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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Two is Always Better Than One!

group Aballistar 2018-08-05

Jake positioned the swollen head of his penis against the base of Christian's cock where it entered Michelle and the top of her pussy entrance just below her clit and slowly, oh so slowly pushed down. The wetness of Michelle's pussy juice and the two men's precum slicked both their cocks, and the sensitive undersides of both of their penises were being squeezed tightly together, their slow fucking causing their cum tubes, frenums, and the underside of their cock heads to slip and slide against one another's.

Guess Who

group TakeWhatYouWant 2018-08-05

Looking around I couldn't really see any viable targets; I certainly wasn't going to get it on with the little old lady (although maybe she'd like to watch), the judgemental thirty-something was probably some kind of weird Christian or something and the two horny teenagers who'd been staring at my tits the whole journey would've probably represented a prison. Daniel grabbed me by the hair and leant me over the coffee table Nathan positioned himself in front of me, grabbing my head he pushed his cock into my mouth and started to face fuck me hard and fast. He pushed it into my mouth a couple of times before putting my hand on it and I instinctively started to wank it hard and fast with my mouth open and tongue out looking up at him.


The Postman Rang Twice

group Adorable_Aurora 2018-08-05

"By the time Danny opened the front door with the refreshments, I'd flipped down the rear seat back to produce a tabletop, sort of like the one in the love scene. Todd had pulled the crotch of my panties out of the way, was kneeling on the floor and was fucking me like a man possessed! When Todd ejaculated and pulled back from me panting, I asked Dan if he'd like to try out Jack's moves on me as well. After five or so good hard strokes, I grabbed onto both front seat backs, leaned ahead a little, asked Todd to play with my nipples and then sucked his cock into my mouth.


Bi Jeff Gives Good Directions

group dennyboy2 2018-08-05

With a loud guttural cry, I made a deep thrust into Janis's pussy, felt Jeff's cock movement deep in me, and shot my large hot jet of cum into her waiting love tunnel as she too experienced an equally hot orgasm. As Jeff pulled his hard cock out of my sore but well fucked ass, my satisfied but softening manhood slid out of Janis. "Janis, I need to satisfy my hetero feelings." Jeff positioned her on the bed and missionary style, plunged his young hard cock through her waiting puffy cunt lips and deeply into her love tunnel. Next over to hopeful Jeff, I took his now deflated cock into my hand and proceeded to totally consume and tongue after licking away our sex fluids.

Summer with C Ch. 20

group morefunnaked 2018-08-05

I looked back as the doors closed behind us and he was staring mouth agape at C's sweet little naked ass as she strutted off down the hall. At one point I felt Candice's hand on my thigh and as I looked to my right I realized that she had allowed the skirt to ride even higher so that now I saw the bare flesh of thighs about the top of her stockings. Throughout the night there were frequent little side trips of sucking and slurping and fucking and at one point I awoke to find C on top of me with my cock between her thighs and Mike and Pete to either side, each with their dicks in one of her hands.



group hotmann 2018-08-05

Mike moved around to talk to her and Jess, and I went back to beer pong, although with Elizabeth' attention now on my friend, the hugs were gone. We were all on at least our second beer of the game, and I had learned most of the sexual history of most people at the table, such as who had had sex on the beach and who had given road head, when Elizabeth's turn came up, she grinned devilishly at Jessica. Elizabeth finally pulled back from Jess's mouth and said, "Maybe we should go into the other room." Jessica nodded, and my jaw almost hit the floor. Zoe groaned in appreciation, and moved her other hand into Elizabeth's hair, running it through the taller girl's mane of dirty blonde locks.


A Surprise Evening Ch. 1

group Tonya 2018-08-05

I found myself enjoying the closeness of his body as he put his mouth to my ear and suddenly jumped as I felt his hand lightly resting on my bottom when I bent over the table to take my shot. As I slowly unfastened his belt and eased the zipper down, Rod cupped my naked bottom, pulling me close as his other hand filled itself with my soft willing mound, his middle finger dipping into the slit between my pussy lips and making my juices leak out over it. He leaned back against the table and cupped my bottom in his hands to steady me, and then as I pushed his pants down to fall around his ankles, he guided the great monster of his penis between my thighs and let it rest against the lips of my pussy.

Cinnamon's Secrets Ch. 03

group CinnamonSweet 2018-08-05

Sheila, meanwhile, had stripped off her clothes and had climbed onto the bed, pushing Sam's willing upper body onto his back as she straddled his wide chest and thrust her hairy pussy into his face, cradling his head in her hands and pulling his mouth up to her cunt. Sam began to thrust his hips upwards, pushing his cock further into my mouth and getting into a rhythm, all the while continuing to eat Sheila's pussy, eliciting moans and shrieks of joy from her. Sam was groaning in ecstasy as I unceremoniously pulled Sheila's head off the cock by her hair and forced my wet pussy over his erect phallus.


