thrusting and Ren's limp dick shook with each bounce. Doug was wide and filled my pussy nicely, but with Ren I could feel his longer length pushing at the back of my womb, thrusting nice and deep. He arranged his knees between my legs, and Ren's, and then I felt the head of his dick pushing against my ass. A harder push shoved me against Ren's chest, and then, I felt a sharp burning pain as the head of Doug's thick cock slid into my ass.


Daniel and Carrie's Adventures Ch. 01

group shakenmartini55 2018-08-06

Gwen smiled at both of them and giggled, and very casually told Daniel to go ahead and look at her tits and her pussy all he wanted. As they hugged, Gwen smiled coyly at Carrie and then blew a kiss at Daniel, and then she started telling them how much fun the Sexpo is and how much fun everybody was going to have before the night was over. When Carrie pulled her head back from Daniel, she looked directly in his eyes and started talking. Daniel liked the way Gwen thought and told Carrie the idea was awesome. Carrie looked hot and she moaned softly and closed her eyes as Daniel moved his fingers in and out of her soaking twat.


Roomies Ch. 02

group GentleJake 2018-08-06

Abandoning without a thought the pact I'd made with Ryan to never, ever enter his bedroom unasked, I turned the brass knob slowly, pushed the door open just a bit, and let one eye peer inside. He was naked too, and my eyes were treated to a feast of creasing muscle and sweaty sinew as he shoved his long cock, slick with Angie's passion, deep into my best friend's naked cunt. My tits jiggled against Angie's face as she struggled to keep me in her mouth until finally, I shrieked with unashamed delight as poon juice drizzled from my pussy and down between the cheeks of my ass, dripping finally onto Ryan's sheets.


group Carack_in 2018-08-06

"Come on, honey." Vanessa said to Caroline "I am sure it will be kept safe." She winked. We just pulled drink cards for a while until Vanessa got the Jack of Spades. I looked over and Vanessa was lying on the bed, Jack was sucking on her breasts like the fate of the world depended on it. Jack had slowed his pace while she came but now sat up, pulled Vanessa hips in towards him and drove his cock into her like a steam train. His face tightened and he grunted, suddenly pulling his cock out and shot a great stream of come over Vanessa's belly. Caroline just looked stunned and surprised, but enthusiastically returned the favor licking my come from Vanessa's face.

Mandy "Rides" 04

group LoreLai 2018-08-06

Ride me like the fucking slut you are!" Moving his hands from her breasts now, Rick grabbed her hips once more and forced her down even harder over his dick. Mandy began to slow her hips as his orgasm ceased, but to her surprise, Rick sat up and pulled her closer to him by the back of her head, grabbing a handful of her hair. Besides, as she watched Rick pull Nadia's panties down her legs, Mandy realized that suddenly her own panties had gotten quite wet. With her nipples completely and utterly erect now and her cunt throbbing like never before, she opened her eyes again and looked back over at Rick and Nadia.


Roots Motel Ch. 02

group Friskee_cpl 2018-08-06

Blondie pulled his good sized cock out of her arse and said “Your turn” Sue licked and sucked on Darkies tool whilst Blondie continued to rub his still firm cock over her dripping pussy. Blondie moved around behind Sharon as she knelt doggie style on the bed and effortlessly slipped his cock into her wet pussy. Sues head was hanging over the bed and Darkie knelt on the floor and rubbed his cock onto her face and then popped it in her mouth. Here was Sharon, my slut wife, being fucked by a man she hadn’t met, licking a pussy that had just been fucked and cum over whilst the girl she was licking was sucking a good hard cock down her throat.

Executive By Day, Slut By Night

group craverandscarlett 2018-08-06

Guys who know how to give me what I really want, which isn't a fucking "relationship." What I crave more and more these days is hard cock and lately, the more the merrier. I loved it, especially when I heard the guys making nasty cracks about me as I walked up to the bar and ordered a longneck beer. Anyway, as I was saying, after I told this guy I wanted some cock, I looked down at his dick and was glad to see it getting bigger. The sensations a girl experiences while lying there, getting fucked, knowing that no matter how good this present lover is, it doesn't matter, because behind him is a long line of other hot, hard cocks just waiting to take their turn on you...

Cumming Home

group KingBunny 2018-08-06

He was not expected to come home until Christmas, but for once, the bouncing ball of the military bureaucracy went his way, and he had been released early, on Halloween day of all things. Billy couldn't wait to see the look of surprise on his wife, Kathy, who did not know of his early return. At the end of that week, Billy was shipped off to Afghanistan, and he hadn't seen his wife in almost two years. Billy felt guilty he couldn't do more, because he knew Kathy worked long, hard hours to scrounge up the much needed cash. The cab stopped in front of what looked like an abandoned factory, but Billy could see flashing lights behind a semi open door.

