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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Beginning of Kelly's Education

group Kellysed 2018-08-06

It's different; to be in what looks like a small, intimate bar, looking at sexy people, and for a change knowing that you could touch them later...see their skin, watch them wrestle, clench, come. Licking her skin soft as cream, tracing a line between her breasts, points A and B, to point C for clit, c for cunt, c for come and I know my ass is in the air, exposed, as I taste her pussy. Licking you and fingering you at the same time then sucking you again, then licking, then sucking until your hand works you into a frenzy and your breath gets faster and you moan, gasp, moan, twitch and I catch you just in time to taste your come in my mouth, shooting into the back of my throat, hot and sticky.

The Fastest Gun in The East

group shawalphamale 2018-08-06

Jake wasn't sure of what reaction his bold suggestion might get, but Clara did as he thought she might, blushing, putting a hand to her mouth to stifle a startled laugh, then looking sideways at her friend. The last thing Jake saw before he turned away was a back view of the two women facing out over the deck rail, heads close together and two pairs of shoulders heaving with emotion. Inside his cabin Jake sang poured some water in a basin, washed his hands and face, removed his boots and carefully opened a small box marked 'Dr. Power's French Preventatives.' Out of the box he took two of the rubber sheaths packed inside it and carefully examined them.


Blue Light Special

group Red54 2018-08-06

With every other thrust or so, she'd come off and say something like "Oh, you'd love to see my ass getting pounded, wouldn't you?" or "Do you think those black guys back there ever had a tight, hot, redhead pussy?" Talking dirty to me is something she's great at, but it's always for me, not for her. She wore a t-shirt that said "Get Your Dream On In Hawaii." My lovely wife, who only occasionally mentions pretty girls, was so turned on by the miles and miles of sucking my cock, she now was talking about having a girl join us sometime for a threesome.

Hen's Night

group Ashson 2018-08-06

"Well, seeing as how you mention it," she said, "you know Debbie is getting married next week?" "It's my hen's night and I should be allowed to look at your dick if I want to." Hen's night or not, I was ready to place bets that all the girls would be looking for a good rogering before the night was out, and that included the bride-to-be. With Janie, I slipped a finger in first, wanting to be sure that she was ready for me. Once started there was no stopping, and I slammed repeatedly into Janie, hearing her gasping and squealing, while her bottom bobbed frantically as her hips drove her to meet my every thrust.

Wedding Tales-Bachelorette Party

group TxRad 2018-08-06

Connie took a long slow lick up along Carol's neck and then grinned as she looked at Gloria. Gloria's eyes slowly closed as the memory of the loud music and licking tongues of her three best friends kicked in from the night before. By the time Kerry's tongue was between her shoulder blades, Gloria was moaning softly and pressing her breasts even tighter to the two blondes faces. Kerry's tongue moved off Gloria's clit and flicked and licked it's way down along her slit. Kerry yelled again, her hips slowed and her hands found the back of Gloria's head, pulling her mouth tighter to her clit. Gloria's tongue came out of Carol's pussy and flicked her clit several times rapidly.


Two Gals and a Guy

group JANAMARIE 2018-08-06

Sally was the closest to me and I formed the three fingers of my right hand into a wedge and then let it play in her crotch until they managed to find their way inside of the lips of her pussy and moved about searching for her clitoris. As Leah was saying that I let my other hand drift over and began doing the same thing in her pussy as I was doing in Sally's. By the time Sally was exploding Leah was just getting warmed up and I moved over to her and wrapped my lips around her nipples as my wedged fingers were doing their thing.


Three's Company

group maddan 2018-08-06

A knowing look and the flash of a smile passed between Maria and Scott as Kevin helped himself to a generous portion from the salad bowl. Taking long and perfectly timed strokes up and down the hard erect cock filling her mouth with the taste of man, she brought him closer to the brink. She could see and feel another mans head deep between her legs, pressed hard into her pussy nibbling gently on her clit causing waves of rapture to course through her body. The two men rolled her gently onto her side and Kevin lay up tight behind her placing the tip of his long hard cock on her ass.

ia and the Soccer Match Ch. 02

group stopeggo 2018-08-06

Clia, Russell, and Mark ran back to her house. Mark and Russell watched Clia's eighteen year old butt scoot through the door. "Clia should play soccer with us more often," said Russell. Russell, Clia, and Mark all sat on the sofa. "MMM, let me have that," Clia said, reaching over to Mark's marker. Clia also liked the way Mark's cock seemed to grow and dance with her fingers. "I don't think there is anything." "There is about to be something," Russell said, "between your legs." Clia rolled her eyes. "Mrrr," said Russell, purring (in a manly way) as his cock touched her moist lips. "Mmm. Come on!" Clia grinded her hips, engulfing Russell's cock with her pot.

