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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

I fucked a Trucker as Hubby Filmed

group Fridagirl 2018-08-05

As he and my husband drank and I waited, watching this biggish rotund beer bellied lout, cast the occasional glance in my direction, I sat in silence, dressed like a real tart in stockings, waiting for the fuck session to begin, like a condom waiting to be filled with the semen of a frustrated man. That seemed to please the stranger as he saw my husband cower from my verbal onslaught, 'You're a strong woman', he said half smiling, as we continued kissing, by now I had placed my ass on the edge of the mattress and my thighs were open as his hand massaged my cunt under my white panties, I was rocking and gyrating onto his open palm, humping air, as they say, he knew he had one hot lady on the bed, and my hand sought his cock under his denims.

GB Club Ch. 03

group Merlin_6 2018-08-05

Arlene got me so horny that I asked, and they let me, continue on to get fucked. “OK, so Irene is a member and made $25K, Joan’s a member and made $10K and Arlene is in and made…what?” Nancy asks. Let go around to the back of the building or get in the car and fuck!” She says, pulling silky fabric of her running shorts aside to show me her pussy. “Well, I’ll give it my best shot!” Says Irene, “Forty people, that’s at least twelve to fourteen fucks each. “Let’s go!” She turns and leads Irene and the other woman towards a large wooden door. I’ll try and encourage Sarah to be easy on the rules and let you play.” Irene says sweetly.


Trying to get back into normal, turned into a thre

group andrea0817 2018-08-05

I ring up Stacy and like all good looking, fit and sexy gals, she is doing laundry on a Saturday night. I told her I'm still on the sidelines and asked her if she would like to service Ken. Her words "You were not k**ding.", followed by "biggest I've ever seen.", "Pink cock head." and "Never had anything this big." Not surprising, once naked, she naturally fell to her knees. She said "Not needed.", rolled on top, Ken took control of her boobs, she positioned it between her lips and pressed. With hands on both sides holding her open I say "Now Ken" and with that I witness about a hands width of my husbands shaft slides into my best friend. Stacy has about 10 inches of my man inside her when Ken bottoms out.

The Gang Bang Ball

group marriedpervs 2018-08-05

In the corner, Carol continued to suck Barry's cock as she watched her husband fuck his best mate's wife for the first time, and she marvelled at the glorious sight they made. As Steve gripped M by the ass cheeks and fucked her, bouncing her up and down on his cock, Barry decided to get involved again, and headed onto the dance floor approaching his wife from behind as her body moved up and down, his friend's cock buried deep inside her pussy as they fucked. She was here, at the Saints and Sinners Ball, for the very first time, after Dee had invited her, and she was now on the dance floor, being double fucked by her husband and Steve, loving every minute of the intense penetrations, the erotic combination driving her towards what she knew would be a blindingly intense moment of orgasmic pleasure.


Argument Ch. 02

group marriedpervs 2018-08-05

I have always been fascinated how men love their women to dress like sluts in high heels at home, but actually wear the shoes out and tower over a man in public, and you will notice a totally different reaction - one of total insecurity!!! "I don't know Dee. Judging by the video Steve showed me this is EXACTLY your sort of film!!!" and with a shocked look on my face the cocky little stud dragged me into the dim entrance of the porno theatre. I screamed out in ecstasy and for the first time since arriving that night the room went quiet as the astonished cops looked on in awe as the slut before them, cuffed and pinned to the floor had an orgasm whilst being fucked by a truncheon.


Barn Party

group nemoleptismagna 2018-08-05

So Amber invited Josh, Eric, and Tyler because they were cute boys on the school's track team. You know that, don't you?" Eric said with a little smile trying to Amber back at ease, but mostly so that he could keep drinking beer. "Here you go, Amber," Josh said as he started rolling up his jeans bottom to show that his dick goes all the way down his pants. Lacey and Amber were entranced by watching Brittney's head bob back and forth over Tyler's cock. Amber opened her mouth wide and sucked Josh's hard pulsating cock. Josh and Tyler put their spent dicks back into their pants and grabbed a beer from the cooler.


group Thrall_67 2018-08-05

I figured they're baseball guys and we could watch the game from the hotel room window into the stadium. I imagined myself on my hands and knees with turf burns, Blue Jays players lined up for blow jobs on one end and Mariners lined up to fuck my ass on the other. I backed away from the window until I knew that no one could see and set to furiously rubbing my clit and ass at the same time till I bucked and squirted and grunted and cursed my orgasm all over myself. The shock on his friend's face transformed fast into a smile which calmed my nerves and I grinned and grabbed his shirt to drag him into the hotel room, closing the door.



group Bronco Billy 2018-08-05

I want you to lick and smell them tonight as you finger fuck your beautiful pussy. She stopped licking for a moment and started moving those pussy-wet fingers back and forth into my mouth in a fucking motion. I was on an unbelievable sexual high and with a few more strokes I exploded inside and my pussy gushed more thick, white, creamy cum into Emily's waiting mouth. As we walked to the bed Emily said, " I want you to eat my pussy before I spank you." Emily responded by slowly humping her ass back into my waiting mouth and said, "Ohh, eat me baby. "A good spanking for a very naughty girl," Emily said as she ran her hand over my ass and then my pussy.