The Lakehouse

group spiritseeker561 2018-08-06

We chatted in the car for the trip to the lake, and once the car was unloaded, I gave Ali a tour of the house, while Jay took Roger down to the boathouse to show off the big-boy toys. When I looked back up toward the house, I saw that Ali had turned around, and was now impaling herself on Roger's cock, her legs wrapped around him and he was balancing them both, now pushing her back into the window (good thing those windows are industrial strength!). Jay, too, really knows how to use his tool, and yes, I was looking at Roger's prick sliding in and out of Ali's pussy, and yes, she was right, I was watching her tits.


After the Gymkhana

group Visitor35A 2018-08-06

And then, to finish off, I got to fuck the daughter and the groom in full view of her little sister and her equally horny friend. I had a feeling that this was not the first time Zoey had tongued Nicola’s juicy pussy and I knew she’d do it again before this night was through. I wasn’t sure which I wanted most – to eat the two pussies on display or doggy fuck the two little nymphs that were licking them. Oh, oh … oh fuck … this is so good … Penelope, can you see his big cock going in and out of me?” My cock was hard but I left it sideways in my pants so as to let the girls know that I wanted to fuck as soon as possible.


New Career as Porn Photographer

group Jeremy1 2018-08-06

I let out another anguished groan as she started to use the hand that wasn't mauling my balls to jack the length of my cock, and I could feel my orgasm rushing toward me too quickly -- but there was nothing I could do to stop myself. I didn't think she'd want my sperm in her mouth and just managed to moan something as a warning before I blew my load, but Jenna's blowing of me just continued without a pause and, as Dale was filming with one hand (the other was openly jerking his cock inside his shorts now) I couldn't wait another second and let go with a yell as my sap dumped itself into the welcoming haven of Jenna's wet and warm mouth.

Switch in Denver

group colorados2013 2018-08-06

A few months later when Penny and Pete got married I was the bridesmaid and Tom was Pete's best man. When we got to Dallas we went to a bar in the airport to wait for Penny and Pete. Penny and I gave each other a big hug and Tom and Pete shook hands and slapped each other on the back. Beside the bed Pete peeled off my shirt and undid my shorts and for the first time in years I stood naked in front of a different man. Pete put a hand on a tit and said, "I think those two need company in their shower." He took my hand and we both went to the other room.

The Housekeeper

group delphinus2 2018-08-06

She pulls off your shorts and greedily sucks your hard member as I fuck her wet pussy with my tongue and fingers. Your fingers wander down to rub my dripping pussy, as Karen's mouth finds my tender nipples, licking and sucking them til they're hard. Karen moves down between my legs and softly starts rubbing and licking my aching pussy, tonguing my clit like an expert. Karen's tongue lashing brings me quickly to my first orgasm, and as she feels me tighten up she grabs my ass and buries her face in my juicy hot flesh, causing me to explode with a loud moan. Karen and I are facing each other over your body, and we kiss deeply, rubbing and sucking each other's nipples, playing with each other's clits.

The Florist's Assistant Ch. 03

group dirty_lover 2018-08-06

"It's you," I said, holding my eyes shut tight and wincing with pleasure as Angela began to squeeze and massage my hard dick. It wasn't just Angela and Katie anymore; anytime a woman came into the store, my thoughts turned to soft lips and heavy breasts and hot, wet folds of flesh gripping my hardness. Angela's hand left my hair and trailed downward, where she let it hang loosely around my stiffening cock, gently stroking me with one finger. The wife was on her hands and knees, shiny with sweat -- she had the glazed look in her eyes of someone who's on another plane -- and while her husband pounded her from behind, another, younger man knelt before her and slipped his dick between her lips.


The Motor Home Trip Ch. 02

group Liquor69 2018-08-06

Connie's eyes glistened and she looked right at Beth and said that what she wanted was to finish her lunch and then fuck the living hell out of Tom right there in the motorhome. His eyes betrayed him and she laughed, looked at Connie and said that was fine with her but she was going to take me into their truck and give me the ride of my life. She kissed me, driving her tongue deep into my mouth as my cock filled her pussy, reaching new depths and she began to cum. I know she's enjoying Tom right now and I know he is having a good time as well but for this moment in history, I am perfectly happy to be exactly where I am right now." With that, I pulled Beth up and kissed her deeply.


Beach House Party Ch. 02

group skippydoo 2018-08-06

I looked back at Lisa and she was in awe, she had this look on her face like; “what the hell are you doing, you can’t fuck four guys!” I just smiled and got on my knees and took the first one in my mouth and grabbed one in each hand. When the guy in my ass pulled his cock out, my asshole felt like it was burning; but then I felt his freshly deposited cum start dripping out and cooling my rectum. The guys in my pussy and ass both shot their cum in me at the same time and I felt like I was going to explode from all the orgasms I was having.