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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Shared Wife

group 2018-08-06

I love the look on her face and the sounds she makes as a hung stud works his cock into her. Our best 'fuck buddy' started out as just a guy from work who liked her. She looked right into the mirror and into my eyes with a look of pure mischievious lust then her head tilted back as he covered her clit with his mouth. She made sharp little gasps as his cock hit her clit and it turned into a quivering moan as the head found her hole and pushed into her. She was moaning and gasping and grabbing his hips,her legs pulled back high and her toes curling and uncurling.

A Fond Farewell Ch. 02: The Lost Tapes

group StackedAction 2018-08-06

I took Jack back into my mouth, not wanting to be outdone by my playmates, and reached one hand around to his ass and began massaging his asshole while I sucked him. Jack and I stood by Jane's bed while she was rummaging through her toys, my hand down his boxers fondling Jack's cock, stroking his ass and sucking on his nipple. Jane began to rim his ass and I sucked on his cock and balls, stroking and fondling whichever one I did not have my lips and tongue on. MM MM, love watching that cock slide into that hot pussy, oh fuck!" she said, rubbing my clit and reaching down and massaging my lips as Jack filled me, occasionally reaching down and stroking Jack's balls and pressing them against me.


s****rs Swap Husbands, Mf

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-08-06

"I bet it does, " replied my wife looking the head of Jerry's cock as it poked out of the water like a little periscope. "God damn Di, you're making me cum," Jerry hissed as he slammed hard into her once, twice then on the third stroke he plowed his cock as deep as he could into my wife and started to shoot his load into her. My balls are wet from cum in your pussy and just knowing that I'm fucking you in another man's cum is, OH FUCK!" I drove my cock as deep and as hard into my wife as I could and started to add my cum to Jerry's

Pleasing Men

group kewtieboy 2018-08-06

I didn't lower myself to his level, even when I did think the guys were hunks and I even turned a few down who chatted to me when Neil was getting drinks or in the toilet when we were out. "How far up did his finger go, how big did his cock feel, would I have liked to let him fuck me?" I answered as Neil stripped me and started to fuck me. Older guy smiled and held a wet hand out, "John, and this is my nephew Ray, well step-nephew really," he said nodding to the dripping lad who arrived at that moment. The two guys clumsily started stripping, Neil to his Calvin Klein boxer briefs and John to a rather boring pair of baggy blue boxer shorts.


Aurora's Night in Venice

group phillipeofitaly 2018-08-06

Aurora desire grew as she watched his cock get hard and wanting Lorenzo to come closer. Aurora was almost frozen with anticipation as she watched Donatella kneel in front of Lorenzo and slide her lips over his cock until her lips slid past the tip of his cock. Aurora's eyes grew wide as she watched Lorenzo cum in Donatella's mouth with his cum oozing out between her lips and dripping onto her breasts. As her moans grew in intensity Lorenzo's tongue finally arrived at Aurora's clit. As Lorenzo continued working her clit Aurora saw Donatella enter the room and walk to them. As Lorenzo began to focus entirely on her clit, Aurora became aware of two erotic moans, hers and Donatella.

Three Friends

group Asianlove 2018-08-06

Cassy spread her legs for Frank, but at the same time she continued to lick inside Mark’s mouth with her wet tongue. “Just don’t come inside me, okay Mark?” asked Cassy, taking Frank’s distended member out of her mouth just long enough. Right at that moment Frank pulled out of her and a huge gob of come shot out of his cock and hit the wall five feet over Marks head. Cassy pulled Mark’s cock from her mouth and a few shots of come hit her on the face and in her hair, and she cleaned off the rest of his member with long laps of her tongue.

Back in the Day

group True North 2018-08-06

Watching the girls, blonde Tiff and brunette Sara, kissing, touching, enjoying themselves, he felt so turned on and was hard to his full length, though his zipper was uncomfortably pressing into his cock as he stroked himself. As Tiff watched Sara kiss Lance, he fondled their bums, finally feeling like he was really in the middle of things, which, of course, was where he wanted to be. She pulled off Lance to slow things down a bit and quickly felt Tiff's hand on her pussy, touching her wet lips. With a loud, "mmwhawww" Tiff popped her mouth off Lance's cock and, as Sara watched her, smiled and wiped away a bit of cum that dribbled down her chin.


Jenny Ch. 02

group delirious39 2018-08-06

She turned to face me and although she said nothing her eyes spoke apologetically as she let go of her skirt and her left hand cupped, stroked and felt my lace covered right breast. “See Miss Booth that is what we call sexually alluring underwear a complete contrast to the underwear you have on and Miss Payne has worn it today to excite me, haven’t you?” I didn’t answer just blushed as he looked at me straight in the eye with a smile “Just lovely my girls….just lovely” Mr. Clarke muttered in satisfaction as he watched the situation he had created start to unfold while standing behind Anita and slowly masturbating on his erect manhood which he had released from his trousers.