Birthday Blow

group cts2003jg 2018-08-05

Megan began tugging my cock from deep inside Debbie's vagina and resting it between the crack of Debbie's bottom where she licked and sucked me. She reached for Debbie's head cradling it as my wife strained to look up and Megan leaned down and had Debbie lick my cum from her face. That's when I felt my knees being spread apart just a little bit, it was Megan licking my wife's vagina; driving her crazy as I pumped my cock into Debbie's ass. The scent of sex seemed everywhere as Megan began to have her orgasm; she rocked and pushed herself into my wife's face enjoying every moment.

D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 05

group Liquor69 2018-08-05

Mark looked at the offer Phil had received on Cherry's house. "Hi baby, how is everything going?" Mark asked as he moved behind the bar to pour her a drink. "You do know, you hit a home run when you discovered this lovely lady," Gary said as he held her hips and she clamped tight on his cock. They finished their drink and Gary threw a set of keys to Mark. He turned and looked at Gary, "You fucking knew this was going to happen didn't you?" Between Cherry, Ronnie and Ann those guys are getting some amazing video," Mark laughed. Oh wait, I want to be there when you see it." She told Marv to do a couple of things and they walked into the kitchen.


Brenda's Discovery Ch. 02

group RomanCEisdead2 2018-08-05

The lust inside her made Brenda want more, she wanted to feel the man's ass cheeks, so she extracted her left hand and began to tug at the button, the last thing holding his trousers up. He appeared in two minds, partially because he had been told by John to leave as soon as she had done her job, partially because he really wanted this woman who was lying on the ground in front of him, legs spread wide and come and juices dripping from her gaping vagina. It was hurting Brenda, but as the cock made progress she managed to turn around far enough that she could reach the door with her hand and finally swing it shut -- just as her lover became fully embedded.


The new Beach Home

group 2018-08-05

On the beach that day sunbathing in my swim suit chilling out reading a book i notice my nearest neighbors a couple in there 60s walk out on the beach naked wow i thought great he was about five 8 thick set with a nice looking cut 6" she was about 5 feet 4 big ass and thighs i guessed 36d bit saggy but horny , they saw me and came over how hi ermm we are your neighbors ermm sorry about being nude hope you dont mind, no its fine i watched them walk back up the beach her big ass turning me on o shit ime getting hard, quickly walking back to my house i walk in the back garden pulling down my shorts savoring the feel of my hard cock--- to be continued when i meet the nude neighbors in their house my young gardner select a housemaid and fuck her mother and b*****r

car threesome

group gentlel0ver 2018-08-05

We were driving back when my girlfriend started playing with my cock, so i reached over and started rubbing between her legs, she had the tiniest skirt on so was quite easy to slip a finger in her, she started moaning a little, when her friend reached round and started to rub at my girlfriends tits, when next thing i had another hand on my cock. my girlfriend and her mate then kissed constantly while i was getting ridden, till i shouted i was going to cum to which i thought her friend would pull away but she rode me harder till i came in her, the two girls carried on kissing, then took it in turns to kiss me before giving my cock a little suck to drain it completely.

Never Has She Ever...Until Now

group Artemis87 2018-08-05

Maybe it was Kristi's smaller frame or the way her big eyes glanced at Victoria with the briefest hints of attraction. Dan played right along as he stated, "Never have I ever been the submissive during sex." Again, Hank and Kristi abstained. Victoria smiled slowly and said easily, "If it's okay with your husband, I mean." She gazed at Hank with a look that radiated innocence and heat. Kristi and Hank stopped moving briefly as Victoria settled in with a moan. Victoria smiled as Hank's rhythm increased and Kristi's breathing began to become more erratic. This kicked Victoria and Dan into a higher gear and her husband's thrusting began to match Hank's.

A Conspiracy of Sluts Ch. 02

group fastandsloppy 2018-08-05

Paige put in her earbuds, plugged them into her phone and pulled up one of her favorite albums for exercising – The Avalanches, it had a great tempo - as she headed down the hall to the nearest stair door. She jumped to her feet when she found Tony and Neil framed in the entry, looking down at her with big grins lighting up their faces. "Lemme see what you've got there," said Tony as he stepped past the foot of the bed and reached around Paige to take the box from her hand. Then, before she knew what she was even doing, Paige had taken the bottom of her baggy tee-shirt in her trembling hands and pulled it up over her head.


At the Biker Bar Ch. 04

group Thecoffeeprincess 2018-08-05

I looked again at Jack who was clearly enjoying the sight his hand stroking along the length of his cock through his jeans, his eyes fixed on my pussy as I played. A hand moved under my chin lifting my face, I felt a warm hard cock head pushing against my lips, it was already coated with pre-cum. As I lay there trying to get my breath back I heard movement and rustling around me, hands started groping and grabbing at me, my arse, my tits, nipples pinched and squeezed and fingers found their way into my soaked pussy and arsehole.