Girlfriend's First Threesome

group j.lyons2005 2018-08-06

My hands cupped both her ass cheeks as I ventured under her short skirt, Susie was wearing one of her usual little thongs and immediately I had a raging hard-on! On my return, I laughed to myself as I found Susie standing in front of Dave with her ass in his face, asking him if she really was that good looking. Soon Dave was standing on the other side of Susie, we were both cupping an ass cheek each and a breast each. Facing away from me, she quickly got the idea and she started sucking on Dave's cock. Susie started riding his cock, Dave was sucking on her nipples, leaving me with no alternative, but to fuck my girlfriend up the ass.

The Club

group princessk11 2018-08-06

She jumped when a second set of lips started sucking on her fingers on the other hand, and yet another pair kissed her on the mouth at the same time. The man behind her holding her face never let go, making it hard for her to swirl her tongue the way Tate liked. The man behind her removed his hand from her mouth and started massaging her head, making bumps rise all over her skin then he helped her stand from the chair. The woman above her writhed and shook as Shyanne put her hands on her hips and ate her pussy, tongued her little hole, and then flicked her swollen clit. The hands were massaging Shyanne's clit, fingering her wet pussy, rubbing her ass, her tits, her hips.

Saturday Morning with my Favorite Secretary!!!!!!!

group MZSHUGAWALLZ 2018-08-06

In the middle of our second glass she tells me that she watches Ebony giving me the eye.....Shit I thought it was because her boyfriend and I had a little romp after a Christmas party years ago and maybe she found out about it. Ebony opened Tracy's creamy thighs, got down on her knees and gently kissed her pussy with her warm tongue. Then Tracy called my name "Lisa come over here and let me lick your pussy while Ebony fucks me with her tongue". So while Ebony had Tracy moanin like crazy I put my big bitch dick on and oiled up. I raised Ebony's sexy ass hips up just a little and slid my big bitch dick inside of her tight pussy.

Dave's Wife, Carol Becomes a Complete Slut to

group alex_wd 2018-08-06

I'm sure that you wished you had one like this to fuck your wife with instead of that little 4 1/2 incher you have!" Karl later told me that Dave just kind of hung his head in shame and backed out of the stall without saying a word. Naturally it got back to David and even though he certainly isn't a rocket scientist, I'm sure that even Dave figured out the slutty wife that Karl was talking about was me! I continued to get him excited telling him how Karl took me like a REAL MAN and that he f***ed his big 9" of meat up my ass as well as my wet pussy.

What the Boss Orders

group loucas_e 2018-08-06

Suddenly Ginger lifted her head, opened her eyes and barked to my colleagues, “What are you all looking at?” That caused a commotion as they froze and stopped rubbing their cocks through their trousers and turn around. All four of my colleagues hastily removed their clothing and gathered around Ginger’s chair and she grabbed one cock in each hand letting out soft moans while one of the bravest managed to feed his in her fat heavily painted lips while my fingers are still working in and out of her. I want cock in my cunt!” and with these words she went back to sucking the young guy who was in her mouth and soon flooded her with his come only to be replaced by another.

The Erotic Wanderings of Lorna Zimmerman

group Cyberwalker 2018-08-06

But as she stayed fastened by the man's iron grip on her waist and the other woman's embrace across her shoulders, her vagina being pounded away again and again by the warm flesh of the youth, she suddenly felt the goddess's soft breath close in on her face. She wound her wet right arm around Anya's neck, drawing her face close to hers, letting their temples touch and looked directly into her eyes letting out a flurry of words, "Why did you not go into the forest you little crook? Anya closed her eyes and despite her best effort let out soft moans of pleasure as the moist cloth brushed against her right breast and nipple, and down her chest onto her belly, where Lorna spread the panty out and softly pressed down over her navel.


Rose Adventure

group nikkitime 2018-08-06

He immediately began kissing her hungrily, grabbing her ass and pressing his body against hers. The men lit a few candles and told Rose to stay where she was, reclining on the pile of rope. The first man knelt down next to her and began kissing her slowly. The one she was kissing began taking her top off, while the lower man removed her skirt. The one near her head let his large, rigid cock bounce out of his clothes right next to Rose's head. Finally, each man grabbed on of her breasts, squeezing as they came, one in her mouth, the other in her vagina. Rose got up and he took her place, laying back on the rope, but partially sitting up.

Red Light Club

group Caoimhe 2018-08-06

Feeling a small thrill at the task, I approached the closest man, flowing to knees at his feet, begging softly to be allowed to suck his cock to hardness, in order to please my Master. After a handful of the men had used me for their pleasure, Master finally pulled his cock free, allowing me to suckle and feast upon it. Just as he was reaching the brink himself, he pulled free, and completely avoiding my mouth, he shot his load toward the assembled women, letting them taste the treat of his cum. The plaid skirted outfit placed within, as I pulled out the short leather skirt, fearing even to put a shirt upon tortured nipples, and combing out long locks, I presented myself for Master's approval.