Mountain Retreat

group NikkiDawn 2018-08-06

Only when Natalie's breathing got fast and her sounds became guttural did Steve begin kissing around her love canal, very close but not quite there until, without warning her hands captured his head and pressed it against her sweet most sensitive spot. Nathalie took Robby deep into her throat and moved slowly, as Steve was doing inside her pussy. Nathalie watched Robby's eyes widen as he could feel Steve's cock rubbing along his inside her. Kneeling between Robby and Steve, Nathalie made them watch as she inserted her favorite toy inside herself, turning it on, then using her hands to capture their pre-cum, which she used to stimulate and excite her nipples.


Reunion with my s****r Lindsey (3 of 3)

group imornery81 2018-08-06

When I put the ladder back I moved to within inches of her and I said to her, as we looked into each other's eyes, "Okay, remove one of the clothespins from your cunt." Her eyes flew open and she started to protest and I stopped her saying, "You will do it, or I will tie you back up and leave you here until morning." I started to turn toward my old bedroom when Lindsey caught me by the hand and said, "I think we ought to stay together out here tonight, want to join me for a shower in Mom and Dad's room?" What else could I do???

Life's a Beach

group DeniseBeach 2018-08-05

I had to admit.....they're firm round asses felt quite nice....and we all seemed to be having a good time. I felt so sexy...and I knew I looked good considering I had been working out for awhile now. About 30 minutes later I was sitting on this guys lap and my vision started getting all weird and I felt like I was sweating like crazy. My body was hot and tingly all over...I felt like I was in another world. This hot stud was sucking the life out of my nipples and it felt so good. I felt the soft folds of someones pussy lips on my mouth and just started to suck. He started kissing my girl heavily as she enjoyed my tongue.

A Favour Returned

group rlupus 2018-08-05

On the particular Friday night that our story begins, it was a warm summer evening, and Lisa and Charlie were lying on sun loungers out on the deck, under a moonlit sky, sipping wine and enjoying the gentle breeze. They were adventurous lovers, and Charlie equally enjoyed fucking his lovely wife in her neat little pussy and her beautifully well rounded ass. The next evening when Charlie came home from work, he found a small green envelope propped up on the front door handle. ---------------- That night, Lisa and Charlie left the balcony light off and took up positions to watch the neighbour's house. The blonde man wheeled the chair to the edge of the balcony, and turned it to face Lisa and Charlie's house.

My Roomate and His Girlfriend

group wanksalo 2018-08-05

She only felt us like that for a little while before we both pulled our hard cocks out. She started by slowly taking Kevin in her mouth, sucking on his head. It felt so good having her warm mouth and her wet tongue around our dicks. I heard Kevin start to grunt, apparently Lauren knew that this meant he wanted to cum. He blew his load in her mouth and got a little jizz on her face. Her mouth felt so amazing around my stiff cock. She got up to clean her face off, i looked over and she gave me a quick glance back that screamed "Fuck me!" I put my now flaccid dick away, amazed at what just happened.

Maggie's First Threesome

group ElsieThompson 2018-08-05

Shortly after that she had sex with Jason after his girl friend announced her independence and intention to see other men. Then, when Jason's girl friend came back to him, it was Doug again. Maggie had planned to work on her upcoming presentation, but she took time out to comfort Jason. Then I want to fuck you again." He pulled her hand down to his penis and now she had one hand on Jason's and one on Doug's. I can work on my presentation tomorrow." She raised her hips, reached down and took Jason's penis in her hand, put it in her vagina and rocked back and forth until it was rock hard and far inside her.

Study Group Sex

group gentlemom 2018-08-05

Jenny's pretty mouth and great body were close to mine, and smelled wonderful, but with my cock safely out of sight beneath me I didn't have to explain why it was big and hard so much of the time. Then Jenny turned to Pam and kissed her the same way, her tongue sliding teasingly along Pam's lips and then flicking between them into my sister's mouth. It was obvious to me that the two girls had done this before, possibly many times, and I realized why Pam returned from those late night drives a little messed up and a lot turned on. Jenny lay over our lower bodies, her mouth and hands moving back and forth between my cock and my sister's pussy, intent on bringing both of us to orgasm if she could.


Learning To Swing Both Ways Ch. 11

group walterio 2018-08-05

Carmella got out of the car and she was greeted by two other very pretty young women, her cousin Elisabetta and Gabriella. Carmella noticed however how Nicholas ran his hand over Elisabetta's and Gabriella's asses when he kissed them. Carmella was surprised again this time when Elisabetta and Gabriella took sponges in their hands and began to wash her body. Carmella could no longer concentrate on anything apart from the feel of Elisabetta's hands caressing her ass as the finger penetrated her private entrance while Elisabetta's mouth nibbled frantically on her clit. Gabriella lay along side Elisabetta and stroked her firm pert breasts and tweaked her rock hard nipples as Carmella worked her pussy.