The Honey Stories: Menage a Trois

group Black Velvet 2018-08-05

Vin stepped away and picked up the jars of honey from the counter as Carlos scooped Petra up in his arms. She watched him strip as Vin came back into the room with two honey wands, handing one to Carlos. Vin picked up the jar of cinnamon honey and handed it to Carlos, who opened it and set it on the other nightstand. Carlos removed the wand and handed it to Vin as he moved his mouth lower and began to gently lap and suck on her some more. "Honey," she murmured, looking back at Vin. He grinned and handed her the jar and wand. Petra dipped the wand into the jar and then let the honey drip onto Carlos' erection like she was topping a sundae.

Attended To

group the__satyr 2018-08-05

Still in the throes she opened her eyes and saw everything in flashes: one maiden held fast to her man as he pumped his cum deep in her mouth only to have it seep out the side a moment later; the other woman squeezed her man's twitching cock between her breasts as he shot onto her glorious, full orbs, and her neck and face; the two men who were at Sharon's breasts had pulled away, and with their backs arched, sprayed her breasts and belly where she could feel the sperm's ebbing heat as it spilled down her belly and clung to her pubic hair, or down her breasts to her nipple, only to spill onto the floor; on either side on the floor the lovers shook in intensity, but in unison, joined to form one body each.

Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 06

group NonStopFunGuy 2018-08-05

She said her name was Telly, she was 35 and married but she'd been thinking about "stepping out." She was going to tell her husband she was having a girl's night out, which apparently she did time to time, but she'd meet me at a restaurant near the bar, then head into the bar. A little past 9 pm, when my husband thought I was going to be early, I was walking into the singles' bar with another horny married woman, looking for men to fuck us. "Hey boys, Telly isn't feeling good, she's, uh -- she needs to go home, or something." I gave each guy a squeeze on his ass, and Brad's more meaty ass pushed back against my hand.


Gangin' the Girls Ch. 05

group voluptuary_manque 2018-08-05

At the stroke of seven the door bell rang and when Ernie opened it, Rob and Gina swept inside. First he was enjoying how tight her ass was, second he wanted to make sure Ernie was fully recharged when Gina was done with Twyla and third he was being careful with the girl's first sodomy. Sincere or not, her demands had Twyla changing position every which way until she thought sufficient time had passed that Rob was ready again. Rob thought the sheen it gave their skin was erotic and could hardly wait to have his way with Twyla second time. Rob shot a second load into Twyla at the same time Ernie, with a groan, exploded.

Anniversary Gift (Group Sex)

group fotisampini 2018-08-05

The sensation of the sensitive skin stroking cotton, as my cock intermittently flexes only making me more turned on and unable to look at anything but your stunning face, amazing body and huge, beautiful breasts. I love the sensation of fucking your mouth, feeling your wet lips and tongue devouring my cock as I slide in and out of you. You then feel something hard, warm and wet at the entrance to your tight pussy- I have your dildo in my hand and am slowly teasing your entrance with it while stroking your clit. Then, you feel the huge hot, throbbing head of this guy's cock press gently against the opening to your cunt.


group Sexiebatman 2018-08-05

It was only there long enough to build up lubrication, then Roxi told Niko to trade her places. Niko laughed, removing a hand from Sophie's hair to finger is own ass. The girl moaned loudly around Niko's cock, who had grabbed their second dildo and slid it into his own ass. When she was all the way inside Sophie's ass, Roxi slapped each cheek, then both. Sophie rolled onto her back so Niko could take Roxi's place. When he was all the way in, Roxi positioned herself on top of Sophie's face and ordered the girl to start licking. Sophie pulled Roxi down farther and focused on her perfect ass, smothering herself with it.

Hook Up Championship

group jonthechaosman 2018-08-05

Jenny, being a 5'8" vision of beauty with long dark hair, a firm and lovely set of 34D breasts, and a bubble but that was the object of many a fantasy, naturally assumed that she would win this little contest hands down. As I rinsed the cum off my body a very fat black woman with short, dyed blonde hair climbed into the shower with me, bent over and began sucking my dick while fingering her pussy. "Make that 7," the black woman said a few minutes later as she pulled my cock out her mouth and came with a shudder on my hand. The woman riding my cock was going exquisitely slow as she raised and lowered herself, pulling and pinching her nipples with both hands and letting out a little yip sound each time she bottomed out.


A Lesson from Mom

group 2018-08-05

Jim had just come in Ann's sweet pussy when Mom walked into the "Ann's got a crush on you," Mom said. I put on a little makeup and met Mom and Ann in the front room. Warm, damp skin brushed my inner thighs and I knew that it was Ann. Surely she would make me come! "Don't stop, you fucking slut!" Ann hissed back, shoving my face to The girl stopped sucking and began to lick the man's cock. She then turned and began licking the come from Ms Sexyvoice's tits. then offered her red-haired pussy to Ann, who sucked and licked, "Did you see how your Mom loved having those guys come on her?" Ann