Sometimes Three is *Not* a Crowd

group Dante Caligheri 2018-08-06

"Umm, is it just me, or do I smell the unmistakable scent of sex in here?" Monique asked smiling, first looking at Alison, then at me, as we exchanged nervous glances as embarrassed smiles grew on our faces. I pulled my t-shirt over my head, and as I bent to take one of Monique's erect nipples into my mouth, I saw her hands at the snap of Alison's jeans. A trail of soft kisses was traced down Monique's slender neck, and I felt Alison reach around my hips to take my throbbing cock into her soft hands. She turned and took the swollen head of my shaft into her mouth, and I glanced at Alison thrusting her tongue deeply into the auburn-haired woman's dripping pussy, sampling her tasty juices.


Gill Comes to Dinner

group WilliamShakespear 2018-08-06

Over the next few months the ribbing continued and even in bed when we discussed fantasies and such like, Gill's name came up and we laughed a few times about inviting her to join us for a three-sum. "You too Gill, love the tan," Sue said, "been anywhere nice?" "You really do look great Gill," said Sue, "doesn't she John?" "But John likes yours Gill," Sue said quietly. Sue stood up and quickly took her tee shirt off, looked at me and Gill and quickly removed her bra. I could feel myself getting hard as I looked at Gill sucking on Sue's tits. "Oh shit, this is madness," sighed Sue as she stood up and removed her jeans and sat down, but not before I noticed Gill take a good look at her near nakedness.


Theresa's Gangbang

group shoeman1965 2018-08-06

We're having a bachelor party for one of the guys in our group, and we were wondering if you'd like to come join us." He seemed a little nervous, but pretty free with his words. She took her time adjusting as she walked over to the group, giving the rest of the bar a nice shot of her ass in a thong. She called over 2 other guys from his group to either side, and started rubbing on their cocks. "OK, the rest of you guys, I want you to line up on either side of me, and have your cocks ready for some good head!!" she commanded the rest of the group.

Swimsuit Optional Ch. 02

group BeachKitty 2018-08-06

Grant and Rick roomed together in college, and then they both got jobs at Eventwire.” Rick returned with a glass of white wine and handed it to me. Rick and Grant watched from the couch as we began to dance. I winked at Rick as her hands came around me to caress my bare breasts from behind. Our hands sought out one another, caressing, petting, panting, sliding, nipples against hard nipples, wet cunts to delicate knees, tongues to lips, tits, necks… I was riding Rick like a bronco on the couch, taking his dick deep inside, then letting it nearly slip out before slamming it home again. “You’ll have to invite your new friend here along to our next event,” Grant said to Rick.

Bank Holiday

group michaella_cd 2018-08-06

"I'm sure we will" I replied with a smirk walking over to the wash basin, "Emm?" she queried, "Can I?" holding the shaft of my cock Tara ducked down engulfing my pee wet cockhead in her mouth bathing it with her tongue, "Mmmmm" Tara moaned, "Oh God YES!" she said coming up for air. Tara gave my cock a squeeze and then got down between Alice's legs one hand up Rachel's skirt searching for her small puckered entrance. As my finger was rotating around the soft walls I felt it being pulled out by Rachel, I held Tara’s buttocks apart in readiness for what I hoped would be Rachel’s cock replacing my finger.

The Game

group Sanomiya 2018-08-06

I gave her the I'll tell you later look and just said "the leg's better, thanks." I wasn't sure whether I should tell her about what I just witnessed, but I knew I eventually would tell her, likely as soon as we had a moment to ourselves. Several hours later, after we'd put the kids to bed and watched most of a movie with Eric and Serena, we each retired to our respective rooms. The sight of them climaxing pushed Amanda over the edge, because a few seconds later I felt her clench up on my cock and let out an involuntary squeal, the first real sound either of us had made the entire time we'd been standing there.


Penny's Surprise Ch. 11

group Linda Jean 2018-08-06

Tell me Penny, where you aware that Bud was filming you 24 hours a day, every day while you where there?" I said, "I know he video taped you but I never saw or found any of me." Mary said, "I bet you found his hidden key to his tape room didn’t you?" I said "yes" Hidden behind one of his pictures on the desk?" she asked, I said "Yes" she then said "He lets all the women find that key, only a few have gotten the idea from what he does and figures what is needed to get sexual control over Bud.


Learning To Swing Both Ways Ch. 06

group walterio 2018-08-06

Justin kept fucking her as stream after stream was fired into her ass as his cock kept twitching and spurting inside the impaled Laura. Laura felt so full of cum and there was no where for it to go as it was blocked by Justin's swollen cock buried in her ass. Then he felt Laura stick a lubricated finger in his asshole and it was the first time that anything had been in Justin's ass. Justin never did get to fuck Laura's pussy as she only wanted his cock in her ass. Jay plunged his cock all the way into Justin's ass and then he unleashed a torrent of cum into the virgin asshole.