Juliet Starling Inspired Tease

group owensweet 2018-08-05

Jennifer in response to the music gave the boys a wink and teasing smirk then tossed her pompoms aside, put her hands to her waist giving a couple of side to side snaps waving the skirt, then turned around and bent over at the waist sticking her ass straight out at them while flicking up her skirt. She rose back up and turn back around to faced them hands back on hips and gave a couple more of the hip side to side swings then reached up and started playing with the lollipop in her mouth rolling it from side to side and making a show of sucking on it.

Hilary Duff's Midnight Desires

group 2018-08-05

So laying on the large soft bed, Hilary cast her mind to tomorrow's day off. The three men were Russ, Brook and Wes. This was a typical night for them. "Man, she's got a fine body" Wes said as he happily cast his eyes over her she began floating away in the warm feeling spreading her body, Wes and "You like black cock, huh?" Wes said, and placed his hand on Hilary's head Hilary looked up into Wes's eyes and opened her mouth. Hilary began to eagerly change between the three men, taking each in turn Seeing this girl suck her cummy fingers made Wes and Brook's dicks rock hard With cum dripping out her ass and cunt, Hilary Duff got off the bed.

Porn Shoot Ch. 2

group greek goddess 2018-08-05

'Do you want me to use you and fuck you like a cheap whore?' Anita reached down with her right hand and cupped the young model's cunt, sliding her middle two fingers into Veronica's wet box. I grabbed the brunette's hair roughly in one hand, turning her head to me, her face a sodden mess of sweat and ecstasy, and kissed her hard, rolling my tongue around her mouth, feeling my cock throbbing as it buried to the hilt up her tight greased asshole. 'Oh, fuck I'm going to get myself off on this babe's leg' Anita moaned, her tits sliding over and over the tied woman's breasts, her head thrown back in ecstasy as she rubbed her cunt like a bitch in heat on Veronica's thigh.

The First Time

group karmadog 2018-08-05

Thea, on the other hand, was a stunning woman with black skin that gave the impression of depth, like a quarry pool at night, sharp cheekbones and hair cropped close to her skull. I kissed Colleen deeply and ran the backs of my hands over her hard nipples and watched the gooseflesh rise on her arms and legs, then ran my palms over the gooseflesh. When Thea's mouth touched Colleen, her back arched in a powerful orgasm and I could feel her sucking the breath from my lungs. Between the sight of Colleen's smile and the feel of my cock buried all the way in Thea's mouth, I came. Thea reached out and caressed her face then moved her hips forward to insert her cock into Colleen's mouth.

Dexterous Dexter 03

group Hypoxia 2018-08-05

Susanna seemed to like long slow lazy fucks almost as much as Wendy and I did. We flipped Bella on her back; I straddled her face, feeding my cock to her mouth and tongue, while Wendy ate her. I fucked her while Wendy sat on her face and we kissed and fondled. Donna cowgirl-mounted me, then bent forward, whispering, "Nice, nice..." Wendy got behind her, lubed the strap-on, and slid it home. We walked back through North Beach, stopped at the same coffee shop for pastries, and took Bella home again. "Dex, you need a plan, or you could end up drifting, like Ron." Alma-Li was atop me, slowly sliding up and down my revitalized rod.


Coerced and Loving It Ch. 03

group techsan 2018-08-05

He blanched like a bed sheet when he saw Gloria appear in all her glory and after she had sucked me off and I finally finished fucking her and pulled back to reveal her thatch of blonde cunt hair glistening with my cum while a gob of it oozed out of her sweet pussy, I thought he was going to have a heart attack. Our sex lives had changed drastically, noticeable as soon as we got home because DD led me to the den, pulled down my pants and gave me a very thorough blow job, Then working to get me up again, she climbed on and gave me a long loving fuck, during which we changed positions several times trying all sorts of things we'd never before used.


You Horny Beach

group newtydreads 2018-08-05

My cock was like steel as I gently manoeuvred Ann around so that I could rub my cock up and down her pussy until she was moaning with pleasure, a pleasure that was no doubt increased as Pierre's fingers found the target of her little pink clit and at the same time I pushed my cock to the hilt in her warm welcoming cunt. I didn't dare to thrust too rapidly as I wanted to make the pleasure last as long as possible, so settled for very slowly pushing in and pulling out in time to Ann's sucking of Pierre's thick tanned cock.

Kittie Comes Out Pt. 02

group Arpea 2018-08-05

Since it was Saturday, we stayed in the hotel the rest of the day and the next night, taking turns fucking Kittie, occasionally both doing her, and ordering room service and Chinese food. Another thing she liked to do was to have Jon lay on his back and then sit on Jon with Jon's cock in her ass and have me fuck her pussy at the same time. He said all the other guys in the frat had seen me fuck at least once, including Todd, who kept saying what a slut I was. Soon the guys were saying that my pussy was available for anyone, and then they started saying 'Here, kitty kitty, wanna fuck?' I thought it was kinda cute, and I would usually say yes.