Any Chance We Could Ch. 28

group Reindeer58 2018-08-05

Feeling more than a little embarrassed for how she'd answered the phone with a minister on the other end Veronica responded in a conciliatory tone, "Oh, I'm sorry for the exasperated tone, I thought I was going to get solicited from a stockbroker calling long distance from Baltimore. After booking and putting charges on the company AMEX card, she called Veronica to give her the schedule and to explain that in checking her schedule she saw a volunteer commitment on Saturday morning to help Irene, a long time friend, tutor eleven high school students ahead of taking the SATs. These students were from low income families so Grace really wanted to keep her commitment.


Good Girl, Bad Girl

group midnightfalcon 2018-08-05

I slowly swiveled towards the bar while trying to get my cock back in and took my drink, ignoring what Letha had suggested. Marcy was bobbing her head up and down on my cock trying to take it completely down her throat, and Letha had forced Cherie to the floor and was now kissing the girl on the lips while humping her cunt against Cherie's tight little slit. I guess Letha wasn't far behind her friend in the orgasm department, because I watched her suddenly lift up off Cherie and give out a long moan before collapsing on the young girl. Satisfied with her success using Marcy, she pulled the faux cock out and turned, looking for Cherie.


Camp Followers Ch. 3

group Walt W 2018-08-05

She felt long thick fingers push deep inside her and she moaned around the cock filling her mouth. Another man positioned himself behind her and also watching the spectacle in front of him, knelt slightly and, to Gen's shock, began to guide his hard cock into her already filled pussy. Sucking furiously Gen felt the man's cock grow slowly and the man bucked wildly as his cum filled her hot mouth. With two cocks in her pussy, one in her ass and one in her mouth, Sherry could do little more than allow the waves of pleasure to sweep over her and she spasmed and orgasmed for what seemed like hours.

The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 04

group phunandsex 2018-08-05

We just walked in out of the blue and within 30 seconds, Your clothes are off and Carol's got her mouth around your cock and you've got your tongue in my pussy. As she said that, she slid on my hard cock cowboy style and, facing Carol, Renee positioned her pussy over my face. I was slurping on Renee's pussy and Carol was riding my cock as they kissed each other, sucked and fondled their tits. She sat down and slid back a bit on the bed then I mounted her pushing my rock hard cock past her pussy lips and deep into her. She rolled on her hands and knees with her "fuck me" tattoo in full view and I pushed my cock past her pussy lips deep into her vagina.


This woman followed my girl friend and I into the

group billdodge 2018-08-05

I kissed my GF and with a bit I got my hand on this womans breast. I massaged the womans breast and her neck and Chris said I would kiss her. I kissed the womans neck softly and worked around to kiss her on the lips, she looked at my GF Chirs and Chris gave the ok. Then Chris got her clit in the mouth, she gave her oral sex like I guess only a woman can give another. I kissed the womans breast and her neck as Chris just mind fucked this woman into cumming several times. Chris walked her out to the road and told her husband that she had joined us for lunch and we got talking and lost track of time.

Naked Saints at Varanasi

group kvijaya508 2018-08-05

Her huge-tits started to bounce into view, blue veins running here and there just under the milky skin, the big light brown nipples already erect and puckered from being pressed by the SADHUs; first time by somebody other than my dad, while dad was a silent spectator obviously due to the addiction. There were hands roaming all over her naked body; up and down her thighs, across her belly, squeezing her big tits, tugging at her nipples, petting her back, her buttocks, gripping her pussy, fondling, fondling, fondling, Mom choked and twisted. As though hearing my whispered request the elder SADHU lay down on top of my mom, settling his naked body between her wide open thighs, his massive cock aimed at her helpless vagina, great hairy balls jiggling heavy with semen.


The Slut Club dog!

group slutinmyhead 2018-08-05

One of the men took his cock in his hand as he watched her attend to the other dick and began pleasuring himself, eventually covering her face with his crème, while she wanked the other man with her hand. The man with the rigid cock leant in and began licking her pussy and I could just hear her delight as he licked and fucked her hole with his fingers. The man sat in the car and the woman straddles him and took his cock into her without a second’s hesitation and began riding him, her tits bouncing with the effort she was putting into it.


group JackLessur 2018-08-05

Jules grabbed the back of Steve's head holding the pressure against herself ensuring the last ebbs of the orgasm. The pair looked a bit of a mismatch, Davo was a short stout fellow and a head shorter than Di. However, he had enjoyed her slender body and slow curves for as long as Ren had admired Pat. The entire sordid affair was in actual fact a match of lust and fleshy pleasures, where each fulfilled their desires without the restraints or judgements of a morale society. Jenny slid three fingers into the soaking hole, Jules moaned around Mark's cock. Jenny seizing her opportunity pushed Mark on his back, his cock still hard and dripping with Jules's orgasmic juices.

Home Sweet Home Ch. 03

group jt123 2018-08-05

In Chapter 2 Jim and Dana decided to try an open relationship and were invited on a swinger's ski trip by Jill and her husband Bob. The first night of the trip ended with Jim and Dana fucking while they watched Nic and her boyfriend Mark fucking on another bed in the same room. Jim's cock had started to grow as the game continued and more and more of the women were removing their clothes, and it was obvious through Doug's boxers that he was in the same situation. Jim wasn't sure where to look around the room as Jill and Mark still sat completely naked and there were now several of the other women who had removed their bras.


Life is Good

group JakeDR 2018-08-05

Mia and I went into the kitchen to get some spaghetti going, while Cecile and Dominique stood together in the living area, looking over at us and talking quietly to each other. For most of the dinner Cecile and Mia seemed to keep gazing into each other's eyes, while Dominique seemed to focus her attention more on me, and her leg, her beautiful long leg, kept touching mine under the table. As the girls were licking out each other's pussies, Dominique massaged Mia's legs, and then started sucking her toes. Dominique kept massaging and licking her way up Mia's legs, and when she got to her pussy, Cecile lifted up her face and gave her a deep kiss. When Dominique started a solo turn licking Mia's pussy, Cecile came over to me.


group Tigerhawk 2018-08-05

Michelle slid her hands down Andrea’s hips and legs, and Andrea then stepped out of her jeans. After a short time, Gary matched the tiles for Jenni’s shirt and won the honor of removing it. Beck again matched “wild cards” and was told to enjoy getting his butt rubbed by the player of his choice. Beck’s fingers lightly brushed Jessie’s hips and thighs as he moved her shorts down her legs, revealing her pink lace panties. Beck matched the tiles for Jessie’s bra, but Jessie told us that her bra would not come off with her shirt on. Gary remained seated, but leaned back when Andrea straddled his legs and began to lift his shirt over her head.

Undercover Ch. 2

group English Bob 2018-08-05

She tried to cry out as the hands on her ass pulled the split in her panties open wide, but her voice was muffled as her head was pushed roughly into the material of the other man's trousers. She felt strong, large hands spread her thighs and buttocks and the unmistakable feeling of a hard cock pressing against her outer lips. As the cum continued to spurt into her mouth and throat, the man behind her started to jackhammer his large meat into her abused pussy. As Sandra's orgasm rushed through her body she screamed as she felt the man let go and release a huge amount of cum into her pussy.

The New Neighbors

group tedsgirl 2018-08-05

" To tell you the truth I would love to eat Stacy's pussy while Phil fucks me from behind." Patti confessed to Kate. "You guys are really serious about swapping?" Phil asked not being able to get that sight of Kate fingering Patti out of his mind and when she licked her juices he felt his cock start to harden. Ted pulls his hand from Patti's sopping pussy and leads her to the bed Phil and Stacy are sitting on. "This is so hot." Phil whispers to Stacy as she strokes his hard cock, he wanted to watch Jack and Patti cum. "Yeah baby,cum for Daddy." Ted told Patti feeling her hot pussy getting even tighter on his fingers as he fucked her hard and fast.


Camp Happy Landings Ch. 04

group mrpuk2u 2018-08-05

I brushed my fingers again over her nipples, teasing them, very lightly caressing them and Millie slowly stroked my cock along the shaft, not quite reaching the head. "And then on the boat, I'm afraid I couldn't resist teasing you and the other men, by keeping my, I mean your, T-shirt nice and wet so my tits were visible." And at this point she leaned closer and placed her hand on my thigh, just above my knee, "And I noticed that this seemed to upset the girls, especially Donna. I relaxed back onto the raft as she lay half on top of me, our kiss continuing, pausing beginning again as her hand slowly stroked my balls and cock.


Threesome of a Lifetime

group pleaseBthick 2018-08-05

At this, I made my real move: I put my body against hers and started kissing her neck, tracing my tongue under her ear while my right hand kept working on her now-wet pussy. I sucked enthusiastically, running my tongue over his cock head, thinking how my girlfriend had been doing this very thing moments ago and this cock would soon be deep in her lovely pussy. I came up for air, and she said, "Okay, we can do more of that later, but right now, I really need some help here." She got up and sat on the couch, and started kissing Brad. She started to moan in a rhythm as my tongue worked her clit and pussy lips, and I kept going until she bucked and came against my face.


Dreams with Scarves

group pamper1 2018-08-05

As you allow the people to manipulate your body and head in the ways they want you, you can only enjoy the sensation as the blunt object inside your walls begins a slow pitching in and out of you. Your orgasm is about break free, the sensation driving your body into spasms are too great, the texture of the tongues, the fingers, your nipples so hard as they are being slightly bit... all is to much as your body collapses then rears up as your orgasms splashes forth, releasing deep inside your loins, your mind reeling back as you feel your legs wanting to kick out, your hands wanting to grip as your nipples point upward and your back arches.